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Phishing Attacks: A Major Case Of Cyber Security Lapse Communication being vital for an organization, the growth of a globalized workspace, has led employees to make the best use of the technological innovations. The mobile workforce uses the Internet and the corporate networks to keep in touch with their corporate workstation. However, the growth of Internet, e-commerce, mobile computing and vast use of social networking sites have led to data and information being prone to cyber attacks. As security breaches became more frequent, reports confirm the second quarter of the year 2011 face the most sophisticated hacking attacks. Phishing attacks by cyber criminals is an attempt to obtain sensitive information and data such as usernames, passwords, credit card details by camouflaging ones identity as a trustworthy one. These cyber criminals attack unsuspecting users by replicating as communication links from social websites, auction sites, online payment processors or IT administrators. Typically carried out through email spoofing or instant messages it directs users to enter fake websites. A social engineering technique wherein the cyber criminals take advantage of the quality of web security technologies implemented. To control the phishing attacks, enterprises work with IT giants to provide phishing awareness training for the users, phishing awareness for the public, and spruce up cyber security measures with anti-phishing software. Being a major reason for concern among the growing techno savvy users, the target information for phishers can be anything from customer’s health, credit and personal data to corporate trade secrets, business plans and sales forecast, creating a ripple in the secure environment. Phishing attacks create a strong negative impact on a company's brand and reputation leading to significant financial losses and decline in shareholder value. Leading Information Risk Management Services Company has developed phishing diagnostic solution to help protect the organization’s most valuable assets- the workforce. This software proactively educates the users through simulated phishing attacks of simple attacks or even more targeted spear phishing attacks. This benefits the users in understanding the phishing techniques helps them to identify phishers. This diagnostic solution enables organizations to enhance their security measures against social engineering attacks by providing comprehensive user behavioral analysis, which provides for a teaching moment. Further, with a choice of deployment methods, ability to handles organizations of various sizes, and customized simulations, this solution provides flexibility, scalability and quantification of vulnerability status. Click here for more on phishing protection

Phishing Attacks: A Major Case Of Cyber Security Lapse