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the naked city

Local energy company looking for consultants to offer alternative to PECO/PPL. Incredible ďŹ nancial opportunity.

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the naked city


the thebellcurve CP’s Quality-o-Life-o-Meter

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Bensalem police arrest four people who used a phone-dating service to lure men to a hotel and rob them at gunpoint. And the victims were sat down and told about the Internet.

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Critics of Gov.Tom Corbett’s budget plan say it will lead to “trickle-down taxation” and “a budgetary Whac-A-Mole effect.” Also: “Plinko appropriations” and “a Showcase Showdown of earmarks.”


Comcast launches a national campaign aimed at Spanish-language TV viewers and Web users. “No, no es necesario el Xfinito Comcast Triple Play. Es 2011, teléfonos fijos son obsoletos.”


Students at Rowan University build a robot that can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 15 seconds. “Now if only we can get that time machine up and running, people 20 years ago will be so psyched about our robot.”

[ + 1 ] Damon Feldman is sentenced to two years’

probation for fixing his Celebrity Boxing fights and operating without a license. And for, somehow, lowering the bar for who qualifies as a celebrity.

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[ + 2 ] J. Whyatt Mondesire, president of the

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Philly chapter of the NAACP, says the firing of outspoken Audenried High School teacher Hope Moffett “smacks of royal vengeance.” And this like little light bulb pops up over Damon Feldman’s head.

[ -2 ]

State Education Secretary Ron Tomalis says the new Keystone high school graduation exams will be delayed because students are not well enough prepared. “In other words, our children are too dumb to fail.”

[ + 2 ] Frank DiCicco says that he’d been thinking

about retirement for a while and that an Inky editorial cartoon on the DROP program, in which City Council was depicted as hogs, was the last straw. Also he feeds his cat lasagna now.

[ -2 ]

The only City Councilpersons who are running for re-election and planning on taking DROP payments are Frank Rizzo and Marian Tasco. Please fax your pig masks to 215-686-1938 (Tasco) and 215-686-1929 (Rizzo).

This week’s total: -5 | Last week’s total: -9


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ld City weekend nights have become notorious as a gathering spot for careless drunks whose exploits sometimes stray from spirited revelry toward senseless violence. A year ago, Grub Street Philly ran a story with the headline “On Saturday Night, Old City Is Full of Drunks Who Like to Fight,” which referenced not merely fistfights but eight gun battles that had occurred in the recent past. And so it came not exactly as a huge surprise when we received a tip last week stating not only that a visibly pregnant woman had been shoved through a window at The Continental at Second and Market around midnight on a recent Saturday but that no police officers were on hand to arrest the drunken person or persons who attacked the woman. No one at The Continental would speak to CP on the record about the incident. But an employee did confirm that the incident occurred and that the greater problem — of increasing numbers of violent drunks and too few police officers to deal with them — was a very real one. Graham Copeland, executive director of Old City District — a group that collects funds from Old City business

owners to bring “supplemental services and programs” to the district — was willing to talk a little more freely about the problem. He said recent incidents, such as a double shooting outside the Blue Martini in late February and a brawl at Strawberry and Market around that same time, have caused Old City

District to “work with the police to help to create a safer place.” That means OCD is working with the Philadelphia Police Department’s Sixth District “to pay for additional staffing over the weekends.” Two additional off-duty police officers have not formally been hired yet, Copeland said, but that’s going to happen very soon. Copeland said in addition to the need for more security over the weekend, there’s also an informal, nonpublic gathering of club operators “who have all gotten together to work to develop a nightlife management plan.” Count us in, bros.

Increasing numbers of violent drunks and too few police officers.

—Matt Stroud


It appears in the darkest hours of the night, a green three-leafed mystery: the big shamrock painted every year smack-dab in the middle of the intersection of Ridge and Midvale in East Falls. This year’s arrival time was around 4 a.m. on March 5 — as always, just before St. Patrick’s Day. “It’s connected to the Erin Express” — the famed St. Pat’s drink-a-thon on wheels — suggested a bartender at nearby Buckets who wouldn’t give her name. “But actually I didn’t see any busses of drinkers around here this weekend.” “It’s been done for decades by different Fallsers families,” >>> continued on page 9

the naked city


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For our smartphone-using, too-busy-to-catch-up readers, a lightning roundup of the wild races for City Council coming our way: In the race for the First District, Councilman Frank DiCicco is out, saying he hasn’t the ol’ “fire in my belly” to stomach what he says would have had to have been a half-million-dollar campaign — which itself is crazy. Still in are Joe Grace (founder of, Jeff Hornstein, Lou Lanni, Mark Squilla (whom DiCicco is now backing) and perennial candidate Vern Anastasio. Squilla, by the way, is also a “genus of manta shrimp” — but not this Squilla, as far as we know. The Second District race, to replace retiring Council President Anna Verna, features Barbara Capozi (who, as of press time, has only nine followers on Twitter), Richard DeMarco, Kenyatta Johnson and Damon K. Roberts. Interestingly, that’s two white and two black candidates.

Is crime a problem at SugarHouse? That’s easier asked than answered. When Deputy Mayor Alan Greenberger was questioned about it at a recent House Gaming Oversight Committee meeting, he testified that police told him “there have been no serious issues at all [at] the SugarHouse Casino.” Except, he later admitted (after a state representative politely reminded him), a grisly pistol-whipping. Police spokesman Lt. Ray Evers also told City Paper that compared to other parts of Philadelphia, there has been “virtually no crime” at SugarHouse. The stats tell a slightly different story. According to data from the Philadelphia Police Department, police have reported 42 crimes at the casino since its September opening. That includes one report of a pistol-whipping, seven reports of theft (including one stolen car), three reports of assault, four reports of vandalism, three reports of DUIs, 11 reports of disorderly conduct, one report of a recovered stolen vehicle, two reports of city ordinance violations and eight reports of trespassing. In all, police have been called to the casino 147 times since it opened. According to Evers, only 11 of these reported crimes were serious — which, he says, isn’t much given that SugarHouse has been open for almost six months. But Paul Boni, board member of Stop Predatory Gambling, says casino-related crime is complex: “The big incidents are fraud and embezzlement that occur because people are addicted to gambling. ... That doesn’t happen at the facility.” — Holly Otterbein

By Isaiah Thompson

But who’s counting.

