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July/August 12

Store #2019 Polanco (Mexico City, Mexico)

10 Locations That Intrigue Us PLUS Q&A With G. Mike Mikan, Best Buy CEO (Interim) -----Blue Families

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Locations That Intrigue Us Have you seen this location? How about that one? Chances are you haven’t seen ‘em all, so The Link checked out 10 locations across our Enterprise that we deem unique in one way or another.

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Q&A with G. Mike Mikan, B est Buy CEO (Interim)

Link Questionnaire. . . . . . .6

 he Link sat down for a chat with G. Mike Mikan, T Best Buy’s CEO (Interim), and we got the scoop on his approach to leading the company, his blueprint for success and what his past co-workers would say about him.

Watch for the september/october Link to arrive in stores mid-september.

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enterprise store count Future Shop  149 Best Buy Canada  77

Carphone Warehouse  2,393

Best Buy Mobile Stand-Alone Stores  36 Five Star  204

Magnolia Audio Video  5 Pacific Sales  34

Best Buy Mexico  8

Best Buy U.S.  1,103* Best Buy Mobile Stand-Alone Stores  326

* Best Buy’s U.S. store count includes our four stores in Puerto Rico.


Product Process Team Fun at #526 What Princess Leia Does in Her Downtime Hello The Link, Recently, Store #562 had an event celebrating the release of the Limited Edition Star Wars Xbox 360. Princess Leia from the 501st Legion (a local Star Wars costume group) was caught snooping through Best Buy’s @Gamer Magazine! We snapped this pic and thought we would share it with you. Brandon Edward Velez | Store #562 (Sarasota, Fla.)

This is the Product Process Team at Store #526 from Boise. Let’s just say we DO Have Fun While Being the BEST! Sean Quinton | Store #526 (Boise, Idaho)

Store #1140’s Easter Helper On Sat., April 7, the Easter Bunny made a surprise visit to Store #1140. He brought with him a photographer and a basket of goodies to share with not only the store employees, but patrons as well. Kids and parents alike had their photo taken with the bunny and received a free copy of the photo, candy and balloons. The Easter Bunny had a wonderful time wandering the store and doing his best to help customers with their shopping needs. Wendy Kerchoff | Store #1140 (Mansfield, Mass.)

l Coous n nt! Bo n o te Mother’s Day at Store #307 The team at Store #307 decided to do something special for all the mothers who came in to shop with their families on Mother’s Day. Michael from Digital Imaging set up his own family portrait studio right here in our store! Mothers were given a flower as they walked in and were offered the opportunity to take a family portrait. Afterward, Michael did some minor photo editing on his iPad and emailed the photo to each mom, along with an invitation to come pick up their photo at our store in the near future.


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Dennis Stachura | Store #307 (Joliet, Ill.)

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Be a Link As a Best Buy employee, you constantly share knowledge and expertise to enhance customer experiences. Best Buy empowers you to become a link to our brands for the millions of customers engaging with us via social media. Join online conversations on our Community Forums like Best Buy Unboxed, Insignia Support and the Rocketfish Community, as well as Facebook and Twelpforce. Becoming a link means that each question you answer can help thousands of customers. Join the discussion now! There are a few things to do and remember to become a Best Buy link. First, be smart, be respectful and be human. This means following the Social Media Policy – Second, review our social media training and our Healthy Usage Guidelines (H.U.G.s), which are available at Now, share your knowledge and join the conversation. Become a link!

CowBoom Offers Big Discounts – Just Ask Nigel the DealCow CowBoom is more than a name that’s fun to say fast three times. It’s a trusted source for brand name new, pre-owned and refurbished consumer electronics. As a Best Buy brand, its mission is to provide a no-risk way for customers to get more for less. CowBoom offers a 30-day, no hassle, money-back guarantee on every purchase. Customers can even add a oneor two-year protection plan on most items. As an added bonus most products ship for free (Rocketfish, Insignia and Dynex always ship for free). The most popular products are tablets – iPads, Android Tablets and Blackberry playbooks – followed by contract-free mobile phones. Also, tell customers to keep an eye on CowBoom’s Facebook page ( CowBoom) in July to compete in the Roaming DealCow Sweepstakes. It works like this … CowBoom will send Nigel the DealCow to the first 1,000 customers who request one. Then customers take photos of Nigel out in the real world (the more creative the better), and share them on CowBoom’s Facebook page. CowBoom will then pick the three winning pics and the photographers who posted those pics will receive a tablet, laptop or PlayStation 3.

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Nominate Someone for the

brad anderson legacy stock award by July 25

Did you know that during Brad Anderson’s tenure as Best Buy CEO, he declined to receive stock options? Instead he donated them to extraordinary employees who weren’t eligible for the company’s Long-Term Incentive (LTI) Plan. What a guy! Even though Brad is no longer CEO, Best Buy continues to recognize employees through the Brad Anderson Legacy Stock Award Program (BALSA). Each year the program rewards employees who make extraordinary contributions to the business while living the Best Buy values. So far, nearly 15,000 employees worldwide have received awards. The program is open to employees with a performance score of “meets expectations” or higher and who aren’t eligible for the company’s LTI stock program. (Sorry, occasional/ seasonal employees are not eligible). People managers may complete a nomination form for any eligible employee. If you feel you should be nominated, talk to your manager about it. But do it now because the nomination window is July 16 to 25.For more info check out i­

E-fairness: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Doing Good? Do Tell …

Before the 2012 holiday season kicks off, Texas, California and Pennsylvania will require and other online retailers with a presence in those states to start collecting sales tax. New Jersey and Virginia will also begin requiring the collection of sales tax from these retailers next year.

The Link wants you to know all the fab things you and your fellow employees are doing to preserve our environment and enhance our communities. Not just so you’ll be smarter … we want you to share it with customers.

The U.S. Congress is debating a federal e-fairness solution that would allow states to require all sellers to collect sales tax, regardless of selling channel. E-fairness means online-only retailers no longer have an automatic price advantage by not having to collect sales tax when competing with brick and mortar or multi-channel companies. Best Buy leads a broad coalition of over 6,000 retailers to educate state and federal officials about the issue. We invite members of Congress to visit our stores and talk to our employees, who BEST BUY best how thisSTAKEHOLDER can explain tax disparity NUMBERS ENGAGEMENT affects our business. So far, about 20 congressional members have visited Best Buy stores to hear our viewpoint. The data below represents store count, employee count and total revenue at the end of the fiscal year, March 3, 2012.



