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PA REACH: ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS ASSISTANCE FOR HEALTH CENTERS A PARTNERSHIP WITH PUBLIC HEALTH MANAGEMENT CORPORATION We assist health centers who have implemented or are considering implementing electronic health records (EHR). CONTACT US TO FIND OUT IF YOU QUALIFY FOR: • Government financial incentives of up to $63,750 per provider • Technical assistance including EHR implementation and/or achieving meaningful use WE WILL HELP YOUR HEALTH CENTER WITH: • Meaningful Use Assessment • Preparation for Health IT

PA REACH can help health centers implement and meaningfully use EHRs in order to: • Improve health care quality Maintain up-to-date problems, medications, and allergy lists • Prevent medical errors Ensure drug-drug and drug-allergy checks are implemented • Increase efficiency and reduce costs Electronically exchange key clinical information among providers • Increase administrative efficiencies Automatically send patient reminders

• Achieving “Bang for Your Buck” • Securing Your Full Financial Benefit Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) is an official PA REACH technical assistance provider to health centers. With over 35 years of technical assistance, capacity building, and sustainability management experience with health centers in the Southeast Pennsylvania region and beyond, our team is ready to assist your center in implementing EHRs and/or achieving meaningful use.

• Decrease paperwork Electronically perform lab requisitions, referrals, and prescriptions • Expand access to affordable care Record and report patient demographic data • Improve health outcomes Use EHRs to identify patient specific education resources and provide them to the patient

Contact PHMC to learn more about EHR assistance for your health center: Contact PA REACH at 215.731.2460 or For more information visit

Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) is a nonprofit public health institute that builds healthier communities through partnerships with government, foundations, businesses and other community-based organizations. It fulfills its mission to improve the health of the community by providing outreach, health promotion, education, research, planning, technical assistance and direct services. PHMC has served the Greater Philadelphia region since 1972.


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PA REACH: ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS ASSISTANCE FOR HEALTH CENTERS This is a sample timeline. Actual dates may vary based on practice’s current adoption of EHR, their unique needs, and REACH’s requirements to meet deadlines. Phase / Task


Phase 0: Pre-work

Week 1

Practice fills out interest form on REACH website

Day 1

REACH screens practice for eligibility

Week 1

Phase 1: Develop work plan

Week 2-4

Practice completes Readiness Assessment and signs Provider Agreement to receive services from REACH

Week 2

Practice and REACH meet to develop an EHR Acquisition Work Plan

Week 3-4

Phase 2: Office Redesign

Week 5 to 11

Practice establishes workgroup to review Clinical Workflow

Week 5

Practice and REACH observe and document Clinical Workflow and make recommendations for improvements

Week 6-9

Practice staff is informed and assisted with upcoming changes to Clinical Workflow

Week 10-11

Phase 3: Vendor Preview

Week 12-23

EHR vendor criteria is developed and RFP is sent to vendors

Week 12-14

RFPs received from vendors are evaluated and vendors are selected for demos

Week 15-16

Vendor demos are scheduled and completed

Week 17-23

Phase 4: Vendor Selection

Week 24-31

Vendor demos are scored and finalists are selected

Week 24-27

Complete negotiations with EHR vendor and sign contract

Week 28-29

Develop EHR Implementation Workplan with vendor

Week 30-31

Phase 5: Implementation and Training

Week 32-46

Review meaningful use and documentation requirements

Week 32

Assist practice with EHR Implementation Workplan

Week 32-40

EHR Implementation is completed

Week 40-45

Practice completes Privacy and Security Assessment

Week 46

Phase 6: Reporting and Decision Support

Week 47-64

Develop reports and decision support tools

Week 47-64

(for e.g., identifying specific patients by disease, reminders or prompts, care management)

Phase 7: Reporting Meaningful Use

Week 65-72

Meet with practice to review requirements for submitting data

Week 65-66

Begin submitting meaningful use data

Week 66-72

PA Reach: Electronic Health Records Asssitance for Health Centers  

A Partnership with Public Health Management Corporation