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The Jackson township council and mayor have pledged their support for our town’s police officers after a trend of national law enforcement backlash.

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18 TEEN GROWS HIS HAIR FOR 2 YEARS A Jackson teen grew his hair long for two years just so he could donate it to a company that makes wigs for cancer patients.

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County Line Hardware and the Flemming family connect with the community to raise money for childhood cancer research. »»p. 46

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Get ready for the luau as Jackson Day sports a Hawaiian theme for the September 10th event.

22 JACKSON’S 9-11 MEMORIAL Interview with Patrick Byrnes, creator of the Jackson Township 9-11 Memorial.

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Jackson police officers host a night of fun for residents.



52 RED BULLS NATIONAL CHAMPS The U13B Jackson Red Bulls win national soccer title.


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Can Jackson Memorial’s football team achieve the unthinkable? A three-peat state championship in 2016.


Former Holbrook Little Leaguer hits his first career home run in the major leagues...and he’s a pitcher!

JTOWN MAGAZINE CELEBRATES 6 YEARS Back in 2009, Jackson had very little authentically local coverage of what happens in our town. The newspapers focused on the bad. They never came for the good. Youth sports championships would go uncovered, but the local bank robbery would be front page news. A skate park dedication and project by the mayor went unnoticed, but pages would be published about insignificant political squabbles in the newspapers. Jackson life was nothing more than a series of unfortunate events if you read the newspapers

of the time. In 2010, I set out to change that, with over 20 years in the newspaper, media and publishing industry, I knew I could do better and also provide a service for the community. Instead of tearing apart the community with bad news and political fodder, I felt there was a need for a publication and platform to promote the many great things about our town. Thus, JTOWN was borne out a web page called JacksonNJOnline that launched back in 2008.

That website grew to include the entire Jersey Shore, with the Shore News Network and JTOWN Magazine has grown into a publication all can enjoy and learn about. The magazine’s focus is on the community but the main emphasis has evolved into being a platform to help local businesses succeed. I am very proud of the accomplishments of our team and know that as long as JTOWN exists, our residents will never be ignored in the media or by local government. Over 10,000 residents follow us on Facebook and we have evolved

into an online community as well. I would like to thank all of the businesses who support our community through their support of this publication. Without them, NONE of this would exist. I would also like to thank our many contributors, because without them, we wouldn’t know all the great things going in town. And to you, our reader, thank you for living in Jackson and being part of the greatest town in New Jersey! -Phil Stilton, Editor, JTOWN



JACKSON COUNCIL, MAYOR PROCLAIM SUPPORT FOR POLICE OFFICERS NATIONWIDE Jackson Township Council President Robert Nixon, a New Jersey P.B.A. lobbyist by trade, along with Mayor Michael Reina and the township governing body announced their support for America’s law enforcement officers in August. With a changing climate in America towards police officers, spurred on by anti-police rhetoric which many claim go as far up to the White House, Nixon reaffirmed the township’s support of law enforcement. “There has been a very ugly attack on our law enforcement community over the past several months,” Nixon said. “That attack has led to everything from threats of assassination [of police officers] to outright assassination. Everyone in this room believes our law enforcement is our first line of defense.” To date, 34 law enforcement offi-

cers in the United States have lost their lives in shooting incidents, including the mass murder of officers and attempts in San Diego, Dallas and Louisiana. “They allow us to come into this room and say what we want, speak our minds, worship who we want

and work for who we want,” Nixon said. “When we start to devalue those people who ensure our freedoms, we weaken ourselves as a society.” The death rate of police officers by hostile gunfire in America has jumped nearly 80% over this time

last year. “We stand united with all law enforcement agencies in this time of mourning,” Nixon said. Nixon recommended residents can also show their support by lighting a blue light on their home. “We support the blue initiative and encourage residents and businesses to express their support for law enforcement,” he added. “When you see a police officer, say thank you because you never know who the next person they come into contact with.” Councilman Scott Martin said police, even in Jackson have a very dangerous job. “They do what they do for us,” he said, “They never know if they’re going to return home. Thank God every day that they are there.” Photo: Jackson PBA 168. Photo by Doreen Laskiewicz.


Councilman Nixon told township residents they should not react to fear tactics used by a small handful of out of town realtors and LLC’s purchasing property with fear.

“We all know that a number of real estate speculators are hiding behind LLC’s to harass some in ourt town,” Nixon said. “That doesn’t apply to everybody, but we know there are some problems out there.” Nixon said residents regularly report incidents to the township and the township has been addressing those incidents as they are reported. Nixon on many occasions suggested residents should contact the township rather than taking to social media to report incidents they perceive as harassing or threatening by those real estate investors, described by Agudath Israel of America as “Schtickle Pioneers”. In 2015, Shmuel Lefkowitz, a rabbi and prominent Lakewood land developer told members of the nation’s Orthodox Jewish population to expand their current enclave in Lakewood beyond its borders, to Jackson, Toms River, Brick and Howell. Agudath claims the suggestion was not a decree, but in the months afterwards, a feverish and sometimes hostile and aggressive rush of real estate investors descended upon the township.