We work with two formal stakeholder groups to gain insights and an outside perspective. We form relationships with many people who have a stake in what we do, including our employees, customers, investors and communities.


Full-time Part-time

North America U.S.:1,103










U.S.: 34




U.S.: 5







Canada: 77 Mexico: 8 U.S.:305 Canada:30


OUR CUSTOMERS are one of our most important stakeholders. In addition to traditional customer surveys, we continually ask for feedback in new ways, including Twitter, Best Buy Community Forums and our Voice of Customer through the Employee (VOCE) online tool.

GOVERNANCE, ETHICS AND PUBLIC POLICY How we govern and manage our business sets a base for being a responsible and ethical company.


Learn More, Scan This.

European Union

OUR SUSTAINABILITY WORK is managed from our employees up and our Board of Directors down. We have a cross-functional committee of company leaders from Corporate Responsibility, Environmental Sustainability, Community Relations, Human Resources, Legal, Ethics, Transportation and others who develop our strategy and goals. An executive team provides feedback and resources and along with the Governance, Nominating and Public Policy committee of the Board, provides oversight.

BEST BUY ETHICS CODE WE COMMUNICATE AND ENFORCE our ethical standards in many ways, including a public-facing ethics website,, where employees and leadership engage in discussions, and, a new website for sharing our Code of Business Ethics.

Discounts, Widgets and More from PartStore France

U.K.: 802 Ireland: 83


















Spain: 526

France: 340


Best Buy partners and collaborates with the following organizations to enhance our sustainability programs:

Germany: 205

Netherlands:187 Portugal: 140 Sweden:110


China: 204


WE WORK WITH POLICYMAKERS on issues impacting our business, including connectivity, privacy, taxes, energy and the environment. We share our Political Activity and Government Relations Policy with employees and outside stakeholders through an annual report. And we encourage employees to get involved in public policy and government through our BlueGrassroots Network.

Been procrastinating on replacing the remote you lost or that broken knob on your oven? The PartStore employee discount is reason to procrastinate no longer. 167KSimply place a parts order through the PartStore 4,308 $50.7 BILLION Call Center at 866-933-5552 to use your employee discount. When you call, you’ll need to provide your name and employee number. Be sure you have the number of your part handy too. Not sure where to find that number? Check out TOTAL STORE COUNT



Revenue provided above is presented for continuing operations only. See our Annual Report on Form 10-K for full financial disclosure.

Heard about PartStore but need to know more? You’re in luck! You can now add the PartStore Widget to your Employee Toolkit (ETK) home page. Just go to ETK > My Widgets > Add Widget, search for PartStore and click Add. The widget is a quick point of reference for all things PartStore. Questions? Suggestions? Feedback? Send ‘em to BlueShirtSupport@

With your help, we’ve donated $25 million in FY ’12 to non-profits around the world. Providing sustainable solutions for our customers like Tradein and free recycling, has helped us get halfway to our goal of recycling 1 billion pounds of electronics and appliances by 2014. We’re also on-track to reduce our absolute carbon emissions in North America by 20 percent by 2020 (which will save Best Buy millions of dollars each year). And we want you to know we make sure our Exclusive Brand products are made while showing respect for factories, workers and the environment. Check out the posters that arrived with this issue of The Link to learn more. Look ‘em over, hang one up in the break room and help BEST BUY spread PROFILEour sustainOUR WORLD, ability message. Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE: BBY) is a leading multi-channel global retailer and developer of technology products and services. Every day, our 167,000 employees help deliver technology solutions that enable access to people, knowledge, ideas and fun.

Keep an eye out for a sustainability eLearning coming this summer. It’s jam-packed with info to share with customers, but there’s something in it for you too. The Best Buy location with the best scores and participation rate on the quiz will have a shot at their 15 minutes of Best Buy fame as a star in the next sustainability video. Back Cover

AWARDS AND RECOGNITION World’s Most Admired Companies (36th overall and 5th among specialty retailers)

Fortune Magazine

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Dow Jones

FTSE4Good Member Company

Financial Times Stock Exchange

World's Most Ethical Companies


100 Best Corporate Citizens

Corporate Responsibility Magazine

Fortune 500 Green Ranking (3rd among retailers and 19th overall)

Newsweek Magazine

Nation's Leading Green Power Purchaser (40th overall, 18th among Fortune 500, 9th among retailers)


Green or Anti-Packaging Award (2 Honorable Mentions )

Creativity International Awards

Britain's Most Admired Companies (CPW) (Ranked 30th)

Management Today

Best Employers of China Enterprises (Five Star)

International Public Management Association for Human Resources

Best Places to Work

Human Rights Campaign

Annual Diversity Council Honors Award (Ranked 12th)

Association of Diversity Councils

Training Top 125 in the World (Ranked 30th)

Training Magazine

Best Companies for Hourly Employees

Working Mother


CONNECTED Fiscal 2012 Sustainability Report Summary


Front Cover

Learn More, Scan This.

Is your team doing something unique in the sustainability space? Submit your story via the Sustainability eLearning on Learning Lounge and the best ones will be highlighted on

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community connection


On April 22, 52 Best Buy employees laced up their walking shoes and participated in a walk benefiting the National Brain Tumor Society. The event was in honor of Tom Shumaker, a 16 1/2-year veteran from Store #563 (Lakeland, Fla.), who was recently given one year to live following the removal of a cancerous brain tumor. “Tom is great,” said Kevin Smith, General Manager at Store #563. He’s very positive and always has something to teach you. When you have a guy like him dealing with customers, you know the service is going to be fantastic.”

A Best Buy friends who walked in Tom’s honor included employees from the District #67 Office , the Davenport DDC, area Geek Squad Field Agents and employees from Stores #1184 (Davenport, Fla.) and #563 (Lakeland, Fla.).

Big kudos to Linda Torbert from Store #563 for partnering with the City of Lakeland, Lakeland Police Department and the National Brain Tumor Society to create this one-of-a-kind event.


When Krystina Thompson from Store #543 (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) sat down for lunch one day in April she had no idea it would end by rescuing baby ducks.

“While on my lunch break, I noticed a dead mama duck and 14 baby ducks lingering nearby,” Krystina said. “They were extremely small and frightened. They jumped in the water, but stayed close to shore.”

B Employees at Store #543 after they brought 14 baby ducks to safety.

Sekeli Greco and Jordan Whispel from Store #366 looking for car wash customers.

