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Cries of the Heart

By Amram Dulag

Acknowledgement Special thanks is given to Althea, whose picture appears on the cover; her beauty really complements the exciting stories herein contained.

The eyes of love There was this young blind girl in a village, 19 years of age; many admired her exceptional beauty, but because of her bad attitude, guys were disappointed, they were not strong enough to accept her as she is.

One day, a doctor visited the blind girl’s village; the said doctor, a single man, was 15 years older than her. The purpose of the visit was to help those in need; he has traveled the world over, but his heart has not found a girl he truly loves.

A week after his arrival, an old lady came to his portable clinic, informing him that someone has a high fever and needs immediate attention. Although a bit tired due to a day’s activity, he forced himself to move and went straight away to the patient’s house.

Upon reaching it, he found a girl trembling, as if lying outside in a cold windy night. The doctor touched her forehead, and

said slowly with a deep masculine voice “ how are you feeling, sweet girl?”, the girl hold his right hand tightly and replied “not good sir”.

The doctor raised his left arm, pointed to the lighted lamp and said “make the light bigger, adjust it please, I want to see her face clearly.” And so the elderly lady did. As the light from the lamp started to saturate the girl’s face, the doctor could not

believe what he was seeing. It was a face, so rare in beauty, that even the knights of ancient times would be willing to die for. The doctor cared for her up to the time she was completely healed.

A special friendship was developed between them; there were times when the girl felt so lonely, times when she felt so sad, times when she felt the world was no good to live, but in all those unpleasant moments, the doctor was always there like a security guard, ready to rescue her from danger at anytime.

The girl’s parents noticed a change in their daughter’s character; before, it was full of anger but now it was full of

kindness. As months rolled by, the friendship between the doctor and the girl became more intense, and it finally transformed itself into a romantic relationship.

The doctor said to himself “I have found the girl of my dreams; it is now a perfect time for me to express a marriage proposal.” One night, before they temporarily part ways as usual, the doctor slowly touch the girl’s hand and said “honey, we have been together as lovers for quite sometime, I guess it is better for us to settle down in marriage.” “darling, you are so kind to me, but even though I love you dearly, I could not marry you.” the girl answered. “Do you really mean that? But why?”, the doctor questioned. The girl pulled the doctor close to her soft body tightly, then whispered into

his ears, “ darling, I am blind and I don’t want you to suffer all your life just to care for me, if only am not blind, I will marry you right away”. They separate ways that evening, but the doctor’s heart was still hearing the girl’s words saying “if only am not blind, I will marry you right away”.

The following morning, the two lovers met again, the doctor said “honey, do you really mean it when you said you will marry me if you are not blind?”, the girl said, “yes, of course darling”. In reply, the doctor said, “next week, you have to undergo an operation, then a week after that, you will be able to see with your two eyes.” She was then operated as scheduled; a week after that, it was the girl’s birthday. “happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you”, she heard her family singing, but not her boyfriend’s voice. After they sang the birthday song, her father said “another doctor from the city is here, he will now take the cover from your eyes; hopefully you will be able to see”. The said doctor carefully took off the cover and placed them aside. She was told to open her eyes. She then opened it slowly, and as expected, a reflection of light began to appear in her mother’s dress. “I can see now, I can see all of you”, the girl shouted for joy. An hour passed, the girl could no longer hold her peace, she asked her father where is her boyfriend?

Instead of answering the question, the father took her by the hand, let her ride in a car, and off they went to the doctor’s clinic. Upon arrival, she could not see the doctor in his table.

Her father said, “come, your boyfriend is inside resting”. When the girl opened the door, she saw her boyfriend lying on a bed with both eyes covered. “Come here honey”, the doctor’s deep voice reached her ears.“ how are you? are you happy that you are able to see the world?”. The girl was shocked, knowing that her lover gave both of his eyes for her sake. “now, answer me, will you marry me?”, the girl was silent for a few minutes, she could not speak a word.“ do you love me more than my eyes?”, asked the doctor. She hold the man’s hand as gentle as she could, and said “ yes, I love the eyes you gave me, but I love the one who gave it more”.