District Six — that occupied by retiring Joan Krajewski — is heating up, with Martin Bednarek (Krajewski’s chosen successor) and Bob Henon, a union-backed candidate. And just about everybody in Philadelphia appears to be running for the seat now occupied by retiring Eighth District Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller. Officially so far: Cindy Bass, Anita Hamilton, Greg Paulmier and Verna Tyner. The race for councilperson at-large is just too damned crazy to detail. But the exciting part is this: Councilman Frank

Rizzo has lost the backing of his own Republican Party. Last, longtime Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell does face one challenge, from Cobbs Creek entrepreneur Alicia Burbage. Her motto: “Taste the energy.” —Isaiah Thompson and Tanya Hull

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³ IT’S BEEN A WEEK of contemplation for Man

Overboard! Among the themes of my pondering: Mayor Michael Nutter and the state of the great city of Philadelphia. On Thursday, the mayor delivered his annual budget address, acknowledging (vaguely) past errors and summing up (much less vaguely) the progress his administration has made in the last 3-1/2 years despite, he reminded us (and not vaguely at all), a terrible, crippling economy. Among the achievements he boasted of were many notable ones: the development of a master plan for the city and its waterfront, the streamlining of basic city services with 311 and improvements to L&I, the fact that our libraries and pools and the police force were maintained. The worst is over, Nutter told the audience, and “We need to get used to the fact that Philadelphia is a city on the rise.” Overcome with admiration for this fair city, Man Overboard! waved a mental Philly flag, the phrase ringing in his ears: “A city on the rise,” indeed! But also ringing in my ears this week are the words of Theresa Lugo, a resident of the cursed 300 block of Tusculum Street, which — as you’ll see in this week’s cover story — directly faces a longneglected railway bed that’s a veritable cauldron of crime and drug-related mayhem, and about which city officials (and the railroad’s owner, the federal entity Conrail) have so far done approximately squat. “We’re just left here, forgotten,” Lugo said, her youngest daughter listening intently by her side (her kids were held up at gunpoint by the tracks). I think the mayor’s right: Philadelphia is a city on the rise. Just not for everybody. Murders are down — but not in Kensington.A little homework revealed to your MO! that homicides have stayed roughly the same or gone up in the three police districts around that railroad. In two districts, they’re roughly double what they were this time of year in 2008. The openair drug markets that once surprised a new-to-town Man Overboard! seem, three years (or nearly one mayoral term) later, something like normal. It wasn’t until the “Kensington Strangler” made national headlines, say Kensington neighborhood groups, that virtually any attention had been given their neighborhood. During that scare, Nutter and Police Chief Ramsey journeyed to K-town for the cameras. I wonder if we’ll see them standing on any railroad beds this week. A rising tide, it’s said, lifts all boats. Philly may indeed be on the rise, but some of its neighborhoods are drowning. ✚ Isaiah Thompson is a veritable cauldron himself. E-mail him at

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[ is a green three-leafed mystery ]


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National Promotional agency is seeking spokes models to conduct one to one consumer engagements for a leading tobacco product within nightlife in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. This part time, day & night time position is ideal for attractive, outgoing young men and women who are looking for an interesting, challenging position that will allow them to make good money and have fun. Send responses to Responses must include resume, references and comp card/recent photo. POSITION REQUIREMENTS:

• 20 – 25 hours of availability over 3 – 5 days/evenings per week. • Clean neat appearance and outgoing personality excellent verbal and people skills • Prior Face-to-Face Promotional Experience preferred

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MUSICAL CHEERS For our Music Issue package (March 3), the most love was shown for John Vettese’s profile of Curly Castro. “Dope! Absolutely dope,” wrote commenter Supatang. “The more you feature artists like this in our city, I think the more respect hip-hop will have in this city. Rapping isn’t just about talking about yourself and what all you have, but it’s about allowing the audience to hear and experience something real, raw and challenging all at the same time. This particular artist deserves this, and I hope people jump on the groove and pick this album up.” Commenter Alaina Nelson was more succinct: “Thanks for recognizing such a true talent and insightful MC. This album is a must listen for all.”

THE CHIPS FALL Isaiah Thompson’s recent Man Overboard! column about the semantics of the gambling debate (“Public Speaking,” March 3) received accolades from one online commenter based in a very distant land: “We are watching with close interest from Australia. We share the same casino gambling industry, where the same old answers are dished up by casino gambling businesses, to fob off increasingly disturbing questions. When will the gambling industry wake up to the fact that ‘the game is (almost) up’? Too many citizens have witnessed too many marriage break-ups, too many divorces, too many neglected children, too many home losses, too many employee thefts, too many people jailed, too many businesses closed and too many people who have committed suicide! The list goes on!” The concerned citizen from Down Under suggests: “Time to license casino gamblers, like weekend fishermen have to be!” It never occurred to us before, but maybe all of us should model our behavior on weekend fishermen.

Let us help you live your best life. | 215.382.6680 counseling, coaching and classes for individuals, couples and families Please visit our website for free articles and full descriptions of our services and programs.

[ the naked city ]

From our readers

The Music Issue featured local hero Kurt Vile’s sideward glance for the cover photo, with Pat Rapa’s words garnering praise from “I’m drawn most to Rapa’s cover treatment of Vile,which manages to reveal new things about a subject who’s been covered extensively in recent years. It’s equal parts sound and substance — first time he’s included lyrics with his album? It’s wonderful that Rapa observed and included that — and I dig it absolutely.”

