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BUFFALO BARS LAST HURRAH : we ask owner tom russell what’s next?


“I once bought my kids batteries for Christmas with a note saying ‘Toys Not Included’ ” Berndard Manning

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Goodbye 2017






2017 has absolutely flown by! Heading into December the bar/ music scene, much like the rest of the world, is all about the build up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The end of the year is symbolic with the end of the old and the start of the new, and with this in mind we catch up with local legends The Bonsai Pirates who sadly will play their last ever gig at The Cellar bar this month. Next up, the rumor mill has been running for a while about the closure of Winton’s Buffalo Bar, we chat to owner Tom Russell to get the lowdown on the future of buffalo as well as his brand new restaurant.



owner tom russell what’s

Elsewhere in the mag we also round up a load of the best New 7 Year’s eve parties around, D-Tox chats to Tomasz at The Riviera club in Boscombe about his upcoming club nights, Chinners reviews Drew Allens headline show at The Old Firestation, as well as all the previews and gig listings you need to fill out your December.



as kids batteries for Christm Manning “I once bought myNot Included’ ” Berndard with a note saying ‘Toys

/ dors etm usic mag mag @ dors etm usic

Thanks for reading, happy Christmas from all of the Dorset Music

This month’s contributors are:- team, see you next year! Harry ‘w’ David Chinery @ D o rs e t M u s i c M a g Bert Burnell /dorsetmusicmag Dan Sullivan

December 2017 Fri Sat

1 Mischa & His Merry Men + Guest Dj’s 2 Black Water County + The Wilderpeople + Dj Dubwize Sun 3 Jazz on Sunday with Ian Ellis and Friends Mon 4 Solid Air with Atkinsons + Violet Tues 5 Carl’s Comedy Club featuring Steve McCaffrey with support from Steve Owen Williams + Tom Glover + Luke Honnoraty Wed 6 Chaplin’s Open Mic Night Thu 7 Holes Bay Studios presents Rory Branigan + Wes Bennet Fri 8 Clockwork Carousel + Dj Unification till late Sat 9 Atlantico + Dj Pacho Sun 10 Folk on Sunday with The Fox & The Owl Mon 11 Solid Air with Con 23 (unplugged quartet) Norwegian Soloist + Moonbeams Tue 12 Verbal Remedies hosted by Legski - Spoken Word/Poetry Wed 13 Chaplin’s Open Mic Night Thu 14 Bandstand Mikey Ball Band + Subway Network UK Fri 15 Voodoo Vegas + Dj Connie Donations to Charity event from 7pm - Bagpiping the World Sat 16 Pronghorn + Dj Muleus from midnight Sun 17 Jazz on Sunday with Musique à Trois Mon 18 Solid Air Xmas Adventure Re-Pete + Klaus Shoppenagan + Grant Sharkey + Ricky Tart + The Smart Family Tue 19 Polly Morris Comedy Folk Night in Chaplins Winter Solstice / Beer Festival / Garden Bar Open Wed 20 Chaplin’s Open Mic - Christmas Party Thu 21 Jimmy Hillbillies’ Christmas Party + Dj Razz Fri 22 Bonsai Pirates farewell gig + Dj Lively Sat 23 Mother Ukers + Dj Miss Summer from midnight Sun 24 Christmas Eve Special with Kaia Vieira Mon 25 Happy Christmas - Chaplins open from midday Cellar bar open from midday Tue 26 Boxing Day special open from 7pm Hello Hawaii + Minty Taylor + Dj Connie Wed 27 Cellar Bar’s - Open Mic Night Thu 28 Rubber Soul The Bedroom Text + TSG + Lighten Up Laura Fri 29 Ext Play: Greyside + Sad Love ex Coos Bay + Dj Connie Sat 30 The Roughcuts + Dj Razzman Sun 31 See the New Year in with Bomo Swing + DJ Pacho follow our Instagram - chaplinscellarbar -- Facebook - chaplins-bar -- twitter@chaplinscellar -- Contact us via our Website: Correct at time of press


Bob Fletcher once stood upon the stage alone, armed only with his acoustic guitar and some songs written in his bedroom. After a few years of honing his craft, he eventually formed a band around his songs and set sail with The Bonsai Pirates. Known for their upbeat, danceable folk music. They have delighted crowds at festivals and venues for the past 5 years, however now sadly they raise their sails one last time and head back to harbour. You were touring as a solo artist before forming the a happy coincidence, but was very appropriate Bonsai Pirates, what prompted the move to a band? to us as people and musicians. Pirates have this There is something really special about playing romantic image of swashbuckling adventure music with other people. When Ollie and Jazz and we have brought that to our live shows first showed an interest in joining up with me and our attitude to music too. i jumped at the opportunity as I had played with other musicians in the past and had really The editor of Dorset Music once suggested you call the enjoyed it. Teaming up with Mandy, Dave, Julz band The Banzai Pirates, do you have any regrets not and later on Becki just let us grow together taking on this suggestion? I’d like to say yes, but no. and made us all into better musicians, and has made me a better songwriter too. In your tenure as Bonsai Pirates, you’ve performed It opened up more shows to us and it is a lot at many venues and events across the region. What more fun to share gigs with other people too. moments stick in your memory the strongest? The first time we played on the Purbeck Valley Folk site, Where did the pirate theme come from? Everyone headlining the Fire stage will always stand out. loves a pirate don’t they? In seriousness it was


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ate this e



rst ite, ut.

