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MAY 2017




ready to get jazz-sea?

The county’s biggest jazz festival

“I became a musician so I didn’t have to get up in the morning” - Norah Jones

Huey morgan brings fun lovin’ Exclusive DJ set at Canvas

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Welcome to the music mag which trumps the rest.




There is so much going on in Dorset this month we had to make an extra big issue to fit it all in! Bestival have moved from the IOW to Dorset and teamed up with local promoters We Broke Free, we have all the details of their - The Invaders of the Future competition. Inside you’l also find a great catch up with Simon Hall, the man behind the Bloodstock Metal to the Masses in an exclusive interview.



We’ve also got the lowdown on the massive Jazz by the Sea festival, The Seven Seas festival, Huey Morgan and On The Bus festival. You’ll also find all the usual previews, listings and regular columns by Rock Regeneration and Box Fulla Records.

ready to get jazz-seta? jazz festival The county’s bigges

probably physicist, I would “If I were not a an” - Albert Einstein be a musici

Huey morgan brings fun Exclusive DJ set at



Time to get your month planned and tickets bought, whatever music you’re into!

/ dors etm usic mag mag @ dors etm usic

This month’s contributors are:Harry ‘D-Tox’ David Chinery @ D o rs e t M u s i c M a g Pip Sickness /dorsetmusicmag Bert Burnell Dan Sullivan


Thursday 4th 8:30PM-1:00AM Free entry


JUDAS (LIVE) + VELUDO PLANES (LIVE) Judas’ sound is most commonly compared to a combination of U2 and Kings of Leon with anthemic songs, huge sounds and timeless melodies making up the core of their repertoire. With other influences such as Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay and Stereophonics, Judas create their unique style and deliver it live with exceptional energy and precision. Friday 5th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry

LET’S GET (NEW) WAVEY As Blondie release their 11th studio album, it seems a perfectly indulgent time to visit New Wave and all it offers. Starting with the orginals (Velvet Underground), to

the NYC punk rebrand (Blondie,Television, B52’S),

hitting the full 80’s movement (Devo, X-ray Spex) right up to the New wave of new wave (The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand). Saturday 6th 2:00PM-6:00PM Free entry

PAPERJAM Swing by and get involved with the local creative community. Selling prints, zines, cards and badges. Saturday 6th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry


LUKE RIFFITHS & LEECHES PLAYING FUN* AND FUZZY RECORDS ALL NIGHT Our idea of fun includes everything from Black Sabbath to Blood Orange, indie bangers and weird pop records, from every era... hope you’re OK with all that.... Come and have a dance. Monday 8th 8:00PM - 12:00PM Free entry

THE POINTHOUSE CINEMA CLUB The Pointhouse Cinema Club is back again with it’s latest film night, The People’s Choice. We can’t wait to see you! Get online now and vote for what you want to see or let us choose for you! Thursday 11th 7:00PM - 1:00AM Free entry


THE INVADERS OF THE FUTURE COMP Having moved to their new home in Lulworth, the Bestival team are teaming up with 60MPC and We Broke Free to find the best unsigned bands, DJs and spoken word artists Dorset

Friday 12th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry



Our Yeezy Does It series concludes in May with another night dedicated to all things Kanye West… probably. Saturday 13th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry


Reggae Take Over brings people together from all walks of life. They put reggae music on centre stage right in the heart of the City. Reggae Take Over DJs play selections from the sweet harmonies of Roots Reggae, through to present day dancehall. Truly something for everyone… as long as it’s a big tune! Friday 19th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry


Lee Henderson (Spec. / The Soul Beat Society / Yowsah Yowsah Yowsah) and Jake Reed (Disco Suburbia / Yowsah Yowsah Yowsah) will be kicking off the weekend, by importing fresh music from the four corners of the globe. Think Brazillian Samba, Colombian Cumbia, Nigerian Highlife, Surinamese Disco, Turkish Funk and all compass points in between. Saturday 20th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry


After a five-year break, legendary club night Project Mayhem returns for one night only to supply a whirlwind mix of sounds from the noughties. You’ve got a date with the night. Thursday 25th 9:00PM-1:00AM Free entry


GURR (LIVE) + YONAKA (LIVE) + THE DOLCE VITA (LIVE) 3 bands playing garage pop and dark riffs. What wouldn’t you like about that? Friday 26th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry

THE SOUL BEAT SOCIETY Soul/funk/blues/RnB/RocknRoll/Motown/Ska. Join the club. Saturday 27th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry

SPEC. Join them for another of their special nights celebrating the lost art of the Indie Disco, with swaggering guitars, anthemic choruses and jumping around like an idiot. Bank Holiday Sunday 28th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry

has to offer! The winners will play at the festival in


September later this year. This event will be the final of

WE PLAY: R’N’B / HIP HOP / DISCO / GIRL PARTY POP / 80s / 90s HOUSE / UK GARAGE & MORE... WE BRING: Girls* - Glitter - Good times. *All genders/non-genders welcome. Sparkly dress encouraged.

this competition featuring the top bands, DJs and spoken word artists, judged by Rob da Bank and more!




