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My running career has allowed me to push myself in ways I could never have imagined; taking me to state & national championships, D1 Athletic scholarships, and most importantly instilling in me the mechanics to think actively and critically. I humbly believe that in many ways I became like a modern Socrates--the difference being the empty trails and roads serving as my rock of contemplation and the world’s problems as my muse.

Naturally, I chose Philosophy to engage my eager and energetic intellect, and it became like a drug for me---my mind expanding unflinchingly to uncover the wisdom of ethics, logic, politics, society, law, existentialism, God and relate all these ideas to how they mattered today.

WHY ADVERTISING? We live in a period of great polarities: in culture, politics, morality, & even art. Consequently, the human condition has been forced to constantly evolve & re-orientate itself on a daily basis. The result we are left with is anxiety--a nervousness of the unknown, a desire for acceptance & status, a need for recognition, an unease towards the future.

The solution to this anxiety is simple yet deeply profound: storytelling. It gives a narrative to explain the unknown, a hero to emulate, a world to escape in and allow for reflection. In many ways, advertising has surplanted itself as the modern myth--connecting people to the world in a way that is always relevant, interesting, and emotionally engaging. I look towards advertising in this manner--as something more than selling goods, but rather as a way of creating a compelling story that feeds an audience craving to be nourished.


have worked with many young aspiring planners, but I can safely say that I know Iain will do great things in this industry. The energy he possesses lends itself incredibly well to a vibrant, ever-evolving industry like advertising, and I know Iain will be able to grow, achieve and succeed with whatever he does, particularly in this type of arena. � -Micheal Dezso, Director of Planning, JWT Atlanta

“ Iain

worked on multiple projects during his time at Media Arts Lab and quickly immersed himself in his role as a Content Planner. Iain succeeded in developing relationships across the agency. He served as a product expert and applied information and insights that were on the cutting edge of the industry. Iain is an individual who fully The Cheesecake Factory/ invests himself in his work and holds himself personally accountable for excellence. At the same time, he is a team player.� -Elena Hale, Chief Strategic Officer, TBWA/Media Arts Lab




Buisness Overview

Developing and deploying mobile fitness pods to America’s professional coaches and small gyms. Working with each client to develop sales and marketing strategies at affordable pricing, Axelerate sets out to create a healthier, more energized America.



America has a chornically ill, stressed, obese and out-ofshape workforce that ulitmately plagues employers with high health related costs and reduced productivty at work.


People simply do not have enough time to take care of themselves with increasing work hours and commitment to family & friends even though they have sufficient access to healthy food, gyms and wellness information.


Secondary Research Primary Research

• On-the-street Interviews • Online • Trade shows


Iain Turnbull - CEO Scott Neel - CFO


Many companies are encompassing more comprehensive fitness programs into their corporate wellnes plans thanks to savings provided by the Affordable Care Act.

Educated people are becoming increasingly health and fitness conscious.




Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3

Deliver ‘mobile’ fitness solutions for a personalized and convenient workout experience (i.e. place of work, apartment complexes, movie studios, etc.)

Professional coaches with a minimum of 5 years experience and small gyms who want to expand their reach while maintaining their brand integrity.

Single-Unit Franchise. Design, develop and sell mobile fitness studios to be leased or bought by professional coaches and/or small gyms with value added sales and geographic marketing strategies and information.

Launch Fitness Pod demos and sales in Georgia Produce and sell Fitness Pods nation wide Staff and operate Axelerate Fitness Pods



Fitness Pod rendering


Light-weight and quickly expandable, Axelerate’s Fitness Pods allow for mazimum workout utilization of a shipping container sized unit. Areas such as parking lots or fields offer excellent venues to deploy a unit. Workouts can range from spin and yoga to TRX and kettlebell classes.

TBWA/ MEDIA ARTS LAB Content Planner

Sought after graduation, to work in leading worldwide advertising agency - a fast paced, highly innovative environment where renowned awared winning ad campaigns for Apple are developed and delivered. Lead iPhone competitive writer, curator of apps, Siri and other relevant product content.


iPhone 4s print iPhone 4s ‘Personalities’ iPhone 5 launch iPhone 5 ‘Simple Truths’ iPhone 5 ‘Apps’


iPad ‘Apps’



Siri in the real world

samuel jackson / ‘date night’

john malkovich / ‘joke’ + ‘life’

zooey deschanel / ‘rainy day’

martin scorsese / ‘busy day’


CREATIVE EXECUTIONS / iPhone 5 ‘Simple Truths’ ‘physics’ launch spot

‘orchestra’ noise canceling microphone ‘ears’ ear pods

‘dream’ do not disturb

‘cheese’ panorama

‘thumb’ screen size

‘turkey’ shared photo steam




iPhone + iPad ‘Apps’





Identify an opportunity that seeks to drive additional traffic to The Cheesecake Factory and create an advertising campaign that reflects the restaurant’s personality and emotional appeal.