Jackson officials were forced to enact several law changes including a no-knock ordinance, tenant registry database and the requirement of permits for real estate soliciting. Over 2,000 homes are included in the township’s no-knock registry. “LLC’s should not be able to hide behind lawyers and LLC’s to hide who owns property,” Nixon said. “I understand in America, corporations are allowed to own property, but if you want to buy a house in Jackson, then become and act a part of the community and sign your name on the dotted line for all to see.” Nixon said he is currently working with New Jersey state legislators to enact legislation that would make it a state law to require LLC’s to list individuals when purchasing property. “If an LLC has nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear,” he said. Nixon continued his tirade against the wave of social media where concerned residents talk amongst themselves about the problems facing the township and their neighborhoods. “Please whatever you do, social media has a bad habit of spreading

misinformation and causing a lot of problems,” Nixon said. He advised residents to instead default to the township instead of each other. He identified a post on a Jackson, NJ Residents facebook page where a resident posted a story about the Jackson Recreation Department getting kicked out of the new spray park in favor of an out of town religious group. Nixon said the entire story was untrue and added no groups permits are available for the spray park. “Be careful when allowing rumors and myths to circulate on social media,” he said. Nixon who said he doesn’t use Facebook also acknowledge he was in tune with the conversations on the extremely popular Jackson based Facebook pages. New Jersey authorities also let the township know that the state has denied its blockbusting investigation and said it was not because of an incomplete filing as some had suggested, but because it is not covered under New Jersey’s anti-discrimination laws. He refused to give more details citing the ongoing federal investigation.

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Jackson Township Mayor Michael Reina has sponsored an ordinance in change in Jackson that would increase prohibitions against the use of commercial trailers in town. At the August 8 township council meeting, Council President Robert Nixon introduced a land use ordinance change that he said was presented to the council by the mayor. The township code book defines a trailer as, “A trailer, portable temporary container, or portable structure with or without axles and wheels used for any non-residential or non-storage activity at a site.” Reina said the measure was add-

ed to curb the amount of trailers, which were meant to be used as short term facilities, as long term commercial spaces. In nearby Lakewood, some private schools routinely use trailers to accommodate students at Yeshivas long term or while the permanent structure is built. Neither Nixon nor Reina elaborated on the topic, but the measure was passed on first reading by a unanimous council vote (4-0, Calogero absent). The ordinance requires a permit before a trailer can be placed which lasts for just 60 days. Before a portable storage con-

tainer, construction trailer or office trailer is placed on any property, the owner, tenant or contractor working on the subject property must submit an application for a land use permit approving such placement from the Zoning Officer. If the permit application is made by a tenant or contractor, written permission of the owner of the subject property for the placement of such trailer or structure on the subject property must be provided to the Zoning Officer before a permit is issued. Permits shall be issued for a time period of 60days. The fee for the permit shall be $ 50.00. . Only two portable storage struc-

tures may be placed at any residential property at one time. Commercial properties may have as many portable storage structures as the bulk requirements of the Zoning Code will permit. Trailers may not exceed a footprint of 8 feet wide by 20 feet long. The ordinance further limits where trailers can be placed on private residential property. Trailers and mobile homes, according to the township ordinance cannot be used as permanent commercial space. Those who violate the trailer ordinance can be subjected to fines of up to $2,000 per instance.

JACKSON DAY GOES HAWAIIAN ON SEPTEMBER 10TH From the Desk of Mayor Michael Reina Mayor Michael Reina and the Jackson Township Clean Communities Program invites all township residents, as well as residents from neighboring communities and their guests, to come out and help us celebrate our 49th Annual Jackson Day event to be held on Saturday, September 10th, rain or shine. As in past years, this event will take place at the John F. Johnson Jr. Memorial Park located on Kierych Memorial Drive starting with our opening ceremonies at 11am and continuing with the festivities until our spectacular fireworks display at approximately 8:30pm.

Bring your beach chair and enjoy live entertainment from the Flying Mueller Brothers and the Beach Bumz. With Jackson going tropical this year, we are asking everyone, including our vendors, to join us in your best tropical/ Hawaiian wear. Let’s all get into the spirit and bring the beach to Jackson for a day! This event is sure to be a crowd pleaser for all ages. Our fun filled day will include free rides, many food and information vendors, craft and flea market vendors, free giveaways, and more. Also, new this year is Touch-A-Truck. Your children will get an opportunity to sit in our featured trucks, from fire engines to police vehicles and more. Be sure to bring your cameras so you can capture a picture with some of Jackson’s finest. We hope to see

everyone there! For more information, contact the Jackson Township Recreation Department at 732-928-1200 ext 1255.

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James O’Hara is a 13-year- old Jackson resident, who is about to begin the 8 th grade at Goetz Middle School. He loves playing ice hockey and is a goaltender at the Jersey Shore Wildcats. He plays the

alto sax in the school band. James likes helping others. He has an infectious laugh, a big smile and an even bigger heart. Recently, James got a haircut. Normally this is no big deal, but for James this haircut was a long awaited and special event. When James was 11 years old, he noticed a little girl with no hair wearing a head wrap. He asked his mother why she had no hair. His mother told him that she may have lost her hair due to illness. He was very upset and thought about how sad it must be for a little girl to have no hair. His mother informed him that sometimes people donate their hair to make wigs for children with hair loss. At that moment, James decided he wanted to be one of those people. James spent two years growing his hair to a suitable donation length. But it wasn’t without criticism.

People made rude comments, mistaking him for a girl. Adults asked him when he was going to cut his hair on a regular basis. James always handled the comments with a smile and a great attitude, simply stating “I am a boy, and I am growing my hair to donate it”. This past week he did just that. James’ donation is going to an

organization called Children with Hair Loss. They make quality hair pieces for children who have lost their hair due to illnesses such as cancer or alopecia. If you would like to make a donation their website is www.childrenwithhairloss. us.