19-21 Exeter Rd, Bournemouth BH2 5AF


Bestival takes place between Thursday 7th and Sunday 10th September at The Lulworth Estate – an enchanting, wooded country estate on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. The Festival has won numerous awards at the UK Festival Awards Conference since its inception in 2004 including: ‘Best Major Festival’ at the 2015 UK Festival Awards, having won ‘Best Medium-Sized Festival’ in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009, ‘Best Major Festival’ in 2010, 2012 and in 2015, ‘Fan’s Favourite’ in 2011 and ‘Best Innovation’ in 2005. The festival’s traditional home has been on The Isle of Wight for a number of years but this year the organisers made the decision to move to the mainland, although the ethos and vibe of this brilliant event will remain the same, including its dedication to supporting social and environmental causes as well as the positive and free thinking atmosphere it has become famous for. The event will be held at Bournemouth’s Sixty Million Postcards on May 11th and is split into 3 categories, bands, DJs and spoken word artists. Judged by 60 Million Postcards’ Tor Byrnes, The Joiners’ Ricky Bates and Bestival’s own Rob da Bank.

The winner of each category will be added to the Bestival bill, joining the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Dizzee Rascal, Rag’n’Bone Man, Soul II Soul and loads more. The winner of the band category will also get to play the We Broke Free stage at the Bournemouth University Summer Ball, making this gig a chance to check out not only the south’s best unsigned talent but potentially a glimpse into the future of festival headliners! Rob Da Bank

Bloodstocks Metal to the Masses the tournament is the epitome of everything the Uk’s best metal festival stands for; supporting grass roots music, unsigned metal and the metal community. Scores of venues and promoters all over the UK put on a series of gigs in which 100s of the best u-nsigned metal bands the country has to offer duke it out for the chance to play at Bloodstock Open Air Festival. Many bands have got their big break from this competition and this year the festival line up includes Amon Amarth, Ghost, Megadeth, Hatebreed, Kreator and loads more. We caught

up with the man behind the concept, Simon Hall, before Bournemouth venue the Anvil’s metal to the Masses semi finals begin this month.

So bloodstock is now recognised as one THE must attend events in the metal calendar. Could you tell us a little bit about what the festival means to you and how you got involved? I first venture to Bloodstock in 2005 when my own band were invited. At this stage, the outdoor fest had been established for a couple of years and was the natural progression to the successful indoor events. I was already involved in booking for an established outdoor event so offered up my services, not realising then quite how much I’d become engrained in the future development of both the festival and the M2TM initiative. How and when did the idea of doing the Metal To The Masses competition come about? Looking back the M2TM was a platform that had tentatively been running for 12 months before I took over. The initial concept was developed

Simon Hall

by Paul Gregory (Festival founder and all round legend) but in 2005 I was grabbed by the scruff and handed the mantle. The concept is simple in its design but at the time faced a world of obstacles … “Pay to Play” “Text Voting” etc and platforms that had no real interest in the music only the profit margin. So bringing in an initiative that was fair, aided bands yet still managed to draw a crowd was a challenge, but from that we now see the only viable platform to aid artists and offer them exposure and support. As well as bloodstock and M2TM you also sing for the Band “Beholder” and have toured the live circuit successfully for many years. What advice would you give to a band considering entering this competition? I guess the only thing I could say with any amount of clarity is if you’re looking to become a touring band yet think your days will be spent in a glamourous night liner, drinking Crystal Champagne from a stiletto, then think again. Sleeping upright in a dodgy van (if you get any sleep at all), travelling night and day across borders, dealing with the occasional rogue promoter, poor diet and having to wash ya plums in a service station sink, is at times, as good as it gets. But if honest we wouldn’t change it for the world and if you’re focused, determined and have a true desire then all you need is to take advice and embrace it. My years on the road have built an amazing network of friends and colleagues. How do you think the metal scene has changed over the years? What positives are there and what do you think has changed that really should have stayed the same? In the positive I’d say the music is more diverse than ever and embraces everything from the melodic, the moving and the emotive as well as it grips you with intensity, power and neck wrenching riffs. But the rise of social media and sales platforms have also over flooded the market place with an endless

for an event like bloodstock and half the people start screaming “Its not Troo Metulz”. How do you cope with the trolling and negativity that gets thrown out by the community (especially online)?I’ve learnt over the years to ignore them and not take the bait .. not something I found easy to do as I’m always there to defend the music i/we all love, but I now appreciate it’s pointless wasting time and energy on those who hide behind the screen.