Buisness Overview # 1 causal-dining restaurant in the US: serving 72+million customers last year. The menu features over 200+ items of worldly inspired cuisine.



Primary Research • Street interviews Secondary Research • Competitve analysis • Online Search


Produced by

Iain Turnbull-AP Danielle Travers-AP Claire Meyers-CW Tufan Guzelogu-AD


The Cheesecake Factory is well positioned to become the emotional leader in the category. The Aspiriational Customer Middle Class working American suburbanites. They subscribe to designer brands and labels as it an emotional connection to the finer things in life, but may not always have the disposable income for high-end purchases or experiences. They compromise the vast majority of viewership on the Travel Channel & Food Network, as the programing offers an escape from usual and mundane. The Cheesecake Factory is seen as a glimpse of what the high-life could be like for these hardworking individuals and is thus experienced as a reward and luxury from the everyday grind. Customers love The Cheesecake Factory, but they have become distracted because of their busy lives, copycat restaurants such as P.F Chang’s encroaching on their territory, and lower-end restaurants such as Applebee’s and Friday’s creating white noise & clutter with their unimaginative and tacky ads. The Cheesecake Factory does not stand-out as a destination in and of itself, as it is associated with an overall bigger experience of shopping or sight-seeing.


Americans want an exclusive dining experience, but don’t always have the money for it.


Bring a taste of culinary exclusivity to the masses to get people excited and return more frequently.


The Cheesecake Factory always exceeds your expectations.

Partner with the Food Network and feature different celebrity chefs’ curated dishes in a campaign called “The Cheesecake Presents”---accentuating The Cheesecake Factory’s over-the-top and imaginative approach to dining while allowing access to food that many customers would never experience.

Launch Time Line YEAR 1 JAN – MAR Chef Selection NOV Promo Chef 1 OCT Leak Chef 1 APR – AUG Menu Devo & Testing SEPT Announce Program DEC Employee Training Chef 1

YEAR 2 JAN Chef 1 REPEAT CHEF 3 APR Chef 2 FEB Leak Chef 2 MAR Promo Chef 2 REPEAT CHEF 4


Enhancing Expectations


The Cheesecake Factory’s messaging embodies a playful and light-hearted tone that says just much as about the maximalist approach to its food and decor as to its personality and overall experience. (the nachos really do come with a hand towel)


Cooking, travel, and fashion magazines.


The Cheesecake Factory is infamous for its long waits and uncomfortable waiting area. A simple, yet novel solution to exceed the customer’s expectations was to create an app that eliminates the need for the short range buzzer alerts the restaurant currently uses. Using geo-location, the app determines the restaurant’s location and generates a barcode which the hostess will scan when the customer checks in with her. The app will then keep track of the time remaining until their table is ready, display a menu to pre-order appetizers on, and allow the customer to roam around the mall or sights the city has to offer--keeping track of their distance from the restaurant and alerts to tell how long it will take to walk back.



Create an out-of-home messaging campaign to get black MSM at risk for HIV tested more frequently.

Buisness Overview

Get Screened Oakland is a non-profit organization that strives to create awareness of the risks of HIV---encouraging men and women to get tested frequently.



Black Men-Seeking-Men (MSM) 18-44 Low-income, low-skilled & poorly educated with only a high school diploma or GED. They subscribe to high-end luxury brands as it elevates their current socio-cultural socioeconomic status--living above their means. Ultimately, the group can be characterized as hedonistic pleasure-seeking men who are not future oriented and are thus harder to convince to get tested for HIV frequently.

People are not getting tested for HIV frequently enough.


