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Identify & Prevent Security Breaches with Phishing Security Awareness Solution The dark clouds hovering around corporate cyberspace today is phishing. Phishing, which Wikipedia defines as “the act of attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money) by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication” has evolved from spam like mass emails to more malicious ones like malware, ransomware, cyber espionage, spear phishing, whaling and longlining.

Though technology has far advanced, phishing has been going stronger and stronger. A look at the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2013 validates that. As per the report, targeted attacks in 2012 increased by 42%, with the average number of identities exposed per breach totaling more than 600K. Mobile vulnerabilities also increased, from 163 in 2010 to 415 in 2012—nearly 255%. In such a scenario, ensuring phishing protection with anti-phishing software is just not enough. This is because phishers target people to attack their systems or servers. Therefore, to outsmart the phishers it is necessary to increase the awareness of the people. Diagnostic solutions empower people by enhancing their phishing security awareness. Let’s look at one such software to understand its role in phishing protection.

The software runs a simulated phishing attack and tracks how each employee responds to that attack. It allows for user training by launching a security awareness module to educate and reinforce behavior aimed at avoiding social engineering risks. As part of it, a teaching moment is leveraged that will inform and increase the awareness of all employees of an organization about such dangers. The Teaching Moment helps employees to recognize such threats and offers ways to counter them. The teaching moment gives employees the knowledge to protect themselves and the sensitive information that they are entrusted with. It conveys simple ways to identify and prevent security breaches and protect valuable data.

For enterprises, assessing employee awareness by creating real world scenarios help in training their employees about the current exploitation techniques employed by the phishers. This helps in detecting phishing emails and destroying it. Thus by deploying a best of the breed diagnostic solution, enterprises can avail of the following benefits. 

Flexibility Choice of deployment methods to meet the organization's unique needs easily.

Scalability Effortlessly handles organizations of all sizes.

Customization Tailored phishing simulation scenarios enable understanding user susceptibility to specific types of threats.

Quantification Measure employee vulnerability to determine potential risks associated with phishing.

Education Increases employee awareness and knowledge to help guard sensitive information. Strengthens an organization's anti-phishing strategy.

Thus, with phishers slowly gaining foothold in the corporate cyberspace, deploying diagnostic solutions can help enterprises in facing phishers head on.

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Though technology has far advanced, phishing has been going stronger and stronger.