supply of bands, which in turn makes it harder for emerging artists to break through and make themselves a notable force. In time I see this levelling out … hopefully. You were asked to stand in as frontman for “The Handsome Beasts” after the tragic early passing of singer Garry Dalloway in 2006 – that must have been quite an honour to be asked directly on his previous recommendation. How do you think that experience shaped you as a frontman and what lessons did you take forward from that? I joined at the request of the band to help them through and it was a privilege to step in for Gary who was a talent and a great guy, but if honest it was a stop gap as I was already making ripples with Beholder. The experience I would say was bitter sweet in many ways, in that it was great singing some classic NWOBHM tracks, but the band seemed to not have the drive or focus I had at the time … so the journey was short lived. M2TM takes place all over the UK – Are there any trends in the bands behaviours that you see time and time again? What would you say is a great thing to be doing and what is an absolute no-no? The great thing about the M2TM is you get to see what’s happening Nationwide in line with flavour trends (and in some cases long before it gets noted by the media). 2009+ It was all about screamcore and you could set your watch to the inevitable breakdowns, 2012+ and bands began to return to more melodic and clean vocals and started to embrace more progressive styles and from 2014 I began to see the strong re-emergence of Doom, Crust and Stoner movement. The metal community can be quite a fickle scene when it comes to bands and the current “flavour of the month”– I can imagine it must be quite frustrating sometimes when announcing bands

What have been your favourite moments of M2TM so far? Have there been any moments where you just want to throw the towel in and run away to live in a cave? If yes could you tell us one of your personal favourite disaster anecdotes? Just far too many to mention if honest, but when I see the delight on a bands face, and more so, when I see them embrace the opportunity to use the M2TM to further the bands progression, then that’s cool and definitely what the project was put together for. I do however despair when I see bands squander the opportunity due to ill advice, egos or simply being unable to process good information. That happens very rarely if honest but it something I like to instil in bands that the M2TM is just a forward step in the process of building your bands profile. What advice would you give to a band who is maybe thinking about entering the competition but haven’t as yet? Enter for the right reasons and use it to build a stronger network, to develop your live performance, but remember that this whole initiative is there to help bands as well as it is to support venues throughout the UK. If both bands, promoters, venues and fans can connect to this, then it’s proven itself time and again to be a total winner. You must have seen some priceless reactions over the years by bands who didn’t get through the final. What would you say was your personal favourite wtf moment? (without naming and shaming of course!). Being repeatedly hit with a handbag from a 4ft disgruntled Glaswegian mother who’s sons band didn’t make it through ….. Priceless. If you had to choose a headliner for Bloodstock 2018 from the previous M2TM winners who would you choose and why? Well I deal with production so I’d roll with the band that brings the biggest lighting rig, the most pyros and obviously the most elaborate and over the top stage set …… trust me between Amon Amarth, Ghost and Megadeth this year is going to be a close-run affair. - Interview by Pip Sickness

See Huey At Canvas Fun Lovin’ Criminal May 28th BBCR6 DJ & New York icon Huey Morgan is the much loved, charismatic front man of acclaimed rock and hip hop group Fun Lovin’ Criminals, a group formed in 1993, releasing a total of seven albums. What’s more, this rock renaissance talent is also regularly on TV shows like Nevermind the Buzzcocks and is a fine TV presenter and writer with a wealth of knowledge about the music he plays. The New Yorker, though, is also a fine DJ who has a whole lifetime’s worth of experience to draw upon when he

“George Michael... Had it going on”

is laying down one of his compelling selections. He does so all over the world, at big parties, more intimate get togethers and acclaimed clubs and festivals in equal measure. In every DJ set, he retains a great sense of pace and balance and always excels at segueing the right records the right time.

make yourself happy. But that shit can be transcendental. Dig?” In terms of sounds, Huey, who was born in New York in 1968, is obviously a skilled guitarist, but also has a passion for many other types of music. Asked about his favourite song to dance to, there is no hesitation. “‘Fast Love’ by George Michael. Brother had it going on as a producer on that joint. He didn’t think he was nice; he KNEW he was nice.” Being half-Puerto Rican and half-Irish, he has a varied musical background that finds him just as able to reach for loose funk, soul, reggae, cool jazz and hip hop as indie rock, and indeed anything else. Notoriously amusing and full of charm, Huey always carries this over into the sets he plays in clubs, meaning you can be sure that you will have the time of your life.

In an interview with Notion Magazine he was asked what the golden rules are for a good night out. His reply? “Let folk do what they need to do to make themselves happy, mind your own business, and do what you need to do to


