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Pretty Pixels October 2016 Issue# 3


Miami Swim Week by Dominic Senador COVERGIRL

Jeselyn On the rocks at Beavertail

V L Kaiser Photography with Migdalia Sostre At Bostons Revere Beach

Russian Beauty

Mrz Katya

Bikini Clad Nicole Ferreira

Inside Tattoo and Fitness Model Jeselyn Page 4

Cover Girl Mrz Katya

Christine Luis Boss Lady Page 12

Miami Swim Week by Dominic Senador Page 24

Sveinn Kjartansson shoots with Soley in Iceland Page 30

Page 20 Cover Photo by David Rose Twisted Image Studios

“Model of the Month”

Ashley e i r a M

Photo by: David Rose Twisted Image Studios

Pretty Pixels 3

Credits Model Jeselyn Christine Luis Alison Marie Elina Sjoberg Jo Lee Stewart Adria Cicillini Soley Migdalia Sostre VikTory Alanni Garnet Danielle Renee Asia Abendroth Laura Maia Nicole Ferreira Leah Saad Ashley Marie Knight Allie Marshall

Photographer Sveinn Kjartansson Sveinn Photography

David Rose

Twisted Image Studios

Eric Wertheimer

Eric Wertheimer Photography

Kevin Myers

Coastal Expressions Photography

Mike Cappuccilli Cappuccilli

Mandee Rose

Mandee Rose Photography

Tony Klintasp

Tony Klintasp Photography

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Ashley Richer

Ashley Richer Photography

V L Kaiser

V L Kaiser Photography

Ron Ranere

Ron Ranere Photography

Dominic Senador

Dominic Senador Photography

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Model of the Month-Ashely Marie

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Alison Marie

Page 12 Nicole Ferreira Page 14 Leah Saad Page 18 Migdalia Sostre Page 26 Adria Cicillni Page 28 Viktory Page 30 Soley Page 36 Alanni Garnet Page 38 Allie Marshall

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I met Jeselyn 5 years ago, our first shoot together was a pinup shoot, one of my first pinup shoots but we rocked it, Jeselyn gave me pose after pose and we got some awesome photos we were both so thrilled with. Since then we have done 2 or so shoots a year and our latest shoot this past August was one for the books. Jeselyn is an internationally published tattoo and fitness model. She has been modeling seriously for 8 years now. She is part owner of Marco’s Tattoo, she has a love for firearms and is total fitness nut. She is a tiny girl, but she is a firecracker when it comes to modeling, always on time, always organized and takes her modeling very seriously which makes for a great shoot every time. If you get the chance to work with her I highly recommend doing so, she is one of the best in the business.

Photos By: David Rose 7 Twisted Studios PrettyImage Pixels

Pretty Pixels 8

Alison Marie Photos by: David Rose Twisted Image Studios MUA: Celestial Houtman

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y d a L Boss

e n i t s i r h C

My name is Christine Luis and I have been modeling for about 10 years now, on and off due to school and work. I attended Providence College for undergrad and double majored in Psychology and Spanish. My junior year in college I had the opportunity to study abroad in Salamanca, Spain. I worked almost full time as a college student to be able to afford school, which some of those hours included modeling on the weekends. I was always busy!! After college, I worked at a hospital with children with psychological and behavioral problems and then turned to the research field for a new opportunity working with mothers who suffered from depression during their pregnancy. I worked for a few years in research and found it fascinating! That’s when I decided that I wanted to continue my education and pursue my masters degree. I have been working in research for about 8 years now, currently my focus is in cancer research and I even have a few publications out! An author, who would have thought?! While I work full time, modeling allows me to be creative and free, changing the pace of things from my 5-9 job. In my career as a model, I have been in commercials, TV pilots and movies. I have done many fashion shows including New York Fashion Week, Boston Fashion Week, Styleweek and many others. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with so many talented photographers and designers along the way. I feel completely blessed! When I’m not working I enjoy working out, dancing, traveling and trying new things. I love adventures and laughing! More of my work can be viewed on Facebook and on Instagram @mschristine18

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Photos By: David Rose Twisted Image Studios

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Nicole a r i e r r Fe Pretty Pixels 12

Photos by: David Rose Twisted Image Studios

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Pretty Pixels 14

Photos By: David Rose Twisted Image Studios

h a e

Pretty Pixels 15

I started modeling when I was fourteen, when my friends and I began trying out new make up and lighting and posting those experimental pictures on social media. From there, professional photographers took notice, saw my images and wanted the opportunity to work with me. They also encouraged me to continue this career for which I am most appreciative. I have now been following this career on my own for many years and have a ton of fun doing it. Presently signed with a Rhode Island agency, I am now learning more and more about the field. It gives me an opportunity to meet with new people and collaborate on creative ideas to create something beautiful! This past Summer I have at times, when I was not lifeguarding, transitioned to swimsuit shoots, which I must admit makes for an easy transition I am in my 2nd year of study at Johnson and Wales College, majoring in Business and Marketing.