• MUST be at least 21 years old

8 | P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R |


ONE WORD: CHICKPEAS! Adam Erace’s positive review of West Philly restaurant Manakeesh (“Not Just (Lebanese) Pizza,” March 3) was seconded by an enthusiastic online commenter with a rather specific criterion: “Killer review! Anything chickpea related makes me happy, and I have to try the cashew baklava!” GOOD DAY, BAD DAY Several people chimed in on Holly Otterbein’s story about a potential day reporting center in Southwest Philly (“Go Directly to Jail,” Feb. 17). Otterbein described the center as providing “pretrial defendants, parolees and nonviolent offenders — especially drug users — with job training, mental health care and sometimes housing, instead of sending them to jail.” In the online feedback, the first commenter struck a measured note: “Congratulations to the city for some forward thinking regarding treatment/rehabilitation versus punishment. However, the neighborhood issues need to be addressed. It can be a hard sell. Does the facility have to be so big? Four hundred beds? I can understand the community’s opposition to such a large operation. Something that size can be riddled with oversight issues.”

But shortly thereafter we received this from commenter Walter: “If you think it is such a great idea, put it in Manayunk or Chestnut Hill.” Another one notes: “I feel like the title of the article is misleading. It seems as though the community is against having the day reporting center in their residential area,not that they’re against day reporting centers in general or in Philadelphia even. Whether the area is mostly barren or not has a lot to do with poverty, and there still are people living there, and there is a day care center. Undesirable institutions/infrastructure/businesses are routinely put in neighborhoods that are mostly poor and/or people of color, knowing that these people don’t have the money to fight back with lawyers, etc. I do sincerely hope that the city will get day reporting centers. It just seems to me that there’s enough dead space in Philly that it shouldn’t be too hard to find a location to put it where people aren’t already living.” THE BEST-DELAYED PLANS And lastly, a little random love from a Mr. Dave Silver who lives in South Jersey:“Dear City Paper: For business, I was recently in

The more you feature artists like Curly Castro in our city, the more respect hiphop will have. the Philadelphia airport where my flight was delayed. I happened to find a copy of the Philadelphia City Paper and had to send in a note. Your paper was a breath of fresh air, and I enjoyed it while waiting for my flight. Not only did I like the articles and how they were written, but it was nice to see some of the comics offered and I really enjoyed Tom Tomorrow’s ‘This Modern World.’ Thank you so much, and I look forward to being delayed in Philadelphia more often so I can grab the next copy.” Aw, that’s sweet.

✚ We welcome and encourage your feedback. Mail letters to Feedback, City Paper, 123 Chestnut St., 3rd Floor, Phila., PA 19106. Fax us at 215-599-0634, e-mail or comment online at Submissions may be edited for clarity and space.

Get real tax-saving ideas from a real person! See Bill Holtzman!

Holtzman Tax Service 2001 Fairmount Ave. 215-235-0200 • open from 8:30 am

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the naked city

[ the naked city ]

the naked city

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In Association with bowerbird


At the Perelman Theater Enter to win tickets at: NOW ON SALE


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✚This story, a partnership between City Paper and Planphilly. com, is the first of a series — “The Abandoned City” — about vacant and abandoned city land, funded in part by a grant from J-Lab: The Institue for Interactive Journalism.


12 | P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R |

M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T


And so the residents’ lives revolve largely around protecting themselves and their children from the constant danger lurking outside. Luis Vera, a retired city worker, occasionally has to call ambulances for the people he sees overdose outside his window. “You see them walking, then they just fall over,” he remarks. The Rev. Bruce A. Lewandowski, pastor of the nearby Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, recalls once when four bodies were retrieved from the tracks in a single week. He had to cancel last year’s Good Friday procession when his parishioners witnessed, en route, an attempted rape by the tracks. Nor is the crime limited to drug use and prostitution. “There’s always people running from the cops in there,” affirms Lugo. Not long ago — and this, probably, is the worst thing that’s happened — her teenage daughter, son and nephew were held up at gunpoint, just down the block from her house, right in front of the tracks. “We really are just left here, forgotten,” is how Lugo sums up the situation, as she sits in her living room surrounded by her husband, children, mother-in-law and neighbor, all of the block. “That’s what it feels like.” This, indeed, is a story of abandonment: the catastrophic abandonment of Philadelphia by industry; the gradual (and stillpartial) abandonment of a once-busy railroad by its owners; and, according to residents and community groups, the abandonment by the city of its own people when they need the city most.


tarting from the Delaware River in Port Richmond, the tracks — or rather, the track, now a single active railroad track flanked by a stretch of land a city block wide — meander west, right above Lehigh Avenue. Climb up, and you enter another world. Apart from the one-rail



f the many, many terrible things that have happened to Theresa Lugo in front of her house, getting stuck in the foot with a used syringe is not, if you can believe it, the worst — although that was bad. She was loading the kids into the car for a trip to the beach, and had put on flip-flops: “The needle went right through my heel,” she recalls. Lugo now makes regular visits to a doctor for tests. So far, they’ve come back negative. “I never touched a drug in my life,” she muses, “and now I have to deal with this.” That’s not all she and the other residents of the 300 block of Tusculum in Kensington have had to deal with — not by a long shot. In an already-rough area (the drug-ridden neighborhood is, among other things, the murder capital of the city), their block, a small row of tidy, owner-occupied houses, stands out.

Drug dealers, junkies and prostitutes roam the street at all hours. Ambulances arrive daily, if not more often, to retrieve the living or dead bodies of people who have overdosed. The sounds of beatings — and, sometimes, pleas for help — wake residents up at night. The people on the block can point to a single, unique source of their misery: an old, mostly defunct railroad bed that passes their houses just below street level — just, that is, out of sight, winding its way through the roughest neighborhoods in the city like a kind of dry driver of drugs, prostitution, violence, murder and crime. Their little street happens to be a major access point, and the access couldn’t be easier: The only barrier between this wild swath and their front porches is an ancient, crumbling iron fence, wide open or just plain missing in several spots on their block alone. “When you see the line of people going in there, it’s ridiculous,” says Lugo.