Great Adventure, the world’s largest theme park, riders will use Samsung Gear VR headsets to battle demonic creatures in Rage of the Gargoyles, a fully-integrated Virtual Reality (VR) coaster experience this fall. This highly-anticipated, totally immersive adventure will debut on Skull Mountain, the park’s indoor, in-the-dark coaster, available exclusively to season pass holders, active members, haunted maze pass purchasers and owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy Note7 during Fright Fest beginning September 24. “Six Flags is the leader in innova-

tion, taking North America by storm with the introduction of the very first VR coaster experiences. Here at Great Adventure, this revolutionary VR technology will transform our classic, fan favorite into a cutting-edge thrill,” said John Fitzgerald, park president. “Rage of the Gargoyles amps up the fear factor to a level only Fright Fest can deliver.” Riders will immediately become fighter jet pilots battling against terrorizing, blood-thirsty gargoyles. Surrounded by 360-degrees of sheer chaos, it is up to the riders to save humanity. Diving and swerving through devastated city streets, this epic conflict reaches a fever pitch as the pilot must attack the vicious master gargoyle – and the surprise ending will leave riders speechless. Skull Mountain, now celebrating its 20th anniversary, closed mid-August for its VR makeover.

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On August 21st, County Line Hardware held their annual St. Baldrick’s fundraiser, shaving heads and collecting donations to help in the fight against children’s cancer. Over thirty people came and got their heads buzzed, and many more donated online or in-person to help achieve an over $16,000 event. Combined with the previous shaving days, the total amount raised just here in Jackson over the past few years is nearly $100,000, a goal we hope to easily pass next year. “The money collected goes to fund grants aimed at finding new ways to fight, treat, and cure cancers that effect children,” said Keiran Flemming. “It’s a cause near to our hearts and one we are proud to support, but we know we could never make this kind of impact without the help of everyone who donated their time, money, or services to the cause. From the Flemming family, and from every child who will be impacted by the research that you have helped to fund, thank you, and we hope to see you next year!”

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Two months ago, we reported the creation of a beautiful 9/11 memorial created by Jackson Eagle Scout Patrick Byrnes. This September 11 marks the 15 year anniversary of the cowardly terrorist attack on the United States. Thousands died that day and thousands more have died in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq after those attacks. Over 5 years, Patrick worked on his vision until it became a reality this past spring, in time for the 15th anniversary of the attacks. The memorial is open to the public and located adjacent to town hall, towards the Switlik Elementary School parking lot. What made you want to build a 9/11 memorial? I was inspired by the event itself to make something that the township could benefit from and reflect on what happened that day. Having my father work for the agency that owned the towers themselves. It affected him as well as many people in my town. So I took it upon myself to give back to the people who were affected by the terrible event. How did you come up with the design idea for the memorial that you built? The idea came up when I was about 12 or 13 and went into full effect soon after. However obtaining the steel was the hardest part of my project and took very

long. The project took up until this month of May to finish actually so a little over 5 years. What would you like people to walk away with after visiting the memorial? After visiting my memorial I would like people to understand the sacrifices that the men and women who died on September 11, 2001 along with their families made. This project is more than a mere requirement for the completion of my Eagle Scout rank but an opportunity everybody to reflect and better understand the reality of the day September 11th, 2001. How did you get the steel from the Trade Center to create the memorial? I wrote a letter to the Port Authority of NY & NJ requesting a piece of WTC steel for my Eagle project. This was back in 2012. I finally received the steel in Feb of 2014. Can you tell us more about the memorial iteself? The two replicas of the WTC are two six foot granite towers. I had to raise money for the project. I did this with family and friends and private donations. The towers were manufactured in New Hampshire through a granite company in north Jersey, Burns Bros and McCabe inc. They delivered them to the site and I assisted with the installation.

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Jackson PBA 168 hosted their annual National Night Out Against Crime in August, with hundreds of Jackson residents in attendance. National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, better places to live.

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Ocean County officials are joining with a growing chorus of concerned elected officials that are asking the state to help fix problems and possibly provide an alternative traffic pattern should the Thomas A. Mathis Bridge, which carries traffic east bound onto the northern barrier island, malfunction again. “Certainly we understand an aging span like this can have its problems but the bridge has already malfunctioned three times this summer season causing extensive traffic backups and safety concerns throughout many areas of Ocean County,” said Vicari, who serves as liaison to tourism. “We need to quickly create an alternate traffic plan in order to keep traffic and emergency vehicles moving on and off that island.” In a letter dated Aug. 4 to state Department of Transportation Commissioner Richard T. Hammer, Vicari noted he was joining with state 10th District Legislators to support their efforts and find a solution to the problem. “On Saturday, (July 30) a problem with the bridge gate resulted in the bridge being closed to traffic for about two hours,” Vicari said. “No one needs to be reminded that this is the heaviest travel period on a summer weekend. People sat for hours in traffic. This is not how we want to present our County to our visitors and our residents.” Freeholder Virginia E. Haines said the Route 37 bridges both serve as vital arteries in Ocean County moving thousands and thousands of people on and off the northern barrier islands. “I agree with our 10th District legislators that the breakdowns are