Krystina mentioned the ducks to her Portable Electronics Supervisor and her Sales Manager, and a rescue mission was organized. While the employees attempted to save the ducks with Best Buy shopping carts, a police officer on a boat spotted them and offered to help out. Two hours later, all 14 baby ducks were safe and the local Wildlife Rescue Agency was contacted to find a home for them. Employees at Store #366 (Puyallup, Wash.) lathered up the suds and hosted a car wash in May to benefit Relay for Life. They raised $375 to support their store’s Relay for Life team.



Thanks to Best Buy Store #535 (Portsmouth, D N.H.) the Dover Children’s Home (a residential treat-

Geek Squad CIA agent John Grondahl delivered the LCD TV to the Dover Children’s Home.

ment program for children) has a new LCD TV. Dover had an old television in their lounge and they were in desperate need of an upgrade. Store #535 not only donated the TV, but Geek Squad delivered it and set it up. “This new television from Best Buy is such a wonderful and generous gift for the children,” Dover Children’s Home Executive Director Donna Coraluzzo said. “The Home celebrated its 119th anniversary on May 10, so the donation of this high-tech piece of equipment was a great way to acknowledge this milestone.


Have you made the connection? These teams have all made a crucial connection with their local communities, and we’re willing to bet you have too. Send your community connection stories to and we’ll feature you in an upcoming issue.

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Pop-rap artist Nicki Minaj and her fans were in full force for her recent bi-costal in-store appearances. On April 3, the street date for her latest album Roman Reloaded, Nicki signed autographs for more than 500 fans at Store #1418

as their idol doled out autographs. Most opted to purchase the deluxe edition to snag the exclusive T-shirt, available only at Best Buy.

in Los Angeles.

Harlem sold through a staggering 1,027 total units, while L.A. made its way through 882 copies. Each appearance brought great press attention to Best Buy as the photos hit the wire. In Harlem, Nicki was followed by a camera crew from ABC’s Nightline and her profile aired the following Monday.

Some fans purchased multiple copies of Roman Reloaded to have on-hand

In L.A., Best Buy partnered with Westfield Mall to bring the album release event

(East River Plaza, N.Y.) in Harlem. Then

on April 7, she met an additional 500-plus fans (who she nicknamed “Barbz”) at

Store #1510 (Culver City Westfield, Calif.)

to life. The entire mall was involved – including the Easter Bunny – who took the stage with Nicki. Fans took part in on-stage danceoffs as they waited to get their albums signed. Thanks to relationships with partners like Universal Records and Westfield Properties, Best Buy stays relevant in the minds of entertainment customers. Our stores were in the forefront as this highly anticipated album was released, and the focus was on Best Buy to once again provide a unique opportunity for consumers to connect with their pop-rap icon.

“OMG. Just leaving my Best Buy signing,” Nicki Minaj tweeted. “Overwhelmed by the love. Wow.”

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link questionnaire

Best Buy Store #1542 Lakeside, La. The Link Questionnaire was submitted by Kim Hryniewich, Multi-Channel Sales Assistant. Number of Employees: 112 Team nickname: Screaming Eagles How many languages do your employees speak? Five – we have one associate that can speak all five (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic). What makes your store unique? A lot of customers tell us that our store is much more individualized and customer based. They say they feel welcome when they shop with us and will only shop at our location because of the unique atmosphere we offer. Our associates also have a very family-like relationship with one another. Any time we host volunteer events, a majority of the associates show up and have a great time together.

Best Buy Mobile Store #1966 Solomon Pond Mall in Marlborough, Mass. The Link Questionnaire was submitted by Michael Ernst, Wireless Sales Lead. Number of Employees: Nine How many languages do your employees speak? Three – English, Spanish and American Sign Language. Team nickname: Team Sound of Music What makes your store unique? We’re one of the larger format Best Buy Mobile SAS (StandAlone-Store) locations within our market. We provide AMAZING service to our customers and create long lasting relationships with all of them. And we genuinely have a GREAT time at work. Do you sell any unusual/custom products to meet customer needs in your area? We have been known to sell washers, dryers, TVs, installation services and appliance delivery. If a Big Box can sell it, we can too. What’s the most popular food or restaurant among your employees? Saraku – a Chinese restaurant with some awesome chicken. We call it, yummy-yummy chicken! If your store was an animal, food or a celebrity, what or who would you be?

6  the link  July/August 12  |  For Best Buy internal use only.

Do you sell any unusual/custom products to meet customer needs in your area? We carry New Orleansspecific CDs and music genres (Zydeco, Bluegrass and Jazz) in order to satisfy both the tourists’ and locals’ needs. We also carry hurricane preparation items. What’s the most popular food or restaurant among your employees? Definitely Taco Bell. One of our associates even gets a discount because he is such a regular customer. If your store was an animal, food or a celebrity, what or who would you be? We’d be the Black Eyed Peas. First, one of the demos in the MP3 section is constantly playing Boom Boom Pow so it’s ingrained in all of our minds. Second, we are all unique individuals with different outlooks on life, but when you put us together, the results are harmonious and profitable. Any other fun facts about your store? One of our inventory associates does an awesome impersonation of the Kool-Aid guy (“Oh Yeah!”). Once he did it over the radio and the store never let him live it down. It’s now a regular exclamation of praise or excitement – “I just got a credit application! Someone give me an ‘Oh Yeah!’”

We would most certainly be a monkey named Chim Chim. He hangs above our registers and greets people as they wait. But Chim Chim becomes an enraged monkey when there is treachery about, and goes into full-fledged shrinkstomping mode. Otherwise Chim Chim is a happy-golucky fellow, saying hello to the children with his permanent smile and glossy skin (he is an inflatable monkey). To give a sense of your part of the country, what meal would you serve a visitor? We would serve a wonderful bowl of clam chowda (you would say “chowder,” but here in New England we don’t believe in the letter “r”), some steamers and a side order of coleslaw.

6 6 9 1 # Store

Any other fun facts about your store? We are store #1966, “The Sound of Music” team. As you know Best Buy’s roots go back to 1966 with the first Sound of Music store; henceforth our name. Our team is comprised of different ethnic groups and has a very diverse culture. One thing we have learned recently – most of us love the movie Borat.

DDC #75 Dallas, Texas The Link Questionnaire was submitted by Mark Biber, Warehouse/Customer Service Manager Number of Employees: 43 How many languages do your employees speak? Five – English, Spanish, French, Farsi and Italian.