Huey Morgan

Huey Morgan


drum&bass | jungle | bassline

by Harry D-Tox This month I had the pleasure of interviewing good friend, keyboardist for local band Dubheart, top selector and head operator of the mighty Countryman Soundsystem… David Mountjoy aka Daddy U to talk about his musical roots, his appearance on TV and this summer’s Wilkswood Reggae Festival. Firstly a massive thanks for sparing the time to do this interview, I know you’re more than busy. Let’s start with how you got in to the music scene and was Reggae your first love? Thanks for having me, glad to spare the time. I grew up listening to motown ,blues and rock and roll from my parents with the odd ska or reggae tune thrown in the mix. The reggae and ska tunes were always the ones that made me dance. I guess that’s the path I followed. Really getting involved with making and performing music that would be down to me picking up a guitar when I was 11. I realised I could play the tunes I was hearing fairly easily. From that day I’ve been in bands ever since. Can you list some bands and artists that have inspired you over the years? Wow this questions hard. Theres so many great artists out there that have inspired me. Lee Perry’s production had a big impact early on. The great vocalist Hugh Mundell, Johnny Clarke, Dennis Brown obviously Robert Nesta. As a keyboard player one of my favourite artist is Jackie Mitto his reggae organ instrumentals are awesome. Dubheart are great local and international Dub Reggae band founded in the late 90’s. You joined the band a bit later on bringing a whole new layer to their sound. How did you guys meet and what music has been released since you joined? We met through Steve Ez who was the bass player for the UK Players a great reggae band that was based in Salisbury. I’d helped put on some shows for them in Nottingham so when I moved to Bournemouth Steve recommended me to Dubheart and the rest is history lol. Since I’ve joined we have released the Mek we move EP on 12”vinyl. We chant single on 7”. Mental Slavery album on CD. Mental slavery in dub album featuring Fullness on CD and most recently the full Time pressure Ep which we recorded while filming for the BBC.. oh yeah that ones digital download. In addition to winning “Best European Band” at the Rototom Reggae Festival, SunSplash a few years

Dorset Jungle/D&B Listings MAY

May 5th - Major#Bass @ Bomo Bunker (all 3 floors) May 6th - Block Party, Across 6 venues in Lansdowne May 13th - Enter & Drumfunk @ The Old Fire Station May 19th - Vibez @ The Winchester, Bournemouth May 26th - iRate & Homegrown @ Boombox, Weymouth May 27th - Wilkswood Warm-Up @ Mr Kyps, Poole May 27th - One Nation @ O2 Bournemouth

back, the band appeared on the BBC program Best PartTime Bands last year which you just mentioned, coming in at a very close second. Have these events opened many doors for the band and did you have a little tidy up before having Rhod Gilbert and Jazzie B in your lounge? They’ve certainly helped in terms of connections. Infact supporting Soul II Soul at Koko in Camden last year for Jazzie B’s Christmas do was one of the highlights of the year. Yes I did have a massive tidy up although I didn’t know it was gonna be Jazzie B until he knocked the front door! Tricksy television people lol. The best thing has been other people being so supportive and confident in what were doing. Here at Box Fulla Records we’re very pleased to be working with you and running all our events through the Countryman Soundsystem. We feel Reggae and Soundsystem culture is one of the main foundation blocks of Jungle and we pride ourselves in pushing both the foundation and future sounds. Can you tell the readers how the Countryman Soundsystem was formed and what your plans are for its future? Yeah man big up Box Fullah top ethos. You can’t forget your foundations! Countryman is a musical messenger, bringing sweet reggae vibes with the message of peace love and unity. Our aim is to continue travelling the world spreading that message with a whole heap of bass thrown in for good measure. So you launched the Wilkswood Reggae festival last year, which has gone from being a one day family outdoor event with camping, to a three day family festival with three nights camping. When is the festival this year, how can readers buy tickets and what’s in store for us? Yeah man I’m so excited about this festival it’s really coming together beautifully. We’ve got a great team put together. This year its 14-16th of July. Expect high end production. We’ve got some great artists lined up. Tippa Irie, Brinsley Aswad Forde, Mad professor, Janet Kay, Channel One Soundsystetm, Prince Fatty and of course the mighty mighty Dubheart and loads more. There’s a kids area with green wood working, clay oven building, foraging etc also there will be showers, a lot of people have been asking that. And also a fringe stage with spoken word and acoustic acts. For more info and tickets head straight to it’s going to be epic, trust me!

fresh hooks, off the charts Following the success of the last two years The Bournemouth Jazz Festival has rebranded for 2017 as the Jazz by the Sea Festival and extended its already impressive lineup of venues.

Throughout the Festival week, there will be live jazz performances at various locations, including retail outlets, shopping centres and arcades in Poole and Bournemouth and the Coastal Villages.

The event will take place across Bournemouth and Poole at: Canvas, The Lighthouse, Chaplin’s , Koh, The Cosy Club and loads more (see website for full list) with a variety of events taking place over a week from Sunday 11th June to Saturday 17th

Some highlights of this enormous celebration of jazz music include:

The vision of the event is to “enhance the region’s cultural profile and increase its tourism appeal by creating an annual festival which brings world class jazz musicians to Bournemouth and Poole”, and judging by the line up they look certain to achieve this. The festival opens on Sunday 11 th June with a family Jazz concert in The Lighthouse Centre for Arts in Poole, hosted by Clare Teal with her Hollywood Orchestra. As presenter of a popular Sunday night Jazz programme on Radio 2, Clare is well known as the UK’s Queen of Swing and the concert promises to be an evening of inspired music and entertainment that will include a special pre concert performance by local young musicians and the Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra.