Secondary Research Primary Research

• On-the-street Interviews


Produced by

Iain Turnbull-AP Danielle Travers-AP Claire Meyers-CW Tufan Guzelogu-AD


Denial leads people to underestimate their risk and get tested too late. They don’t consider themselves gay or bi-sexual, largely due to the rampant homophobia within the community— seen in rap, churches, & in the focus on masculinity. They consider themselves straight black men who happen to sleep with men on occasion. If they do identify as gay, they’re unlikely to come out. This leads to a group that isn’t getting tested frequently because they don’t see themselves as “part of that group.” Sex is great, but people don’t want to think of the consequences.






If we framed the statistics in positive scenarios, people would perceive their chances of getting HIV higher.

When asked if the odds of 1-in-5 or 1-in-3 were good enough to win a car our audience responded that it was still “like one-in-a-million chances of winning,” & “the chances just aren’t high enough.”

Our target audience does not understand their risks because they do not understand abstract numbers.

Convey statistics in easy, tangible scenarios to get people to perceive numbers and their risk differently, ultimately going to get tested more frequently. People are numbers, too


Use qualitative research methodologies to get an insight driven propostion for an advertising campaign to launch a new online dating site.

Category Overview Over 800 lifestyle and dating sites, with and eHarmony being ranked the most popular. There are 163+ million men & women use online dating (roughly 48% female & 53% male) and 1-in-5 of all committed couples have met online. In 2011 the industry spent $932 million in advertising Methodologies Primary Research: • Focus Groups • One-on-one interviews Secondary Research • Market Analysis • Creating User Profiles Produced by Iain Turnbull-AP Alex Solomon-AP Racheal Stirrling-CW Leyla Moussaoui-AD



80’s Babies (22-31) The most educated generation in the world’s history, they have been raised by the internet and thus devote a substantial amount of time online---70+ million using facebook regularly. They are hesitant towards getting married due to the divorce rate remaining around 50%, yet they value the idea of marriage. Correspondingly, they are striving for their own personal ambitions and career goals before getting married. They are wided-eyed and hopeful for the future as they see it as an opportunity to step-in for an older generation that is out-of-touch with the rest of the world and are meaningfully seeking out bluntness and honesty in others.

The target is skeptical at best when it comes to online dating. They’ve heard the horror stories of people showing up to meet what was thought to be a perfect date and instead find an older, fat, crazy person waiting with a sock puppet. They are mistrusting because they know that people are consciously or subconsciously decitful when contrusting a profile and answering “dating questions”--other’s perceptions of who they are not always aligning with reality.


Online social identities are too scattered and numerous. There is no authenticity or succinctness with identity as it is too easy to sign-up and create new profiles and personalities whenever one feels like it.


The “true you” is the you around your friends. No one knows you better than your friends do, and they will call “bull-shit” when they see you acting out of character. Similarly, your Facebook identity is the closest version of the real you online because your friends are always there with all your posts showing up on their mini-feeds--just a click away to keep you honest all the time and calling “bullshit” if you say you enjoy sky diving when, in fact you’ve never been.



Use Facebook’s strength in “friend-accountability” to inter-link and create a genuine and honest dating profile that will gain the trust and loyality of 80’s Babies and discredit other dating sites. Friends keep you honest and attractive



DATINGSITE.COM Simple and to the point, the sites name embodies a persona of confidence and assurance in knowing what it stands for

WORD CLOUD An algorithm pulls relevant info off a user’s Facebook page and displays it in the form of a word cloud that is central to a user’s profile page

FACEBOOK One of Facebook’s early appeals was that users could check-out that cute guy/girl in class and see if they were single or not. However, this appeal has largely gone untapped--with the random and occasional poke predominately being used as the main form of fliration on Facebook. Datingsite’s Facebook application allows those on Facebook to get a quick idea of who is single and who is not, while also giving a sense of what that person is like with a word cloud that conveys likes/dislikes/ humor/personality, a recent picture and their age.


CUTTING TO THE CHASE The tone is punchy and as direct and unapologetically honest as a friend would be if they caught you lying. The negative space compliments the message, further conveying a simpler and thus more pleasant online dating experience.

PLACEMENT Poster sized conversational pieces in bars, changing rooms, college campus busstops, and gyms

EGGS The Assignment

With the safety of eggs in question, a lingering and deepening recession that stripped food budgets to the bone, and much more convenient cereal options available, how could we possibly ask moms to serve more eggs to their kids?

Category Overview

The Egg Board oversees all advertising and marketing initiatives related to eggs. Sales have been declining since 2006 but Americans still see the egg as a staple, with 90% of all refrigerators containing eggs.