There was a huge crowd and we were able to play up to them and have a great time. “Live music, for all of us, is at its That said, when we played our first time as mo st enjoyable when it is bouncy, fun a full band at Purbeck folk festival, at the same time as KT Tunstall and rivaled her an uplifting.” crowd was something magical. Aside from festivals we have played shows where there hasn’t been enough room on the dance the energy in our performances. Not least, floor, due to it being so busy, that people have Boscombe is always close to my heart. My first danced on tables, finally being played on BBC booked show was at the Portman in Boscombe Solent BBC Introducing show and having an for Conrad, it feels like a wonderful full circle to interview with them is a very proud moment close this chapter in Boscombe with Conrad. for all of us. You’ve found a niche writing songs which are both fun and engaging, with catchy pop hooks, whilst maintaining a certain sentimentality and honesty within your music. How did you stumble upon this combination? My

writing style is very honest naturally, even when I was solo I liked to have a candid tone to my lyrics. When we settled on a theme for the band the fun just flowed into what we do. We all believe that, although shoegazing music has its place and I love listening to introverted thoughtful music, live music, for all of us, is at its most enjoyable when it is bouncy, fun and uplifting. Your early influences included acoustic chart toppers Nizlopi and Damien Rice. How did influences from other band members change the overall sound of the band?

I think my early influences are still evident in a lot of the songs I write, but as I get older and my experiences change my own style has developed too. Another joy of playing as a group is that everyone brings something different. When you look at everyone’s other bands and projects: Mandy was in Escape from 98 when she joined and now Greenhorn so she brings both fun and has such a wide range of abilities, Dave plays with Amsterdam and has had other local and national projects too, He loves a jangly guitar and a pop riff, Becki is a wonderful singer / songwriter, a great storyteller, and has a wonderful ear for the spaces in music, and Julz is a very talented French rapper, All of these are influences that no one person can bring to an act, and it really is the blend of all of these that has made our sound.

How does it feel to be saying goodbye to something which has been such a large part of your life? It is bitter

sweet. It is definitely the right time to stop the band and say goodbye to this chapter. However, we have shared so many wonderful experiences together and I have been very vocal about how much this band has meant to me. I have genuinely loved the last 5 years as a pirate and it has completely changed my life no exaggeration at all. Finally, do you have any final words as a Bonsai Pirate for your public? Thank you so much to everyone

who has come to our shows, we have heard wonderful stories, there are people who have even got engaged having met at our shows. It is genuinely the people in front of us who have made this such a wonderful 5 years. I hope to see as many of them as can make it at the Cellar bar on December 22nd. Thank you is all i can say. You have made us all wonderfully happy and given us a lot of purpose.

This final show is held at Chaplins / Cellar Bar. Is there a reason you chose this venue for your last ever gig?

We have played some wonderful shows at Cellar Bar. We hold the record for drinks sold at the bar this year ( to my knowledge), the dance floor is great for people to get into the music and the stage is small, which brings out

Bob Fletcher The Bonsai Pirates

THE FINAL DAYS OF BUFFALO BAR 23 Woodend Road has been a gathering place for many for Decades. In the 1970s and 80s it was Copperfield’s Kitchen Restaurant. In more recent years it has been Lo Co’s Bar Bistro, Locos Tapas, and in 2007 became Buffalo Bar. In January, the legendary Buffalo Bar will close it’s doors for the final time. In 2018, 23 Woodend Road will become an extension of the adjacent Lidil supermarket carpark. In it’s ten years tenure, Buffalo Bar became a home for students from the local Arts University and locals alike. Inkeeping with its analogue feel, the food menus were disguised in iconic vinyl record sleeves, guitar music filled the jukebox and the back bar was stocked with specalist spirits from around the world. On any given Tuesday, Buffalo’s open mic night

was equally likely to feature an upcoming artist bearing his soul as it was the eccentric Dr Jazz, an elderly man who plays old time swing music whilst using a variety of instruments over the top. He soon became a Buffalo icon. Above all Buffalo Bar has been a meeting place. A place where creative types would get together over a drink or five and brainstorm new and exciting ideas. A venue which offered a platform to those just starting out and bought together a community of people who hold 23 Woodend Road close to their hearts. We charged our glasses one more time and caught up with the busy bar owner Tom Russell, to ask about the history of Buffalo Bar and what lies next for the businessman, who started with a Tapas bar and ended up with venues and resturants across Bournemouth.