>>> continued on page 14

P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R | M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T |

itself as the country’s industrial heartland. The nowdefunct Reading Railroad constructed the branch in the 1840s to service the factories and docks that were sprouting up along the Delaware. At its peak, the 100foot-wide viaduct handled more than 40 freight trains a day on 11 tracks. But during the long collapse of Philadelphia’s manufacturing might in the 20th century, traffic on the viaduct began a terminal decline. By 1976, when Conrail, the current owner of the railroad, was created by the federal government after a series of railroad bankruptcies, only a few trains a day were still in operation, mostly bringing coal and grain to the port. By the early ’80s, even those shipments had ended.

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track still in use, the land has gone completely wild. It is surprisingly beautiful but deceptively dangerous: Up there, you’re on your own. As the track approaches the Market-Frankford Line, it descends from above the street to just below it — an area referred to as “the cut” — and things change drastically. Trash is everywhere: heaps of tires, discarded mattresses, used hypodermic syringes. Beneath underpasses are signs of habitation, or something like it. And here and there, off to the side, but not exactly hiding, are drug users, injecting themselves with heroin. It wasn’t always like this. The vast swath of land, the “Richmond Branch,” as it was first dubbed, is a kind of giant monument to the rise and fall of Kensington



Today, only five or six customers in and around the Tioga Marine Terminal, in Port Richmond, use the single remaining track. The others have been torn up, leaving the vast majority of the land unused and unmaintained. It’s a story by no means uncommon in Philadelphia, where innumerable once-thriving industrial sites now sit vacant and abandoned, blighting the neighborhoods they once nurtured. The Richmond Line is just one more piece of blighted private property. What makes it special, though, is its unique propensity to attract crime. The tracks happen to descend to street level just a block from the El and the open-air drug market that exists beneath it: “They buy the drugs on Kensington, and then they come here to get high,” explains one resident of the 300 block of Tusculum, probably the single nearest entrance to the tracks from the El. The railroad, police say, has also become a de facto criminal highway. “Burglars use it to hide, suspects use it to hide,” says 26th Police District Capt. Michael Cram, whose district encompasses Port Richmond. “They use it as an entry point to the residential neighborhoods.” At night, residents say, police helicopters fly overhead. For those residents and various neighborhood groups, the tracks aren’t just some abstract crime problem. They’re an outrage. “In the winter, when my kids get excited about the snow, I can’t let them go outside because of all the needles,” says Luz Wolmart, who also lives on the 300 block of Tusculum. “In the summer, it’s crazy!” “I was thinking the other day, my children don’t have a childhood where they can go outside and ride their bikes and play. Because we live in this fear,” says Lugo, who lives a few doors down. “We get up and every day go to work, come home, take care of our families. … There are a lot of good people here that are just left, forgotten.” “Theresa’s absolutely right: Nobody does care,” says a bluntspoken Father Lewandowski of Visitation BVM, Lugo’s church, right on the other side of the tracks. “We’re not even a blip on the screen.” Lugo, her neighbors, her pastor and a slew of other neighborhood activists have complained about the tracks to everyone they can think of: City Council, the police, Conrail, their congressman — all, Lugo says, to no avail. “Conrail says … talk to the city,” Lugo says. “The city says, ‘What am I talking about, I have to talk to Conrail.’ … The cops say, ‘Don’t worry about it, it’s under control’ — but I live here! You get to go home, but this is in front of my house.” “We even went to the congressman” — Congressman Bob

the naked city


DUMPING GROUNDS: The tracks have become a dumping site and a convenient place to get high.



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14 | P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R |


WIDE OPEN: Theresa Lugo (left) and mother-in-law Lydia Lugo (right). The tracks face their houses, separated by a largely nonexistent fence. .

“YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY? POLICE YOURSELVES.” mally charged with taking absentee landlords to task, says it has no authority over railroads. That’s the Streets Department’s job, says spokeswoman Maura Kennedy. The Streets Department forwarded questions to the Managing Director’s Office. A week after City Paper made its first call to the city on this issue, Deputy Managing Director Bridget CollinsGreenwald was unable to provide any solid information about the viaduct, though she did suggest that the city could probably cite Conrail for violations of the city’s property maintenance code and take it to court if it didn’t comply. But she had no knowledge about any previous or planned enforcement actions by the city — and wouldn’t by our deadline, a day later. “Absolute baloney,” says Laura Semmelroth of the New Kensington Community Development Corporation (NKCDC), when CP describes the city’s response thus far. “The city has a lot of damned nerve,” she adds. If it’s hard to imagine a similarly lackluster response in, say, Rittenhouse Square, it’s probably worth nothing that Kensington is one of the most politically and administratively gerrymandered neighborhoods in the city — meaning it’s hard to get attention. “We sit on the edge of three different police districts, we’re divided by two City Council districts. It’s a recipe for failure,” sums up Father Lewandowski. “From the city’s perspective, from the police perspective, you know what they say? ‘Police yourselves.’ Whatever the issue, their answer is ‘Fix it yourself. Police yourself. Govern yourself.’ … You can’t even call it benign neglect.”


