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A Complete Make-over from local artist to Cultural Icon

As the season has officially made its shift into Autumn and the leaves begin to change colors while tumbling to the urban asphalt our fashion sense Editor-In-Chief begin to be restored through Pantone leather prints, mahogany and rust colAlia Brown ored garments with acidic undertones. As our Fashion sense shift Staff Writers so will our cultural consciousness. Nicole Hall Just as top notch stylist and cosNoreen Mallory metologist are attempting to out-do Marlana Manlove each other through added texture and hints of auburn hair color and midAssociate night blue streaks, they are also offerWriters ing up bold and daring looks Mike Braxton through their every day use of instylDee Cates ers, soft brushes, hair dye and founK.Nichelle dation being applied to beautiful faces. As these faces radiate with Staff confidence their voice must soon Photographer follow and not rest in the bosom Alia Brown and burn a slow death like many do. Studios We must now set a strong foundation Runwayimage, Inc by daring to be culturally conscious in our approach to making an illustriCreative ous impact on our industry through Director constantly building and improving Dave Jarrell Bennett on its craft. When staying on the cutting edge of our industry no matter Executive if its Fashion Modeling, Fashion Beauty Advisor Photography, FilmMaking or MuSamina sic the historic style of Philly has always been to go against the grain while molding ourselves into becoming part of the culturally elite and rising to a Business status of cultural icon. From the Urban music Genre thereâ€&#x;s Musiq, Jil Administration Scott,The Roots and Meek Mills. Their sound and style has not and will not Marvin be duplicated. From the world of modeling Amber Rose defined her look Kingcade, III and defies her haters while being the face for many mainstream products. Even reaching into the world of comedy Bill Cosby is the conscious voice All articles and that has been making people laugh for decades while injecting education images of this from Fat Albert to The Cosby Show. Now Kevin Hart is the comedic producpublication are copywritten by the er hosting every award show while his stand up shows sell out and his movie individual writers. For all business inquiries regarding sales, marketing, etc career has him defined as a power broker in the field of entertainment. Now as you dare to be different of course you must first be creative but remember contact the business admin at what defines you is your character and persona make it shine and we will Mkingcade@ (Philly Models Magazine) be the backstage support and crew to ensure your success on a great journey that will help you, help us, help others. For the 215.650.7293 fashion Model we will be the portfolio manager and booking agent, for the To be profiled or featured please musician we will be the publicist and marketing director, for the filmmaker contact and actress we are the print and online filmfestival making sure others know Abrown@ who you are and what you do. PhillyModelsMag is not everything to body we are the networking pool serving a select group of individuals that 609.741.8084 just so happen to be from the great city of Philly. Nicole Hall 3

Mr. Philadelphia –MeekMill Roughly around 2007-2008 Meek Mills came out the gate galloping to his dream as a shining star within the hard hustle of the Hip-Hop Industry. The Philly Native made a powerful impact simply by going hard on any and all mix tapes, battle raps and Freestyle verses before releasing his own compilation Mixtape Flamerz. The North Philly native embodies everything we love, enjoy, hate and despise about this city. That‟s most likely why he appropriately entitled his recently released Debut album “Dreams and Nightmares” Meek Mills personal story on his rise to success has not only so many lessons that can be learned from

individuals striving to

make it in not just the music

industry but all aspects of

the entertainment game. I can‟t

help but think of the

struggles many of our native

sport teams have and

wonder how far might they go

if they could champion

some of the characteristics of

this young shining star.

First off MeekMillz surrounded

himself with a team that

new what success looked like.

His manager Charlie

Mack an important political-

social personality in the

Philly Hip-hop scene for years

and the former bodyguard

for Wil Smith was his manager.

Mack was able to partner

him up with T.I. record label

Grand Hustle and from

there he was a face in the in-

dustry. Right After that

the nightmare of getting

jammed up with the law

over gun charges was about to

destroy the vision,

dreams and passion this star

was moving torwards.