Hi Tom! Buffalo turned ten this year! When you first took over a tapas bar, what was your original vision for buffalo and did it change over time? I just wanted to make a place where I would want to hang out, so it was constantly evolving really. But at its core it needed good music, good food and good drinks. What has been your highest and lowest moments of Buffalo bars history? The first year was pretty worrying as I didn’t really make any money, and I wondered if I had made a mistake. But it started to catch on and it’s given me too many highs to name really. But the 10th anniversary weekend was awesome, all the old staff and customers came back to celebrate with us and party one last time at Buffalo

an authentic taste of New Orleans food and drink Buffalo has always supported the creative arts in Bournemouth. Is this something close to your heart? Yeah it was always fundamental for us to keep close links with the creative community and AUB. The art and music was where it all started for Buffalo really What’s next for Tom Russell enterprises? What other future projects do you have in the works? I’m just concentrating on getting the restaurant done first, then the new Buffalo sites, then who knows what’s next? One things for sure, I’ll keep bringing Bournemouth new things every so often, keep your eyes peeled

As with any business, you’ve had a number of different managers over the years, how do you feel a manager can impact the personality of a venue and how much creative free reign do Be sure to watch out for the grand opening you give your staff? of THE BAYOU on Richmond Hill (Old This business is all about the people, so I think the personality of the manager needs to match the way you portray the venue. We give our guys as much free reign as they need to produce the right atmosphere Since opening buffalo, you’ve successfully launched two other bars, The Anvil and The Four Horsemen. Does your first born always hold a special place in your heart, or do you love them all the same?

Corriander Site) early this month. To be amongst the first to know where Buffalo Bar will be relocating to, follow their facebook page. buffalobarbournemouth

Yeah Buffalo was always my baby. It was my first business and where it all started for me. Having said that I do love them all, as they’re all different parts of me What prompted the closure of your Winton bar and the forthcoming relocation to the town center? I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse. But the only thing I’m selling is the building, the spirit of Buffalo will be resurrected in two new sites hopefully. And we’re also opening a new restaurant in town Can you tell us a bit about the new site? I can’t say much about the new Buffalo sites yet, but my new restaurant The Bayou will Tom Russell be opening on the old Coriander site on O wner, Buffalo Bar Richmond Hill in early December, bringing you

december 2017 PROGRAMME Thursday 21st 9:00PM-1:00AM Free entry

Friday 1st 9:00 PM-2:00AM Free entry



The Kooks are playing the BIC, which is across the road. Join us

No live acts, but the WBF team will be behind the decks playing a

after the show for all the classic 00’s indie you can shake to in your

mix of all the live acts that have featured this year, plus the best new up and coming music, across all spectrums.

tight black jeans. Don’t be naïve and miss this.

Friday 22nd 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry

Saturday 2nd 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry


LO KEY COLLECTIVE With the success of their Future People events, Miche and Kyle return to 60MPC with dancefloor heat from across the globe and “music that you wished you’d heard before” all evening long.

The music you’d expect from your favourite venue, off centre classics and party hits all night. Want to organise your Xmas Party with us? Get in touch, we’ve got options to cater to all. Saturday 23rd 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry

Wednesday 6th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry



The girls are coming home to 60MPC for the final date of their

Step into those golden years and relive your childhood gaming

Festive Fun Tour.. back to where it all started almost 7 years ago!

experiences! There will be plenty of old skool favourites guaranteed

Come get sprinkled with festive glitter and dance your Christmas

to make you feel young and inadequate at the same time, things


just aren’t as easy these days! Sunday 24th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry


Friday 8th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry

THE JIMMY’S CHRISTMAS PARTY FT. FAMOUS FIRST WORDS You’re invited to jingle all the way to the Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Christmas Party! A merry night of White Russians, Famous First

You live in London/ Bristol/ Brighton now? Yeah, we’re aware. See you back in Bournemouth for this one night party where all of Dorset’s best get together for a few pints and a boogie. DJ’s from across the country, with all styles, that have at least once graced the decks at 60MPC.

Words and classic bangers from DJ Adam Fox Tuesday 26th 8:30PM Free entry Saturday 9th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry



The Big Fat Smart End of the Year Quiz’ takes place on Boxing

The music you’d expect from your favourite venue, off centre classic’s and party hits all night. Want to organise your Christmas

day evening. Come and join us for an evening of easy (ish) head scratching and trying to remember all the good, bad and ugly stuff that went on in 2017.

Party with us? Get in touch, we’ve got options to cater to all.

Friday 29th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry


Friday 15th 9:00PM-12:00AM Free entry

OFFICIAL CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY PARTY It’s ‘Save The Children’s’ Official Christmas Jumper Day, so get involved! Don your best xmas threads and get down to 60MPC for

Done with staying at home over Christmas? The sales doing your head in? Come have a cocktail, that’s exactly what you need, with a boogie. Saturday 30th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry

a festive tinged party of all genres. SUPPORT THE CAUSE: Text ‘TEAM60MPC’ to 70050 to donate £5 to Save The Children. Saturday 16th 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry

60MPC RESIDENTS Can’t wait until New Years eve? Or can’t get a sitter? This Saturday is for all the sensible people who want to miss the crowds.


Monday 31st 9:00PM-2:00AM Free entry

We’re back! Or is this our first time? With the DeLorean DJs you can


never tell what order we’re doing things as we jump from decade to

Leave your troubles behind and escape to 60MPC to bring in 2018.

decade, dancefloor hit to dancefloor hit! Expect a madcap, chrono-

We’ll be giving you a taste of what we’re all missing out on. Get on

illogical, genre-defying night of great sounds, great dancing to go

your best business / beachwear and step into the life of the elite as

with your great drinks and company!

we transform 60MPC into an offshore tax haven!





