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The Invitational  ELL  Summer  Institute  is  a  hands-­‐on  institute  for  current  School  District  of  Philadelphia   teachers  who  work  with  ELLs.  The  Institute  focuses  on  literacy  approaches  and  key  instructional  strategies   while  exploring  issues  of  writing  with  multicultural/multilingual  students.  During  this  three-­‐week   experience,  teachers  will  collaboratively  examine  the  writing  process  through  writers’  workshop,  develop   and  design  learning  experiences  that  incorporate  21st  century  literacies,  and  reflect  on  the  connections   between  writing  and  language  and  literacy  development.  The  Institute  is  fully  funded  by  the  School  District   of  Philadelphia  Office  of  Multilingual  Programs.                        Application  

Complete the  application  at  by  Friday,  May  4,  2012.  

Dates  and  Times  

Monday, July  23  to  Friday,  August  10  (9:00am  -­‐  2:30pm)  



1 Continuing  Education  Credit  (3  semester  hours)  and  Act  48  credit   Two  follow-­‐up  sessions  during  the  school  year  (October  and  December  2012)   Professional  books  and  resources   Become  a  PhilWP  Teacher  Consultant    


Kristin Larsen,

4201 Spruce Street, Building 1921 | Philadelphia, PA 19104-7499 | 215-898-1919 |

Invitational ELL Summer Institute  

The Invitational ELL Summer Institute is a hands‐on institute for current School District of Philadelphia teachers who work with ELLs. The I...

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