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ARTECH2006 AROUND ONE [changing winds] by paulo henrique The description / concept for the audio»

We opened a platform on the internet, so people could send sound samples (100% original) to be used in the project. These sounds were reengineered and composed to create a sound tissue. Two composers were invited to do this filtering of the sounds and each of them created one music. These musics/sound textures, were later produced and performed for vinyl record - Around One a 300 limited edition. A visual artist [Paulo Seabra] was invited to work on the cover design of the record. In this audio installation the public/visitor it will be able to play the sounds and listen to the the final recorded pieces. In this way the intangible internet sounds (invisible/private) becomes the material vinyl (visible/public). - 12" black vinyl, 33 1/3 rpm with center print - high quality pressing - limited pressing of 300 signed copies --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Original concept: Paulo Henrique Sound Collaborators : Rui Leitão + Valdjiu Cover Design: Paulo Seabra Sound sample (mp3) >> Project Site: Executive production: Jorge Janela Original Format: Vinyl Record Site: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------CD - "Around One" (track 1 e 2)

Track 1::Ylang theme (10':06'') ‘YlangTop theme’ by Valdjiu composed & performed for Around One with additional samples by Rui Leitão Track 2:: ‘flame A1’ by Rui Leitão (11':58'') composed & performed for Around One with additional samples by Valdjiu