e e L o J

Pretty Pixels 16

Photo by: Eric Wertheimer Eric D Wertheimer Studios

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Pretty Pixels 18

Photos by: V L Kaiser V L Kaiser Photography

Pretty Pixels 19

Mrz a y t a K

Photos By: David Rose Twisted Image Studios

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Pretty Pixels 21

Model: Mrz Katya Photo by: David Rose Twisted Image Studios

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Pretty Pixels 23

M i a m i

Silvia Ulson

S w i m



Pretty Pixels 24

W e e k

Filthy Haanz

Gottex Issa De Mar

Photos By: Dominic Senador Dominic Senador Photography


Filthy Haanz


Silvia Ulson Lybethas

Issa De Mar

Pretty Pixels 25

Adria Adria is a fashion/commercial model who hails from the smallest state in the country, Rhode Island. She started her career at the tender age of 14, modeling for local companies. By 18, she was signed with national and international agencies in Boston, New York, Miami, LA, Milan and Capetown, South Africa. She has since booked major campaigns for Rue La La and Fila, amongst many others. Adria describes her career as, “a complete whirlwind. Stating, “I had no idea that modeling could have taken me to so many amazing places. I’ve met so many wonderful people who have inspired me to further my career and travel as much as possible.” She currently resides back in the state it all started in. “I love Rhode Island! It was always my sanctuary during downtime from my hectic modeling schedule.” Adria continues to model and travel, stating, “When I look back at my career I have so many fond memories.” Making memories and working with immense talent is what drives her to continued success in the ever changing modeling industry.

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Photos by: Eric Wertheimer Eric D Wertheimer Studios Mua Jennifer Dupre Artistry

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a i r o t ik


The power of letting go I like to have control, I like to organize and plan ahead and I like to know what is going on‌but recently I discovered the power of letting go! Growing up in Austria; Europe is kind of known for the fact that everything is in order, people (in general) follow rules and it is just strict. Being a former full time ballerina where a good and a bad performance can be defined by such small little details I always planned and tried to control things. But LIFE HAPPENS. When I model or perform I still think it is important to be very organized beforehand, to be able to do this job you just have to be reliable, responsible, on time, well organized and know your boundaries and take control. But once you set up all the details and the photographer and model (and team), they are all on the same page, it’s time to let go. Be open for new things, the unexpected, the change- to create things never seen or done before. I was taught ballet the old Russian way, which means it is known for it strict classical ballet style. Using this technique helps a lot in creating the classical ballet style but it was time to put a spin on it. Combine classical ballet with curves, excitement, danger and sexiness- yet keeping it classy. By letting go, being open for new and more we created exactly that: Showing the beauty of ballet and giving it a personal touch and taking it to another level! I think it is great to have a good fundament, one that you just achieve through hard work, control and persistence. Once you archive that it’s time to let go and see what life has to offer and which opportunities the unknown brings along with it!

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Photos by: Cappuccilli

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y e l o S

Pretty Pixels 30

Model: Sóley Assistant: Stephanie Zakas Vinyl: Mister Pierre Fetish Fashion Cloak: The Wishmaster’s Capes & Costumes Location: Iceland Photos by: Sveinn Kjartansson Sveinn Photography

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Photos by: Tony Klintasp Tony Klintasp Photography

Pretty Pixels 32

Danielle Renee Photos by: Ron Ranere Ron Ranere Photography

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A s i a

Pretty Pixels 34

Photos By: Kevin Myers Coastal Expressions Photography

Laura Maia Photos by: Ashley Richer Jewelry: Silvertides, Handmade by Amber Bettez

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i n n a l

A Pretty Pixels 36

Photos By: Mandee Rose Model: Alanni Garnet Instagram: @alannigarnet

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e k i L e m ” t o “So H t I

Pretty Pixels 38

Allie Marshall was born and raised in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the country, as Allison Danielle Marshall. Allie pursues her passion as an actress, but when she isn’t acting she enjoys modeling. Allie studied acting with performance theorist Tim Hillman (Matthew Perry, Sara Gilbert, Rashida Jones) prior to his passing away early April 2016. While in college, she was approached by a photographer to model. When she shared the photographs on social media, Allie was contacted by a director about her look and was cast her in first acting role (viewable on Netflix). She completed her first year of acting with 17 credits to her name. Since then, Allie continues to work towards her career with great passion and continues to train to master her craft further.

Photo by: Eric Wertheimer Eric D Wertheimer Studios Hair by: Lori Grenier

Pretty Pixels 39

Cover Girl: Mrz Katya Photo by: David Rose Twisted Image Studios