‘unacceptable’ and the DOT needs to fix whatever is causing the malfunction as quickly as possible,” she said. “With tourists doubling our population, keeping this bridge in good working order is imperative to public safety.” Ocean County Sheriff Michael G. Mastronardy said the Sheriff’s Department on Saturday insured resources were staged properly on the barrier island to make certain emergencies could be responded to during the time the bridge was closed to traffic. “We worked with Toms River police and police on the barrier island,” Mastronardy said. “Our greatest concern is being able to respond to an emergency.” Opened to traffic in 1950, the bridge, which is under the jurisdiction of the state DOT, is currently undergoing a $74 million federally-funded renovation project that includes replacing the existing bridge deck on the Mathis Bridge, which is 65 years old, make safety improvements to the barrier and railings, and repair and replace mechanical and electrical components that operate the moveable lift span, according to the DOT. Construction is anticipated to take place for three seasons and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2018. The construction cycle requiring a full closure of the Mathis Bridge will be limited to Nov. 1 to April 30 each year, according to the DOT. During each of these construction cycles, summer traffic from approximately May 15 to Sept. 15 will not be affected and all three current lanes on both the east and west bound bridges will be open to traffic.

Vicari stated that since the eastbound bridge serves as a gateway for miles of beaches and businesses that rely on tourism, unplanned and unannounced bridge closures like the one on July 30 cause havoc for summer business owners many of whom are mom and pop family operated stores and cafes. “When people are inconvenienced like this they will often think twice about coming back,” said Vicari during the Aug. 3 freeholder meeting. “We want people to know we are doing all we can to make certain the state is hearing our concerns and addressing them.” Vicari noted the next five weeks are crucial to the tourism season. “Tourism is a $4.6 billion economic engine in Ocean County that helps create more than 60,000 jobs,” Vicari said. “We cannot have a traffic problem in Toms River that because of a ripple effect, results in traffic tie-ups across several towns.”

Vicari said he has met with mayors and business owners on the barrier island after the bridge malfunction. Freeholder Deputy Director Gerry P. Little said he applauds the efforts of the legislators along with local mayors and business owners to work together to correct this problem. “We support the efforts of our legislators. We also believe an alternate traffic plan needs to be developed and in place in order to avoid these problems should another malfunction occur,” he said. Vicari said alternatives are available. “The state needs to implement them,” he said. Vicari added that in the past he has advocated for a new fixed bridge to replace the aging span. “The future may call for a new bridge to replace the one that is there,” Vicari said.

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Congressman Chris Smith announced that high school students of the Fourth Congressional District are now able to participate in the Congressional App Challenge (CAC), a competition for U.S. high school students across the nation. “The App Challenge encourages high school students to get involved in STEM fields, computer science and programming by creating and exhibiting their software applications,” said Smith. “This challenge is a modest but important step to inspire creativity in students, urge them to pursue coding skills and prepare for good-paying, high-tech jobs.” The Challenge submission peri-

od is open now and will run until Nov. 2, 2016. Students may compete as individuals or in teams of up to four. A panel of local judges will review all entrants and select one winner from the Fourth District. The winning apps from across the country will be featured on a display in the Capitol building. The CAC was created in part to highlight how Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills are essential for economic growth and innovation, and also because the U.S. has been falling behind on these fronts. STEM occupations are projected to grow by 17 percent between 2008 and 2018, compared to 9.8 percent growth for non-STEM occupations. According to some estimates, the U.S. may be short as many as three million high-skilled tech workers by 2018. “Urging young men and women to enter the STEM fields is critical to the future of our nation and necessary for the development of a 21st century, high-skilled workforce that can compete in today’s global economy,” Smith continued. “I encourage all students in our Congressional District who want to participate to sign up today.”

QUE BY THE SEA SEPT 18 However you call it, barbecue or barbeque, BBQ, Bar-B-Q or Bar-B-Que, cooking food over an open flame, is practically an American way of life. Come watch, taste and pick your personal favorites at the 8th annual Que by the Sea BBQ Festival & Competition on Grant Avenue in Seaside Heights from Friday, September 16th through Sunday, September 18th.

CAR SHOW SEPT 19 Sunday, 9AM to 3PM on Bay Boulevard. Registration is between 8AM to 11AM. All cars that are at least 25 years old are welcome for judging. Over eighty trophies will be awarded! Proceeds benefit Ocean of Love and Seaside Heights Toys for Tots. Sponsored by the Vintage Automobile Club of Ocean County. Free admission for spectators!

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he Ocean County Clerk’s Office Property Alert Service is a key step in protecting your property,” said Ocean County Freeholder Director John P. Kelly, who serves as Director of Law and Public Safety. “I want to commend our County Clerk Scott Colabella in implementing this new program which provides a layer of protection against property and mortgage fraud.” The Property Alert Service is a free service that provides property owners with email alerts anytime that a document affecting a specific property is recorded by the Ocean County Clerk’s Office. “Scammers record fraudulent documents like fake deeds or record fake liens against property owners,” Colabella said. “In some instances, fraud on real property is not discovered for years. “To address these concerns and protect one of the most important assets a person has, my office now offers this free service that immediately notifies you by email whenever a document with your name is recorded in the County Clerk’s Office,” he said. Property owners can sign up for the free service by visiting and clicking on the Property Alert icon to access the Property Alert Service page. “It’s as simple as registering your name or business name and your email address and you will be automatically notified electronically if a document is recorded with your name,” Colabella said. Ocean County Freeholder Virginia E. Haines noted Colabella and the Ocean County Department of Information Technology collaborated on the project which resulted in the launching of the Property Alert Service in Ocean County. “This is an important service that can be accessed by our home-