Brady — “and they suggested for us to do nothing. Nothing. … They all say whatever, let them deal with it.” Indeed, ask any of the officials you might expect to take charge of the problem, and the fingers quickly start pointing the other way. Karen Warrington, Rep. Brady’s spokeswoman, says no one in the congressman’s office has heard anything about the viaduct, despite the fact that Lugo and neighborhood groups insist they contacted Brady’s office about the issue. The Federal Railroad Administration, which regulates railroads, says it doesn’t have any powers over “qualityof-life” issues, according to spokesman Rob Kulat. Police officials, while acknowledging the problem, say

their resources are stretched to the max in the neighborhoods affected. “We arrest hundreds of criminals” on or near the tracks, says 25th District Police Capt. Frank Vanore. “That property is really [Conrail] property. We really need them to be on board cleaning that up.” Asked whether the police could simply provide a heavy, permanent presence by the tracks — something like the South Street police detail — 24th District Police Capt. Thomas Davidson paused before answering: “I hadn’t thought of that. It’s an idea.” The District Attorney’s Office doesn’t target any specific area to crack down on drug use and distribution, according to spokeswoman Tasha Jamerson. The Department of Licenses and Inspections, nor-


here’s one party whose responsibility, you’d think, is clear: the railroad’s owners, Conrail. Last week, a coalition of community groups in and around Kensington sat down, without any particular support from the city, for a long-anticipated meeting with Conrail executives. The mood was cordial — hopeful, even — but with an undercurrent of desperation. Staff members of Visitation BVM had spent the day prior out on the tracks taking pictures — for about two minutes, that is, until Sister Karen Owens and Mary Brown of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Office of Community Development were spotted and had to flee from a group of men through a hole in the fencing. Their photographs — showing mounds of trash, piles of needles and many, many openings in the railroad’s mouldering iron fence — made for a poignant backdrop as they and the other groups sat, finally, face to face with Conrail. >>> continued on page 16


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YOGA “Come Find Peace In Calm”


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TRAILING OFF: A vast swath of land, the viaduct now can be seen as a forsaken monument to the city’s once-thriving industrial past.


The railroad company, emphasized Conrail’s Thomas Bilson, has made efforts to clean up the area. Some time ago, the company removed 82 abandoned cars from the tracks. They tried putting up cyclone fence, he said, only to find it gone a week later. “My saying is that fences are for honest people,” he said. Conrail doesn’t like the situation any more than anyone else, added Conrail lawyer Jonathan Broder, pointing out that the company has to hire extra security to accompany its workers. But the executives seemed reluctant to admit responsibility for the problem, blaming the state of the neighborhood instead for the condition of their property: “The neighborhood has changed, unfortunately,” said Broder.

Community leaders saw things somewhat differently. “When you look at the photographs,” broached Brother Joe Dudek, development manager for the Archdiocese’s Community Development Office, “you see fences are down and haven’t been attended to.” Indeed, it didn’t take CP much time to see that the iron fences separating the tracks from the street in that area are extremely old and, in many places, functionally useless — a point which Broder himself acknowledged later, over the phone: “That’s fencing probably put up by the Reading Railroad 50 years ago.” And why, in 50 years, hasn’t it been replaced? “Fencing tends to be a situation that over time doesn’t work very well,” he says.

“YOU SEE FENCES ARE DOWN AND HAVEN’T BEEN ATTENDED TO.” Conrail doesn’t currently have a single security camera mounted on the viaduct. Asked whether the company has its own police force, Broder says it uses rail police, and that “they’ve issued warnings and ejections to numerous trespassers” but that “the scope of the problem is so large and so constant it’s very hard to stop a hundred percent.” It’s questionable how active that force is: CP saw no evidence of law enforcement of any kind while on the tracks. Brother Dudek recently walked the entire length of the passage: “We were up there for hours, and I said, ‘Well, I’ll stay up here until the police run me off.’ I fully expected that would happen! But, of course, it didn’t.” What these groups want most is for Conrail to commit to cleaning and re-fencing the tracks, at least the most crime-ridden parts of them. In return, they’ll take responsibility for recruiting volunteers and/or paid staff to help maintain the area outside the fencing and to make sure the fences stay closed. Under the recently de-funded Community LandCare program, pointed out Willie Gonzalez of the Hispanic Association of Contractors & Enterprises, “We went out and cleaned lots, and maintained them for three years. We have the experience, we have the people.” These groups are (very) cautiously optimistic that they can work something out with Conrail. Some even have bigger plans — NKCDC executive director Sandy Salzman wants to see the vast, wild expanse next to the one working rail track become a rails-to-trails park, along the lines of the High Line park in New York City. It is, as she points out, “really beautiful up there.” The city’s Commerce Department wants to see the railroad take on a larger role in developing new industry along the Delaware waterfront, as called for in the city’s new master plan, the Commerce Department’s Jon Edelstein said at the meeting. If the railroad isn’t cooperative, it’s not clear what, if anything, the city will be willing to do about it. First and Seventh District Councilmembers Frank DiCicco and Maria QuinonesSanchez did send envoys to the meeting, but neither spoke to CP for this story. For all of the Nutter administration’s bigticket plans — Greenworks, the waterfront, the city master plan — the nightmare railroad bed is a striking reminder of how much of this city has been left behind: by industry, by the bureaucracy, by the media (local groups are hoping to capitalize on all the attention surrounding the Kensington Strangler). It’s a reminder of all the progress the city isn’t making in reclaiming itself. Without political support — and the will of city officials — all these residents can do right now is ask. So far, they’re still asking nicely. (,

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18 | P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R |