19-21 Exeter Rd, Bournemouth BH2 5AF




catch us this xmas... Sun 10th December

Verwood Memorial Hall Verwood BH31 7AA 6.30 - 8.30pm

Sat 16th December

Salisbury Market Xmas Stage Salisbury 3.15 - 5pm

Sat 6th January Chaplins / Cellar Bar Boscombe BH1 4AG 9pm - 11.30pm

Stop Press....

Our debut album, “Roadhouse Blues” will be available in 2018

classic & contemporary blues bookings: 07894 666321


INDIVIDUAL 1812 BAR TICKETS: £10 available from PRIVATE 1812 BAR TABLES: £150 per table (min 4 guests) includes: 4 x Event tickets 2 x Bottles of Hattingley Valley Sparkling Wine, 3 x Small plate dishes. (Extra guests £10 pp.) 1812 RESTAURANT TABLE BOOKINGS: £75pp includes: 5 course New Year’s Eve menu plus entry into the bar area for cocktails and live music afterwards. For more information call 01202 20 30 50.









Tickets £10 from | Masquerade Mask for first 100 guests Magician & Entertainment | Bar So resident DJ’s + Live Sax To book a private table package, call 01202 203050


Award Winning Performer

Michael Ball is one of Britain’s most famous musical performers, having starred in countless Broadway and West End shows. In 1998, he won the Variety Club of Britain’s Best Recording Act Award and has a loyal and dedicated fan base. As well as on stage, he performs regularly on television and film, and is a committed charity worker. He has a very special place in the hearts of his fans who have supported him for over twenty years. Joined on stage by Broadway star and Operatic performer, Alfie Bow.

3RD DEC | BOURNEMOUTH BIC THE UKULELE ORCHESTRA OF GREAT BRITAIN Classics on four strings Imagine the sounds of your favourite grunge, classical, punk, rock ‘n’ roll and indie classics, all through the medium of.. .ukelele. Struggling? Let this cult collective show you the way! Fans includes Michael Palin, HRH Princess Anne and Sir Paul McCartney. They unite fans across the globe in celebration of ‘one plucking thing after another’ on instruments bought for loose change

9TH DEC| POOLE LIGHTHOUSE Two of the biggest bands of the 90s


Nineties Brit-Pop group Shed Seven who, fronted by the unmistakable vocals of Rick Witter, brought us hits such as Going For Gold, Chasing Rainbows and Getting Better. Cast were born from the ashes of two of the most legendary and lauded guitar bands of the time, The La’s and Shack. Cast released four albums (three of them top 10), and had ten top 10 singles. The second album also went platinum. During that time, Noel Gallagher described watching the band as “a religious experience”, and at release ‘All Change’ was the biggest selling album of all time for Polydor. NOV | O2 ACADEMY BOURNEMOUTH

12TH Knee’s Up SKA!!

Dorset’s premier Ska tribute act. You’re guaranteed a fantastic show when these guys take to the stage. They’ve been gigging in their current incarnation for over 3 years and have supported the likes of The Beat, Bad Manners and The Selecter, as well as pulling in crowds at venues all over Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset and Surrey. Playing a mixed bag of Ska hits both old and new, plus their own original material.




Death Western Formed in ‘94, this four-piece play an entertaining fusion of rock and country, with elements of punk thrown in. Sometimes an angel choir. Sometimes a chainsaw going through puppies. The Clash mating with Johnny Cash.





An e titill sou the



The Undisputed Kings of Cowpunk

The Undisputed Kings of Cowpunk and purveyors of the hardest and finest banjo/fiddle action you’ll ever come across.

A more motley collection of bad shirts, mullets, prison tattoos, broken teeth and greasy comb-overs you’d be hard pushed to find outside of a Dale Winton garden party. Founders of the much missed Endorset In Dorset Festival.



Fuzzy Psych Rockers

Richard Sturges & Rob Weaver are Tuska. Their partnership is both dynamic and rare. The two multi­instrumentalists meticulously layer; rich bass lines, spacey synths, crunchy guitar riffs and intricate songwriting to create detailed compositions that keeps the listener hanging on every note. Tuska “make music that fuses modern rock with scuzzy ‘70s vibes à la Temples and Tame Impala” - The Line Of Best Fit. Support from Mutant Vinyl and Endless Peaks.


High End, Roots & Blues

An effortlessly effervescent UK blues band, serving up a titillating tincture of tunes to stimulate the ear, mind, heart & soul. Full of smooth percussion & raw feeling, they’re one of the best live roots and blues acts around.


22ND DEC | CANVAS, BOURNEMOUTH Finest Roots Duo In England Steve Knightley and Phil Beer are widely acknowledged as the finest acoustic roots duo in England. Knightley, who writes most of their inspired material and Beer, a dazzling multi instrumentalist, have built up a huge following which has seen them sell out the Albert Hall four times and headline at major festivals from Glastonbury to WOMAD


As the name might suggest they don’t take too much seriously, but what they are passionate about is music and entertainment. A mix of skiffle, folk and cowpunk, great fun and they will get you dancing and smiling right through! Dorset’s finest Rockabilly Stomp outfit. A heady mix of old time Hillbilly and well known tunes mashed up with a driving beat. Bert Burnell










drum&bass | jungle | bassline

by Harry D-Tox With the sad closure of the Winchester this year and Dusk Til Dawn a few years ago, Bournemouth’s underground music scene has really taken a blow. Bournemouth has always had a thriving underground scene, which would not be possible without independent venues. This month for the Box Fulla Records Sub:Section in the Dorset Music Magazine, we talk to Tomasz Jodlowiec, owner of Bar and Nightclub Riviera, situated in the creative hub that is Boscombe, in the Bournemouth. Riviera is a two floor venue, the ground level being a local pub serving pizza and chilled beer, where you can play pool or darts as well as watch major sporting events, and the basement running as a nightclub. Tomasz was kind enough to show us around the nightclub down stairs and we were pleasantly surprised. It’s a good size space that holds about 250 + (550 capacity including upstairs) with a chill out area and decent sized bar. First things first, thanks for taking the time out to talk to us. Let’s start with what attracted you to the venue and when did you first open its doors as Riviera?