owners and business owners,” said Haines, who serves as liaison to the Department of Information Technology. “Any tools that can help protect our residents from fraud and scammers are useful and benefit our property owners.” Thousands of documents are recorded annually at the County Clerk’s office. Of the 131,893 documents recorded in 2015, 24,492 were deeds and 22,778 were mortgages. “Based on the volume of deeds and mortgages recorded monthly, it’s not impossible for some items to be potentially fraudulent,” Colabella said. “This program will help property owners prevent potential scams from affecting them.” Kelly noted this program will also help seniors and their caregivers in making certain there is no fraudulent activity taking place. “Ocean County is home to more than 160,000 senior citizens,” Kelly said. “This is yet another way the County can offer some protection against scammers.” Colabella noted that unfortunately identity theft is a growing consumer complaint and property fraud which is a form of identity theft is on the rise. “While this service can’t prevent fraud, it’s important to be notified early that someone may be trying to steal your property without your knowledge,” Colabella said. He added that the only time recordings can be refused is when statutory guidelines are not met. “As long as a document meets statutory recording guidelines, New Jersey law requires the Clerk’s Office to record the document,” he said. “I am pleased we can offer this new program to help our constituents detect information that may be fraudulent.”

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JACKSON MILLS FIRE COMPANY HOSTING OPEN HOUSE OCT. 9 The Jackson Mills Volunteer Fire Company, Station 54, will be holding its annual “Open House and Fire Prevention Day” with a lot of different events and demonstrations then they normally do. According to Commissioner Brian Ruditsky, this year’s event should be the biggest and most interactive. We started this 5 years ago and it has grown tremendously. Commissioner Ruditsky explained that he applied for a grant from the New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board after seeing the “live” burn simulation at Rutgers University during Rutgers Day last April. The grant covers the cost of two rooms that are built side by side with one having a sprinkler. Both rooms are then set on fire. The demonstration will show the difference between working smoke detectors and a sprinkler to extinguish the fire, compared to having nothing at all. Ruditsky explained that after he witnessed the actual structure burn and how everyone watching couldn’t be-

lieve how fast a room can flashover, he thought it would be a great addition to this year’s Open House. He made contact with David Kurasz, Executive Director of the Advisory Board and determined that they were able to apply for the grant. I was extremely excited when Mr. Kurasz called and notified me that we would be receiving the grant for the demonstration. It is something that’s not seen every day in person, and will hopefully make everyone take fire safety a bit more seriously according to Ruditsky. In addition to the “live’ burn, Commissioner Ruditsky also has a state of the art “fire simulation” and “disaster” trailer coming courtesy of the U.S Navy Fire and Emergency Services District 5. This is a fully interactive simulation trailer for children to work through a potential fire in a kitchen or bedroom. They will have the full affect of simulated smoke and heat. The children will have to extinguish the fire using a fire extinguisher

equipped with a laser pointer. Ruditsky stated that he was so pleased to have made a contact with Chief Moore, who was able to make this happen for us. This year’s refreshments also have a different twist then in years past. Debbie Gray, Local Marketing Manager of Texas Road House in Hamilton Township, along with the Philly Pretzel Factory located in both Toms River (1845 Hooper Ave.) and in Howell (1418 Rt. 9 South) will be onsite handing out samples. Other events of the day, will include station tours, apparatus display, photo opportunities, hands on activities, music, photo booth, bounce house and refreshments. The first 200 children will receive a free Station 54 “future firefighter” tee- shirt courtesy of the Board of Fire Commissioners. As a special bonus this year, we are looking for children who can bring to us the past 5 years’ worth of “future firefighter” tee-shirts that were given out for a

special gift. I strive to make the event bigger and better every year, the Commissioner explained. I have great support from the local business to make this event cost free for everyone. We always appreciate our yearly sponsors, Jeff Marren from Tiger Snack Distributors, Brian Kohute from HJ Wealth Management, Enzos Pizza and the many more that help make the day great. The fireman love to see the children’s faces of enjoyment while being our guest for the day in the firehouse. It also helps with recruitment for the Volunteer Fire Company. It gives the adults firsthand knowledge of who we are and everything we do for the community from handling emergencies to public relations events. The event is being held on October 9th, 2016 between the hours of 10am and 2pm at the Jackson Mills Fire Station located at 465 N. County Line rd.

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BUSINESS ages Jackson’s student athletes to stay up to date on their eye care. While many of us like to forget the visits to the eye doctor, good eye care can actually help prevent sports injuries. Not only that, many times, struggling students who can’t read words on the classroom white board can see remarkable improvement after getting the right prescription for their eyes. “Keep your game on point and schedule an eye exam with us,” said Dr. Raghu. This fall, the Eye Center will be donating a portion of their proceeds to the Jackson Liberty Marching Band.


Farley’s Home Made Ice Cream has opened their second location next to the former McGinn’s restaurant on Route 537, on your way back to Jackson from Great Adventure.

Corrnestone Kitchen and Tap is now open for business. Owners Angel and Justin Hatch are bringing with them a menu of fresh locally grown and inspired dishes with a fantastically delightful menu. Cornerstone occupies the former 21 South bar which shut its doors after 4 years in April.