M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T

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icepack By A.D. Amorosi

³ EVERYTHING’S COMING UP roses and meatballs now that the Philadelphia International Flower Show’s swinging and National Meatball Day is here. Somewhere between the beef and the begonias is Bradley Cooper,the soon-to-be-ubiquitous star of the Philly-filmed — are they done? Are they sure? — Limitless, which we caught with Cooper at The Rave on Sunday. (And it’s great.) The only thing more drawn out than this PR campaign may be the drama of the Corbett budget cuts. Cool. ³ “It’s amazing: An old bookstore’s become one of the preferred places for jazz musicians to play and one of the best rooms to really listen to the music — an intimate space without boundary between the performers and the audience,” said Matthew “Feldie” Feldman, when asked how his Lucky Old Souls nights at Moonstone got so popular. Popular enough that the once-a-month Friday series celebrates its second anniversary March 11 with a drummer summit featuring Anwar Marshall (Bootsie Barnes) and Gregg Marvine (West Philadelphia Orchestra). “I’m thrilled to say last month’s show was our best turnout yet.” Dig. But what’s up with that anticipated LOS outpost at 1324 Mifflin that’s been held up since October of ’09? “In January 2011, PLCB finally approved the liquor-license transfer, but now one person — yes, one — has decided to appeal their decision in the Court of Common Pleas,” says Feldman. While this gets resolved, Feldman’s looking into other ways to bring jazz to South Philly, including the possibility of outdoor events in the spring. ³ Talking about munching meat, swingers of Atlantic City: The old Club Tru/Studio Six disco space just got taken over by Tom Sherwood Sr. His Diving Horse Cabaret and Steakhouse soft-opens in March. The Horse holds a Luxx Lounge nightclub, hotel (Diving Horse Inn) and a series of private areas to serve the progressive sexed-up “swinger” audience. They have a job fair going now. Sherwood’s a real pistol — a sex industry vet — and the Horse may become the biggest sex club on the East Coast. Stay tuned. ³ Gentlemen, if you hit Faatimah Gamble’s annual Wellness Breakfast for Men Only at Universal Institute Charter School March 13 (free health screens for blood pressure and HIV/AIDS) look for her husband Kenny. The Sound of Philadelphia co-boss (with Leon Huff) just signed with William Morris’ Endeavor Agency.G&H never had agents — that’s old school. ³ Speaking of old school bosses-with-hot-sauces: Jerry Blavat can be heard snapping ’n’ rapping all over David Uosikkinen’s download of the Dovells’ classic “You Can’t Sit Down” with several Hooters and Tommy Conwell. ³ More ice on the new-look CritMass, (

THE LONE GUNMEN: The members of Fieldwork — (from left) Steve Lehman, Tyshawn Sorey and Vijay Iyer — will play together before going solo for a series of shows at Christ Church Neighborhood House.

[ jazz ]

PARTING COMPANY Modern jazz collective Fieldwork gets together and goes to pieces this weekend. By Shaun Brady


ntil now, Ars Nova Workshop’s “Composer Portraits” series has consisted of concerts by a variety of ensembles focusing on music penned by a single artist. The latest installment flips the equation around, however, to create a group portrait of the collective trio Fieldwork. Over the course of three concerts, the members of Fieldwork — pianist Vijay Iyer, alto saxophonist Steve Lehman and drummer Tyshawn Sorey, each one of the most innovative voices in modern jazz — will present their music as a group and split apart to present solo chamber pieces. “It’s a chance to see how each of our ideas and perspectives on music sounds and feels outside of the context of Fieldwork,” says Lehman, “and ideally that will throw into relief what’s unique and distinctive about Fieldwork when the three of us come together versus what happens when we’re working on our own music in isolation. It will be an example of how we bring our own personal preoccupations with music into this collective collaborative context.” The series starts with Sorey’s epic “For Kathy Change,” a 3-1/2hour piece for a five-piece ensemble dedicated to the titular ChineseAmerican performance artist and political activist who killed herself in an act of self-immolation on the UPenn campus in 1996. “She was a lover of freedom in the highest order that anyone could

possibly imagine,” Sorey says of Change. “She stood for what she believed in, which is what I’m about through my music. I don’t think music is separate from world issues. I feel that all of my music manifests this line of thinking about world peace and sharing life experience together in a very positive and healthy environment.” While Sorey makes his politics explicit through his solo piece, the collective music of Fieldwork is much more recognizable through its intellectual abstraction, the collaboration of three of the music’s most advanced conceptualists and technical experimentalists. Asked about the process of composing, all three mention the phrase “skeletal material,” explaining that pieces by each of them are transformed and rearranged by the collective. “Usually we focus on the structural materials of a given composition, whoever wrote it,” Iyer says. “Invariably this involves cycling some tiny, difficult portion of it for maybe an hour at a time in order to figure out how to do it correctly. Usually in the course of that hour focusing on, say, a single measure of music, we start messing with it, ‘worrying’ or expanding it, and finding some related sonic territories. Over time this helps us discover interpretive and improvisational possibilities with the notated material.” Iyer formed Fieldwork with saxophonist Aaron Stewart and drummer Elliot Kavee, with whom he recorded the trio’s 2002 debut, Your Life Flashes. Lehman was in place for the 2005 follow-up,

The series starts with Sorey’s 31/2-hour epic “For Kathy Change.”

>>> continued on page 20

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[ happier, hornier and more hopeful ] ³ rock/pop/stipe

Viewfinder (Nine Mile), Rebecca Pronsky’s third full-length, gets off to a strong start with “Hard Times”; its galloping pace, brooding pedal steel and firm vocals set the tone for the darkness to come. But the disc’s first peak comes just a song later, with “Day of the Dead”: “I used to live alone but then I had a child/ A parasite of bone that put me up on trial.” By the time she reaches the album’s other side, she’s been on the wrong end of a breakup, the wrong part of town and the wrong point of a love triangle. So when Viewfinder (which gets a release show March 11 at World Café, rolls to a close with the grateful, loping “Good Life,” you know she’s earned it.

You’ll forgive R.E.M. if their past few releases sounded anesthetized, neutered or reactionary; the 2000s were that kind of decade. Collapse Into Now (Warner Bros.) comes off as happier, hornier and more hopeful than they’ve been since the Clinton era; the mood and tempo vary more, but the high quality is consistent throughout. Rockers like “Discoverer” and “Mine Smell Like Honey” are calls for celebration; slower songs like “Überlin” and “Walk It Back” are bruised but determined. The whole thing builds to the closer, “Blue,” which uses some classic R.E.M. moves — majestic feedback, stream-of-conscious narrative, a benediction from Patti Smith — to vault into a —M.J. Fine triumphant reprise of “Discoverer.” Right on.

