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boscombe fair is back

THE RESSURECTION story of a rock institution

22 years and ageing well, bcf is back!

breakthrough to the greyside review of greysides successful ep launch

“Virtually every writer I know would rather be a musician.” Kurt Vonnegut

back 2 bass:ics interview with drum & bass partystarters

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Wake me up when September starts! TO THE BEST MUSIC


With festival season drawing to a close all the best gigs seem to moving back to the indoors!


AL. B. DAMN STEAM HOUSE ROCKS a rock institution


e breakthrough to the greysid

back 2 bass:ics

ul ep launch review of greysides successf

begins” - Heinrich Heine words leave off, music


boscombe fair is back

22 years and ageing well,

bcf is back!

interview with drum & bass

This month we chat with Al B Damned frontman Joey ahead of their first UK dates in a fair while, and also get the lowdown on the legendary Steamhouse Rock Nights from main man Jeff Keenan. From Rock Regeneration, Chinners reviews the Greyside EP launch show, while over in the drum’n’bass world D-Tox sits down with Connor Threadingham of Back To Bass:ics. This plus an in depth look at the 2017 Boscombe Community Fair line up plus loads of previews and listings for all the areas must visit night spots.


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This month’s contributors are:Harry ‘D-Tox’ David Chinery @ D o rs e t M u s i c M a g Bert Burnell /dorsetmusicmag Dan Sullivan

Jeff Keenan - The founder of Bournemouth’s longest running rock night, spills the beans. Speak to any Bournemouth rock music veteran about ‘back in the day’ and at some point the Steamhouse rock nights will come up. Head honcho Jeff Keenan started out DJing in the late 80s, and The Steamhouse began out of the Malt and Hops in Southbourne shortly after. Fast forward to 2017, and after a successful reunion event a few years ago, it’s still going strong and in multiple venues, having long outlived the pub that gave it life. We chat to Jeff about his new homes at Zephyr and Canvas, and what’s next for The Steamhouse nights.


The steamhouse nights are one of those classic heritage Bournemouth rock nights, for those that weren’t there from the start tell us a little bit about “The Steamhouse Rock Night” It all started when I was asked by the Manager of the Malt & Hops pub in Southbourne to come and DJ for him on a Sunday night playing anything I wanted. After a few months I started to play some rock music which was well received each time I played it and the Manager, who loved that style of music asked if I could play more, which I did and we built the night from there. Sunday bank Holidays became legendary very quickly due to the the success we were already having with the normal Sundays, to the point the crowd would queue up 2 hours before the doors opened just to get a space. The crowd over the years became extremely loyal to the night and it became more of a religion for them to be there week in and week out. I left the Pub in 1995 as I had been offered the Entertainments Manager’s role at The Academy (Now O2). The offer at the time was too good to turn down as I was given my own Friday Rock night in the 2000 capacity venue and initially carte blanche to book acts. Things ran smoothly for a little while until, internal politics started to get in the way and i was being backstabbed from all directions from the owner and his Management team which meant my hands were being tied with what I could do and spend on the nights. In the end I left and stopped playing Rock music altogether.

The Steamhouse had a resurgence over the last few years starting with reunion nights, what motivated you to bring it back? People kept asking me over and over again to do one, until one day when I finally said yes, So one was arranged at The Anvil in Bournemouth on a Bank Holiday Sunday, I turned up to be met with over 300 people, all regulars from a time gone by. From that night we were asked back by the Anvil to do some more nights which again were very well received, but i felt that the venue wasn’t for me and along came the Inferno Pub across the road from the Anvil. The manager of the Pub was really behind the night at first and gave it as much support as he could and we ran the night for a good couple of years doing really good trade. We stayed at the Inferno for 5 years but the support from the Management began to waver a little, so I decided to leave. Im sure you were pretty excited when The Brewhouse and Kitchen reopened your old stomping ground in Southbourne last year, how did it feel to be back in the saddle where it all began? I was ecstatic when i got a phone call from the Brewhouse I have to say, this was the place that gave birth to the night and not only gave me 5 years of fantastic memories but also became a major part of people’s lives of which they would remember for the rest of their lives. I dont think Ive been as nervous as i was on that first night, as i really didn’t know what to expect or how I would be received by the crowd……..I needn’t have worried… soon as i started it was like going back in time. The atmosphere was simply amazing, breathtaking at times and really emotional. Steamhouse has transitioned from a reunion event to a party on its own terms, how did you pull that off? The Steamhouse was always a night where we didn’t take themselves seriously and always gave people a night that they would remember and with most things it seems that the time is right for this type of night to re emerge. Have you found the crowd to be a lot of the original faces since you reignited the concept or have you been gaining a new following as well, and if so how have you done this? I would definitely say that at the moment we have a lot of the original faces, coming down, but now these faces are bringing their children down to the night, who in turn are bringing their friends down and the new generation of “Steamers” is gradually beginning to build

Zephryr is a relatively new venue in town. What made you choose that location over other more established premises? After the success of the bank holiday sundays at the Brewhouse, a lot of venues wanted to speak with me regarding bringing my night to their venues, but Zephyr was recommended to me by someone I trust and that it was a new bar about to launch at the time we were talking, plus the guys there are wicked, they “get” what the Steamhouse is about. At the same time as Zephyr approached me, Canvas Nightclub in Bournemouth asked me to pop in and have a chat and as soon as I saw they had a stage, PA and proper lighting rig I immediately saw the potential to put on Live bands under the banner of the Steamhouse. We agreed a date and booked 2 local bands to see how the night would work, PV Rocks who were the support band and headlining the show was Western Sand, who both blew the crowd away. The night was busy enough to know from the Canvas’ perspective and mine that we had a winning formular between us. You have a weekly radio show on Chesil Radio, how did you get into that and what has the experience been like? Chesil Radio called me up after listening to my Podcasts that i was uploading to my Steamhouse Rock Nights Facebook Page and Mixcloud which i was doing for fun and in the style of a radio show. They offered me my own show which i record and upload to the Station for broadcast every Thursday night from 10pm. You’ve been playing since 1988, how do you think the rock landscape changed in this time, and are there any particular catalysts for change that stick out in your mind? The biggest change in the Rock music world was Nirvana! They changed the landscape and started the decline of rock music as we knew it at that time. However once we got over the grunge/ Indie period it allowed new and exciting styles of rock to come to the forefront, mixing rap with rock and then there was the explosion in the heavier side of rock the really “heavy metal” side. However, the most amazing thing is that over the past few years the bands that i grew up and played back then, are now back with us and touring and creating new music. For those who aren’t familiar with The Steamhouse, tell us a little bit about the night. I have and will always play to the crowd, so i will play big commercial rock music thats catchy and has a simple hook that people will recognise. The nights are aimed at people who want to to come out and have a great time with their friends, dancing and jumping around to songs they know. Rock classics and anthems that everybody knows

