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Secure Your Company from Phishing Attacks Simply using the computer for your official or individual purpose is not all that is there to your computer. For that matter, if you think that installing an anti-virus is all that you need to do for security, then there is more for you to learn. It is crucial that you know through fraudulent mails and other online activities you can be robbed off your personal and private information. This process is known as phishing.

Understanding a Phishing Email

It is thus crucial to understand what exactly a phishing email is. Any internet user can encounter a phishing mail that might appear all authentic at the first glance. These kinds of mails generally come from fictitious sources that claim to be a financial, banking, online auction or lottery websites. They forward you compelling content in terms winning awards or offering discounted products and ask for your personal data. The mode of enquiring is very thrifty and often the users are not able to grasp dangerous phishing attacks targeted at them.

Though you might hear less about phishing mails as compared to viruses or spyware, but they are equally dangerous. Once you fall prey to one it might just cause harm to your entire computing system along with robbing all your data.

How Phishing Attacks Operate

The most obvious way in which third party intruders operate a phishing attack is with the help of a mail that appear authentic. They are cases when they take up esteemed brand names. For instance, think of the yahoo lottery or MSN lottery mails that you on and oft receive in your inbox, declaring that you have won huge prize money or that your e-mail id has been chosen as a prize winner. You might just get overwhelmed by the amount of prize money and other forms of attraction that the phishing mail uses.

Hence, human emotions are the crux point on which phishers play and base their attacks. Today, they have come up with sophisticated attacks that are otherwise difficult to gauge. One of the ways to steer clear of such mails is by checking the details offered along with the mails. On most occasions phishing

mails will not have any contact details. However, protection from phishing is a must today, especially for eminent brands that might have employees unaware of such attacks.

Innovative Anti-Phishing Solutions

Today eminent companies have come up with anti-phishing software that helps companies to assess whether their employees are adequately aware on social engineering and its side effects. The software helps in the following ways:-

Helps enterprises in estimating the probable hazards associated with phishing

● Offers elastic reporting and incorporate them back into the company’s chief performanceindicator framework ● Offers a “road map" solution concentrating on security awareness and training within an enterprise ●

Helps to recognize weakness within people, method and technology links

Helps in prioritizing remediation attempts through useful benchmarking and maturity analysis

Helps in increasing employee awareness and expertise to safeguard crucial information

Just investing in ant-virus or anti-spyware protection is not enough. To stay away from hazardous phishing attacks anti-phishing solutions offered by eminent service providers are useful.

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Secure Your Company from Phishing Attacks  

Simply using the computer for your official or individual purpose is not all that is there to your computer.