³ rock/canadian The Rural Alberta Advantage’s new beat-up-but-beautiful

Departing (Saddle Creek), won’t stop all the pesky comparisons; you’ll still hear Arcade Fiery embellishments, Neutral Milky lyrical stream-crossing and Nils Edenloff’s startlingly Billy Corganic voice. Doesn’t matter. —Patrick Rapa


Rodney Anonymous vs. the world

—M.J. Fine

³ hip-hop/eclectic The sound bank includes samples of Modest Mouse, references to Faithless and a bit of Italian opera. Clever turns of phrase commentate (“Gaza Strip was getting bombed, Obama didn’t say shit”) and selfdeprecate (“All I hear is all my demons, even through your applause”). The long-inthe-making Lasers (Atlantic), Lupe Fiasco’s third and reputedly final album is endearing, not awkward, showing scant indulgence and tremendous focus. —John Vettese

[ movie review ]

WHEN WE LEAVE [ B+ ] “WE DIDN’T GO to Aunt Melek’s,” says 5-year-old Cem (Nizam Schiller). “We

Umay’s efforts to protect her son lead to more violence.

³ IN THE LAST EDITION of Aid or Invade, we took a (horrified) look at Retrologie from Germany’s Big Gee — a CD so completely musically atrocious that the parents of deaf children are refusing to have their offspring undergo cochlear implants for fear that the kids might one day hear it. The release of Retrologie will, no doubt, forever be remembered as Germany’s darkest hour. But AoI believes in redemption, so we’re going to try again with another batch of Teutonic tunesmiths. And hey, when did giving Germany a second chance ever not work out? Storm, the latest from underappreciated German darkwave band Pink Turns Blue can be best summed up with the old German saying “Der Zeit ist jetz zum Fuckzmachen,” or “Well, it’s about fucking time” in English. Just as the world had grown certain that Goth had forever morphed into thump-thump-thump of EMB or warped into the frilly laments of Elegant Gothic Lolitas, Pink Turns Blue have re-emerged from their bunker with a wonderfully elegant collection of solid, well-produced, guitar-driven angsty goodness. The song “Barcelona” sounds like The Cure on steroids, while “To the Core” hooks the listener with its (en)chanting chorus so rabidly that it feels like ingesting cottoncandy-flavored heroin.

Verdict: While it’s not perfect — the songs lack a certain degree of variety — it’s damn good to hear some ol’ fashion darkness.Thank you, Germany. Thank you for the autobahn. Thank you for aspirin. And danke fur Pink Turns Blue. (

✚ Pink Turns Blue

Storm (Strobelight)


RUNAWAY: Sibel Kekilli plays a Turkish woman who flees to Germany to escape her abusive husband in When We Leave.

When did giving Germany a second chance ever not work out?

P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R | M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T |

waited really long for Mommy.” Though his mother, Umay (Sibel Kekilli), tries to quiet him, the damage is done. Fuming, her husband, Kemal (Ufuk Bayraktar), turns on the boy, slapping his head. Umay’s efforts to protect her son lead to more violence: Kemal slams her against a wall and locks her inside their bedroom. The image cuts from Umay crouched in the dark to the table, a long shot emphasizing that her and Cem’s chairs are empty. As this early scene in When We Leave (Die fremde) establishes Umay’s trauma, it aligns you with her efforts to escape. Inspired in part by the 2005 “honor killing” of Hatun Sürücü in Berlin, Feo Aladag’s first feature keeps a close focus on Umay’s experience, her fear and her resilience. To this point, her husband remains a cipher, as she and Cem leave Istanbul for her parents’ home in Berlin. Here her father, Kader (Settar Tanriögen), and mother, Halime (Derya Alabora), respond with a mixture of horror and confusion, inclined to protect her but also devoted to the idea of her marriage. She and her mother stand with their backs to each other, Halime at the sink and Umay chopping vegetables, a wide white space between them. Even as Umay finds a job and begins taking classes (and yes, meets a nice German boy), her family insists she go back. When she finally confesses that Kemal beats her, Kader recites, “The hand that hurts is also the hand that soothes, a slap or two is no reason to run.” He turns from her stricken face to the television, its ghostly light illuminating their strain and separation. If the film lapses occasionally into conventional melodrama, its visuals consistently suggest complications. Sympathetic close-ups, melancholy lighting and clarifying contexts indicate that each participant in this emotional spiral embodies a particular pain. —Cindy Fuchs


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[ arts & entertainment ]

AN HONEST PUCK Dave Johnson takes a truer tack on that shrewd and knavish sprite.


³ JOHNSON SITS UP straight in his chair, as if he just realized something: “I don’t think I’ve ever been interviewed before. I’m not sure how to do this.” While he has played comedic roles with indie companies all over Philly, he admits there’s a different level of attention that comes with one of the Bard’s classic roles. Plus, he’s chosen a road less traveled with that very character. One senses the heightened anxieties when he talks about his costume: leather pants and a bare chest. “When I saw it, I knew I wasn’t going to spend any money on beer this month, and I was definitely going to do some crunches.” “I believe it’s going to be funny — just not in a way that people are used to Puck being funny,” he says, and takes a prolonged inhale, thinking over what he just said with a look of concern. But then he suddenly lets out an enormous laugh, as if he just realized that he doesn’t give a shit about expectations. And neither does Puck. ( ✚ A Midsummer Night’s Dream

runs through April 17, $20-$36, St. Stephen’s Theatre, 923 Ludlow St., 215829-0395,

P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R | M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T |

costume designer, I said that I felt this Puck was the kind of creature that you discover in the forest, and maybe you feel fine approaching it; but then it smiles, and it’s terrifying,” says Johnson, sitting in Lantern’s basement rehearsal space. “It’s the kind of thing that makes sensible people say, ‘I’m not so sure we should touch that.’” Over the last three weeks, Johnson has attempted to carve out his own, very personal interpretation of Oberon’s mischievous servant, and Lantern Theater Co. director Charles McMahon has more than encouraged him. “I think people make a basic mistake with Puck,” says McMahon. “They see him as this unpredictable character, so they play him in this overtly high-energy kind of way. As opposed to an energy that’s just different — it doesn’t run in the normal channels. It’s the audience who should be on edge. Not Puck.” McMahon is clearly attempting to steer away from preconceived notions of Shakespeare’s iconic sex comedy. He has loaded the cast with local performers like David Sweeny, Bradley K. Wrenn, Lee Ann Etzold and Charlotte Ford. Each has experience building über-specific, idiosyncratic characters — often working in nontraditional settings, from cabaret stages to avant dance-theater. Johnson fits snugly into that mold. He graduat-

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harlie DelMarcelle stands atop a half-constructed stage at St. Stephen’s Theater during a recent rehearsal: “Here comes my messenger. How now, mad spirit! What night-rule now about this haunted grove?” If you’ve seen enough Midsummer Night’s Dream productions, you are no doubt now expecting that caffeinated, naughty little messenger to traipse across the stage — exposition and giggles in tow. Instead, Dave Johnson enters with deep, lurking strides toward Oberon. His movements appear to be part long-distance speed skater, part lizard. “My mistress with a monster is in love,” he says, squarely. And one senses that statement cuts a bit deeper than simple mischief.