We opened a year and a half ago. I was living in London and wanted to move to the coast and I found this venue. It was a spontaneous decision. Since we’ve been open we’ve tried different types of music which didn’t really work. We also had a promoter who was doing Hardcore, but there wasn’t much happening with that, so now we’re doing newer music events, such as Drum & Bass as well as older stuff like Soul and Reggae.

Tell us about your time in the UK. How long have you been over here and how do you find living in Bournemouth?

I’ve been living in the UK for 13 years. When I lived in London, I used to visit Bournemouth at the weekends and on holiday and I thought it would be a nice place to live. It’s tiring running Riviera with its late nights and early starts but I’m working hard to build a better reputation than its previous one and I’m happy here.

As a Jungle/D&B DJ, I have the pleasure of playing a lot in Slovakia which is a neighbouring country to Poland but what’s the Drum & Bass scene like in Poland?

Drum & Bass isn’t as popular in Poland as it is here, but to be honest when I went out in Poland I used to go to discotheques. Rock, pop and house are more popular in Poland and Pogo Tech – which is like punk

Dorset Jungle/D&B Listings NOVEMBER 2nd Dec - FUSION @ The Old Fire Station 2nd Dec - MASH UP FREE RAVE @ The Bunker 8th Dec - BACK 2 BASS:ICS @ Halo 8th Dec - THIS IS MADNESS @ The Bunker 26th Dec - VIBEZ @ The Bunker 29th Dec - MAJOR BASS @ Halo 31st Dec - ENTER & DRUMFUNK @ The Old Fire Station 31st Dec - ONE NATION @ 02 Academy 31st Dec - ON THE BUS & THE WINCHESTER @ The Bunker

As well as working with various Hardcore and Drum & Bass promoters you also have a weekly Reggae event run by Armagideon Timesound, which is great as Reggae has such a positive vibe and message, and is the foundation of so many other music genres but sadly unheard of in most music venues today. How are these events going? They are going well, we’ve got a reggae night every Friday and we’re planning to start having live bands too. The reggae nights are my favourite. I’ve always been a reggae fan.

All the reviews on your FB page are really positive, with a lot of people praising the soundsystem as well as bar staff & security. What soundsystem do you use and is it possible for promoters to bring in their own soundsystem if they so wish?

We use the Void soundsystem but people can bring soundsystems if they want. We had a couple of Drum & Bass events who bought their own system but this is costly for them and Void is a very good soundsystem.

What’s coming up next?

We have live DJs every Friday and Saturday. As I mentioned before, Friday night is reggae night and Saturdays aren’t fixed, we’re open for bookings. We’re going to have an event on New Year’s Eve and will keep Facebook up to date with all the nights and events that are booked in.

We can be contacted through Facebook ( or by email (, come down and try one of our delicious pizzas from the new menu.


River Studios – the largest professional recording studio south of London.

• Experienced, friendly producers and engineers. • Perfect for recording vocals over tracks or developing original songs. • Help with songwriting available from experienced songwriters. • The South’s top vocal coaches on site. • Large, air conditioned control room and dedicated vocal booths and live rooms. • Extensive high end equipment and software to rival London Studios. • Clients include Birdy, Artful and Charley Macaulay.

Check out for audio and more... Give us a call or email for prices and booking:

02380 658373 32 Winsor Road, Totton, Southampton SO40 9HQ

RS-VocalFlyer2ppA5.indd 1

14/08/2013 8:15 pm



The social hub of boscombe has an extended set from local gypsy orchestra Bomo Swing; “a high energy, multi-cultural 8-piece band specialising in a melting pot of our favourite world music styles guaranteed to get your party started. Think reggae, Balkan swing, gypsy, dance fusion all powered by a sizzling Latin percussion section”. This is a ticket only event, available from the bar for £10.

The Four Horsemen

As well as the biggest selection of beer in town (150 at our last count) The Horsemen will be throwing together a musical mashup with the awesome Dont Give Up Your DJ on the decks, expect a soundtrack of indie anthems, old skool bangers, hip-hop & rock, with just a few guilty pleasures that are filthy enough to make your mum blush. Free entry all night, open til very late


Bear is back DJING with an IN ROCK WE TRUST influenced party playlist - expect rock and alt anthems til the very early hours - £4 entry and a free shot at Midnight!

Bar So

Bar So will be going full glam with this year's party. Expect the red carpet welcome along with a free mask to the first 100 guests on the night. Acts include Voice FM's James Herkes alongside Bournemouth’s favourite saxophonist Matthew McNaughton, with the incredible Lee Evans in the top bar.