Luckily his team believed in

the cause and helped him

to properly defend and defeat the charges against him. Knowing the reality of what waits around the corner if the fream is jeapordizede on caused Meek Millz to work twice as hard, staying the course and not waiting for marketing and publicity people to tell him what his next move should be but having the passion to go after what you believe yourself. This drive and desire caused him to retweet Rick Ross tweets giving him a notice before dropping a tweet Ross should do a verse on the Rose Red song. I could say the rest is history but as we know history was now in the making. The approximate 10 years Meek has been banging versus has now culminated to a well put together album which features great stories and variety if different experiences from the party anthems to the street anthems and feature numerous artist from Rick Ross to Nas. Meek Millz the young bull from North Philly stayed the course not being a victim of his surrounding although seeing his father gun down in the streets, and getting jammed up within the law also having to deal with the jealous and envious culture that emerges from the city of Philly time and time again. He is overcoming the odds and being the example for more to follow which is if you want it go hard, if you know you have a gift to share go hard to get it out there, stay focused on the mission no matter what it takes. You do all of these things plus proper strategy to compete and defeat the haters and your payoff can also be one of the greatest record releases, or movie releases or fashion line releases the world have ever come to expect.


Artist Profile: RES Confessions of an Internet Obsession We all have our fetishes in the world but when some things become main stream and merge into pop culture it is no longer a fetish but becomes Religion -the norm within society. One of my fetishes has always been a conscious honey with that Wu-Tang effect – (witty unpredictable talent…) You know the eccentric women that many seem to overlook and under appreciate since they haven‟t still learned to become conformist within the eye of the media; a media which has a direct influence within the psychological profile of urban American standard. I‟m talking about Lauryn Hill before we recognized her for her sex appeal and now I guess you can add Philly‟s own Res to my list of those that embody this persona. Do to artist like Nas and Taleb Kweili my fetish for the this fly Philly Female has transformed into a standard American Religion much like Catholicism or Islam that many are now following. With her you get the symbolism and substance blended perfectly. Her Mocha complexity is what no doubt earned her a modeling contract with Ecko while her superb lyrical vocals have her helping industry heads create head banging music. When I discovered this Philly Native was returning back to her city to dj for the Rock the Vote event I was excited to have the opportunity to meet up with the person I‟ve been obsessed with since I discovered her debut album 2 years after it was released. I was working on my film project “Obsidian” and started cruising the internet for possible artist who I thought had lyrics that can match some of the concepts of the film when stumbling upon her vocal talent and edginess. It compelled me to yearn for more. The first song I heard was entitled How I Do… It instantly tugged at me and got me riled due to her soft yet gritty emotion. With this energy and style I was not surprised she was a Philly native and Temple U alumni. Unfortunately for me my project tanked and none of the investors saw fit to even put out a soundtrack if a film wasn‟t being released. Fine! My next project I would do from start to finish and I‟ll utilize the money to put the soundtrack out first. This was my master-plan for capturing and creating a great multi -media experience with Res. I didn‟t even realize I had become obsessed and possessed by a magnetic talent I was checking for on a regular on the internet. Now with social networks like Twitter and Facebook becoming popular I knew what was on her mind and what she was doing before I had my first cup of morning java. When I found out one of the hot tracks off her debut album that I planned to utilize entitled Ice King was remixed by Nas I knew she was emerging from my underground internet sensation into a soon to be the urban pop radio diva. Res was signed to a major record label, putting out videos on VH1 and making her promo circuit tour, yet surprisingly the soft gritty style stayed the same yet was maturing in emotion and creativeness. At the same damn time I was getting bombarded with frivolous projects tossed my way, and my personal project of producing my film project “Sacred Elements” were once again being put on hold. That‟s why when writer Noe Mallory contacted me stating that Taleb Qweli and his group Idle Warship which Res is one of the featured artist in, was in Philly early September, I was not at all overwhelmed with grief because this has become the ebb and flow of our relationship –nonexistent. That‟s perfectly fine because she will be once again breezing through her original stomping ground on November 15 th to perform at World Café Live and this is what I truly want a photo op, a few choice questions and to sit back relax with a cocktail