SEPTEMBER 2017 PROGRAMME Friday 1st 9:00PM-2:00PM Free entry

Monday 18th 11:00AM-3:00PM Free entry

PROJECT MAYHEM !!!, Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Blondie, David Bowie, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, Goldfrapp, The Hives, Justice, Kelis, The Killers, Kings Of Leon, LCD Soundsystem, Ladytron, The Libertines, MGMT, Peaches, Prince, Ramones, The Rapture, The Smiths, The Strokes, We Are Scientists, The White Stripes & Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Saturday 2nd 9:00PM-2:00PM Free entry

WINGING IT - AIRSHOW UNSPECIAL The DJ has turned off the fasten seat belts sign... get dancing!

AUB FRESHER’S FAYRE Join us at the AUB campus playing all tunes whilst mingling with the cool kids. Make sure you come find us to get our special Freshers Pack with all the info’s you could ever need to survive, and discounts to match. Friday 22nd 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry

THE COLD KRUSH The Cold Krush returns in September funkier than James Browns Socks - Resident DJ’s Specifik & Whirlwind D alongside a very special guest, throwing breaks and hip hops all over the place.

Friday 8th 9:00PM-2:00PM Free entry

UPTOWN GRRRL Playing only the best retro songs from Soul, Funk, Disco and Rap. Request friendly. But won’t accept no downtown songs.

Saturday 23rd 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry

THE SOUL BEAT SOCIETY Squeezing as much of the best Soul/Funk/Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues into the night as they possibly can and

Saturday 9th 9:00PM-2:00PM Free entry

then jumping up and down on the top to see if they can


just cram one more in there!

Bournemouth’s longest running DJ Duo residency return to 60MPC with another fine selection of music from one or

Thursday 28th 8:00PM-1:00AM Free entry


more of the following genres: - Ambient, Balearic,


Country, Disco, Electro, Funk, Grime, House, Indie,


Jazz, Krautrock, Lo-FI, Minimal, New Wave, Opera, Pop,

Norwegian pop-punk band Sløtface will playing Radar Love! Formed in 2012, the group started when vocalist Haley Shea & guitarist Tor-Arne Vikingstad began writing songs together; later being joined by drummer Halvard Skeie Wiencke - who had previously played in a hardcore band with Tor-Arne – & bassist Lasse Lokøy.







Worldbeat, Xoomii, Yodelling & Zydeco. Good company, loud speakers, flashing lights, free entry and alcoholic beverages served by young people. What’s not to love? Friday 15th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry

Friday 29th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry



80’s and meme’s all night long.

Do you remember, dancing in September? The DeLorean DJs remember EVERY September and will be throwing the bangers

Saturday 16th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry

YEEZY TAUGHT ME PRESENTS: LATE REGISTRATION The legendary Yeezy Taught Me night returns, with a series dedicating each night to one of Kanye’s acclaimed albums. This month: College Dropout. To celebrate the start of the uni term, we’re starting with some school spirit motherf****r! Don’t worry though, there will be plenty of Kanye from across his whole discography; originals, productions, features and original samples. Strictly only Kanye related music and visuals ALL NIGHT.



and belters into the Flux Capacitor and speeding you away to dancefloor bliss with over six decades of hits to explore!

Saturday 30th 9:00PM - 2:00AM Free entry

FRAU’S WELCOME HOME PARTY After a jam packed festival season, the ladies are back, and they want you to know! From the stage’s of Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Camp Bestival, Bristol Pride, Brighton Pride and Bestival the girls are ready to bring the party back to their original and longest standing residency! They bring: GLITTER / GIRLS / GOOD TIMES. EVERYONE (over 18) WELCOME.


19-21 Exeter Rd, Bournemouth BH2 5AF


. B . L A D E N DAM

Al B Damned formed way back in 2010 and have since become one of UK’s most promising horror punk / shock rock acts, having racked up euro tours, festival spots and support slots with the likes of Mushroomhead, Wednesday 13 and The Birthday Massacre among others. We chat with main man Joey before they dust of their coffins and embark on a few UK dates, including Facebarmageddon with Raging Speedhorn and Evil Scarecrow, and hometown shows at Boscombe Community Fair and Sound Circus. First off, I hear there’s a new acoustic album coming out, a pretty cool concept for a heavy band, how did this come about? We’ve always been a fan of unplugged albums and acoustic artists. Our guitarist Nick and I had been playing a few acoustic shows here and there, just for fun. We knew that the next full album wouldn’t be out until 2018, so we

thought it would be a cool thing to do between now and then. It’s been awesome giving old songs a new life. When you’re not playing the new acoustic material, how would you describe your sound for the uninitiated? We’re a mixed bag really, kind of ‘Horror Hard Rock’ we’d say. Between the five of us we have an array of influences from punk to classic rock to metal so they all feed in. We like to keep the songs catchy, fun and all with a splash of macabre. Having formed way back in 2010 Al B Damned has definitely been around the block, does it become harder to keep it fresh after such a long time? We’ve not run out of ideas yet, but then again a lot of the songs are horror twists on our own personal experiences. Over the years the band has evolved a lot, our music has matured and therefore our themes have too. We try and avoid the horror punk cliches and just have fun with it.

. D

You guys had a hiatus in the mid 2010s, what were the reasons for coming back from the dead after this?

show. We don’t want to be just another band in jeans and t-shirts standing still.

We spent a lot of time together back then, we grated on each other and weren’t mature enough to discuss it or sort it out. We took time apart to grow up. Yeah we all had our other bands during that time but Al B. Damned is like home, after a while you can’t wait to get back.