A variety of themed jazz events in partnership with local hotels, including Cliff House Hotel, Miramar Hotel, Cumberland Hotel, Cottonwood and Hotel Du Vin. Live jazz events in bars and restaurants such as Koh Group restaurants, Urban Beach, WestBeach, Jazz Cafe Sandbanks, Harry Ramsden’s, Cosy Club, The Guildhall Tavern and Key West at the end of Pier..

and legendary group during the festival, Incognito, who will be playing their own brand of funky jazz, soul music on the 14th. The Festival will close with The World Jazz Jamboree in The Lighthouse, comprising a series of spectacular concerts showcasing jazz music from around the world. It will include performances by Tommaso Starace Quartet, taking his unique cinematic approach to jazz. Monica Vasconcelos Quintet – A renowned Brazilian Bossa Nova singer with her wonderful lyrical compositions and highly original latin band, Thokozile Collective and The Omar Puente Sextet

Closing the festival will be The Soothsayers – A hugely popular Afro Caribbean band performing Afrobeat and reggae The European Maritime festival influenced jazz grooves to end this on Poole Quay, including the momentous launch of The Dorset Queen Maritime Jazz Machine. This classic event in passenger boat will be serving Dorset style. cream teas on the 11th The launch of Jazzmobile; A mobile stage that will be cruising the town centre.

Headline shows include: James Taylor Quartet performing live at Mr Kyps, his music was very much the sound of jazz in the 80’s forming way back in 1987, the group have become famous for their impressive live performance. Canvas Jean-Paul Bluey Maunick of Incognito will feature another iconic





fresh hooks, off the charts. June 11–17 with many more artists appearing in your favourite venues, including:


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present the legendary...



Adam Fox




(Ghetto Funk)


FRI. 14th July

N.W.A’s DJ YELLA + Lil Eazy-E


Garage rock revival

Solid Air at Cellar Bar is the place to be if you want hear the best up and coming live bands around and this installment is set to be no different. Headlined by The Remnants, who have been flying the garage/psych rock revival flag way before it was cool, who play a dirtied up beatles esque sound with a modern twist that will surely fill the dancefloor. Support comes from bluesy rock band The Fraud, whose influences include Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Doors and Small Faces among others.

MAY 11TH |CHAPLINS / CELLAR BAR Rockabilly Queen returns to the coast


One of Ireland’s most celebrated female artists, Imelda May takes you on a twistin’ ride influenced by the likes of Wanda Jackson, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent, but all delivered with Imelda’s own unique voice and lyrics. Her stompin’ anthems ‘Johnny Got A Boom Boom’, ‘Psycho’ and ‘Inside Out’ all sounded like 1950s classics. However, the modern queen of Rockabilly has since broadened her sound, now taking in elements of blues, rock, soul, gospel and jazz. MAY 12TH|PAVILION



UK latin acoustic veterans

In a world where would be starlets cry on talent shows and ex boy band members are considered credible, Ezio do what they do. They deliver the most exquisitely crafted and varied songs with a skill that can only come from having toured and recorded constantly for many years, racking up countless gigs, eight studio albums and building a huge underground following. Ezio’s style ranges from the highly rhythmical almost manic Latin-feeling rock to delicate dreamy ballads that are heartbreakingly honest and deeply poetic.

MAY 12TH | DORCHESTER CORN EXCHANGE Cosmic Jazz THE COMET IS COMING + CHIMPSHED A.D. Signed to Yorkshire’s The leaf Label London band The Comet is Coming incorporate elements of jazz, electronica, funk and psychedelic rock into a sound that is experienced as much as it is heard. In April last year The Guardian described the band as “true heirs” of cosmic jazz pioneer Sun Ra, and praised for their “fusion of jazz, Afrobeat and electronica in an improvisational, intergalactic mash-up” Support comes from local supergroup Chimpshed A.D




Lemmy approved punk

In 2015 after seeing the band live at Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles, Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead offered Barb Wire Dolls a record deal and signed them to his record label Motörhead Music. As members of Motörhead Music, Barb Wire Dolls are now represented by Lemmy’s long-time manager Todd Singerman. “Barb Wire Dolls are the most explosive and exciting new punk band I’ve seen in decades!” - Mickey Leigh/brother of the late Joey Ramone and ex-tour manager for the Ramones. Support from The Mistakes and the awesomely named Kung Fu Chicken Fighters


PREVIEWS Hard touring indie/rock up and comers


In their short time as a band Skegss have toured Australia, America, Canada and played gigs in New Caledonia and Brazil. Benny Reed of the band says they have “jumped at every opportunity”. Currently touring the UK in support of their newest EP ‘Holiday Food’, the show at the Winchester looks set to become one of those shows you’ll wish you went to in 5 years. The gig is being promoted by Transmission, who have developed a great reputation for sniffing out the hottest up and coming bands, and support comes from MAY 19TH | THE Yoofs, Party Hardly, Leeches and Quim Reaper


MAY 20TH | ENGINE German garage pop


Stoner rock space lords

Retro-rock visionaries Monster Magnet spent much of the 1990s struggling against the prejudices imposed upon image and sound by alternative rock fashion nazis. In fact, it wasn’t until that movement’s late-’90s decline that the band’s dogged persistence finally paid off, when their fourth album, Powertrip, catapulted to gold sales status on the strength of its massive hard rock hit, “Space Lord.” In the meantime, Monster Magnet had managed to become one of the most successful and influential bands associated with the so-called underground “stoner rock” scene. And yet, their influences span much further than that scene’s foundations in ’70s hard rock and metal, delving into space rock, psychedelia, and beyond. ROOMS


In their own words “Gurr is a garage pop band from Berlin that sounds like a trashy 60s girl group meshed with poppy vocals in two voices and a flavor of eeriness dug out from the deep darkness that is the Berlin rocknroll bar’s restroom at 5 am”.

wwSupport comes from Yonaka - Dark pop and heavy riff’s, who are Currently supporting Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and The Dolce Vita.


