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George Harrison's '62 Rickenbacker Guitar Headed to Auction

George Harrison Julien's Auctions website The Associated Press 50th anniversary of Beatlemania

Taylor York, Paramore guitarist 2.0 How to cut it as a modern player Plus, Taylor's studio setup

How to cut it as a modern player. Plus, Taylor's studio setup GUITARS AND AMPS EXPO 2014: Tennessee pop rockers Paramore have had their fair share of success in the last ten years, but it was the release of their musically mature self-titled fourth album in 2013 that propelled them skyward. At the core of that album is guitarist Taylor York. As well as handling the bulk of the songwriting on the record, Taylor is also credited for his involvement in production, drums, keyboards, programming, .percussion and even backing vocals As greater demands are being put on musicians to bring more than just great playing to the table, we ask Taylor what it takes to be a professional guitarist in 2014. Plus, we gain insight into his lust-worthy live and studio setups - the man has !seriously good taste You have a number of strings to your bow - guitar, drums, songwriting, production. How did you set about adding these skills to your arsenal? Were they picked up by osmosis through spending time with other musicians, or did you specifically seek ?out these other avenues I suppose I sought them out. I started as a" drummer, however when we formed Paramore in the very beginning there was already a far better drummer, so I learned guitar so I could be a part of it. Songwriting came mostly because our main songwriter with Hayley left the band, so I did my best to fill in the gap. Production is just a lot of fun and is so interesting to me. So they all just sort of ".happened over time You're a key songwriter in Paramore, and the latest album is the band's most mature yet. When did you first start writing guitar music, and what are the key lessons you've learned as you've ?developed Not only can they try the guitars on stools or'' sitting on the couch, but play up on stage," Pisani .said

How important is playing with other musicians to developing your abilities as a guitarist and as a ?musician in general I think it's incredibly important. There are things" like feel and subtlety that are nearly impossible to truly grasp by yourself. Being in the same room with other musicians can really elevate both your playing and your passion. The better the musicians you are with, the more you have to elevate and stretch ".yourself Paramore are hugely successful now, but you have worked hard for it. What is the biggest thing you have learned about the music industry during your ?journey so far I've learned that great art rises. Politics and" obstacles will always be present and there are many things that you can't control, so just make sure you're working really hard and making great art that ".you are fully behind Finally, we can't let you go without talking gear. ?What does your live setup consist of these days Live guitars include a BilTVolare, two BilT Zaftigs," two BilT Relevator LS's, an '89 Epiphone Sheraton (with Arcane Ultratron pickups), and a Martin 000-18 Golden Era. As for amps I have a modded Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 (dirty) and a Divided By 13 RSA 23 (clean). Pedals... There are many varieties of EarthQuaker Devices, Rawkworks, Strymon, Electro Harmonix, Caroline Guitar ".Company, Z.Vex, and Boss ?And what about your studio setup My studio guitars include a Gibson Midtown"

Legendary Guitar Brand Tunes Into its Lower East Side Past

A legendary name in guitars is back after nearly half a century of silence, and some New Yorkers are behind the rebirth. NY1's Roger Clark filed the .following report The GTR showroom on West 28th Street in Chelsea is the epicenter of the re-launch of a renowned guitar .brand Think the word Stradivarius. Handmade. Attention" to detail. The man was a genius," said D'Angelico .Guitars and GTR Store President Steve Pisani It's crazy. We are in over 20 countries and it's only" been a year. It's really incredible how much people really love the D'Angelico brand," said D'Angelico .Guitars and GTR Store CEO Brendan Cohen

The man Pisani was referring to was John D'Angelico who could once be found at the Lower East Side workshop where he handcrafted 1,164 sought-after guitars between 1932 and his death in .1964

And to make sure the new guitars were worthy of the name, the guys had MRI's and x-rays taken of some of John D'Angelico's originals as part of the .design phase

Afterwards, the D'Angelico brand was pretty much silent until Steve Pisani, Brendan Cohen and their partner John Ferolito Jr. purchased it a few years ago and then started producing a new generation of

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