You’ve toured Europe, is it much different from UK shows, and do you have a preference?

There’s been a fair few line ups since the band’s inception with only Joey and Pip constant, how has this affected the band and the writing process and do you have a favourite line up? Most of the line-up changes over the years have been dictated by the band member’s personal lives. Some have left to have kids, start new bands or to concentrate on other hobbies. There’s no bad blood between any of us. The writing process normally starts with Pip and I so it hasn’t been affected negatively at all, if anything new band members bringing fresh ideas and influences is a good thing. Picking your favourite line-up is like picking your favourite child, yeah they annoy you and you often want to kill them, but they’re family. I see you are playing Boscombe Community Fair, this is an event with such a great local history, some of your content is adult (to put it mildly) will you be changing anything about your show for the families present?

Touring through Europe was awesome but the fans are great wherever we go. The main difference is the amount of travelling between shows. So many times we’d hear the sat nav say stuff like “In 300 miles, keep right”. Finally, what’s next for Al B Damned? Well, we have a handful of shows coming up, we’ll release the acoustic album and then it’s into the studio early next year to record our new full-length album. We have a ton of songs written and we’re planning to really go up a gear in terms of production. We want 2018 to be a big year for ABD and really give the fans the album they deserve.

UPCOMING SHOWS 08th Sep Boscombe Community Fair 27th Oct Sound Circus 28th Oct Valkyrie Bar, Evesham, UK 08th Dec Facebarmageddon Festival, Reading,

Yeah, we can’t wait. It’s really nice to be a part of something like that. With regards to adult content, ABD will always have those horror themes, it’s not something we would suppress for a show. Swearing-wise, our lyrical content has matured since our early recordings and our set doesn’t have that much in anymore. Hopefully we won’t get too many complaints. Genre wise you guys are treading the fine line between punk and metal, do you think there is a divide between these two genres, how do the crowds differ when you play to them and have you ever been a victim of the booking cliche ‘too metal for punk, too punk for metal’? Fans of “Alternative” music are some of the most accepting and musically broadminded people we’ve met. Sure, not everyone’s going to get it or enjoy the music but we just like having fun, no matter who we’re playing to. Some shows really surprise you, we supported Mushroomhead last year and we thought people would hate us, but we went down really well. What’s the most ‘shocking’ thing you’ve done on stage, and do you feel the need to top the antics of some of the other shock rock groups around? I was pierced through the back and suspended from hooks for a music video. That was pretty crazy. Also, I used to come on stage in a coffin but we didn’t do these to shock or compete with other bands, we just wanted to put on a

Joey Frontman of Al.B.Da mned

Last month saw the launch of Bournemouth based label, Write It Down Records. Designed with the unknown artist in mind, this company is looking to change lives throughout Dorset, via music. Every release supports local good causes, starting with Dorset Mind, the mental health charity. Photography by Billy B

Have You Met Matt? Matt Piper, co-director at Write It Down Records is as excited as anyone to get underway, and hopes that this could be a turning point, not only for musicians in the area, but for the community as a whole, allowing individuals, groups & local organisations to grow from strength to strength until eventually reaching their goals.

Photography by Billy B

Imagine if every time you bought a song, a percentage of the proceeds went towards bettering the world in which we live. What kind of world would it be? Write It Down Records aims to find out.

The first single released via Write It Down Records is the debut track from singer/ songwriter Brad Witt, ‘Risk Everything’. Its available for preorder on iTunes/Amazon, and from all major online retailers/streaming services from 25th August.

25% of all proceeds from the song go direct to Dorset Mind, and we thank you for your support!

Friday 29 September, 7.30pm


‘Do you wanna hear the songs performed the way they should be!’

Motown Icon and songwriter Thomas McClary and his band perform hits of The Commodores and Lionel Ritchie in this amazing Sound and Vision show, full of passion and energy that will have you dancing ‘All Night Long’.


Tickets from £27.50 01202 280000


Over 4000 shows and still gigging

2017 marks 50 years of performing by Richard Digance. With a BAFTA Nomination as TV Entertainer Of The Year and a Gold Award from The British Academy of Composers, he turned his back on show biz for his first love of music. 4,000 live shows,and 32 albums later he has supported such stars as Steve Martin and Robin Williams, and played guitar with Brian May and Status Quo! His solo live show however, sees him with just a guitar, no gimmicks, just one man with a treasure chest of stories collected over 40 years in the music and entertainment industry.

SEPTEMBER 9TH | BARRINGTON THEATRE All star line up of Two Tone innovators



SEPTEMBER 16TH |MR KYPS 2 day celebration of punk rock

Forming all the way back in 1979 The Beat’s music effortlessly fused ska, pop, soul, reggae and punk rock, cementing themselves as one of the frontrunners of the British two tone movement. ‘The English Beat’ featuring original frontman Dave Wakeling are still touring the world with an all-star line-up, performing all the hits of The Beat, General Public and his new songs, there is a reason why he is referred to as the ‘consummate showman’. Support from local two tone masters Rat Race.

Bournemouth’s biggest annual punk event rolls around again for 2017, hot off the heels of a great year for the Bournemouth punk scene. Featuring headline sets from legends Menace and London’s The Zipheads and The KADT, backed up by a massive selection of local punk bands old and new including Self Abuse, The Mistakes, The Crash Landings, Kickin Bambi and loads more.

SEPTEMBER 22/23RD | THE ANVIL Norway’s greatest export?

Formed in 2012 in a small town on Norway’s west coast, Slotface started out as a pop-punk rock band before gradually adapting their punk sound to include more of the bouncy pop sound that defines them. Seemingly taking a lot of influence from the badass riot grrrl movement and its inherent feminism in recent years, the band are currently recording their upcoming album with Dan Austin of Pixies




Lionel Richie’s right hand man

As an irresistible force of social and culture change, Motown Icon Thomas McClary made his mark on the music industry by writing or co -writing the majority of The Commodores hits. They formed The Mystics and then onto The Jays and then The Commodores. The rest, as they say, is history and the hits just kept on coming with The Commodores under McClary’s guidance, pioneering and developing the art of funk in the process! All the hits will be there in this amazing show delivered the way it should be; with passion and energy that will have you dancing ‘All Night Long’. LIGHTHOUSE





Soul / R&B legends at Bournemouth’s home of soul The Three Degrees have been producing hits since 1963. With tracks such as the classic ‘When Will I See You Again’, and ‘Everybody’s Going To The Moon’, they brought their unique sound into the mainstream and over the course of 13 albums and multiple decades The Three Degrees (currently Helen Scott, Valerie Holiday and Freddie Pool) have anchored themselves firmly as cornerstones of Philadelphia Soul music and picked up a very royal fan; Price Charles, in the process.