MAY 25TH - SIXTY MILLION POSTCARDS Roots reggae/dub hometown show from locals done

Local roots reggae dub band Dubheart originally formed in all the way back in 1999 and have gone on to establish themselves as one of the leading bands of the genre in the world. From having their single “We Chant” become an underground anthem in Japan to winning the Rototom European Reggae Contest to appearing on the BBC as part of The UK’s Best Part Time Band, Dubheart have done it all. This hometown show at Mr kyps is surely to warm them up for festival season, support from Afro Tallawah. WINCHESTER

APRIL 29TH| THE Fun Lovin’ Criminals frontman

Huey Morgan is the much loved, charismatic frontman of acclaimed rock and hip hop group Fun Lovin’ Criminals, a group formed in 1993, releasing a total of seven albums. The New Yorker, though, is also a fine DJ who has a whole lifetime’s worth of experience to draw upon when he is laying down one of his compelling selections. He does so all over the world, at big parties, more intimate get togethers and acclaimed clubs and festivals in equal measure. In every DJ set, he retains a great sense of pace and balance and always excels at segueing the right records the right time.






Check out our list of local festivals listings here: wordpress/festivals On a personal note I would like to thank everybody involved in the recent Prostate Cancer UK gig Skimmity Hitchers, Black The month of May sees at Mr Kyps in April. The Water Country, The Surfin’ the much anticipated three bands Empire Affair, Birds and many more. festival season get The Manatees and The underway with a host of Tickets are priced at just £55 Otherhalf all put in fantastic fantastic festivals all over for the weekend to include performances and sold huge camping. Dorset. amounts of tickets to pack out the place. We raised We are lucky enough to live On the weekend of the 19th- over £1500 which will go 21st May music fans are in an area that has many to Prostate Cancer UK fund to continue there much smaller community based spoilt for choice with The festivals that are reasonably Poole Harbour Boat Show on needed research. priced and offer access to Poole Quay and the Seven Seas Festival at Harbour side everyone. Park at Baiter. The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show One such festival is the - Weeding out the Wicked ( A surprising mix of folk combined with a whole host Both festivals are a short Cursus Music and Cider of different influences) Festival which is situated on walk from each other and TheTwoManTravellingMedicineShow have free entry. Canada Farm in Sixpenny Wille and the Bandits- Steal (A fantastic Handley on 12th-14th May. third album featuring their unique brand They feature a diverse The festival features two of roots rock) collection of music with a alternating stages with a wide range of local acts as complete mixture of acts Ayris - (Air- Riss)- Debut 6 track solo EP from Ex Ironic Encounter/Sepia Daze including Nick Harper, The well as tribute bands.

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Thu 4 May 19:30, Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth: Bob Dylan Thu 4 May 20:00, Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe: Stanford Road and Friends Fri 5 May 19:00, Sound Circus, Bournemouth: Construct + When Hope Fails + Sister Shotgun + Remnant Fri 5 May 20:00, James and White, Christchurch: Joe Boiling Fri 12 May 19:30, Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth: Imelda May Fri 12 May 19:30, Regent Centre, Christchurch: Cregan & Co Sat 13 May 21:00, Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe: Voodoo Vegas Mon 15 May 19:30, Old Fire Station, Bournemouth: My Vitriol + The Skimmity Hitchers Wed 17 May 19:30, Anvil, Bournemouth: Barb Wire Dolls + The Mistakes + Kung Fu Chicken Fighters Wed 17 May 19:30, O2 Academy, Bournemouth: The Mission + The If you would like to find out more about the gigs and artists Skeletal Family + Pauline Murray mentioned in my blog please go to Fri 19 May 19:30, Blue Line Studios, Bournemouth: Arms and Hearts + Mixtape Saints + Dan Mundy + Chloe Glover Sat 20 May 19:30, Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth: If you would like your band or gig featured here or on the Rock Adam Ant + Support Sat 20 May 21:00, Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe: Peeping Toms + Regeneration website contact me: Meat Sweats Wed 24 May 20:30, Lord Nelson, Poole: Pronghorn Each Wednesday listen to local music show “Livewire Live” Thu 25 May 20:30, Sixty Million Postcards, Bournemouth: Gurr + Yonaka + The Dolce Vita between 7-9pm on 90.1 Hope FM or listen online via the TuneIn Sat 27 May 20:00, Mr Kyps, Poole: Dubheart + Afro Tallawah app