Dr. Miriam Furlong at Jackson Orthodontics would like to remind parents that back to school is a good time to schedule your children’s dental checkups. “Now that many of the schools will be back in session, it is important to schedule visits in advance. “With school, clubs, sports, and family duties to consider, we know that it can be challenging to find time to visit Jackson Orthodontics this fall,” she said. “In order to accommodate all of our patients’ busy schedules, it is important that you plan ahead for your appointments so that we are able to Thew New Jersey Pond Guys, provide you with a convenient ap- owned by Jackson Resident Chris pointment time.” Tallarico have been busy this year building fantastic fish ponds all over New Jersey. If you’re ever in the market for a koi pond, be sure to support the local guys! In September they will be hosting a self-guided Monmouth and Ocean County pond tour. See their ad on page 39 for more details on the tour.

Are you suffering from an Olympics hangover? Cure it with the Karate Dojo at Jackson Crossing Plaza who is offering new enrollment to kids and adults. The Dojo offers martial arts training for all ages. This month they are offering specials for Philly Pretzel Factory of Howell first responders and back-to-school made these pretty unique back to specials. school pretzels. They now will spell any words you want in pretzels! Visit their store on Route 9 next to the post office to check it out.

On The Spot Graphics, Jackson’s hometown t-shirt printing business published a Pokemon Go! map which was given out last month at National Night Out. The map encourages players to visit local businesses with coupons and included a chance to win a visa card raffle. On the Spot also announced their newest school spirit store for Elms Elementary School and celebrated their third school year as the official school apparel vendor for Jackson Liberty’s booster clubs. Owner Nadine Dem invites others schools to explore the possibility of operating a hassle free fundraising school store online through their company. The Green Leaf Pet Resort has been helping local canines beat the dog days of summer at their doggie swimming pool. They hosted their first doodle pool party in the pool that was custom built jus for dogs.

The Eye Center of Jackson, located in the Shop-Rite plaza encour-

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One of the coolest places for kids in New Jersey during the fall is just a few minutes down the road in Manalapan. Happy Day Farm is an amazing destination full of everything kids are looking for in fall. What is now a yearly statewide event, started as a backyard project for owner Tim Stockel just a few years ago. “In 2004 my wife and I were blessed with the arrival of our beautiful daughter Trinity,” said owner Tim

Stockel. “In 2006 when Trinity was 2 years old, I thought it would be a great idea to grow a pumpkin patch so we took a ride to Manalapan Hardware and bought a few packets of pumpkin seeds and planted them in a garden 30 x 30.” “To my surprise since I had not grown pumpkins before our pumpkin patch was very successful.,” he said. “One Sunday in October when the pumpkins were ready for harvest my daughter and I went over to pick the pumpkins, we took

many pictures and we both got such enjoyment and delight out of how successful our pumpkin patch grew. That day I had an idea that next year we would make the pumpkin patch larger and start an October Fest party and invite all of our family and friends.” In 2007 Stockel doubled his pumpkin patch to a 60 x 60 garden and again he had another successful year growing his pumpkins. That year he was unable to have the October Fest because he and his wife welcomed the arrival of

their son Liam. “In 2008 with the success of growing pumpkins the past 2 years I decided to grow yet another pumpkin patch but this time on 1 acre of land and we were finally able to have our October Fest with family and friends who enjoyed a fun fall day,” he said. “ In 2009 with our success of growing pumpkins I decided to try my hand at my first corn maze. To my surprise the corn maze was a success and this too became a part of our now annual October Fest. As you can imagine as our family and friends grow our October Fest has continued to get larger and larger. In 2010 I decided to turn my success and love for growing pumpkins and the corn maze and my love for planting the earth’s fruit into my passion to open Happy Day Farm.” Their September apple festival attracts thousands of people from around the state and is rated as one of the top fall attractions at the Jersey Shore.

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Jackson’s Central Jersey Italian American Club hosted a car show in the parking at their new home in Prospect Plaza in August. The club, which has been a nearly 40 year fixture in the Jackson Township community is also seeking to grow and invites residents to become members.

They are always open to new members interested in Italian Heritage, community service, and monthly activities. They are looking to grow as a club that started in Jackson approximately 37 years ago. Their next big event will be marching in the Seaside Heights Columbus Day parade.

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H E A LT H & M E D I C I N E

By Matt Edgar America’s Health Writer Jersey Shore - If you suffer with painful knee arthritis, the next 72 hours may be extremely important to you. Here is why: If you are like most seniors... you worked hard your whole life. You sacrificed. You did without. You paid your dues. You may have even fought for and helped build your country. Now it’s time to get a little back. It’s time for YOU. It’s time to enjoy the life you built and do all the things you deserve. But retirement came with ONE BIG PROBLEM. For many, the pain and stiffness of knee arthritis has destroyed the golden years. Robbing seniors of all their hopes and dreams. Well let me tell you two things that are abundantly clear... It’s Not Fair And It’s Not Your Fault And it’s not the way you imagined it would be. Well, thank goodness... Due to advances in medical science, technology and treatments, seniors are now eliminating pain, re-claiming their youth... and living the