SEPTEMBER 29TH |CANVAS BOURNEMOUTH London supergroup ft Senseless Things / Gorillaz


New album and tour from synth/new wave star


Featuring Mark Keds (Senseless Things/The Libertines “Can’t Stand Me Now”), Cass Browne (Senseless Things, Gorillaz), Jerome Alexandre (The Skuzzies/Sylvain Sylvain) and Aaron Scars ( Olympus Mons) The Dead Cuts released their sophomore album “Hit On All Sixes” in early 2017 and are now touring, stopping off at the revered Cellar Bar in Boscombe at the end of September. The song “Aries”, their collaboration with New York rap group Flatbush Zombies, racked up close to 100,00 YouTube views within the first 24 hours of going live. SEPTEMBER 30TH | CHAPLINS After rising to fame in 1978 as the first ever ‘synthesizer star’ with Tubeway Army, Numan topped the UK Charts with ‘Are Friends Electric?’ and ‘Cars’, and achieved 3 amazing successive number one albums. Numan has continued to mine a rich artistic vein with heavy, electronic rock albums such as Pure and Hybrid and stay massively relevant throughout his career, most recently contributing music to the blockbuster remake of ‘Ghost In The Shell’


OCTOBER 2ND | O2 ACADEMY BOURNEMOUTH Modern indie classic played in its entirety 2007 saw The Hoosiers explode onto the indie scene with their debut album “The Trick To Life”, which reached the top of the album charts and spawned the hits ‘Worried About Ray’ and ‘Goodbye Mr A’, which still pack out indie dance floors a decade later. This very special tour will see the Berkshire based pop rockers play their whole debut album in its entirety, and also re release it on vinyl for the first time ever.

OCTOBER 4TH| THE OLD FIRE STATION Big country in the city

Initially driven by a shared vision of widescreen guitar melody, harmony and lyrics by guitar playing founders Stuart Adamson and Bruce Watson, the classic Big Country sound was further enhanced later that summer by the arrival of drummer Mark Brzezicki and bass player Tony Butler, resulting in the classic album ‘The Crossing’ in 1983. The band broke massively worldwide with the release of the album’s classic singles ‘Fields Of Fire’, ‘Chance’ and signature song ‘In A Big Country’, which went on to become massive worldwide hits, selling over 2 million copies. OCTOBER 15TH |THE






WITH residents ROAST BEATS & Adam Fox




D EARLYBIR s t e k tic t! sold ou


Early Birds £10 / Advanced £12 / £15 on the door if available. Reserve a private booth call: 01202 203050. Exeter Rd, Bournemouth, BH2 5AG

September 2017

1 Electric Shakes + The Blue Carpet Band from London + DJ Muleus & The Creepy till late Saturday 2 All-day benefit for Grenfell Tower with Friction & The Roots Drivers - reggea + Hello Hawaii + Dj Unification in the afternoon Yui Karlberg + more acoustic acts in the garden H Raffle H Healing Table H Garden Bar Open H Sunday 3 Ian Ellis & Friends - open Jazz in Chaplins Monday 4 Solid Air’s with Julia & The Serenes Tuesday 5 Carl’s Comedy Club supported by with some super guests MC Carl Filer in the Cellar Bar Wednesday 6 Chaplins Open Mic Night Thursday 7 An evening of country with Ben Rose and guests Soulcreek + Ollins Lande in the Cellar Bar Friday 8 SN Dubstation + DJ till late Saturday 9 Hightown Crows with DJ Dubwize till late Sunday 10 The Fox & The Owl Monday 11 Solid Air with Jordan Ayriss + Cormac Nagle Tuesday 12 An evening with Polly Morris ticketed Wednesday 13 Open Mic Night in Chaplins Thursday 14 Rubber Soul with Vermore + Pelvis Friday 15 Aziz Ibrahim (Stone Roses/Ian Brown) + Paul Taylor + Cormac Nagle + DJ Connie Saturday 16 Soulhole + DJ Miss Summer (Sarah from Ghetto Fab) Sunday 17 Musique à Trois Monday 18 Solid Air - Powdered Cows + Mr Lush Tuesday 19 Word Makers hosted by Myriam San Marco Bournemouth’s Poet Laureate in the Cellar Bar Friday

Wednesday 20 Thursday 21 Friday 22 Saturday 23 Sunday 24 Monday 25 Tuesday 26 Wednesday 27 Thursday 28 Friday 29 Saturday 30


Chaplin’s - Open Mic Night Bandstand Sinful Maggie + Dance Baby Dance Jack Grace Band + DJ Blow till late Afro Tallawah + DJ Dubwize from midnight FB Pocket Orchestra - hot jazz, ragtime, blues from the ’20s ’30s Forbidden Planet Special with Kaia Vieira & Tim Crook Acoustics in Chaplins with Krista Green Cellar Bar’s - Open Mic Night Prophetic Records presents Lyra + Honey Bones + Soda Bath Guns of Navarone + DJ Razzman till late The Dead Cuts (members of senseless things) + Healthy Junkies + Stasha Lee + DJ Connie till late

follow our Instagram - chaplinscellarbar -- Facebook - chaplins-bar -- twitter@chaplinscellar -- -- -- music: Correct at time of press






ET IT IO N TH E NATI ON AL MU SI C CO MP TI STS FO R SI NG ER S AN D SO LO AR A5 2016 OpenMic Bournemouth Auditions.indd 1