The Egg

One of the few foods that contain vitamin D. They supply all essential amino acids for humans. Contain Cholin-important nutrient for brain development, especially fetal brain development


Secondary Research Primary Research • On-the-street Interviews

Produced by

Iain Turnbull-AP Danielle Travers-AP Claire Meyers-CW Tufan Guzelogu-AD


Working lower-middle class moms Multi-dimensional, multi-tasking women who are considered the CEOs of the household-making all executive decisions from purchases to how their children are raised. They often have little time for themselves as their day consists of dropping off and picking up their children at school or soccer practice, working, and having time to run errands in between. Roughly 70% of all moms are working and spend their day mirroring the scenario given. Unfortunately, 71% of moms do not trust advertising as they believe advertisers do not understand what it is truly like to be a mom.

Egg sales are declining in the U.S. The Salmonella scare had a very short-term and limited impact on sales. However, budgets are more tight on families now, and moms are forced to figure out cost-effective ways of feeding their families without sacrificing nutrition.


Moms are buying eggs as a food staple, but they’re consuming them as breakfast food only on the weekends. We’ve got to shift that relationship— buy them as staples, eat them as staples.


Moms are embracing what is difficult because they see more reward and value in it. They do this mainly for their families, as they want their children to grow up having healthy, productive lives.



Get moms to have the nutritional value of eggs as top-of-mind when shopping, while showing her the healthy happy life she deserves that can be easily and inexpensively gained with eggs.

A happy, healthy life starts with an egg.






EXPERIENCE Axelerate Fitness - Founder February 2013 - Present

•Created comprehensive branding and marketing plan to position Axelerate Fitness as premium fitness company •Researched market needs and created in-depth business plan that has project profitability in 1.5 years •Attracted top physical fitness and financial experts as managing team •Curated apps and developed POVs for iPhone and iPad •Selected by Georgia Institute of Technology’s Industrial Design program for development of Axelerate Fitness’ proprietary mobile fitness studio (Fitness Pod)

TBWA/ Media Arts Lab - Conent Planner February 2012 - February 2013

•Lead Siri planner - guided senior planners and creatives during development and production for ‘Personalities’ campaign •Worked closely with creative teams to guide and inspire their work •Wrote weekly competitive context stories that were used to assist executive team in decision making •Curated apps and developed POVs for iPhone and iPad •Assisted in writing creative briefs for several campaigns including ‘Personalities’ and ‘Simple Truths’ •Product expert on iPhone and iPad

JWT Atlanta--Account Planning Intern May-December 2010

•Collaborated with senior account planners in case study for “Generation Y Consumer Segmentation” project •Created and developed competitive analysis/research/creative presentations---used company wide •Accounts worked on: New Business, TransAmerica, FEMA, U.S. Marine Corps, Nokia North America, Jiffy Lube, and Microsoft (Ad words) •Analyzed quantitative research with Sonar--an in house research program--and Nielson reports •Led qualitative data gathering in field research for TransAmerica and Jiffy Lube brand development

Continuum Sports Solutions--Freelance March-August 2009

•Co-branded company •Designed and created marketing materials including brochure and website •Increased sales and new clients by performing community outreach projects and web marketing

Velocity Sports Performance--Operations Coordinator May-August 2007/2008

•Prepared copywriting and development of marketing, sales, and informational materials including NFL Combine packets •Handled day-to-day operations of company and data management of customers

Mr. Sparkles Auto Detailing--Owner/Manager May-August 2004/2005

•Contracted several High Schools while seeking new business opportunities •Designed and developed sales materials •Hired and managed employees as well as handled accounts receivable and payroll

EDUCATION Miami Ad School--2011 Account Planning

University of Georgia--2011

B.A. Philosophy

Marist High School--2006


I am a people person. I have a deep and innate love for understanding what makes people tick and the stories of where they’ve come from and where they are going. I can meaningfully engage with anyone: from the homeless man on the corner to the billionaire who owns half of downtown. People matter to me. And in the end, I want to have some lasting impact on people by creating purposeful and powerful messaging through brands that show VALUE, wake people up, and make the world BETTER.


114 North Cove Drive Peachtree City, Ga 30269 404.376.3142 Twitter: Philos8Me

Portfolio - cultural philosopher 2014  

Musings and work of a gregarious brand strategist and cultural philosopher

Portfolio - cultural philosopher 2014  

Musings and work of a gregarious brand strategist and cultural philosopher