REAL retirement dream. And for many, knee arthritis pain has already become a thing of the past. Things have changed. One such advanced medical treatment for knee arthritis is called viscosupplementation. And viscosupplementation has already helped thousands in the Jersey Shore area for three very important reasons. Reason #1: It Works Viscosupplementation is an advanced medical treatment w h e r e trained doctors put special FDA-app r o v e d lubricating medicines directly into the arthritic knee joint. These lubricating substances are all-natural, but manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and cleared by the FDA to make sure you get the highest They are NOT unregulated over- the-counter supplements that could literally contain just about ANYTHING. There are several different types of lubricating fluids available and when the right one is introduced into your arthritic knee, the results for many people, can be won-

derful. It is not uncommon to relieve pain and stiffness within just a few weeks and the results often last for 6 months. More for many. And a second round of treatments is believed to have a cumulative effect and often works better than the first - leading to years with less pain. Reason #2: Doctor’s Focusing In Advanced Knee Arthritis Treatments In Wall, NJ In 2009, the specialists at Osteo Relief Institute introduced viscosupplementation to their cutting-edge medical facility located in Wall, New Jersey. During those several years, the experts at Osteo Relief have not only helped thousands in the Jersey Shore area...they have perfected the “Osteo Relief Method.” The Osteo Relief Method

combines viscosupplementation with advanced diagnostic imaging to achieve the best possible results. This special digital imaging allows doctors to see into the arthritic knee joint and deliver the special lubricating gel medicine EXACTLY where it needs to be. This also allows the procedure to be virtually painless. Research has shown that there is a 30% chance the lubricating fluid can miss the joint space without this advanced digital imagining so Osteo Relief Institute has spared no expense to offer patients the best possible chance to eliminate their pain. Osteo Relief Institute also offers several different joint lubricating gels. Every patient is individual and the experts at Osteo Relief Institute have found that using a different joint lubricating gel is often the key to success.

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H E A LT H & M E D I C I N E


Too often, doctors either miss the joint completely because they do not have the proper imaging... or they only use one joint lubricating gel that is not right for you. Making sure the right joint lubricating gel actually goes where it is sup-posed to can make all the difference... and can get results when others have failed. This is why knee arthritis pain sufferers travel from all over the country to be treated at the Osteo Relief Headquarters in Wall, New Jersey. Reason #3: Treatment Is Covered By Medicare And Other Insurance Medical care can be expensive. And, sadly, that cost often keeps good, hard working people from getting the treatment they need and deserve. The good news is: the treatments offered at Osteo Relief Institute...because they are real researched procedures... are covered by Medicare and most other insurance companies. This has opened the doors and allowed count-less knee

pain sufferers in the Jersey Shore area to get the best possible care without going broke in the process. That’s why the experts at Osteo Relief are offering a special knee screening. This knee

screening is open to anyone in the Jersey Shore area with knee pain who would like to see if the advanced medical procedures offered at Osteo Relief Institute can help you. This screening is no obliga-

HOW TO CLAIM YOUR KNEE SCREENING WITHIN THE NEXT 72 HOURS If you would like to see if you qualify and are a candidate for a complete examination and possible treatments, the experts at Osteo Relief Institute have made it easy for you. All you have to do is call the direct hot line set up specifically for the Special Health Update you are reading right now. The hotline number is (732)


When a scheduling specialist answers the phone, just tell them you read this Special Health Update and you would like to claim your knee arthritis screening. There is no risk or obligation to have this screening. It will take about 20

minutes and you will know if you are a possible candidate for treatments and should have further evaluation... or if other treatments are right for your individual case. You will have an opportunity to have all your questions answered at the Osteo Re-lief Institute. Due to overwhelming demand, your screening can only be guaranteed for the next 72 hours. So, if you would like to see if these advanced medical treatments can relieve or eliminate your knee arthritis pain like it has already done for thousands in the Jersey Shore area... call right now

(732) 640-5066


tion, risk-free and allows the doc’s to know if you are a candidate for further evaluation and if you might qualify to be accepted for treatment - or if other treatments would be better for you. It only takes 20 minutes and the worst that can happen is you find out this treatment is not for you. At might find the answer to your pain that allows you to recapture your youth. Osteo Relief Institute has set up a special hot-line just for this Special Health Update. The number is (732) 798-7740 Because Osteo Relief Institute is dedicated to giving every single patient the individual time and attention they need, they can only offer a limited number of screenings every month. For that reason, your screening is only guaranteed for the next 72 hours.

The number is (732) 640-5066

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The Jackson Red Bulls soccer team completed an amazing spring season last month by winning the US Soccer Club national championship. After finishing 2nd in the 13u bracket in 2015, the Red Bulls came on strong this season winning the MAPS 2016 Spring Soccer Challenge in March before taking the New Jersey Cup in May. From there, the team went on to win the regional EDP premier elite soccer tournament, featuring teams from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland. At regionals level, the Red Bulls bested the four team pool consisting of teams from New Jersey,

Massachusetts and New York State. In the national final they faced off against the Campton United out of Illinois in a pack that included teams from Canada, Maine, Rhode Island and Washington state. In a qualifier game, down 0-1 most of the game, they scored two goals to take a 2-1 lead over Campton. Next they faced the EastSide FC out of Seattle Washington. EastSide FC played a tough defense, but the Red Bulls wore them down and were able to score 2 unanswered goals to win the match 2-0. The third game was against a very confident team from Sacramento, California.

The Boys from Jackson knew they were one game away from playing for the National Championship and understood what was at stake. They played a superb game of soccer and took matters into their own hands. When the final whistle blew the Red Bulls were victorious with the score 4-nill. The championship game played that Monday morning was against the same team from Illinois they played the first day. Beating a team twice is hard enough normally, but could be a seemingly impossible task at this level during a National Cup Championship. The Red Bulls played well and were ahead 2-0 with a minute to go in the half but

unfortunately gave up a goal right before half time. Coming into the second half with a score of 2-1 made the boys and their fans very nervous but a few minutes into the second half the Red Bulls got the much needed third goal to give them a little breathing room playing out the rest of the second half. As the final whistle blew, they were National Champs by ascore of 3-1. Emotions were all over the place. The team was coached by Gerry Clarke.