2 4 5 1 # Store

What makes your location unique? We are diverse in several ways. We have several different nationalities within our facility. We also have three different brands within our facility. We house Pacific Sales, Best Buy Service and all of us under one roof. Each with their own set of challenges and successes, yet we coexist extremely well. Do you sell any unusual/custom products to meet customer needs in your area? We service 143 stores in Territory 3 and we also house Pacific Sales which has five new SWAS (Store-within-a-Store) locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We also share dock space and during high-volume times we share labor. Does your store have any traditions? If so, what are they? Surprise & Delight. Each month our S&D team comes up with a fun way to celebrate our team. For instance, on Flag Day everyone in the building received an American flag; Earth Day everyone received a packet of flower seeds. It’s just a fun way to recognize the amazing group we have every month. What’s the most popular food or restaurant among your employees? Jason’s Deli – they deliver! If your store was an animal, food or a celebrity, what or who would you be? We are the crazy uncle in every family. Everyone keeps a wary eye on him, but the family wouldn’t be the same without him. Any other fun facts about your store? We have a wall in our warehouse (the safe hands wall) that everyone in the building has put their handprints on. It signifies our commitment to working safely and it also represents our past, present and future as a team.

DDC #75

uld be Your Store Co he Link! Feature d in T the spotlight

ur store in Wanna see yo Link? g issue of The in m in an upco store Questionnaire Fill out The Link er id ed. rm to be cons submission fo Link (link ee News > The Go to Employ Forms ) of the page > is at the bottom stionnaire. > The Link Que

t Jus ! t I Do For Best Buy internal use only.  |  the link  July/August 12  7


Locations That

Intrigue Us

With thousands of locations across the Best Buy Enterprise, it’s nearly impossible to visit them all. So The Link decided to bring a few to you. From Future Shop and Five Star to Best Buy Mobile and our Distribution Centers, we’ve highlighted 10 locations we think are unique in one way or another. (Yes, we know you’re all special in different ways, but we only have six pages.) Disclaimer: The selected locations were based strictly on the opinions of The Link team. Although the information is factual, it’s not based on any scientific mumbo jumbo. We picked ‘em because we could. Don’t see your location mentioned here, but think you’re wildly special? Shoot us a note at, and maybe we’ll share your story in an upcoming issue.

Since opening in 2006, Geek Squad City has not only mastered the science of computer repair, it has created profitable revenue streams through data recovery, parts and TV reclamation and product refurbishment. The 250,000-square foot “city” is home to 1,200 employees who service more than 1 million clients each year. “Our favorite saying around here is, ‘This is all subject to change’ as we move at a breakneck speed to adapt to the needs of the business and the industry,” said Randy Ratliff, Geek Squad City Ambassador.

help are stripped, diagnosed and all good parts are harvested to help fix other computers.” The team also refurbishes products from all over the world and sells them on sites like the Best Buy Outlet Center on, and the Best Buy Private Store and Auction site. From holiday cookouts (ever cook hamburgers for more than 1,200 employees?) to the annual Halloween party and local charity events like Relay for Life, Junior Achievement and the Polar Bear Plunge – the value of Having Fun While Being the Best is often on display in Louisville.

Opening up shop in Louisville, Ky. (home of the international UPS air hub) wasn’t by chance. The partnership with UPS is critical to ensuring swift service for clients. Once a client drops off their computer at a precinct, it arrives to Geek Squad City in Geek Squad City (Louisville, Ky.) about two days. Most computer repairs are completed in two days and are then shipped back to their home precinct.

Where More Than 4,000 Computers and Laptops Get Repaired Daily

Employees at Geek Squad City are a passionate breed and being green is at the top of the list. “Our Green team is constantly streamlining and improving our recycling process,” Randy said. “Nothing is wasted. Computers beyond our

8  the link  July/August 12  |  For Best Buy internal use only.

Most Glee-ful

Best Buy Theatre (New York, N.Y.)

You won’t make our list if you’re in the warehouse mixing Madonna tunes on Beat Thang. You gotta come full jazz-hands and bring the stage! You may have seen it on television or had the opportunity to catch a show in person at this notable locale – it’s the Best Buy Theater, located at 1515 Broadway in New York City (NYC). This intriguing location hosts a wide array of events including concerts, live television, web broadcasts, award shows, private events, corporate events, product launches and more. It’s located in the heart of the city and has one of the largest hi-def LED marquees on Broadway. The Best Buy Theater opened its 2,100 capacity venue in September 2005. Since then, it has hosted launch events for Halo, Gears of War with Microsoft, Monster Energy Drink, Casio, Kodak, as well as Ad Age events and the Best Buy Brand New Day with Joshua Radin concert.

Beyond naming rights at this location, it’s an opportunity to provide a venue where our brand can come to life. Just ask Jon Bon Jovi, who rode up on his steel horse for a private concert, or Robert Griffin III, who received his Heisman Trophy on our stage live on national television. You can also ask the thousands of people who have made their way through the doors this summer to jam out with Ministry, Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish, MXPX or Tangerine Dream. What other Best Buy location has a lobby with state-of-the-art interactive Best Buy displays, three dressing rooms, three fully-licensed bars, a VIP room and a stage capable of handling any dramatic musical performance? Check it out for yourself at

Biggest Tag

Store #2019 Polanco (Mexico City, Mexico) If you ever fly over Mexico City, keep an eye out for the biggest Best Buy tag you’ll ever see – 148 feet by 98 feet to be exact. It’s on the roof of the Best Buy Polanco store in Mexico City. The store is smack dab in the middle of Mexico City’s flight path, so when it was being built, Best Buy leaders thought the monstrous tag would be a good way to create brand awareness and generate some free advertising. “The tag was painted during store construction by a team of ten people, and it took about a week for it to be completed,” said Hector Cruz, Best Buy Mexico’s Director of Real Estate and Construction. “You really have to be in a plane to get the best view of it. You can’t see it from the parking lot, but it’s possible to get a glimpse if you’re in one of the tall nearby office buildings.” The store has a few other unique features, too, including a huge glass façade in one corner that’s illuminated at night. Inside there’s a false ceiling with blue light covers and glass escalators to bring a futuristic and high-tech look to the store. Photo from Google Maps.

