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Tackling Phishing Attacks with Effective Anti-Phishing Tools With the ubiquitous spread of internet access, the potential for criminals to take advantage of the technology has increased considerably in the last few years. Although there are many organizations trying to tackle this trend, phishing scams have flourished in recent years due to favorable economic and technological conditions. Flaws in e-mail protocols, security weaknesses in browser software, a basic lack of computer security education, continuing susceptibility to social engineering attacks, etc., contribute to the increase in incidents, as criminals are able to exploit these weaknesses to their advantage

As most of the technical resources needed to execute phishing attacks can be readily acquired, this has made phishing both economically and technically viable for a larger population of less sophisticated criminals. Phishing attacks affect not only people but also organizations that the victims work for, resulting in enterprise crisis, as there is a serious danger to malign the reputation of the company. Areas those are difficult to guard like people and processes are the ones that are normally targeted in a phishing attack.

Preventing phishing attacks can be a formidable challenge for organizations because these attacks cannot be controlled by merely implementing filters and firewalls. Therefore organizations need to take a comprehensive approach to implement appropriate policies and procedures and educate employees, while also adopting an integrated security solution that can help prevent phishing. Organizations need to therefore be attentive to the fact that phishing attacks are not virus attacks involving malicious software. As a result, neither an anti-virus solution nor an anti-spam filter is enough to fully protect businesses from these attacks. Businesses not only need to invest in effective anti-phishing tools, but they also need to ensure adequate people control against phishing in the form of user education. It is essential to educate users on phishing protection and the risks of phishing, how it happens, how to identify phishing attempts etc.

While the most important protection against phishing is constant vigilance and moderate skepticism, an organization's anti-phishing initiatives are entirely fruitful only when they are backed by efficient software solutions and anti phishing tools that can capably tackle phishing attacks. A unified governance risk and compliance system or an integrated IT compliance solution is a prerequisite, and it not only to

curbs phishing attacks but also to ensures complete IT compliance.

There are numerous solutions available to offer protection from technology attacks, ensure you do a little research before you select on an effective solution for your organization.

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Tackling Phishing Attacks with Effective Anti-Phishing Tools