Rock Regeneration

Mon 1 Thomas Tripp Christchurch The Royal Ts

Fri 19 James and White Christchurch Gentlemen Groove Fri 19 Bar 13 at the Cliff house Hotel Bournemouth Jonny Phillips Tue 2 Amberwood Inn Walkford Christchurch Bernie Farrenden’s Jazz Fri 19 Winchester Pub Bournemouth Skegss + Yoofs + Party Tue 2 Lord Nelson Poole Raising Kane Hardly + Leeches + Quim Reaper Wed 3 Lord Nelson Poole Innocent Bystander (Covers Duo) Thu 4 BIC Bournemouth Bob Dylan+ Support Thu 4 Regent Centre Christchurch The Fureys Thu 4 Chaplins Cellar Bar Boscombe An Evening Of Country Music Featuring Stanford Road and Friends hosted Ben Rose Thu 4 Sixty Million Postcards Bournemouth Judas+ Support Fri 5 Fri 5 Fri 5 Fri 5 Fri 5 Fri 5 Sat 6 Sat 6 Sat 6 Sat 6 Sat 6

Sound Circus Bournemouth Construct+ When Hope Fails The Dudsbury Country Club Ferndown The Mother Ukers Weymouth Pavillion Oas-is+ Stereoironics Tivoli Theatre Wimborne Phil Beer and his band Bar 13 at the Cliff house Hotel Bournemouth Mikey Ball Lord Nelson Poole Led Free (Led Zeppelin/Free tribute) Allendale Centre Wimborne Mad Dog Mcrea O2 Academy Bournemouth The Kooks + Support Mr Kyps Poole Dirty DC(AC/DC Tribute) Grove Tavern Bournemouth Stomping Boondocks Fiveways Pub Bournemouth The Defectors

Sun 7 Lord Nelson Poole Jools Blues Allstars Sun 7 Anvil Bournemouth Krysthla+ Furyborn + Joda Cema + Cutlass + Anakim Sun 7 Lighthouse Poole Snarky Puppy+ Support Tue 9 Pavilion Theatre Bournemouth Al Stewart+ Support Wed 10 Lord Nelson Poole Trouble In Min Wed 10 Thomas Tripp (Christchurch) Christchurch Craig Alexander Thu 11 Tivoli Wimborne The Rebecca Downes Band+ Zoe Schwarz Thu 11 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar Boscombe The Remnants+ The Fraud Fri 12 Olive Branch Wimborne Wimborne Live & Loud Artist Competition- Semi-Final Fri 12 Bournemouth International Centre Russell Watson Fri 12 Mr Kyps Poole Le Freak (Tribute To Chic) Fri 12 James and White Christchurch The Goodfoot Band Sat 13 1915 Blue Line Studios Bournemouth Pushing Daisies+ Dearist + Branch to Root + Streetlight Sands + Betray the Faithful Sat 13 Weymouth Pavillion The Stars From The Commitments Sat 13 Bridport Arts Centre Bridport Calan+ Support Sun 14 Anvil Bournemouth Broken Teeth+ Back Down Sun 14 Barrington Theatre Ferndown Dire Streets

Sat 20 Bournemouth International Centre Adam Ant+ Support Sat 20 Winchester Pub Bournemouth Slinky Bop Featuring Selby and the Dhrama Blitz + Chimpshed A.D. + Southern Brotherhood + Bak3r + Verbal Remedies + Martin Butler + Dread Mullet + Something Ridiculous + The Vandals + Rankin Tom + Morals (Youth Cancer Trust charity event until 5am) Sat 20 Grove Tavern Bournemouth The Transitions Sun 21 Winchester Pub Bournemouth Wreckless Eric + Support Sun 21 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar Boscombe Musique a Trois Tue 23 Lord Nelson Poole The Red Crow Wed 24 Tivoli Theatre Wimborne Doña Oxford’s This Is Soul Wed 24 Barrington Theatre Ferndown From The Jam Wed 24 Blue Line Studios Bournemouth Within Destruction+ A Trust Unclean + Septicaemia Thu 25 Dorchester Corn Exchange Phil Beer and his band Thu 25 Anvil Bournemouth Boston Manor + Casey Thu 25 Tivoli Theatre Wimborne Los Pacaminos (Featuring Paul Young) Thu 25 Sixty Million Postcards Bournemouth Gurr+ Yonaka + The Dolce Vita Fri 26 Fri 26 Fri 26 Fri 26

The Dudsbury Country Club Ferndown Double Barrel Allendale Centre Wimborne Live & Loud Competition Final Canvas Bournemouth Todd Terry 2115 Ropemakers Bridport The Paper Trains

Sat 27 Anvil Bournemouth Battle for Bloodstock 1st Semi Final Sat 27 Mr Kyps Poole Dubheart+ Afro Tallawah Sun 28 Canvas Bournemouth Huey Morgan (Fun Lovin’ Criminals) Sun 28 Anvil Bournemouth Outta Peak+ Wolf Culture Sun 28 Lord Nelson Poole Lady Winwood’s Maggot Mon 29 Lord Nelson Poole Ukunelly Sausage and Cider Festival Acts TBA Tue 30 Anvil Bournemouth Ice Nine Kills+ Support Tue 30 New Inn Poole Amie Knight Wed 31 Thomas Tripp (Christchurch) Christchurch Tom Clements Wed 31 Thomas Tripp (Christchurch) Christchurch Tom & The Clementynes