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Newest Format

Best Buy Mobile Stand-Alone-Store #2378 (Largo, Fla.) Remember that place you used to go when you were looking for a sweet sixminute abs tape or a 14-carat gold BFF pendant for you and your closest pal? Today, many of those second-hand jewelry, video and fitness stores are gone – leaving behind prime retail locations adjacent to major shopping centers. Set the stage for Best Buy Mobile (insert triumphant trumpeting music)! Formerly a Blockbuster store, the Best Buy Mobile (BBYM) Stand-Alone-Store (SAS) in Largo, Fla. has set the stage for a wave of new “off-mall” locations. Nestled close enough to the Largo Mall location to flirt with their parking lot, but far enough away to court both mall shoppers and those just passing by, the Largo BBYM location opened last fall as part of a four-store, off-mall test in the Tampa Bay area. Seeing an average of 400 to 500 customers per day, the results proved promising. So promising many of the 600 to 800 BBYM SAS locations opening this year will mimic the off-mall model in several different markets. With only so many mall locations in America, the off-mall format will play a big role in Best Buy Mobile’s future. The next time you drive past your local mall and wonder where that place you used to rent LaserDiscs from or the spot to snag used Gazelle Edge Trainers went … you can think of Best Buy Mobile and our newest store format.

Busiest International Store Five Star Xinjiekou (Nanjing, China)

The Five Star XinJiekou store sees more traffic by noon than most of us can possibly dream about. Well … mostly because at noon in China many of us in the United States are going to bed. Nevertheless, the store turns some amazing numbers. With an urban population of more than five million, Nanjing is the second-largest commercial center in the East China region after Shanghai. The XinJiekou district is the third-largest business district in China after WangFunjing, Beijing and XuJihui, Shanghai. Nearly every major Chinese business enterprise has a presence in the district, including seven direct-competitor flagship stores, which are located within three kilometers (that’s how most people in the world measure distance) of the Five Star XinJiekou location. Each of those stores compete for attention from the district’s 120,000 local residents. XinJiekou is the largest flagship Five Star store both physically and fiscally. It has 7,000 square-meters (23,000 square-feet for those that don’t want to do the math) of selling space, which generates nearly $80 million in yearly revenue (500 million Renminbi or RMB if you’re diggin’ the conversion business). With 145 highly-trained Five Star employees and an additional 267 vendor sales representatives (that’s 412 in both the metric

10  the link  July/August 12  |  For Best Buy internal use only.

and United States customary system!), the XinJiekou store is well-staffed to handle the heavy traffic flowing through its doors.  he store opened December 28, 2003. T  n average, 4,500 customers visit the store weekly – Monday O

through Friday. About 10,000 customers visit the store on Saturdays and Sundays. 13,000 customers visit the store daily during Golden Week (similar to Black Friday, but it lasts all week and happens twice a year). 45,739 is the highest number of customers counted in one day since traffic counters were installed in January, 2011.

Most Likely to Have Mickey Mouse as a Customer

Disneyland (Anaheim, Calif.) Every kid remembers their first trip to Disney. But let’s face it, it’s easier to remember those special moments when mom and dad don’t forget the camera at home. Disney visitors need not let a forgotten camera ruin their vacation. They can swing by one of the two Best Buy Express machines located in Downtown Disney at Disneyland, Calif. For those not familiar with Best Buy Express, it’s a vending machine of sorts, but instead of selling high-calorie snacks that taste like the wrappers they come in, it sells products like headphones, digital cameras, iPods and chargers from popular Best Buy brands at store prices. There are more than 180 Express locations (and counting) throughout the U.S. in airports, casinos, resorts, train stations and college campuses. These two machines are the first and only theme park locations on the roster. The Disneyland Best Buy Express machines are also the only outdoor locations and therefore were designed to stand up to everything Mother Nature throws at them. They even have a door with a rain sensor so when the rain starts, the door lowers. Best Buy Express is one of the many ways Best Buy is applying our multi-channel sales strategy to be everywhere our customers need us to be. In this case, at one of ­America’s most-loved family vacation spots.

In the last 25 years, Store #8 has continued to drive success for the company and its latest chapter opens soon. The retail operations will relocate to nearby location in September and become one of Best Buy’s new concept stores. As for the old building? It will live on as a new training center and print shop for Best Buy.

Most Adaptable Location Store #8 (Burnsville, Minn.)

“Learn from Challenge and Change” is one of Best Buy’s values. Lately, we’ve had a lot of change ‘round here. But at Store #8 (Burnsville, Minn.) rolling with change is part of its rich history. Over the years, it has been perhaps the most adaptable, Transformer-like location in the Best Buy network. Why? It wasn’t always just a store. Back in the old days (1984) it was our first “Superstore,” our only warehouse and it housed the company’s main offices. A lot was going on – including truck drivers unloading merchandise from the warehouse and driving it to nearby stores – all without loading docks! The offices moved out a couple of years later, and shortly after that the company built a new DC to handle the rapidly-growing company’s distribution and logistics.

“We’ve had the opportunity to address the new concept store with the team,” Bart said. “We talked about the exciting changes to come, and they really are excited. I think there will be some tears, but we use the bionic man’s motto of ‘Better, Faster, Stronger’ (from the 70s television show The Six Million Dollar Man). We are going to be able to service the customer better, faster and stronger. And they’re ready for a new look and feel.” Want a sneak peek at the old days of Best Buy Store #8? Check out the YouTube video called “Old Skool Best Buy Commercial.”

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Most Remote Location

Store #657 (St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada) When we say Future Shop Store #657 in St. John’s (in the Canadian province of Newfoundland) is remote, we’re not kidding. It’s the easternmost Future Shop store in North America. In fact, Cape Spear, Newfoundland is the most eastern point in North America, which means the sun rises and sets in Newfoundland before anywhere else in North America. The next closest Future Shop store is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is a 12-hour drive, followed by a five-hour boat ride and another one-hour drive. “We’re on an island,” said Kevin Ferguson, Future Shop Store #657 General Manager. “There are no bridges – just the harbor. We’re basically drifting in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.” Getting inventory to the store can be tricky. “Shipments take 10 days to arrive,” Kevin said. “Our inventory comes from a DC in Mississauga, Ontario once a week by boat.” Although the nearest Future Shop is a half-day away, there’s plenty of competition nearby including a Best Buy store about three minutes away. There’s also Walmart, The Source (a Canadian CE retailer), Costco, Staples and Henry’s (a high-end camera retailer) all within walking distance.