28/03/2017 14:22

Wed 6th Sep • SOLD OUT

Fri 24th Nov • £25 adv


The Selecter The Beat Feat. Rankin Roger

Seaside Tour

Tue 19th Sep • SOLD OUT

Sat 25th Nov • £25 adv

Ryan Adams + Karen Elson

Wed 27th Sep • £12.50 adv

Sat 23rd Sep • From £20 adv 9pm - 4am • 18+


Hardcore Till I Die



Mon 2nd Oct • £30 adv

Fri 29th Sep • £14 adv • 6:30pm

Amber Run + Seafret

Gary Numan + Jayce Lewis

Sun 26th Nov • £22.50 adv • Seated

Dr John Cooper Clarke

Fri 6th Oct • SOLD OUT

Dua Lipa

Thu 30th Nov • £30 adv

The Self-Titled Tour

Sun 1st Oct • £9 adv

Tom Grennan Wed 4th Oct • £12.50 adv

The Divine Comedy

Sat 14th Oct • From £15 adv

Sun 3rd Dec • £23 adv

10pm - 5am • 18+


Bowie Starman

Sun 15th Oct • £17.50 adv

Sat 9th Dec • From £10 adv 10pm - 5am • 18+


Garage Nation

Celebrating 20 years of Garage Nation

Tue 12th Dec • £24.50 adv

Shed Seven + Cast

The Damned




Fri 10th Nov • £17.90 adv 10pm - 3am • 18+

Festival Of The Dead Scouting For Girls Tenth Anniversary Tour + Ben McKelvey

Fri 6th Oct • £13 adv • 6pm

The Smyths

Strangeways Here We Come Tour

Dead Kennedys Sun 29th Oct • £12 adv


Fri 10th Nov • £8 adv • 6:30pm

J Hus

Fri 17th Nov • £22.50 adv

The Trick To Life 10th Anniversary

Thu 12th Oct • £20 adv

Sun 11th Feb • £26 adv

Wed 1st Nov • From £25 adv Konvict Kartel w/

Lewis Watson


DD Allen

Fri 17th Nov • £12 adv • 6pm

Definitely Mightbe Oasis Tribute


Fri 24th Nov • £22.50 adv

Big Country


36 Holdenhurst Rd, Bournemouth BH8 8AD • 01202 963889 All shows are open to over 14s only • Booking fees may apply

570 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 4BH • Doors 7pm unless stated

Venue box office opening hours: Select show days from 4pm • • •

Fri 1 Various Venues, Lyme Regis : Lyme Regis Folk Weekend Fri 1 Shelley Theatre, Bournemouth : Ben Maggs + Support Fri 1 The Exchange, Sturminster Newton : The Three Degrees Fri 1 Mr Kyps, Poole : Motörheadache (Motorhead Tribute) Fri 1 Sound Circus, Bournemouth : Wrong Jovi (Bon Jovi Tribute) Fri 1 James and White, Christchurch : Joe Boiling Fri 1 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar : The Electrics Shakes+ The Blue Carpet Band Fri 1 Quay Inn, Wareham : Neil Ross Fri 1 Lord Nelson, Poole : Hugh Budden & The Blue Chords Sat 2 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Grenfell Tower Charity Fundraiser: Headlined by Hello Hawaii with acoustic acts in the garden Sat 2 Various Venues, Lyme Regis : Lyme Regis Folk Weekend: For details of Line ups go to : Sat 2 Greyhound (Corfe Castle), Corfe Castle : Rockin’The Joint Sat 2 Lord Nelson, Poole : Mercy Lounge Sat 2 Tivoli Theatre, : The And Finally Big Band (Phil Collins Tribute) Sat 2 Anvil, Bournemouth : Loathe + Harbinger Sat 2 Mr Kyps, Poole : RU40 (UB40 Tribute) Sat 2 Grove Tavern, Bournemouth : The Transitions Sat 2 White Swan, Swanage : TKO Sat 2 Thomas Tripp (Christchurch), Christchurch : Sirpico Sat 2 Quay Inn, Wareham : Stereoironics (Stereophonics Tribute) Sat 2 Lord Nelson, Poole : Renegade Sun 3 Various Venues, Lyme Regis : Lyme Regis Folk Weekend: For details of Line ups go to : Sun 3 Lord Nelson, Poole : Stan’s Blues Jamboree Sun 3 Barrington Theatre, Beatles with Wings (Featuring Howie Casey) listings Sun 3 Regent Centre, Christchurch : Heather Small (M People) Sun 3 Electric Palace, Bridport : Hank Wangford & The Lost Cowboys Sun 3 Lord Nelson, Poole : The Red Crow Sun 3 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Ian Ellis and Friends Mon 4 Belvedere Inn, Weymouth : The Darwins TO P Q U A L I T Y R E CO R D I N G & R E H E A R S A L S T U D I O S

River Studios – the largest professional recording studio south of London.

Tue 5 Amberwood Inn, Christchurch : Bernie Farrenden’s Jazz Tue 5 Thomas Tripp (Christchurch), Christchurch : Stan’s Blues Jam Thu 7 Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : Kast Off Kinks Thu 7 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : An Evening Of Country Music: Hosted by Ben Rose featuring : E-J Evans + + Amie Knight Thu 7 Smokin’ Aces, Bournemouth : Plug & Play - Jam Night Fri 8 Various Venues, Swanage : Swanage Folk Festival: For details of Line ups go to : Fri 8 Kings Park, Bournemouth : Boscombe Community Fair: For Details of the Line Up go to : wttps:// boscombefair Fri 8 Hambledon Farm, Blandford Forum : Heftival Festival: For ticket and line up information go to : https://www.facebook. com/heftival Fri 8 Anvil, Bournemouth : Adam Betts + Hot Sauce Pony + Yaaard Fri 8 Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : Steve Knightley Fri 8 Canvas, Bournemouth : Edwin Starr+ His band + Lorraine Silver Fri 8 Lord Nelson, Poole : Loose Connections Fri 8 Porterhouse, Westbourne, Bournemouth : Totog Fri 8 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Holy Moly & the Crackers Fri 8 Quay Inn, Wareham : Dave Griffiths Fri 8 Spyglass & Kettle, Southbourne, Bournemouth : Drunk Education Fri 8 Amberwood Inn, Walkford, Christchurch : Mudeford Crabs Sat 9 Kings Park, Bournemouth : Boscombe Community Fair: Sat 9 Various Venues, Swanage : Swanage Folk Festival: For details of Line ups go to : Sat 9 Hambledon Farm, Blandford Forum : Heftival Festival: For ticket and line up information go to : https://www.facebook. com/heftival/ Sat 9 Greyhound (Corfe Castle), Corfe Castle : Hugh Budden Sat 9 Lord Nelson, Poole : Mojo sic of Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Billy Fury and Roy Orbison )

• Experienced, friendly producers and engineers. • Perfect for recording vocals over tracks or developing original songs. • Help with songwriting available from experienced songwriters. • The South’s top vocal coaches on site. • Large, air conditioned control room and dedicated vocal booths and live rooms. • Extensive high end equipment and software to rival London Studios. • Clients include Birdy, Artful and Charley Macaulay.

