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Example Qcoms Projects Commodity Trading Database The challenge was to replace a legacy Unix database used to record all the trades and monitor the positions on commodities. It is a business critical application core to the everyday running of the business. Qcoms intranet database application runs on the local Microsoft Windows Small Business Server and provides significantly more functionality and improved usability than the legacy database. Accessible via a browser, and with the ability to click through and drill down into the detail, the new database delivers a powerful new tool with increased flexibility and functionality.

Donor Management Platform A well-known local charity was using an MS Access Database to manage the records of its donors and their donations. The database was very inflexible and due to poor reporting capability was supplemented by multiple spreadsheets which in turn generated significant rekeying of data. The database could also only be accessed from within the office and only by one user a time. Qcoms intranet database stores all the required data, and enables flexible reporting capability, including the ability to store contact and donations histories and send text messages and emails to donors direct from the platform.

Global Land Investment Group Database Previously using an unwieldy Excel spreadsheet, the company asked Qcoms to provide an online database so it could easily manage and report on its data and share it internally. The data is now securely hosted and accessible according to the permissions of the user. Scanned documents relating to each client are uploaded and stored against each client record. Clients can be emailed directly from the database and a contact history maintained. PDF invoices are generated on the fly, ensuring all data, correspondence and activity is easily accessible, secure and backed up.

Mobile Media Distribution A startup had a requirement for a scalable solution to distribute adverts to screens in taxi’s in cities across the UK. Qcoms proposition includes a client running on Android tablets with 3G connectivity connected to the Qcoms platform which enable the uploading, scheduling and distribution of the relevant media. Qcoms provides the hardware, client software, data connectivity and a web interface to enable simple control and management of the media.

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