Invisible Women; Eyes on the World Excerpts from Urban Theory As a journalist for nearly twenty years, I have written about many different topics and events. My experience includes working in both newspapers and television and over the years, I have been involved in the media coverage of some extraordinary events such as September 11, 2001. But as time has gone by, as a writer I wanted to do more than simply report the news of the day. And as an African American woman, I believe my perspective on that same news was not often heard. With the exception of a few voices, most often African American women, I believe my perspective on that same news was not often heard, With the exception of a few voices, most often African American women are talked about but not talked to. This is especially true when it comes to voices of young African-American women. And this is when my reporting turned to commentary and column writing as well as other more creative writing outlets such as poetry. This is what lead me to produce my first published work Urban Theory. Although sharing my perspective as an African-American woman is important to me, it is equally as important to state my position as a “citizen of the world” who is interested in all of the things happening in the world. Black women are not monolithic and we are certainly misunderstood and misrepresented. Too often, we are uniformly categorized based on misinformation. Watch your Sunday morning news talk shows and count how many black women appear as guests or coomentators. Condoleeza Rice is a mainstay but multiple appearances by one woman does not count. In Urban Theory I address a number of topics including Hip -Hop culture, relationships, South Africa, Katrina, The Gaza Strip and Don Imus. One of the things that I have noticed is that when it comes to topics outside of the African -American realm or in other words, when something is not directly affecting the African American community, Black women voices are rarely heard. There simply are very few who are publicly presented by the media in a critical analysis forum whether it is newspapers, radio or television. And if you look at black women under age 50, the numbers are even worse. Perhaps though the numbers are indicative of how black women are perceived in America, or the world society in general – disaffected and disinterested so why bother trying to get their thoughts. I have never consciously started writing these facts in mind but as I continue to lok around and observe national and world events, this lack of representation becomes even more apparent. Like Ralph Ellison‟s “Invisible Man”, black women are “invisible women”. – Noreen Mallory 6


from Marvin Kingcade, III

A PROFILE OF NAKIA CAMPBELL‘S P.I.N.K. LADIES YOUTH MENTORING PROGRAM North Philadelphia native Nakia Campbell is the Executive Director of the non-profit organization known as The PINK Ladies Youth Mentoring Program, where she mentors teen girls. With a background in Video Production/Digital Media Production from the Art Institute of Philadelphia she has utilized her discipline, skills and hands-on experience to work for BET‟s “Teen Summit”, a live teen talk show, as Floor Director, Audience Coordinator, Chyron Operator, Production Assistant and Teen Mentor. This was a teen talk show that gave her the inspiration to produce a show for teens in the city of Philadelphia, called “Teens in the City”. She was also Associate Editor of “The Street Buzz”; the highly successful Philadelphia based Hip-Hop Magazine that promoted independent record labels, artists and businesses. Nakia mission is: Promoting Intelligent Non-violent and Knowledgeable Ladies from not going astray from their dreams, their goals and their objectives. Nakia believes the best way to accomplish this is to lead by example; to show and prove that young women can rise above any situation or barrier and achieve their life purpose. This is why she is determined to produce a positive & uplifting broadcast quality teen talk show, “Teens in the City”. This show is a production sponsored by The PINK Lagram, a show run by teens dies Youth Mentoring Profor teens. The Pink Ladies purpose is to educate, motivate and inspire young girls to strive for success and become empowered young women. Through the Avenues of the Arts, girls will be able to express their ideas via, Video Production, Fashion, Cosmetology, Business and Marketing. We do not limit girls to just participate in these particular fields, but we do encourage them to use these fields as a steppingstone in experiencing teamwork and discipline. Ms. Nakia Campbell encourages an educational, informative and sisterly environment where young ladies can feel comfortable with allowing themselves to receive and absorb information in regard to anti-drug/violence, HIV/AIDS awareness, abstinence, scholarship programs, college programs and career guidance. The Purpose of this program is to link together young girls with adult women and men mentors to educate them in various areas such as: Life Skills, Leadership Training and Career Development. Also, our female mentors play an important role as Big Sisters. This will allow young ladies to have a trusting adult that they can relate to and discuss issues privately & attentively with, so they will not result in making sudden and abrupt decisions for themselves. The Pink Ladies Mentoring Program is an organization that is supported through The Safe Kids Program, The Philadelphia Reads Program, The Achieving Independence Center, The Art Institute of Philadelphia and the Cecil B. Moore Recreation Center located at 22nd and Huntingdon Street, Philadelphia PA 19132. For more information Please call 267.265.3617 or email at: 7