Ask Jeff Anderson from DC #70 (Bloomington, Minn.) about what makes the DC tick after all these years, and he’ll say it’s the people. At DC #70 – established in 1987 and the oldest DC in the company – you’ll find a lot of people with a lot of years of service.

St. John’s has 106,000 residents and draws customers from nearby communities including Mount Pearl, Conception Bay South and Paradise (about 70,000 residents combined). Traditionally the economy relied heavily on the fishing industry, but the industry collapsed in the 1990s. Now residents rely on what’s under the ocean. Newfoundland is one of 19 World Energy Cities and is the center of the oil and gas industry for eastern Canada. Just like the St. John’s community, the store has a unique culture. The team is a very engaged, strong sales team. Many of them are passionate “Newfies” – born and raised in Newfoundland. “Newfies are really unique, friendly people,” Kevin stated. “Those who live here never want to leave and the people who visit here don’t understand why we live here.” If you visit or are new to the area, don’t be surprised when you’re “screeched-in”– a long-standing tradition of kissing a cod and shootin’ screech (a Jamaican rum).

Oldest Warehouse DC #70 (Bloomington, Minn.)

Jeff started with Best Buy in 1983 when the only warehouse we had was in Burnsville, Minn. (a few miles south of the now-Corporate Campus in Richfield, Minn.). It was both a store and our main office. (See “Most Adaptable Location” for more on that story.) In 1987, Best Buy moved into a new warehouse in Bloomington and graduated into a full-blown (con’t. next page)

DC 70 under construction in 1986.

12  the link  July/August 12  |  For Best Buy internal use only.

Coolest Design Store #609 (NoHo, N.Y.)

Store #609 (home of the NoHo Knights) opened on April 8, 2005 and is 25,000 square-feet, divided into three levels serving up Best Buy electronics, media and services. The NoHo neighborhood is situated north of Houston Street (North of Houston … get it?) and square in the middle of Greenwich Village and East Village. This trendy, artist-style, loft community sees frequent actors and musicians like Kanye West, Alicia Keys and Vin Diesel cruising the scene. The store is nestled in a New York City building cluster with other retailers like Journeys, David Z. Men & Ladies Footwear, Urban Outfitters and PetSmart.

distribution center with nine sorting lanes and the ability to deliver everything (brown goods and appliances) to about a dozen Minneapolis-area stores, during a time of rapid growth for Best Buy. Fast forward through the years and the DC has seen its share of changes, upgrades and growth. The appliances moved out long ago to a nearby DDC, there are now 15 lanes to sort products with 15 loading doors to match, and 40 stores (located in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Montana) receive daily shipments via a network of in-house and contracted trucks. Today, the location continues to grow and change. In the months ahead, that nearby DDC will merge with DC #70 – appliances and all – and they’ll add on 20 dock doors for a total of 68 ready to receive incoming product. Through it all, the hard-working team at DC #70 has grown together.

The storefront is a mere 1.5 taxi-widths wide (we hear that’s how they measure distance in New York) and averages 1,500 to 2,000 customers a day (4,000 during the holiday season). Inside is everything our big box stores typically offer, divided among three levels. “We’ve learned to multi-task and communicate very well with all levels of leadership in our store,” said Product Process Manager, Winston Forgenie, Jr. “Sometimes it can be difficult for the Manager on Duty and Sales Lead to be where they are needed right away because they’re running between floors.”

“We try to do a barbecue or breakfast each month, and we make efforts to plan family events,” Jeff said of the DC’s 100-plus employees. “There are a lot of people here who are very dedicated – there are 15 employees with 20-plus years of service. We’ve seen how the company is growing. I’m proud to be working this long for Best Buy.”

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with G. Mike Mikan

G. Mike Mikan, Best Buy CEO (interim) took a few minutes to sit down and chat with The Link recently. We got the story behind his blueprint for success and his viewpoint on what he thinks Best Buy needs to focus on in the months ahead. The Link: How should we address you? G? Mike? G-Mike? Mike Mikan: Let’s go with Mike. It’s actually a nickname that comes from Mikan. It differentiates me from an uncle who has the same name. My full name is George Lawrence Mikan III. TL: You served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of UnitedHealth Group and were the Chief Executive Officer of Optum (a health care services company and affiliate of UnitedHealth, based in Minnesota). How does your experience play into leading a retail organization? MM: Healthcare is all about serving consumers. UnitedHealth Group services over 75 million consumers today and they’re very focused on services. Nurses and

14  the link  July/August 12  |  For Best Buy internal use only.

physicians visit people’s homes to provide care – it’s not that different from the Geek Squad Services model. I also built out the multi-specialty retail clinics for Optum, which is the market leader in information and technology-enabled health service, so I do have insight in retail, just in a different industry. TL: You’ve talked about developing a blueprint for success – a longer-term plan designed to capitalize on the actions the company is already implementing which will position Best Buy for sustained, profitable growth in the years ahead. In our first quarter earnings call, you said the basis of the blueprint is to make Best Buy more relevant, intelligent and nimble. Tell us more. MM: It’s really about customer needs and how we best engage with customers to meet those needs and build deeper, more enduring relationships. Becoming more relevant begins with our people. Best Buy has always been a people-based company. We need to build on that by providing more training and support to bolster our expertise. It’s also about being smarter by using the data we already have to predict customers’ behaviors. We want to know about their recent purchases, regardless of whether they made them at Best Buy or not. If someone just had a

grandchild and bought a digital camera from Amazon, we want to know about that because it triggers a list of products and services they may be interested in. We need to really take a look at our best customers and use the intelligence we have to create something relevant to them, which will result in a strong, long-term relationship. Becoming more nimble is about the need to be faster, more efficient, more productive and being able to anticipate changes. One of my goals is to continue to shrink the company’s physical footprint and substantially reduce our cost structure. Total square footage will go down. Our total storefronts may stay the same or even grow, but we’ll have a smaller, more focused presence. We do great things in the community and have strong ties … we want to keep that and deepen those relationships more. The blueprint for success is a long-term plan that is being created by the senior leadership team. Any permanent CEO will be able to carry it forward. TL: How do you believe Best Buy can regain the confidence of Wall Street and investors? MM: I think it starts with some of the things we’re already doing. We’ve acknowledged our situation – that we need to change who we are, what we do and how we relate to customers and shareholders. We’re in a turnaround environment. Now, that doesn’t mean we’re going out of business – far from it, because we’ve got great people and a strong balance sheet. It does mean we’re going to take bold actions. The most important part is we have to demonstrate results and do it consistently. We have all the right pieces – our people, the customers, the vendors, the channels; we just need to execute consistently. TL: If we asked your past co-workers to list the three things we really need to know about you, what would they say? MM: They’d say I’m hard working, passionate and energetic. (Maybe they’d also say I’m boring based on that answer ☺). TL: What’s the last thing you purchased at Best Buy? MM: An iPhone 4S for my daughter along with two cases – one pink and one glitter gold. Yeah, yeah, I know. TL: What do you believe are Best Buy’s greatest strengths? MM: Definitely our hard-working people, our integrity and our relationships with our customers. The data proves we have millions of die-hard customers, many of whom are Reward Zone Silver members. I’m really excited to get back to having a winning culture – let’s start playing to win. The momentum is turning and you can feel it. I know we’ve got a great future ahead of us.