Sat 9 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Hightown Crows Sat 9 White Horse, Swanage : Lady Winwood’s Maggot

02380 658373

Sun 10 Kings Park, Bournemouth : Boscombe Community Fair: For Details of the Line Up go to : boscombefair Sun 10 Various Venues, Swanage : Swanage Folk Festival: For details of Line ups go to : Sun 10 Hambledon Farm, Blandford : Heftival Festival: ticket and line up information go to : heftival/

32 Winsor Road, Totton, Southampton SO40 9HQ

Mon 11 The Exchange, Sturminster Newton : SAS Band

Check out for audio and more... Give us a call or email for prices and booking:

RS-VocalFlyer2ppA5.indd 1

Mon 4 Tom Browns, Dorchester, : Troubadour Showcase: An open mic with a twist Hosted By Elijah Wolf with 100% original songs by upcoming and established Artists Mon 4 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Conrad Bar’s Solid Air: Featuring : Julia and The Sirenes

14/08/2013 8:15 pm



Landings + The Mistakes + Kickin’ Bambi + Meat Sweats +Self Abuse + Kill The Colossi + Three Fingers Fri 22 Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : Bootleg Blondie Fri 22 Electric Palace, Bridport : Papa George Blues Band Fri 22 Canvas, Bournemouth : Abba Experience Fri 22 Fiveways Pub, Bournemouth : The Other Guys Fri 22 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : The Jack Grace Band Fri 22 The Crown, Winterborne Stickland : Harpin’ On

Mon 11 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Conrad Bar’s Solid Air Tue 12 Ye Olde Starre Inne, Christchurch : Folk and Roots Night Tue 12 Sixty Million Postcards, Bournemouth : Sløtface + Towers Tue 12 Lord Nelson, Poole : Sweet FA Tue 12 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Polly Morris: and her Band Wed 13 Lord Nelson, Poole : Pronghorn Thu 14 Joiners, Southampton : Bandfi+ Support Thu 14 Anvil, Bournemouth : Jucifer+ Support Thu 14 The Porterhouse, Westbourne, Bournemouth : Kez Hinton Thu 14 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Conrad Barr’s Rubber Soul Thu 14 Buffalo Bar, Bournemouth : Greg Johnson

Sat 23 Myncen Farm, Blandford : Last of the Summer Ciders Festival:Featuring : Funke And The Two Tone Baby + Bourgeois Robbery + The Acoustic Badger Band + The Jimmy Hillbillies + Sixteen String Jack Sat 23 The Stour Inn, Blandford Forum : Harpin’ On Sat 23 The Exchange, Sturminster Newton : Heaven 17 + Sat 23 Lord Nelson, Poole : Rat Salad- Black Sabbath Tribute Sat 23 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Afro Tallawah Sat 23 Quay Inn, Wareham : Johnny King (Elvis Tribute) Sat 23 Goods Yard, Broadstone : The Other Guys Sun 24 Lord Nelson, Poole : Jools Blues Allstars Sun 24 Anvil, Bournemouth : Brutality Will Prevail+ Support Sun 24 BIC Bournemouth : Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Sun 24 Lord Nelson, Poole : The Subwave Network UK Sun 24 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : The FB Pocket Orchestra Sun 24 Greyhound (Blandford), Blandford Forum : The Decatonics Sun 24 Brix & Co, Bournemouth : Tim Somerfield(Afro Ninja)

Fri 15 Regent Centre, Christchurch : The Greatest Love of All - The Whitney Houston Show (Tribute) Fri 15 Canvas, Bournemouth : Groovemeister Fri 15 Mr Kyps, Poole : Mr Clean- The sounds of The Jam Fri 15 James and White, Christchurch : Krista Green Fri 15 Sound Circus, Bournemouth : The Atkinsons+ TSG + Honey Bones + Violet Fri 15 Lord Nelson, Poole : MI3 Fri 15 Cobbs Yacht Club, Hamworthy , Poole : Totog - Acoustic Duo Fri 15 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Aziz Ibrahim Fri 15 Fiveways Pub, Bournemouth : Oasiss UK (Oasis Tribute) Fri 15 21:15, Ropemakers, Bridport : Guns Of Navarone

Tue 26 Lord Nelson, Poole : The Red Crow Tue 26 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Krista Green

Sat 16 Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : Cregan & Co Sat 16 The Exchange, Sturminster Newton : The Uk Beach Boys Sat 16 Mr Kyps, Poole : The English Beat (Featuring Dave Wakeling)+ Ratrace Sat 16 Lord Nelson, Poole : The Seventynine Sat 16 Thomas Tripp (Lymington), Lymington : Pronghorn Sat 16 Wathen Bartlett, Ringwood : Lady Winwood’s Maggot

Fri 29 Old Fire Station, Bournemouth : Amber Run + Seafret Fri 29 Anvil, Bournemouth : Cassava+ Endless Peaks + Honeymoons + San. Marlo Fri 29 Canvas, Bournemouth : The Three Degrees+ Bafana Fri 29 Forest Arts Centre, New Milton : Martin and Eliza Carthy Fri 29 Mr Kyps, Poole : Fleetwood Bac Fri 29 Lord Nelson, Poole : QED Fri 29 Parkstone Trades & Labour Club,, Poole : The Defectors Fri 29 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Guns Of Navarone Fri 29 O’Neills, Bournemouth : Drunk Education