The Urban-Cultural Oasis By Marvin Kingcade, III Its late June in the city of Philly and the atmosphere in Center City is a buzz in preparation for Welcome America. There‟s multiple activities taking place in Love Park from Line -Dancing instructed by DASHERS Entertainment to X Games with Skate borders and cyclist alike or we can quickly pan the camera to Rittenhouse Park -a Fashion Show spotlighting local boutiques and independent designers are in full effect. We are experiencing entertainment and art co-mingle with this industrialized city as it transforms into a creative playground and theatrical open house. Even as we fast forward to Mid-September with local runways sporadically set up with beauticians, designers and makeup artist across Philadelphia to spotlight and celebrate Phashion Week. Red carpets have onlookers guessing what‟s next as everyday people prepare for photo -ops #awesome idea. Now let‟s fast forward a little further and its December hmmm a bit more brisk in the atmosphere, matter of fact it is downright frigid a little to uncomfortable to be instructing line dancers in the winter air or teaching any art in the outside from Film, fashion Photography including hair, makeup and wardrobe in Rittenhouse for whatever reason. Should the arts and humanity only manifest themselves when it‟s above freezing temps; I shall hope not. This is where JasTech Development Corp come to save the arts and culture while providing a comfortable, easily accessible location that allows the art to foster and grow within the tri -state arena. JasTechDevelopment offers a facility known as the Overbrook Art Center located at 6134 Lancaster Avenue. The Overbrook Art Center is unlike any cultural center or recreational center you may have ever been a part of. It's mission speaks to a higher purpose which is to educate, enrich and enhance not only humanity but the environment that houses all of humanity. This is where the vision of Jerome A. Shabazz the director of The Overbrook Art Center has been steadily coming into fruition over the past few years. With Workshops throughout the week and weekend ranging from creative writing to film -making the Art Center has Classes and is creating classes that motivate students, young and older to express themselves and be creative through knowledge expansion and practicing your passion. If you‟re traveling up Lancaster Avenue towards City Ave you will first notice the Mosaic Tile that decorates the exterior of the Overbrook Art Center giving it a youthful and spirited appearance. If you‟re traveling from off City avenue down Lancaster you will not help but to do a double take at the High Tunnel that has been erected by local students from Randolph High school and designed by students from Penn state. Its purpose is to trap rainwater and utilize the recycled water for fresh produce that will allow better nourishment and plants that will attract and sustain exotic wildlife. This is what links the Overbrook Art Center with the Overbrook Environmental Education Center all of which is under the umbrella of JasTech Development Corp. Yes it's a lot, but a lot is being done within our own backyard. The Overbrook Art Center is providing learning opportunities and programs that promote self-enrichment and improve community life. The Overbrook Art Center is currently seeking both learners and instructors to assist in developing this Comm -University. The Overbrook Art Stop by Saturdays between Noon -2pm to register with the Overbrook Art Center and become a part of their quickly expanding community. To be kept up to date and to see this phenomenal Environmental Center subscribe to their Facebook page at 8

We thank all of our partners who have supported our mission

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Phasion Phest:

The Shops at Liberty Place have always been recognized for their quality of stores combined with reasonable prices conveniently located on 16 th and Chestnut in downtown Philadelphia. On a Mid-September early evening the Liberty Place transformed itself into a Fashion frenzy and extravaganza for the Philly Fashion Trendsetters; giving us a peek into the autumn ideals and winter wears for perhaps 2013 and beyond. The pre-production of the show allowed tasty treats from Skinny Girl Margaritas and Cosmopolitan‟s with hors d'oeuvres served up by Chima Brazilian Steakhouse off 19 th and JFK. Hair Boutiques and studios displayed models who gave a glimpse into the classic autumn cuts that are their signature while promoting discounts and specials for potential business. The show kicked off with the classic and Established


Ann Taylor Boutique showing their variety of wardrobes for the 2012/2013 winter mix. Men‟s Wear was featured by one of the premiere stores at Liberty Places Les Richards. LesRichards recognized that when it comes to men‟s wardrobe two standards that will never fade into the sunset is the Italian cut suit and the Military design. These were the two styles that Les Richards showcased this evening. These chic images had stylist meshing slim fit Italian plaid blazer with brown Calvin Klein pants to give any gentlemen that posh GQ sophistication. In the following segments men had to take a backseat as the women boutiques showcased their merchandise. Kimberly Boutique, Scarlett Fiorella and Knit Wit all notable boutiques within the Center City district yet all house a distinct character with their garments. Regardless most of their models

showcased dresses that can be utilized for the office or for evening activity. Kimberly Boutique dresses definitely captured the progressive business women, while Scarlett Fiorella and Knit Wit decided to inspire the night life with their garments which ranged from Gold Sequin dresses to Blugirl blue and black sequin a -line evening dress with matching blue rabbit jacket. US * U.S. located in the Olde City section of the city helped to strengthen and maintain the focus of the Fall Fashion: Iconic Grace Kelly theme with many of their culturally inspired wardrobes. Designers featured from US*U.S. included Lobo Mau , Mariel Rojo, LELE and Secret Bohemian. Lobo Mau designs included a 60‟s inspired Kimono sleeved dress, hand printed. US * U.S. Mariel Rojo set closed with Sky blue maxi shirt with stud‟s turtle