The Who, What, Why and How on Best Buy’s Board G. Mike Mikan, Best Buy CEO (interim) was on the Best Buy Board of Directors for four years prior to taking a seat in the CEO’s office. This got The Link wondering about how one becomes a member of the Best Buy Board of Directors and what they do. So we asked a few questions and here’s what we found out. Are members of the Board elected or appointed? The Board is elected by our shareholders to oversee the business. If you’re a shareholder you’ve no doubt received a ballot allowing you to cast your vote and have a say in who’s on our Board of Directors. What’s the Board’s role? The Board counsels, advises and oversees management in the long-term interests of the company and our shareholders in many areas including: T  he selection and evaluation of the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other senior executives S  uccession planning for the CEO and other senior ­executives T  he review and approval of major financial, strategic and operating decisions T  he evaluation of how our business is being managed O  verseeing processes related to our financial statements

and other public disclosures, legal compliance and ethical standards. How long do Board members serve? They currently serve a two-year term. However, at last month’s Shareholder Meeting, an advisory proposal was approved to declassify the Board which essentially means directors would stand for elections annually. The Board has taken the proposal under advisement and will begin to move forward on declassification. How often do they meet? The Board meets quarterly – more frequently, if needed. Our Board is very active and engaged. Our directors attended (on average) over 95 percent of the fiscal 2012 Board and Board committee meetings. Can Best Buy employees be on the board? Yes, employees can serve on the board, but to ensure a diversity of perspectives, the Board seeks a balance of internal and external expertise. The goal is for at least 75 percent of our directors to be independent or non-Best Buy employees. What if I want to know more? If you’d like to learn more about the Board of Directors, check out

For Best Buy internal use only.  |  the link  July/August 12  15

employee voice


s e i l i m a F

Stephanie Brigle of Store #152 (W. San Antonio, Texas) met her fiancé, Brandon Torres, when they both worked at Store #1459 (Alamo Ranch, Texas). It all started with free movie tickets and is leading to their big day on July 26, 2012. The Link wishes you a big ol’ “Congrats!” and offers a “Nice Pic!” shout-out to your photographer/co-worker Joshua Sifuentes. At Store #357 (Pasadena, Texas) there is a family, a family … and another family. That’s enough to get Sesame Street’s Count all aflutter (One, two, thrrreee. Ah-haha). First up, there’s Mary “Beth” Calais from Portable Electronics and her Multi-Channel Sales Assocaite daughters Danielle McManus and Syndi Calais. Next is Art Pineda Jr. in Loss Prevention and his father, Art Pineda Sr. in Inventory. Finally, The Link is pretty sure that cousins Fabian Cardenas and Chris Garcia are either warming up for a busy day in Home Office or practicing interpretive dance to help customers understand the complexities of technology.

Married couple Michelle and Mark Keith didn’t meet at Best Buy, but apparently they get asked that “a TON.” (As hardhitting investigative journalists, The Link had to ask.) Almost seven years ago, Mark helped his then girlfriend, Michelle, get a job at Service Center #610 (Chicago, Ill.) before he headed “across the fence” to DDC #710 (Chicago, Ill.).

16  the link  July/August 12  |  For Best Buy internal use only.

Caitlin Miller-LaBarge is Team Lead on the D39 Project Team and her wife, Paula MillerLaBarge, works in Best Buy Mobile at Store #536 (Manchester, N.H.). Caitlin celebrates seven years at Best Buy this fall and Paula marks 10 years in August!

The Jones family at Store #394 (Western Hills, Ohio) represents more than 30 years of Best Buy experience. Kyle is in Mobile Installation. Kim is a front-end Lead in Customer Service. Matt is a Geek Squad Deputy of Counter-Intelligence and Tony works in Home Life. According to Kim, #394 also boasts “an adorable pair of sisters and a brother-sister duo.” (Who must be camerashy, since they didn’t send us a pic.)

Barbara Tate of Store #390 (Mansfield, Ohio) reports her store has many blue families, but says a competitive, funnatured quartet stands out. Brothers Andrew and Sam Witzky work in Portable Electronics with cousin Jake Witzky, while cousin Phil Smith is in Product Process. Apparently, this bunch wanted to work with their “best friends,” who just happen to be their family. While some readers are probably saying “awwww,” The Link is pretty sure this fam could be an exhibit at one of those oddity museums found in touristy locales. (Pictured left to right: Jake, Sam, Phil and Andrew)

The Link Photo Contest We figured it’s about time we announced the Third Annual Link Employee Photo Contest. So, here goes nothing … Announcing the Third Annual Link Employee Photo Contest! (Whew! We’re not as rusty as we thought.) Do you want to be cool like last year’s winner, Andy Chow, who hails from the Corporate Campus and wowed us with this photo titled “Judgment Day”? Check out how below!

When: Your photo must arrive in The Link inbox by midnight, July 24. All entries received on or after 12:00:01 a.m. will be completely ignored (even if you include bribes of bacon and cupcakes). Winning photos will be featured in the September/October issue of The Link, arriving in stores mid-September. Who: Any Best Buy Enterprise employee can enter. That means any of our various brands – you know, like MindShift, Pacific Sales, etc. (OMG. This information does apply to Best Buy Puerto Rico!)

What: One entry per person please. We know you have some mad photog skillz, but we gotta keep this fair. So, pick your best shot and submit only one photo. Photo & Submission Requirements: Photo size should be a minimum of 1 MB. Include your name, email, phone number and title of your photo. The Link reserves the right to bestow completely absurd titles upon any submissions that arrive in our inbox without a title or titled “Untitled” (cause that’s just being lazy).