One of the most visually impressive venues in the area, Halo’s NYE parties are legendary, featuring world class entertainment from dusk until dawn with the most glamorous and hedonistic crowd around! Providing a second to none audio and visual feast in keeping with the decadent feel, VIP packages have already sold out but standard tickets start from £15

w e r e e b h wyoudnig i m The Old Fire Station

A massive 3 room party collaboration from Enter, Drumfunk and Back to Bass:ics featuring a full spectrum of Drum’n’Bass, House, Bassline, Grime and Dubstep artists including TC, BREAK & SP:MC, ORIGINAL SIN, JAYLINE, EGO TRIPPIN, HARRY JUDDA and NEFFA T. The first two tiers have already sold out, tier 3 is on sale at £15

O2 Bournemouth

One Nation - The Big One is back at the o2 Academy for the Grand Finale of the Drum & Bass year - featuring a massive lineup of heavyweights, including: SASASAS, DRUMSOUND & BASSLINE SMITH, MAJISTRATE, ULTRAH, DFR and DND & BAKER. Tickets from £22

l l i wat ? e b ight n

The Bunker

Another massive collaboration between Terminal, On The Bus Festival and The Winchester will take over the bunker to throw down a three floor party featuring Techno, House, Drum’n’Bass and Breaks as well as live music and an eclectic selection of Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk and Soul upstairs.

Sixty Million Postcards

The Paradise Papers NYE Party. Step into the life of the elite as Sixty is transformed into an offshore tax haven, get on your best business / beachwear and enjoy a whole night of party bangers. Free Entry (plus VAT)


Totally not a new year's eve party - There are MANY big events on at other bars, costing you an arm and a leg for a ticket, and again in drinks prices. The guys at Zephyr HATE that idea, so once again they will be bucking the trend to offer their version of New Years with no entry fee, no raised drinks prices, no loud djs/bands, late opening and even a couple of promotional offers on!



Still under wraps at the moment but bearing in mind this will be the last NYE party at the current site (see page 12/13) the cultural and student hub of Winton is bound to go off, and most likely though til the next day.

A Night At The Moulin Rouge! Canvas will play host to 400 of Bournemouth's most glamourous guests in sumptuous surroundings. Celebrating NYE in truly style with A LIVE MUSIQUE from the Canvas House Band followed by DJ MARTYN LE CHAPEAU. Add in an explosive midnight countdown, bespoke cocktail menu, venue decor and a bottomless prosecco reception between 8-9pm to get the party started! Tickets from £15

Fri 1 Dec , Weymouth Pavillion, Weymouth : Legend - Bob Marley Tribute Fri 1 Dec , Mr Kyps, Poole : Bad Manners + Orange Street Fri 1 Dec , Sound Circus, Bournemouth : The Machine Rages On (Rage Against The Machine Tribute)+ Nirvana Tribute Fri 1 Dec , James and White, Christchurch : Joe Boiling Fri 1 Dec , Forest Inn, Ferndown : The Rat Pack 3 (RP3) Fri 1 Dec , Gullivers Tavern, Kinson : The Jimmy Hillbillies Fri 1 Dec , Funki Griller, Bournemouth : Lee Rasdall-Dove Sat 2 Dec , Anvil, Bournemouth : Nick Oliveri (Ex Queens Of The Stone Age)+ Dead Lettuce + The Electric Shakes + Duskwood Sat 2 Dec , The Ship Inn, Wool, Wareham : Rapport Sat 2 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Black Water County + The Wilderpeople Sat 2 Dec , O’Neills, Bournemouth : TKO (Rock Cover band featuring Tim Somerfield) Sun 3 Dec , Lord Nelson, Poole : Blame George Sun 3 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Ian Ellis and Friends Sun 3 Dec , Thomas Tripp (Christchurch), Christchurch : Darren Hodson & The Southern Companion Wed 6 Dec , Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : The Searchers Wed 6 Dec , Lord Nelson, Poole : Darren Hodson Wed 6 Dec , Thomas Tripp (Christchurch), Christchurch : Danny Hall Thu 7 Dec , Blue Boar, Poole : Sound Cellar:Featuring : The Leo Richardson Quartet Thu 7 Dec , Canvas, Bournemouth : The Take That Experience (Tribute) Thu 7 Dec , Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : Platinum (Abba Tribute Show) Thu 7 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Rodney Branigan + Wes Bennett Thu 7 Dec , Smokin’ Aces, Bournemouth : Plug & Play - Jam Night Fri 8 Dec , Old Fire Station, Bournemouth : From The Jam- “The Gift” 35th Anniversary Tour Fri 8 Dec , Shelley Theatre, Bournemouth : Keith James- The Songs of Nick Drake Fri 8 Dec , Sound Circus, Bournemouth : Jordan Ayris + Laika + Jump The Sodding Wires Fri 8 Dec , Canvas, Bournemouth : Vida + Jay Rachet Fri 8 Dec , Bridport Arts Centre, Bridport : Back To The Shack Fri 8 Dec , The Gloucester, Weymouth : Dakota Fri 8 Dec , Amberwood Inn, Walkford, Christchurch : Mudeford Crabs Fri 8 Dec , The White Swan, Swanage : TKO (Rock Cover band featuring Tim Somerfield) Fri 8 Dec , New Inn, Poole : Oasiss UK (Oasis Tribute)