Iconic Grace Kelly Glamour neck wool sweater. While Secret Bohemian closed their segment with an iridescent mermaid skirt, sheer, sleeveless tunic & shawl with vintage feather beading. Men fashion returned back with vengeance as Rococo the men‟s Italian shop located in Southhampton, PA featured different designers which brought the fire to the Liberty Place courtyard. Some of these designers were Jared Elliot whose tan and rusted plaid all wool two button sports coat over a PYA Black stretch long sleeve crew neck with Robert Cavilli brown stretch 5 pocket jeans and blackstone distressed leather hi top sneak with rawhide laces. As the show begin to wind down, Phashion Phest kept its momentum and pizzazz with presenting Macy‟s 2012/2013 line up , before going to the high end with

Zimmerman furs. Macy‟s followed suit with the other fashion boutiques with their color blocked bandage dress . Followed by INC. another one of MACY‟s in house fashion labels. The INC black piped , purple stripe shirt and distressed skinny jeans highlighted the sophistication chic that seemed to be a reoccurring theme of the show. Although this seemed to be the case it was Black strapless Faux leathers andNavy velvet blazers over magenta shirts that made sure the Grace Kelly Glamour theme was maintaining its mission. And if it was any doubt rather this was indeed the case one only needed to witness the last segment which was reserved for Zinman furs in Pennsauken New Jersey. The Assortment of Furs ranged from Rust and Red

sheared beaver hooded coats to Black Russian sable goat and coyote bolero Jackets. Zinman put on a great show with it ending quite how it started with the men demonstrating that they have a flair for fashion and that Glamour cross gender lines. This could not be expressed none better then through the fine Furs that they adorn from the Man‟s Natural Mahagony Mink tail 3/4 jacket to the Man‟s Shadow fox Mahagony Jacket. Lets see how Phashion Phest 2013/2014 over tops this Glamorous Gala we were honored to ho be associated with this year.

By PMM Staff

PhillyModel of the Month: What is your affiliation with the city of Philly? I was raised near Bala Cynwd , PA on a block called Church Road that felt safe for kids to play on. I remember my Mom use to take me to the doctor repeatedly with bad ear infections. Treatment for my ear infection was neglected by doctors until age 5. I was diagnosed with a hearing loss; my mother eventually sued Children hospital for negligence and won the case. This forced my mom to seek the right school for me all over the city of Philadelphia. With the potential to hear some and speak well, I was a quiet girl. I remember going to multiple schools and enduring tumultuous and hurtful relationships with other young kids so much that my younger sister had to fight for me until I finally could connect to my classmates who were deaf like me at Robert Morris Elementary School. Throughout my school years, hardship for mom came about when we had to leave our safe block to move into a neighborhood that was not safe for her two daughters. Southwest Philly was a place full of violence and after my grandmother passed away the house was given to mom to care for. Mom was not happy having to deal with the family commotion and stress that it came with. This didn‟t stop my mom concerning my education and needs; she wanted more for me. So I ended up leaving Philly for Washington, DC to attend a high school for the deaf. Model Secondary School for the Deaf was a school that opened my eyes to a visual world full of deaf students of all levels of cultures and races. How long have you been modeling? I modeled for 6 years in Philly. It all started after high school a guy, Michael who was associated with a small unknown modeling agency called Flawless in Philly, walked up to me and handed me his card. I took interest because I always wanted to model. Deborah Green the founder of the agency taught me great things. She was a mentor who inspired me to go further within my modeling career. Unfortunately, her agency shut down and I branched out to do local fashion shows for designers such as Ron Welch and I also worked with FBH modeling agency participating in Philly Fashion week as well as worked with Kevin Parker and Kerry Scott, the founders, of the agency in the past. I then decided I wanted to take my modeling experience to another level and head for NY. I packed my bags and moved out to New York during the year of 2009. What were some of the challenges you faced? It‟s always about the perfect body, height or having a certain look that agencies are looking for. Also, what‟s challenging was dealing with too much false promises. I worked with people who misguided me into thinking their networks can provide bigger opportunities. I thought I could have a chance to get into a big agency in New York. Also building my model portfolio was a big financial investment and working with few photographers were not helpful in building the right portfolio for me. Not having the right guidance taught me a lot about the people I don't need to have in my network. I guess this comes with experience. You live and you learn. What were some of the positive aspects you‗ve experienced from Philly? Attending a conventional college to receive BFA in Dance Theory and Choreography from Temple University was a positive experience. It‟s uncommon for some deaf people to attend a conventional colleges because the stress of demanding accessibility for their needs. Also coming from a single mom who had her struggles and couldn‟t finish school herself, she instilled in her two daughters that education was important. Being one of the first in my generation to receive my college degree means a lot. I also had the opportunity at Pennsylvania School for the deaf to make an impact on students who looked up to me because I was viewed as a success story. I helped open the door for PSD to have a dance program there. It was im15