How: Email only. If you haven’t realized by now that Each day, the Johnson family piles into the family truckster and heads over to the Corporate Campus. Cy and her husband Fernando work in Consumer Relations, while daughter Ruby goes to the on-site day care.

we live in a digital age, we have no words for you. Send your digital photo to

Questions? Email

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across the globe, around the brands

China’s Government Subsidizes Green Appliance Purchases China’s government is providing financial subsidies of RMB26.5 billion ($4.2 billion in U.S. dollars) to stimulate the purchase of energy-saving products. Five Star benefits from this new policy, since the subsidy is available for household appliances including air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and water heaters for one year (the program started June 1). Energy-saving products in these five categories account for 70 percent of Five Star’s merchandising. China displays an energy-efficiency score on household appliances and televisions (for some products, this score is required by law). Products rated as a No. 1 are the most energy efficient. Consumers who purchase products rated as a No. 1 or No. 2 will qualify for the subsidy. Five Star leaders believe the subsidy will encourage customers to purchase the latest technology, specifically products with a No. 1 or No. 2 energy efficient rating.

Mexico’s “Armstretcher” Sale Springs Profits During late April and early May, more than 210,000 customers – motivated by dozens of doorbuster offers, coupons and attractive financial promotions – flocked to the eight Best Buy Mexico stores to take advantage of the Armstretcher Sale. What’s an Armstretcher? It’s an oversized brochure (which you literally have to stretch your arms to open) that the Mexico team uses to advertise the annual spring sale. More than 600,000 copies were delivered across Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey through newspapers and door-to-door drops. The sale was also promoted through Best Buy Mexico’s Facebook and Twitter channels to ensure customers were aware of the doorbuster offers. The successful sale resulted in a revenue increase of 39 percent versus budget for the period (April 26 to May 3), which translated into more than $97.2 Million Pesos ($7.2 Million U.S. dollars) in sales, surpassing all predictions.

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shopping cart

Insignia’s Narrator Sound System Built-In HD Radio

This product is only available on


nsignia brings common sense back to electronics with the perfect sound system for audiophiles. The Narrator is powered by an advanced digital audio processor, bringing customers the amazing features and crystal clear sound only offered by digital HD Radio. The auxiliary input lets music junkies listen to their own playlist through their smartphone or MP3 player and the 2.4-inch LCD screen displays album art and song information. Have a customer who can’t read due to a disability or vision loss? The talking features mode on this Insignia system can help. The display provides large-type, high contrast text and control functions are spoken when the buttons are pressed, making it easy to learn how to use the radio. An audio CD containing the manual is also included. This all-in-one table top sound system is a great solution for customers looking to upgrade to HD radio. When talking with customers about this product, don’t forget to tell them it’s only available on Help them locate an instore kiosk so they can have their order shipped to the store for pick-up or directly to their home. SKU 5059764

Casio LK240 Keyboard


his new portable, key-lighted keyboard is perfect for the beginning keyboard player or for musicians looking to brush up on their skills. The 61-key piano-style keyboard contains a variety of instructional features to get beginners started. The Step Up lesson system breaks songs into short phases to allow musicians to master each phase and then put them together for the perfect piece. Performance evaluation monitors and scores songs played, and if users really get stuck the keyboard senses the struggle and can help by calling out proper finger positions in a simulated human voice. It’s like having an instructor inside your keyboard. Once musicians get comfortable, there are 400 tones in a variety of musical instruments and 150 rhythms, as well as auto accompaniments for Latin and other music styles from around the world. Sing along sessions are easy, just use the mic jack to connect a microphone or use the audio jack to connect an MP3 or CD player then play or sing along with the music played through the keyboard’s speakers. Computer geeks will love the USB port that allows them to connect to their computer and use a whole range of interactive software products. SKU 5216473

GeForce GT 640 Superclocked Graphics Card


very PC gamer or enthusiast is after the most amazing graphics experience possible. GeForce GT 640 Superclocked is their ticket and will enhance everything from gaming to streaming and viewing HD content. This graphics card has 2GB of onboard memory and taps into the next generation of Nvidia GeForce architecture to deliver a premium multi-media experience every time. EVGA delivers dedicated graphics for a faster, more realistic, gaming and multi-media experience every time.

SKU 5608277

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Hidden Picture Challenge: Readers Respond

april/may Edition:

Bibi Jackson

#1 Congrats to Jason Shedd from Store #501

(Kennesaw, Ga.) who was the first to send in a pic proving he found the hairless cat Bibi Jackson on p. 5, hiding in Kelly Pickler’s shirt in the April/May edition of The Link. Jason gets his very own Hidden Pic T-shirt to celebrate the glory of being first.

Rounding out the Fastest Five …

#2 Austin Tirrell, Amber Lewis and Miranda White


from Store #568 (Cape Cod, Mass.)

#3 Marco Vergara from Store #1777 (Kimball & Belmont, Ill.)

#4 Xander from Store #2836 (Westland Shopping Center, Mich.)





#5 James “The Captain” Collins and Mike “The Dude” Atwell from Store #290 (Glen Burnie, Md.)

NEW Hidden Picture Challenge Moo. The subject of our Hidden Picture Challenge is’s mascot, Nigel the DealCow. (We thought he was kinda cute and we really support dairy, okay?) This image represents your quest:

20  the link  July/August 12  |  For Best Buy internal use only.

Find Nigel and send us a pic as proof to TheLink@BestBuy. com. Please send the pic as an attachment and include your name, store number, city and state. If you’re the VERY FIRST to submit your photo, you’ll receive a brand new “I found The Link’s Hidden Pic first” T-shirt. Make your co-workers jealous and get on it!

I found The Link's Hidden Pic

Thanks to Kimi Austin | Store #865 (Conroe, Texas)

Thanks to Tony Olsen | Store #1153 (austin, texas)

Thanks to Phil Machi | Store #247 (Spring Meadows, Ohio)

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ALERT: A NEW WAVE OF INTENSE GAMES IS IMMINENT. ADVISE IMMEDIATE GRAPHICS UPGRADE. Take on the latest barrage of games with NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics cards and deliver the most immersive PC gameplay on the planet. Engage with the intense realism of NVIDIA PhysX , NVIDIA 3D Vision , NVIDIA Surround, DirectX 11, and the expandable power of NVIDIA SLI technology. Whatever style of game your customers live to play, they can count on the ultimate experience. Every time. ®








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