Fri 8 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Clockwork Carousel Sat 9 Dec , Dorchester Corn Exchange, Dorchester : Police Dog Hogan Sat 9 Dec , Lighthouse, Poole : The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain Sat 9 Dec , Barrington Theatre, Ferndown : Rat Race Sat 9 Dec , Canford Heath Community Centre, Poole : The Replays Sat 9 Dec , Mr Kyps, Poole : Brother Strut Sat 9 Dec , Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : The Blues Band Sat 9 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Atlantico Sat 9 Dec , New Inn, Poole : Revolution Sat 9 Dec , Thomas Tripp (Christchurch), Christchurch : Groovemeister Sat 9 Dec , Ropemakers, Bridport : The Mother Ukers Sun 10 Dec , Lord Nelson, Poole : Renegade Sun 10 Dec , Ropemakers, Bridport : Lost Revellers Sun 10 Dec , Witchampton Club, Wimborne : Burg & The Back Porch Band Sun 10 Dec , Verwood Memorial Hall, Verwood : Miss Ruby’s Roadhouse Blues Band Sun 10 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : The Fox & The Owl Sun 10 Dec , Thomas Tripp (Christchurch), Christchurch : Chris Collins: Blues Band Mon 11 Dec , Gullivers Tavern, Kinson : Oasiss UK (Oasis Tribute) Mon 11 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Conrad Bar’s Solid Air: Acts TBA Tue 12 Dec , O2 Academy, Bournemouth : Shed Seven + Cast Tue 12 Dec , Bluebird Social Club, Longham (Near Ferndown) :


Boxcar Kelly+ The Railroaders Tue 12 Dec , Dean Park Inn, Bournemouth : Stan’s Blues Jam Tue 12 Dec , Ye Olde Starre Inne, Christchurch : Folk and Roots Night Tue 12 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Verbal RemediesSpoken Word Collective Wed 13 Dec , Lord Nelson, Poole : Double Trouble Wed 13 Dec , Thomas Tripp (Christchurch), Christchurch : Martin Boucher Thu 14 Dec , Blue Boar, Poole : Sound Cellar:Featuring : Zhenya Strigalev’s ‘Never Group’ Thu 14 Dec , Canvas, Bournemouth : Andrew Browning (George Michael Tribute) Thu 14 Dec , Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth : Ne-Yo + Diamond Platnumz Thu 14 Dec , Fiveways Pub, Bournemouth : The Defectors Thu 14 Dec , Buffalo Bar, Bournemouth : Southern Brotherhood Thu 14 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Mikey Ball: and the Company

Wed 20 Dec , Thomas Tripp (Christchurch), Christchurch : BB3Stripped Thu 21 Dec , Canvas, Bournemouth : Albie Jay (Michael Bublé Tribute) Thu 21 Dec , Thomas Tripp (Christchurch), Christchurch : John James Newman Thu 21 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : The Jimmy Hillbillies Fri 22 Dec , Electric Palace, Bridport : Show Of Hands+ Support Fri 22 Dec , Sound Circus, Bournemouth : TKO (Rock Cover band featuring Tim Somerfield) Fri 22 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Bonsai Pirates- Xmas Farewell Party Fri 22 Dec 2017, 22:00, Canvas, Bournemouth : The Richie Quain Trio+ Jay Rachet Sat 23 Dec , Athelstan Arms, Bournemouth : Oasmith (Performing Songs by The Smiths & Oasis)+ Soda Bath + Head Vacation Sat 23 Dec , Anvil, Bournemouth : Death by Shotgun+ Bedroom Boredom + Inter Alia + Dustlight Sat 23 Dec , Mr Kyps, Poole : Great Pretender: A Tribute To Queen Sat 23 Dec , Sloop, Poole : Andy Kennett (Elvis Tribute) Sat 23 Dec , Grove Tavern, Bournemouth : The Transitions Sat 23 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : The Mother Ukers

