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Anti Phishing Software to Keep the Environment Free From Pollutants In today’s fast paced world the internet and emails have become important mediums for communication. Every day numerous mails are sent and received. Businesses also cannot function without these fast and easy methods. The popularity of the internet has given rise to many illegal and unethical practices causing many businesses huge losses. These malicious online security attacks are released through the IT networks to infect the main systems of the businesses and inflict serious injuries. A very harmful and common threat is phishing which is affecting all individuals and businesses alike. The victims are sent innocent looking mails from fake sites that resemble the genuine ones asking them for their confidential data and personal details. The victims are generally hoodwinked because of the exact replication of the original site and they part with their sensitive information such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers etc. Many have fallen into this trap and businesses have to take special care to ensure robust and competent phishing protection measures that can identify such fake mails and resolve the issues effectively. Generally businesses become victims of phishing due to the employees. The employees of the organization are not completely aware of the risks of phishing and the companies do not take any initiatives to educate them with worthy phishing awareness training sessions. Thus it becomes very important to employ anti phishing software to test the awareness levels of the employees and provide training to complement the security enforcements. The software evaluates and assesses the phishing risks through mock phishing attacks. It monitors and studies the employees’ response and provides them with solutions to address the risks effectively. The software is a commendable tool that demonstrates high flexibility and integrates with the key processes of the business without any contradictions or conflicts.. Its efficient analytical and diagnostic capabilities assist in gauging the potential risks, and provide remediation solutions immediately based on the urgency of the situation. The anti phishing software is an intelligent tool that deploys automated processes and provides customized solutions. It consistently monitors the activities of your employees and tests their level of security awareness. Once a business falls prey to phishing it becomes a difficult and costly process to clean up the mess and disinfect the entire system. Thus it is advisable to employ the anti phishing software to prevent any detrimental effects to the business. It is better to play safe by employing precautionary measures so that bigger losses can be avoided.

Anti Phishing Software to Keep the Environment Free From Pollutants