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How To Halt Phishing Attacks? Today the internet is the seat of all innovation as well as the source of major security breaches. Social engineering and its adverse effects are on the rise and you can read about them almost every day in the headlines. One of the vicious forms of social engineering attacks is phishing that tricks an employee or a random internet user to disclose his/her private data leading losses like credit card and debit card scams, internet security attacks, data thefts, getting engaged in fraudulent online buys and other activities. Phishing attacks can affect individuals and organizations alike.

Identifying Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks generally take place in the form of a mail that seems like coming from a credible source compelling you to share your private information such as bank passwords, email password, passport details and the alike. Through these details third party hackers can hack your email or bank account and you can lose all your crucial information as well as money. In case of organizations it leads to revenue loss as well as brand erosion.

Phishing mails appear in the form of notifications declaring the you have won a huge prize money or selling some of the high end brand products at a lesser price. Sometimes, Phishing mails share links in the mail and compels you to “click� on them leading you to fraudulent websites. One of the ways to identify Phishing is by carefully reading them as there would be spelling mistakes in the email id or in some other essential sources.

Investing in Phishing Protection Solutions

Keeping in mind all the above mentioned repercussions today most organizations have already or are willing to opt in for advanced Phishing protection solutions. These solutions not only help to spread Phishing awareness but also educate an individual about the necessary aspects of the same.

Eminent brands today have introduced advanced anti Phishing software that acts as an automated tool and is installed within an enterprise internally, customized with information about technology, people and the processes. Post that a customized Phishing attack is designed for the target audience and then

the software tracks the individual responses. Here the social behavior towards Phishing attacks are carefully analyzed and a detailed report is provided.

Innovative anti-phishing software also offers statistics of user behavior, evaluates security awareness amongst individuals and employees, recognizes data leakage, avails Data Loss Prevention programs and examines for incident response programs.

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How To Halt Phishing Attacks  
How To Halt Phishing Attacks  

Today the internet is the seat of all innovation as well as the source of major security breaches. Social engineering and its adverse effect...