Sun 17 Lord Nelson, Poole : Beyond Redemption Sun 17 Taphouse, Wimborne : Two Man Travelling Medicine Show Sun 17 Witchampton Club, Wimborne : Grizzly & The Grasshoppers Sun 17 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Musique a Trois Sun 17 Lord Nelson, Poole : Deadblow Mon 18 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Conrad Bar’s Solid Air Tue 19 O2 Academy, Bournemouth : Ryan Adams+ Karen Elson Tue 19 Anvil, Bournemouth : American Head Charge+ Once Human + In Death Tue 19 Amberwood Inn, Walkford, Christchurch : Bernie Farrenden’s Jazz Tue 19 Lord Nelson, Poole : Raising Kane Tue 19 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Word Makers & Silence Breakers Thu 21 Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : Queens Of Country Thu 21 Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : Creedence Clearwater Review Thu 21 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Dance Barry Dance Fri 22 Anvil, Bournemouth : Bournemouth Punx Picnic:Featuring : Arch Rivals + Menace + The KADT + The Zipheads + The Crash

Wed 27 Anvil, Bournemouth : As Lions + Dream State Wed 27 Old Fire Station, Bournemouth : Lewis Watson Wed 27 The Owl’s Nest, West Parley, : Stan’s Blues Jam Wed 27 Lord Nelson, Poole : Trouble In Mind Thu 28 Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : Voodoo Room Thu 28 20:45, London Tavern, Ringwood : The Defectors Thu 28 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar : Conrad Barr’s Rubber Soul Thu 28 Smokin’ Aces, Bournemouth : Jonny Phillips

Sat 30 The White Horse Inn, Blandford : Tom Clements Sat 30 Mr Kyps, Poole : Four Fighters (Foo Fighters Tribute) Sat 30 Grove Tavern, Bournemouth : Gentlemen Groove Sat 30 Thomas Tripp (Lymington), : Guns Of Navarone




Boscombe Community Fair was founded way back in 1995. In a time when local events and festivals hadn’t yet permeated the mainstream and for many years it truly was the only outdoor music event of it’s kind in Bournemouth.

material and their own compositions. Subgiant are a live electronic band who have become a staple part of any festival diet. Performing at nearly every major festival across the country. Whilst Pronghorn are local favourites who once ran the much lauded Endorseit In Dorset festival.

That first event was 22 years ago this year, the event has taken the rough with the smooth, but always managed to find a way forward.

In addition to the main stage there is a new addition this year with the Shebang stage. Primarily focussed on Punk and Rock, this stage features acts like Al. B. Damned (read feature on page 11) and The Sporadics. The Shebang Stage will be raising money for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and has raised over £10,000 for charity in the past seven years.

Unlike most other local events, BCF is run entirely by volunteers who do not take a wage. The event is organised by the local community, for the local community. It may sound like a cliche but it’s true, without this approach and ethos, Nik Turner it could be argued that BCF wouldn’t have seen the longevity it has enjoyed. This year the event returns to Kings Park with a huge lineup. Headlining the main stage are Nik Turner’s Space Ritual, Subgiant and Pronghorn. Space Ritual are a space rock band, formed in 2000 fronted by Nik Turner (Hawkwind), and composed principally of former Hawkwind members. They play a mix of early Hawkwind

On top of the music, Boscombe Community Fair seeks to represent every nook and cranny of the local creative scene. As such you’ll find pieces of artwork from local artists, poetry performances, dance performances and even the Boscombe famous Dog Show on Sunday. BCF aims to bring the festival experience to the doorstep of local residents who may otherwise be unable to attend other outdoor summer events. With the cost of most festivals rising, it’s a delight to see prices for this event remaining massively affordable. Weekend tickets for adults are just £15 with family discount offers available. Only able to make it for one day? No problems, day tickets are just £7.50 for adults and £5 for youth tickets.



drum&bass | jungle | bassline

by Harry D-Tox This month for the Box Fulla Records Sub:Section we catch up with Connor Threadingham, promoter of local Bournemouth event Back To Bass:ics, which has been making some big moves since its launch. First things first, thanks for taking the time to talk to us so near to your event at Halo in Bournemouth on 8 th September, I can imagine you’re all flat out with promo and getting everything ready for the night, but before we go into that, lets touch base on how and when Back To Bass:ics was started and who are the team behind it? Ok, so BACK TO BASS:ICS was founded by myself and Toby Adams (Ultrah), my girlfriend Farrah James is also a main face behind all of it! There’s also a certain amount of friends who are also a great help with the promo of the event. BACK TO BASS:ICS was launched on June 16th back in 2015. We had GUV headlining and what a night it was! If I remember rightly i think we nearly hit the 400 people mark, and for our first event we were over the moon! You guys pretty much do all your events at Halo, probably one of Bournemouth’s best looking venues as it’s an old converted church, slap bang in the middle of town and holds about 750 clubbers. What’s it like working with a venue like that and have you got any plans to take the brand on road? Our main events are always at Halo yes, me personally, I love the club! I hear a lot of hate towards the club for DB nights within the scene and from my personal experience working with them and attending nights there, I can’t understand why? The production that goes into that place is insane! I think that the way we set our nights up there works well, we always have a stage down in front of the decks for the MCs, which they don’t usually have if you were to go to a regular night in Halo, which creates an ‘up close and personal’ vibe which ravers/ artists love! What can someone who has never been to a Back To Bass:ics event expect? If you’re into your jump up drum and bass rollers then make sure you check us out! With the best headline DJS MCs there is plus some of the rawest local talent to support. You won’t be disappointed! The production at your events always seems high calibre with its laser shows, LED visuals, C02 cannons and pyrotechnics. Was that the vision from the outset or is it something that has developed over time? Most of the credit for the production has to go to the guys at Halo, their set up is second to none and them guys have it looking like a festival in there every time! A couple of times we have gone to the effort to book in some extras, for example the pyros we had in for NU: ELEMENTZ Birthday bash, the scenes were phenomenal!

