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Dec. 2011

Phil Sharing Message of Hope at FCA’s 1st “Main Event”

33 Students Receive Christ ChristLife

Experiencing & Sharing God’s Love

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, As many of you already know, Wren has been working as a 7th grade science teacher for the last several years. Time and time again we have seen God use Wren’s position as a teacher to impact lives for Christ in our community. We believe God has placed her as a missionary in her school so we are able to reach the students, their parents and the faculty with the love and Good News of Christ. This past year Wren was moved to help start a new middle school. Though the transition has been a little rough, we knew that God was opening the door for a new mission field. Having seen how God had used FCA at her previous middle school (reaching lost students and making disciples), we began to pray that God would use us to start FCA at her new school. When Wren approached her new principal about using the gym every Friday morning to meet for FCA, he seemed very reluctant. He had never even heard of FCA, but, thankfully he agreed to allow it and is becoming more and more supportive. There are a couple teachers who have verbally expressed support of FCA, but none have fully committed to help serve. Please pray for the faculty and administration at Wren’s school to get fully onboard in helping to share the message of hope with these precious students. We were hopeful yet unsure if FCA would be as successful at this new school. Yet quickly we saw God answer our prayers as we were blessed with 13 students who signed up to be FCA leaders and several parents commit to forming a parent huddle group. We started meeting with them to pray and plan our first campus outreach event. We decided to meet Friday mornings before school. We are taking advantage of the fact that a majority of the student arrive early on the busses and are waiting around 30 minutes before school actually starts.


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It was awesome to see God draw 250 out of the 400 students who attend the school to our first main event! We were so excited as 33 students have indicated they have received Christ for the 1st time or recommitted their lives to Him. The next week we threw a pizza party in Wren’s room during the students lunch period, to follow up on and to begin discipling the new believers. We used the opportunity to share with them how all of heaven threw a party when they chose to give their lives to Christ. We gave them Bibles and journals and used the remaining time to share more with them about the decision they made and how to begin growing in their relationships with Christ. We then invited them to come back

Wren Helping Lead New Believers Discipleship:)

during lunch period every Wednesday so we could continue to help them in their walk with the Lord. Since then we have had a consistent

35-40 kids coming to be discipled! All glory to God! Please keep these new believers and their families in your prayers. Also join us in praying we are shown more and more favor at the school. Many people are surprised to know it is legal for us to meet on public school grounds. We share the same rights as any other voluntary club that is allowed to meet at the school. We are allowed to hold meetings before or after school, during lunch, or at any other non-academic time on the school grounds. The Main Event is an outreach meeting, much like YL Club. We do music, a skit, and then share about Christ. If you would like help starting FCA at your local school please contact us, we would be glad to help get you started. Our first mission field is the neighborhood where, as you may recall, God blessed us with a house. We have seen some of our neighbors begin a personal relationship with Christ, and many of them have helped us in loving and serving the poor. Yet sadly, most still seem hardened to the good news. That is why we are so excited that all of the kids in our neighborhood end up at Wren’s new school! Our new

prayer is that, as we reach their children with God’s love and message of Hope, the CHILDREN will take it home and reach their parents.

We are Overjoyed!! Our Youngest Daughter, Hope, gave her life to Christ and was Baptized by Wren on her 7th Birthday:)

Refugee Ministry Update As I shared in our last newsletter, we have been helping refugees from Vietnam (housed in Charlotte), they are called the Montagnards (The mountain people). They actually became Christians before the war and fought on the side of the U.S., knowing they would be persecuted, for their faith, if the communists won. Sadly, this is exactly what happened and has been ongoing for the past 30 years. The persecution is so severe that only 500,000 out of 3 million Montagnards are still alive. America has helped by bringing 30,000 of them to the U.S. as refugees. It is an answer to prayer to have other nationalities to love and serve right in our backyard. We do this through our involvement in helping plan and run outreach events, collecting and delivering furniture and clothing, recruiting other volunteers, serving at their clothing closet, and being advocates for them in our community.

We use this opportunity as a bridge to share the Gospel and pray with those who give and receive. Over the last couple of years I have had a neighbor who graciously allowed me to use his truck, but, now he needs it for work.

We Are P raying For A Tru ck

The dream I believe God has laid on my heart, is that we would one day have our own truck, as well as enough support coming in to pay for insurance, gas, and upkeep. It would also be a blessing to have enough support coming in that we could pay one of the unemployed men we serve to help me deliver the furniture. This ministry meets both physical and spiritual needs. If the Lord lays it on your heart to give towards the purchase of a truck, or to increase your monthly giving to help expand this ministry, please contact us or send your check and pledge to 1108 Market Street, Fort Mill, SC 29708.


I am hesitant to share one of our family’s personal needs.

Though we live on Wren’s teacher’s salary and my humble Missionary salary, (I made 22,000 last year), the Lord always provides all we need. This brings me to our current ministry as well as personal needs. We beThis past month, my 20 year old bridgework lieve God has placed us in this more affluent neighborhood to share the needed to be replaced. Although, our insurance Gospel, make disciples of Christ, as well as, to be advocates for the poor. covered almost half of it, the rest of the bill, Though the Montagnards are provided housing, they are not provided $4,700, wiped out our family’s emergency funds. with furnishings. Most eat, sit, and sleep on the ground. They are not We know times are tough for just about everycomplaining, but, I believe God wants to further bless these persecuted one & that is why we are reluctant to ask, but, if you are in a place where brothers and sisters in Christ. Many of our neighbors are constantly upyou are able to donate towards this expense, it would be a huge blessing dating their furnishings, and are more than willing to donate their old to our family. Simply write “Phil’s Teeth” in the check Memo of any donafurniture to help. We pick up and deliver all furnishings in the name of tion. Christ. We see each of these meetings as a divine appointment. The donaThank you for your consideration, we trust the Lord to continue to protion of food, clothing and furniture opens a door of conversation. vide for us.

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God our Father, is to care for orphans and widows in their distress…” (James1:27)

th 7, and Na Zaria age

aniel age 5

After traveling around the world to different orphanages and working with families in need in America, we have come to the realization that one of the best ways for us, as Christ followers, to put our faith into action, is to adopt foster children. Having recently completed our South Carolina foster parent/adoption certification we are prayerfully taking the next step. This precious brother and sister are two children we have made an inquiry about. We are very excited and would appreciate your prayers as we wait on God’s will to be done. As we seek to do our part in this high calling, we hope to inspire others to open their hearts and homes to do the same.


(Please remember us in your prayers. Cut and keep this on your fridge)

Celebrating & Sharing the Joy of Knowing Christ!

Dear Lord, help us to Daily: • • • • • • • •

The Dante’s

Find our contentment in Knowing You and Experiencing Your Love. (Jn.7:37-39) Abide (spend every moment) with You. (Jn.15:1-17) Be empowered and led by the Holy Spirit. (Gal.5:25) Hear Your Voice. (Jn.10:27) Share Your Message of Hope. (Jn.1:12) Make Disciples (followers of Christ). (Mt.28:18-20) Love & Serve those in true need. (Mt.25:31-46) Encourage & Equip others to do the same. (Eph.4:11-13)

We ask all this in Jesus name.

Thank you for your faithfulness to pray for & partner with this ministry! CLife 1108 Market St. Fort Mill, SC 29708 803-207-9496

2011 Fall Newsletter  

33 Students Receive Christ!

2011 Fall Newsletter  

33 Students Receive Christ!