JAGS LOOKING FOR THIRD CONSECUTIVE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Dynasties don’t come often in the world of High School football, but Jackson Memorial is about to embark on a journey that could have their football team be just that. After winning the state title in 2014 and 2015, the Jags are working hard this summer to win their third consecutive state group championship. Only six schools have won three championships in a row in the entire history of New Jersey High School football. This year seniors Mike Gawlik (RB) and Dan Barker (QB) will be backed by a solid offensive line that includes Sean Martin, Joe Hurley, Lar-

ry Richardson and Mitch Mills, the heart of the Jaguar offense. This year the Jags will be without graduating seniors Vinny Lee (RB), Kyle Johnson (WR), Dylan Smith and Austin Ostrander. Last year the team had an 8-4 record, short of their 2014, 10-1 championship season, but at the end of the day nobody cares what your season record was if you win three championships in a row. Coach Walt Krystopik enters his 6th season as head coach, bring with him a 38-17 career record. With a veteran coaching staff and a solid veteran offense, the Jags might just pull it off.

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Former Jackson Township resident and Holbrook Little Leaguer Anthony Ranaudo joined the Chicago White Sox and fellow former Ocean County Little Leaguer Todd Frazier on Wednesday night. Ranaudo pitched 6 2/3 innings and gave up 3 runs, but hit his first career major league home run. Both Frazier and Ranaudo hail from Ocean County and were dominant Little Leaguers. Frazier’s story is a national headline, but Ranaudo led

his Holbrook Little League team to a New Jersey state championship during his time. After striking out Derek Jeter, his first MLB batter, Ranaudo has struggled at the major league level, bouncing around the farm systems for the Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers before being called up by the White Sox. In 10 innings this year, Ranaudo is 0-1 with a 6..75 earned run average. He started two games.

PINE BELT CHEVROLET SCORES A GOAL WITH THE JACKSON SOCCER CLUB In the spirit of community collaboration and teamwork taught through youth sports, Pine Belt Chevrolet of Lakewood is supporting Jackson Soccer Club through the Chevrolet Youth Soccer Program. This sponsorship will include both monetary and equipment donations during the 2016 youth soccer season. Chevrolet Youth Soccer is a grassroots initiative that establishes a positive relationship between local dealers and the communities they serve. Pine Belt is sponsoring Jackson Soccer Club as a part of Chevrolet’s nation-wide commitment to support youth sports, one community at a time. Over the course of the season, the company will donate equipment to the organization which may include: soccer balls, ball bags, ball pumps, field cones, coach’s kits, corner flags, scrimmage vests, mini pop-up goals and

first aid kits. Also, thanks to Pine Belt and other participating area Chevrolet dealers, youth soccer participants will have a chance to attend a free youth clinic with professional soccer coaches. “We are looking forward to a great season with Jackson Soccer Club that will be filled with exciting games and an enhanced experience for the teams through the equipment and cash donations” Dan Ariel, of Pine Belt said. “Chevrolet Youth Soccer is just one example of how committed our dealership is to supporting the youth and families in our community.” The 2016 program will provide assistance to over 225 organizations in the Northeastern region and Chevrolet dealers will contribute over $340,000 in monetary and equipment donations.

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ADULT LEAGUE BASEBALL CHAMPIONS CROWNED It was a close game going into the top of the 4th inning in Sayreville where Holbrook Little League took on Millville Little League for the state championship in the 11 year old division. In the bottom of the 4th inning, Holbrook put 3 runs on the board to take the lead. Putting on more insurance runs, RJ

Vashey hit a two run double in the bottom of the sixth inning, after a solo home run by Charlie Meglio. Holbrook won 7-0. League President Tony Del Vecchio noted the win was the first time the 11 year old teams have won at the state level.

The Jackson Bald Eagles won the 2016 Holbrook Mens League Championship with a close 7-6 victory this month. The team was full of past Jackson high school players. Chris Russo started the Eagles on their way with a 3-run home run in the 4th. Down 6-3, Bryan Johnston hit a Grand Slam Homerun to put the Eagles ahead 7-6 in the top

of the 7th. Danny Serreino got the save in relief of Joe Reale who got the win. The team included Ryan Allen, Bobby Brown, Jake Byford, Mike Cantalino, Brandon Holup, Corey Johnson, Kyle Johnson, Bryan Johnston, Matt Meleo, John Mucia, Joe Reale, Chris Russo, Danny Serreino & Clayton Smarslok.

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Holbrook Little League, in conjunction with the James Volpe Foundation hosted the annual James Volpe Wiffleball Tournament in August. Hundreds of children and adults participated in an all day tournment to help raise money for the foundation which helps achieve the dreams of disadvantage Jackson youth athletes. The foundation also helps to fund projects in town such as new scoreboards and equipment for sports teams. James Volpe, a Jackson Memorial baseball future star lost his life in a tragic car accident five years ago. Christina Volpe, James’ mother told the crowd prior to the event that she was so happy to see how the residents of Jackson have been able to turn such a terrible incident into a positive and community building effort that it has become. Everyone at the event sported t-shirts with Volpe’s trademark #9 uniform number.

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