Connor (L) & Toby (R)

Dorset Jungle/D&B Listings SEPTEMBER

1st Sept - iRate & Homegrown @ Boombox, Weymouth. 2 nd Sept – Mash Up (Free Entry) @ Bomo Bunker, 7th Sept - TGS Audio presents Skankout @ Bomo Bunker, 8th Sept – Back To Bass:ics @ Halo, Bournemouth 15th Sept – Vibez 7th Birthday @ Eden, Bournemouth 15th Sept- We Rate Homegrown @ Boombox, Weymouth. 15th Sept – Recoil @ Bomo Bunker, Bournemouth 22nd Sept – Breakout @ Bomo Bunker, Bournemouth 29th Sept – Sigma @ Cameo, Bournemouth. Sat 30th Sept - Major#Bass @ Bomo Bunker

Your brand really seems to be flying the flag for Jump Up. Is this intentional and what artists and labels have you brought to Bournemouth so far? I guess so yeah, the initial idea was to focus on the jump up but also bring in a few names away from the jump up side of things. First reason is a lot of the new generation ravers and youngsters are into their jump up and it seems to be the flame that’s burning the hottest at the moment. Second reason is our love for jump up, don’t get me wrong we love all spectrums of drum and bass but jump up in my eyes gives the most energy, especially with the variety of top MCs that come from the jump up side. Nothing better than 2 sick MCs going back to back, bar for bar over on a high energy set! .. Do you think it’s important to use the traditional methods as well as modern when it comes to promo and what is the funniest thing that’s happened whilst out flyering? I’m gunna hold my hands up on this one and say for a few of our events I’ve been shall we say too comfortable’ with the modern day methods lol, we always do some sort of flyering, it always helps! I know you’ve got plans to start live streaming with your residents and other guests, when is this officially happening and how often can we look forward to be tuning in? Yes, the idea is to do a weekly livestream for a couple, maybe 3 hours with different guests every week, I’ve already spoken to a fair few DJs & MCs to get them involved so it’s already looking like there is gunna be some bad boy combinations! Most of the guests will be local and up coming artists however a few big names will grace the deck now and then! When its gunna start is not confirmed yet, but it won’t be long! Finally, thanks again for talking to us, what’s in the pipeline for Back To Bass:ics and where can we follow and support your movements? It’s been a pleasure. We’ve got another smasher lined up for 9th December and all details will be revealed soon, and also a few smaller nights lined up at Bomo Bunker Eden. Another highlight of our run so far is the recent takeover for room 2 for Enter Drumfunk as they host probably the biggest label in drum and bass, HOSPITAL RECORDS on the 7th October. If you are a Dorset based promoter, record label or artist of Jungle/ DB and would like to be featured in the Sub:Section, get in contact with myself at Box Fulla Records through our email


Listings - Events Open to Everyone

Lewis Watson

Wednesday 27th September

Amber Run

Friday 29th Septmber

Tom Grennan




The Hoosiers

Dead Kennedys

The Marmozets

Wednesday 4th October

Sunday 1st October

Thursday 12th October


Sunday 29th October £12


Fickle Friends Sunday 22nd October

Dream Wife

Tuesday 24th October


For tickets & more information visit

£8 36 Holdenhurst Rd, Bournemouth, BH8 8AD GREYSIDE Ep Launch Show Review Those of you who are regular readers to this magazine and my column will know that I’m always on the lookout for new original music, you won’t find me in a venue on a Saturday night watching a covers or tribute band, and I honestly don’t see the point. In August I came across a new band that I have heard a few whispers about before but never seen. Bournemouth’s Greyside released their debut EP at Mr Kyps in Poole and what I witnessed gave me faith that there are still gems out there on the Dorset music scene worth searching for. The band played a set containing all original tunes with thankfully not a cover in sight.

These guys are confident that their own original tunes works really well in front of an audience. They are a four piece with a big guitar sound that have influences coming from many of the great British bands of the past. Though still young they have clearly delved into their parents record collections or looked on You Tube finding some inspiration. You can hear sounds by classic bands like The Cure and Joy Division, but they have not just copied what they have heard like most bands do they have worked with it to forge their own unique take on the traditional guitar, bass and drums sound. Front man Brandon has a great vocal range and a commanding stage presence. They are by no means the finished article as I’m sure these guys have plenty more in the tank.

The 5 track Balloon EP was recorded with the help of Matthew Musial at Bournemouth Burrow studio. Matthew has been a huge supporter of local music for a long time playing in bands including Beartown Zodiac and Not Made in China. His experience at the helm has been a great benefit to these four young musicians who have made a debut record that they can be proud of.

Gigs of the Month

1 Sep - Shelley Theatre : Ben Maggs 2 Sep Thomas Tripp X-Church: Sirpico 5 Sep The Boot Inn, Weymouth: Jonny Phillips 9 Sep: Blue Line Studios : Honeymoons+ Echoic + Endless Peaks + Brightlight City 12 Sep: 20:30, 60 Million Postcards Sløtface + Towers 15 Sep: Sound Circu: The Atkinsons+ TSG + Honey Bones + Violet 17 Sep: Witchampton Club, Wimborne: Grizzly & The Grasshoppers 22 Sep: Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : The Jack Grace Band 22 Sep : Sound Circus, Bournemouth : One Word + Constellation + Greyside 23 Sep Grove Tavern : Xander & The Keys 30 Sep : Quay Inn, Wareham : The Hardcore Troubadours

Chinners recommends

If you would like to find out more about the gigs and artists mentioned in my blog please go to

Greyside - Balloon EP

If you would like your band or gig featured here or on the Rock Regeneration website contact me:

Adelente - Bloom - Single Lady Winwood’s Maggot- Manifesto - Album


Each Wednesday listen to local music show “Livewire Live” between 7-9pm on 90.1 Hope FM or listen online via the TuneIn app


Rock Regeneration

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‘When Will I See You Again’ & ‘Woman in Love’












Tickets are available now from 45 Poole Hill, Bournemouth, BH2 5PW


Dorset Music September 2017  

This month we chat with Al B Damned frontman Joey ahead of their first UK dates in a fair while, and also get the lowdown on the legendary S...

Dorset Music September 2017  

This month we chat with Al B Damned frontman Joey ahead of their first UK dates in a fair while, and also get the lowdown on the legendary S...