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Keep Your Employees Safe from Phishing Attacks As per the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) a phishing activity means the act when phishers send pop-up messages or email that seems that it has come from an organization or business concern that you are associated with. For instance, bank, internet service provider, online payment procedure or a government agency. Typically, these messages ask you to “confirm”, “validate” or “update” your account data or any other private information. There are certain phishing mails that alarm you of harmful consequences in case you do not respond. At the same time, the messages take you to websites that appears as a legitimate web portal, but in reality carries out fraudulent activities. Such websites trick you and get all your private information and ultimately hack your account. There are ways that helps you to attain protection from phishing. The simple ways are, when you see a pop up message, not to respond to it. At the same time, do not click on any anonymous link or message. It is essential that you know, authentic companies will never ask you about private information through email. Today, there have been an increased number of security breaches and the percentage of enterprise spear phishing has gone up. Hence, it is essential that companies resort to advanced control measures for the same. People controls are an important focus area as most of the phishing attacks are targeted towards the unsuspecting users. At the same time, there must be process control and technology that should be employed. However, they might fall weak if the people controls are weak. Recent services and products that offer protection from phishing address merely the “the process and technology” part of the security. There are few solutions that address the “people risk” as well. The latest trend has been an incident-based reactive approach made towards phishing. Companies lack a proper anti-phishing solution when it comes to updating the employees against phishing attacks. Leading service providers in anti-phishing solution helps enterprises to protect their most essential assets, i.e. their employees from being victims of phishing. The solution works towards proactively educating the employees and assist them in spotting phishing attacks so that they are able to avert them at the first glimpse. It reproduces a mock phishing attack and studies the employee’s reaction to the same. It further delves deep into the user response and comes up with an action plan that can be deployed to avert future drawbacks. These solutions help an enterprise to set up the first line defense by maximizing the employee’s awareness to phishing. Click here for more on phishing fall rate & phishing attacks

Keep Your Employees Safe from Phishing Attacks