Fri 15 Dec , Anvil, Bournemouth : Cult XIII Tattoo - MIND charity gig:Featuring : Vanity + Support Fri 15 Dec , Lighthouse, Poole : Showaddywaddy Fri 15 Dec , Bridport Arts Centre, Bridport : Bootleg Blondie (Tribute to Blondie) Sun 24 Dec , Lord Nelson, Poole : Compass Fri 15 Dec , Mr Kyps, Poole : Rat Race+ The Defectors Sun 24 Dec , Sloop, Poole : 4 Go Mad In Dorset Fri 15 Dec , New Inn, Poole : Total Madness(Madness Tribute) Sun 24 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Kaia Viera Sun 24 Dec , Fiveways Pub, Bournemouth : Totog - Acoustic Duo Sat 16 Dec , Bridport Arts Centre, Bridport : Dave Townsend Music Mellstock Band Tue 26 Dec , Lord Nelson, Poole : Compass Sat 16 Dec , The Gloucester, Weymouth : Stereoironics Tue 26 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Hello Hawaii (Stereophonics Tribute) Tue 26 Dec , Lord Nelson, Poole : Black Orchid Sat 16 Dec , O’Neills, Bournemouth : Drunk Education Sat 16 Dec , New Inn, Poole : Lock, Stock & Barrel Wed 27 Dec , Mr Kyps, Poole : Dirty DC(AC/DC Tribute) Sat 16 Dec , Thomas Tripp (Christchurch), Christchurch : Dorsal Fin Wed 27 Dec , The Owl’s Nest, West Parley, Ferndown : Stan’s Blues Jam Sun 17 Dec , Lord Nelson, Poole : Pronghorn Wed 27 Dec , Lord Nelson, Poole : Sweet FA Sun 17 Dec , The Stour Inn, Blandford Forum : The Two Man Wed 27 Dec , Thomas Tripp (Christchurch), Christchurch : Red Roses Travelling Medicine Show + Johnny Boxcars Sun 17 Dec , Anvil, Bournemouth : The Decoy+ All Ears Avow + Thu 28 Dec , Urban Beach Hotel, Bournemouth : Kaia Viera Wreckless Intentions + Erica Drive Thu 28 Dec , Thomas Tripp (Christchurch), Christchurch : The Sun 17 Dec , Canvas, Bournemouth : Navi -King of Pop (Michael Transitions Jackson Tribute) Sun 17 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Musique a Trois Fri 29 Dec , Weymouth Pavillion, Weymouth : Absolute Bowie (David Bowie Tribute) Tue 19 Dec , Bluebird Social Club, Longham (Near Ferndown) : Bear Fri 29 Dec , James and White, Christchurch : Phil Dewhurst (Jinder) Faced Country Fri 29 Dec , Sound Circus, Bournemouth : Cydonia Knights (Muse Tue 19 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Polly Morris: and her Tribute)+ Support Band Fri 29 Dec , Thomas Tripp (Christchurch), Christchurch : Tom & The Tue 19 Dec , Amberwood Inn, Walkford, Christchurch : Bernie Clementynes Farrenden’s Jazz Tue 19 Dec , Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Verbal Remedies Sat 30 Dec , Weymouth Pavillion, Weymouth : Ben Waters- Big Band Night Tue 19 Dec , Thomas Tripp (Christchurch), Christchurch : Tom Sat 30 Dec , Sloop, Poole : Fretworks Clements Sat 30 Dec , Mr Kyps, Poole : Pronghorn Sat 30 Dec , Lord Nelson, Poole : All Funked Up Wed 20 Dec , Lord Nelson, Poole : Stan’s Blues Jam Sat 30 Dec , Smokin’ Aces, Bournemouth : TKO Wed 20 Dec , The Belvedere Inn, Weymouth : Jam Session: Full backline supplied Wed 20 Dec , The White Hart, Sherborne : The Lone Reveller



Gigs of the Month Fri 1 Dec: Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe: Mischa & His Merry Men Sat 2 Dec: Anvil, Bournemouth: Nick Oliveri (Ex Queens of The Stone Age) Drew Allen gig review

Live at The Old Firestation One of Bournemouth’s most promising singer/songwriters Drew Allen plays his biggest headline show at the Old Fire Station in Bournemouth. Drew has been performing for a few years now, first as a solo artist with just an acoustic guitar and then with a hand-picked band where his music craft seems to have really blossomed. He has come a very long way in succeeding with his dream of making it as a successful musician after giving up a well-paid job building supercars for McLaren. It has been interesting watching this young man’s music evolve and it is also great to see his confidence growing. Drew and his band arrive on stage to a fantastic welcome from this sizable audience and immediately launch into a new number called “Ballard of Jesse Lee”. There are some new additions in the form of two female backing singers. They sound on fine form as they

Sat 2 Dec: Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Black Water County + The Wilderpeople

launch into the live favourite “Just like The Old Days”, the audience all seem to know the lyrics to the chorus and sing along in a beautiful unison. The quality of the music delivered is first rate with Drew and Christian leading the way with some lovely creative guitar work.

Fri 8 Dec: Sound Circus, Bournemouth: Jordan Ayris + Laika + Jump the Sodding Wires

One of the new songs that really stands out is “Soul Miner”, a tune which Drew wrote after reading music producer Daniel Lanois’s book “Soul Mining”. The song has a nice atmospheric feel to it and it’s up there as one of his best tunes to date. The set ended on a high with a popular single from a couple of years ago “Show Me a Little Mercy” which again sees much of the audience singing along.

Fri 15 Dec: The Stable (Bournemouth), Bournemouth: Junco shakers

Fri 8 Dec: Old Fire Station, Bournemouth: From The Jam & The Gift 35th Anniversary Tour Fri 8 Dec: Lord Nelson, Poole: QED Fri 15 Dec: The Butcher’s Dog, Wimborne: The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show + Johnny Boxcars

Fri 15 Dec: Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe: Voodoo Vegas Sun 17 Dec: Lord Nelson, Poole: Pronghorn Thu 21 Dec: Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe: The Jimmy Hillbillies Sun 31 Dec: Willett Arms, Wimborne: One Word

The band then all come to the front of the stage to take the plaudits from the enthusiastic audience. Tonight Drew has certainly shown that with some hard work he can step things up to a new level and easily bring his very listenable music to new audiences.

Chinners recommends Skaema - The Happy Daze EP Endea- Into Oblivion

Palms & Pelicans - Glowing EP Dave Griffiths - The Brutal Years EP


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