Silent crush

Thea was a third year high school student, and like other Filipina teenagers, she also had a crush. A day, for her, would never be considered complete if she is not able to see the boy she likes in school; but there was a little problem, Thea did not want to show her feelings toward her crush. There were times when she was with her classmates, and the boy whom she got attracted to happened to pass by, instead of saying “hi”, she would just stay silent and act as if the boy is invisible or not around; but deep inside, she was giggling with excitement. The boy’s name was known in the school campus as Al, and he also got a crush on Thea. The difference between Al and Thea was the way they handle their feelings. Al was not afraid to show it in public, he was expressive; while Thea wanted her feelings to be in secret. In other words, student-friends were not aware that Thea had a crush on Al, but they knew Al had a crush on Thea. One day, Thea was inside the school library and was busy writing something. While there, she noticed someone sitting in another table. She then realized that it was Al; she continued to write, but her hand became restless and full of sweat; she could not also control her eyes, and she threw a lot of stolen quick glances at the boy. After Al finished his assignments, he stood

up and walked slowly to where Thea was sitting. When he was about three feet away, he said “hello Thea, how are you this morning?”; Thea did not answer, she only winked one of her eyes as a way of giving a reply, then slightly bowed her head and write again. A week after that, Thea’s friend Liza poked her on the waist while saying “happy birthday girl”. Thea smiled and said “you are really my friend, for you remember my birthday”; Liza took something from her bag and handed it to Thea, “it’s for you, open it at home”. When Thea arrived home, she did the usual things such as texting, eating and surfing the internet. When it was almost time for bed, she remembered what Liza gave her, so she got it and opened it slowly. It was a small card with a picture of a bunch of flowers, red in color, partially bulging on the surface, enough for the eyes to view it like real. Inside, a message can be read “There are thousands of beautiful girls in this planet, but for me, you are the most beautiful; Happy birthday Thea, signed – Al.” “Wow, those words are few of the nicest I ever read in my high school life”, Thea said to herself, then closed her eyes to rest. “Thea, wake up or you will be late!” her mother yelled loudly. “Yes mom, I will be there in a minute”, Thea experienced a sweet sleep, maybe it is because she knew that someone cared for her very much.

Back in school, Thea did the usual things a normal student would do, laughing with friends, sitting under a shade, teasing each other, reading in the library…etc. However, this was a strange day in school for she did not see a shadow of Al, her secret crush. Three days had passed, no AL to be found, she felt really bad, but pretended to be okay. Another day had passed, still the same. She wondered where Al was, then one of her classmates said “ Our teacher announced that tomorrow, all of us students, will visit a family who has recently lost a lovedone”. Thea replied “ok, so that means no class tomorrow”. They end their conversation by separating temporarily for home. The scheduled day for them to visit arrived, and so they went. Thea and her favorite classmate, were at the end of the line of students upon reaching the house of the bereaved family. The house was full of people; Thea and her classmate could not get in anymore. While outside, Thea overheard someone saying “ too bad, Al Died so early, he is not old enough to leave this earth that quick”. One of her classmate commented, “yes true indeed, Mr. Al should not have died that young.” Thea on the other hand felt a great loss, for she liked the boy so much.

Tears slowly slide out of Thea’s two charming eyes, she could not help but miss the chance of being with Al, she did regret the moments where she could have accepted the friendship Al persistently offered; they could have been lovers. While Thea was crying, her teacher approached her, asked her why. Her favorite classmate told the teacher, “maam, it’s all about Al, he was gone. Thea has a crush on him secretly.” After hearing it, the teacher smiled, and said to Thea “hey, be strong, don’t feel sad. You know, Al jr. is not dead; It is his father – Al sr.” Then the teacher called Al jr.“ come over here, comfort Thea, she is very sad, she thought you are the one who have died.” Al immediately went to Thea’s side, placed his right arm over her shoulder and said, “Don’t cry Thea, am not dead; Let’s be friends, I will do my best to make you happy, I promise.” The friendship between them grew like a tree, and it yielded a very good fruit, the most tasty of all, that of love. Note: If you would like to know more e-books that are available, kindly visit this website:

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Cries of the heart  

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