Tue 16 Amberwood Inn Christchurch Bernie Farrendens Jazz Tue 16 Lord Nelson Poole Hugh Budden+ Andy Stone Wed 17 Anvil Bournemouth Barb Wire Dolls+ The Mistakes +Kung Fu Chicken Fighters Wed 17 O2 Academy Bournemouth The Mission+ The Skeletal Family + Pauline Murray Wed 17 Old Fire Station Bournemouth Comet is Coming+ Chimpshed A.D. Thu 18 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar Boscombe Mikey Ball and the company + Standford Road Fri 19 Canvas Bournemouth Adele Experience (Tribute)



The Seven Seas Festival will feature seven unique areas that will take you on a journey across the seven seas, to experience food, music, art and culture from around the world.

South Atlantic: South American carnival with colour, cocktails and the clamour of the Copacabana, all mixed up with African drums and tribal dancers.

Caribbean. A laid back vibe comes as standard at the Irie Overseen by the majestic Poole Bar, the perfect place to relax Harbour BIG Wheel, providing with a rum and stir it up with a little jerk chicken or goat curry. an amazing view over Poole Harbour, to Sandbanks & Brownsea Island, the themed North Atlantic: A taste of Europe featuring French wine areas include: and cheese, German bratwurst South Pacific: an outback-style and a Bierkeller Bar, wood-fired Aussie paradise complete with pizzas from Italy and Spanish tapas, flamenco and, of course, beach bar, a smokin’ Barbie, Sangria, Irish rovers and lots of slabs of ice-cold beer and a Dorset food, drink and acoustic surfing simulator. music talent. North Pacific: classic jazz The heart of the festival is The and blues sounds of the Harry Rocks area, including a American south, Tex-Mex pirate bar packed with over menus, all-American burgers 30 different ales and ciders and chilli, Man v Food eating and the main music stage competitions and a mariachi featuring some of the UK’s top band. tributes to Madness, Queen, Arctic Ocean: local seafood,the Ed Sheeran and Bob Marley, as well as host of awesome Ikle Eskimos giant igloo, free children’s activities, a mini ice- local bands over the weekend, skating rink, face painting and including: children’s rides Saints of Sin - Christchurch based hard rock outfit with a Indian Ocean: a cool, calming love of big hair and bigger riffs, tour through the Asian subcontinent; meditation, yoga formed in 2013 they take their and piquant pan-Asian cuisine, main influences from greats such as Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, as well as acupuncture and Van Halen, Led Zeppelin and exotic crafts. Aerosmith.

Self dubbed ‘Scrumpy & Western’ band The Skimmity Hitchers will play their brand of party folk anywhere with a bar… The Dolmen - A relentless organic Celtic rock band born from the county of Dorset, England. Black Water County - One of the local scene’s most exciting live acts, we think our pals ROCK REGENERATION say it best about these local folk punks “Black Water County are a great band who cause chaos and disruption wherever they perform with their now legendary, extremely energetic live shows.” Playing songs from throughout the ages on their Ukuleles, the Band ‘take on modern day classics with their ukuleles and forge them into timeless wonders of a bygone era with the power of Ukular Fusion Warping time and Space’ Si Genero - local music legend Si has appeared on BBC’s The Voice, twice, fronted numerous local and regional bands and appears at a host of open mics across the county. He definitely doesn’t need an introduction to anyone who is involved in the local scene and his upbeat performance will go down at treat at this event.

celebrating festival culture in dorset with a massive three day party

On The Bus Party was founded in 2012 and has developed into a true celebration of festival culture, set in the Purbeck valley, overlooking Corfe Castle. The stages host a vast range of music, keeping true to On The Bus’s eclectic nature.

Rock, Reggae, Swing, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, Drum and Bass, Trance and Techno could easily find themselves sat side by side with Cowpunk, Clowncore, Trip-Hop and Britpop. Many festival-goers are looking for the next Glastonbury, but in the 70s Glastonbury was nothing like it is today. It was small, filled with local talents and supporters enjoying the beautiful British countryside to the sounds of music and the rhythms of dance.

That same feeling is captured at On The Bus. You may think it’s fifty years too late – and you might be right – but maybe the idea of On The Bus isn’t to “make it big like Glasto”, a place which is now filled with a thousand faces you’ll never know the names of. Maybe the philosophy of the smaller festival is to consider the collective experience in locality, to rebuild a community through song, dance and musical expression. Therein lies the true purpose of the smaller-festival and the reasons why we should all pack up our tents and hop on the bus

Book your tickets today at :

May Gigs 17.pdf





(Fun Lovin Criminals / BBC6 music) BANK HOLIDAY SUNDAY 28TH MAY












F R I D AY 1 6 T H J U N E 2 0 1 7

Tickets are available now from 45 Poole Hill, Bournemouth, BH2 5PW


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