Jubil Khan What projects have you worked on within your industry and currently involved with? In 2009 when I officially moved to NYC to pursue my career as a model is when different avenues began to open up for me. I did a few runway shows; I also became a part of Jade Films and Entertainment, founded by a deaf filmmaker, inventor, and entrepreneur, Jade Bryan. The organization purpose was to spread education, news of the entertainment, and social awareness as well as open doors to deaf and hard of hearing talents in the entertainment. I helped co-produce project MICA Runway 2010 as well as participate as a model. I have become an interview host model for her media crew, MICA Scoop TV and I have interviewed tons of celebrities, designers and fashionistas. I have participated in film projects and recently did an independent film with a main supporting role. I am pushing my acting career by participating in film projects as well as doing TV gigs for Law n Order, Blue Bloods and more. What are some of the lessons learned since being involved in such a competitive industry? One of the greatest lessons I‟ve learned in the entertainment industry is that one should find their humanitarian side within themselves to give back to their community. When I first came to NYC I was so engrossed in my art that I was afraid of losing myself . As a result with so many things going on around me depression permeated my existence. No one knew because luckily I was busy with casting calls, auditions and work. However since getting involved in humanitarian work for the arts it taught me to maintain my humbleness and sensibleness to what is around me. Therefore, you will inspire people that see you for who you are more than what you do. It also opened doors to many opportunities. I rather position myself as a person who has no limits in doing things in entertainment. Developing skills and doing more than modeling helped me grow as a talent in this fast pace industry. One of my favorite books is the Secret and The Power by Rhonda Byrne. It teaches you to attract positive energy in your life only if you think and believe positively. What would you like to see more of or what would you like to see done different? I would like to see more deaf talent like me arise in the entertainment business. It‟s amazing I have seen great talent through my years and still don‟t see them being recognize. We have deaf rappers and actors that have appeared in the limelight for a short period, its time to bring them back. Also its time entertainment deals with the fact that talent and beauty comes in all different shapes, forms, sizes, and heights. I know there are criteria‟s and rules in this entertainment to follow but break the rules sometimes to give one an opportunity. It may bring something new and different to the table. Any plans to return back to Philly since the opportunities within the arts are constantly evolving? Yes, I would like to go back to my hometown and establish a performing arts at PSD as well as an establishment that will give them resources and guidance to finding their worth as a talent, creator or an educator in society. In regards of my modeling career, I continue to grow and learn about the industry regardless of what obstacles came my way. Overall, I had learned from some great people. Oh and don‟t forget to check out the website

Spa, Beauty and Personal Care

Universal Hair Gallery BEAUTY AND BARBER SALON Walk-ins & Appt. Welcomed 5520 N 5TH STREET Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19120 Mon– Sat 8:00 am-8:00 pm. Sunday 9:00 am—6:00 pm Just ask for Nikki:

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Vivian Grean ―The Green Room‖ Columbia Records Consistency when it comes to excellence in quality may sound like a slogan from a fortune 500 business but it‟s the personification of East Oak Lane‟s shining star Vivian Green. Her debut album A Love Story featured the chart topper Emotional Rollercoaster and since then she has been consistent with her soulful and sensuous music that attracts such a broad fan base. Her latest album entitled “Green Room” features the chart topper “Still Here” backed with the single “Anything out there” Green explains how she wanted to create an uplifting, feel-good record for adults. Furthermore she wanted music she describes as fun, sexy and soulful. Knowing her consistence and commitment to excellence it is safe to assume #Mission Accomplished. The album is in stores now. Pink ―The Truth About Love‖ Elektra/WEA The Philly Urban- Suburban native dropped her 6th album early fall: The Truth About love. The duly noted pop icon proves with the billboard busting song “Blow me” that there is a certain affection that men and women like when it comes to Pink‟s psycho dramatic environment. No doubt her hardcore in your face lyrics can be attributed to her native stomping ground, as she battles through the answers to her question :The Truth about Love. This album is a solid mix of club bangers like “True Love” and “The Truth about Love” while blending with Slut Like you and Walk of Shame remind us of the bi-polarism in the personality and the music of a fly pop-icon, hard-core glam girl like Pink. The Truth About Love is in stores now. Sterling Simms Mary & Molly (Mixtape) (Hosted by Don Cannon, DJ Drama & DJ Aktive) Sterling Simms has the right mix to cook up major sells off of his latest mix-tape and to insure multi-platinum sells off of his future album. Sterling a Philly native himself incorporated Philly based yet national dj's Drama & Aktive to put there skills behind the music and bless this talented and gifted artist. The combination creates for a heavy hitting, edgy R&B soundtrack for the bedroom. Featuring artist from MeekMillz, 2Chainz and Travis Porter its sappy enough to pull the women in with its sensuous lyrics while edgy and grimy to keep the men entertained also. Although not to far different from other current male R & B escapades, Sterling Simms crooning and his range legitimizes him and carves a carefully crafted niche, that has him standing on solid ground with a great fan base that‟s expanding due to collaborations with the industry best and not to mention well written pop charting lyrics. If Sterling Simms continue on this path he will not just be an awesome entertainer but a major power broker within this industry. 17

Where Ya At? A Review of some of the hottest Film Festivals in 2012 This year film festivals have been all abuzz. And Philadelphia was smack in the middle of the fun. It is the season for festivals and in 2012 it seems like now there are more than ever. The first year of a new annual film festival in Philly kicked off in August highlighting the work of black artists from around the world. It is the only event of its kind in Philadelphia. Philadelphia‟s International House on Chestnut Street was the hub of activity for The Black Star Film Festival which was held from August 2 -5, 2012 in Philly and featured the work of filmmakers of African descent. As its mission statement states, the festival aims to “…celebrate the visual and storytelling traditions of the African Diaspora and to showcase independent film and video works by and about black people from around the world.” The Black Star Film Festival included the Philadelphia premiere of acclaimed director Byron Hurt‟s “Soul Food Junkies”. The film looks at the tradition of soul food in the black community as well as its impact on the health of African-Americans.For Philadelphians and anyone familiar with the incredible music history of the city, a definite treat of the festival was the screening of the documentary “Leaked Night at the Five Spot”. “Leaked Night…” was directed by award-winning director Mike Dennis of the production company Reelblack and features footage from the legendary Black Lily music showcase at Philly‟s Five Spot. Many of the artists who performed at the Five Spot - some of who are seen in the film – would go on to achieve huge success in the music business: Floetry, Jazmine Sullivan, Jazzyfatnastees, Kindred The Family Soul and others. The film shows these artists and others who were popular at Black Lily such as the amazing Lady Alma performing during its heyday from 2000 through 2005. Perhaps one of the festival‟s most anticipated events was “A Conversation with Ava DuVernay”, the acclaimed African-American film director who won the Best Director Award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival for her film, “Middle of Nowhere”. She spoke to a packed theater about her experiences as both a film director and as a film publicist. DuVernay is also the founder of AFFRM, the African American Film Festival Releasing Movement which works on increasing distribution for black films. “Middle of Nowhere” opens in theaters October 12. The Toronto International Film Festival began September 6 and ran through September 16, 2012. TIFF, as it is often called, is one of the film industry‟s largest festivals. Approximately 300 films from around the world are screened at venues throughout Toronto. One of the things that makes the Toronto Film Festival so much fun is its accessibility. Fans fill King Street attending various talks, screenings and other festival-related events. But perhaps what excites many who attend is the chance to wait quite literally at the “red carpet”. This year, Philly‟s own Will Smith and his family, including wife Jada Pinkett Smith walked the “red carpet” in support of the world premiere of Shola Lynch‟s documentary “Free Angela and All Political Prisoners” about activist Angela Davis‟ life. Will and Jada signed autographs and snapped pictures with fans. Chris Tucker also took time for pictures and autographs with fans at the „red carpet”. For hours, people wait along the fences to catch glimpses and photos of their favorite actors and actresses. 18

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PhillyModelsMag - Issue 1  
PhillyModelsMag - Issue 1  

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