By Bruce Walsh

ed from UArts in 2003, but didn’t find his niche in Philly until four years later, with the unexpected Fringe hit The Jersey Devil — a send-up of Victorian-era horror themes. Johnson created and performed in the piece on a whim with three of his close friends. The group is now called Berserker Residents, and has since worked with director Adrienne Mackey (The Giant Squid) and Pig Iron’s Dan Rothenberg (The Annihilation Point) to create offbeat, highly physical comedies. “I think Dave’s at his best when he gets to play a comedic outsider, the kind of role that shakes up the rest of the show,” says Mackey via e-mail. “That sensibility — and the improv timing that goes with it — is exciting, because audiences can feel that he’s a bit of a wild card.”

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Getting married? Who’s going to marry you? Ceremony Officiant

Your location or ours Ceremony direction & planning Day of coordination All faiths & denominations Civil unions Commitment ceremonies Opposite or same sex

The Wedding Chapel


THE NEW HOT ROCK ³ “IF YOU’RE GONNA be a restless soul / Then you’re gonna be so, so

tired,” Carrie Brownstein yelps on Wild Flag’s “Future Crimes.” She should know: In the past year, she’s worked on a book, written and co-starred in an IFC comedy series and started her first band since Sleater-Kinney went on hiatus in 2006. It was the last of these that brought her to Johnny Brenda’s on Sunday. To focus on Brownstein is to miss the point of Wild Flag, but the alternative is to approach it as a supergroup, which would imply something less organic, with more ego and pretensions. Still, you can’t dispute the quartet’s pedigree; just four months after their first show and with only a 7-inch single to their credit, they play sold-out shows to frenzied fans who don’t even know what they’ll sound like. The short answer: They sound like a badass rock band. The longer answer: Wild Flag is a bad-ass rock band, not a recipe. You can’t just take one world-class drummer (Janet Weiss), two guitar heroines (Brownstein and Mary Timony), and one seasoned keyboard player (Rebecca Cole) and know exactly how they’re going to taste. But you can’t blame the crowd for expecting something delicious. The screaming started even before the group took the stage, as they came through the stage door, and it got louder while they set up their gear; only the roar of the guitars could drown out the adulation. Wild Flag did not disappoint — at the end of their hourlong, 13song set, after one final drum solo, the cheers were stronger still. Brownstein and Timony are a pair of formidable frontwomen, taking turns on lead guitar and vocals, and providing solid support

[ arts & entertainment ]


feature | the naked city a&e classifieds | food | the agenda M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T

26 | P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R |

[ rock/pop ]

sweetness that balanced out the heaviness. For a victory lap, Wild Flag ran through a two-song encore of retro rawk: Timony took the lead for the Rolling Stones’ “Beast of Burden,” then Brownstein surrendered her guitar for a blistering take on Patti Smith Group’s “Ask the Angels,” leading the crowd in the “Wild! Wild! Wild! Wild!” chorus. By then, everyone was so, so tired. And thrilled. Wild Flag, Johnny Brenda’s, March 6. —M.J. Fine


Carrie Brownstein

on rhythm guitar. Timony shined on the epic, psychedelic “Glass Tambourine,” while Brownstein worked herself into a lather for “Racehorse,” a classic-rock romp. They’ve got the moves down, too. The more controlled Timony mesmerized the guitar geeks in the audience with a finger-picked solo on “Arabesque,” earning her a handful of Girls Rock Philly picks; the more unhinged Brownstein knocked over a couple of mic stands and broke a glass with her kicks. Both women wound up on the floor — sweaty, triumphant and coaxing the max out of their axes. Their chemistry is no surprise. Brownstein and Timony teamed up as The Spells in 1999 for one gem of an EP, and, of course, Brownstein and Weiss played together for a decade in SleaterKinney. But Wild Flag’s secret weapon is the vocal interplay between Weiss and Cole (ex-Minders), who moonlight together in the Shadow Mortons. Their harmonies imbued the songs with a

✚ IT’S CRITMASS IN MARCH! Open Miker, LOL With It, Man Cave, Shore Trash, Showdown, Neighborhood Watch, Poetic License and more on City Paper’s A&E blog citypaper. net/criticalmass.

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DOWNLOAD IT NOW!  6BB>(6/>>G6=C@A 17BG>/>3@<3B >67::G;=07:3


27 â&#x20AC;¢ 800-745-3000

P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R | M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T |

BVSQWbg^O^S`VO^^gV]c`O^^ W\abO\bZgUWdSag]cSdS`gVO^^g V]c`W\bVSQWbgabO`bW\UeWbV bV]aSQZ]aSabb]g]cG]cQO\ TWZbS`g]c`aSO`QVW\O\c[PS` ]TeOgaASO`QVT]`PO`aeWbV OTW`S^ZOQS]cbR]]`aSObW\U OaWO\QcWaW\SeObS`T`]\bdWSea SdS\aSO`QV]\ZgPO`aeWbVeWTW

28 | P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R | M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T

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Red Riding Hood


30 | P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R |

M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T

Read Drew Lazor’s review at (UA Grant, UA Riverview, Pearl)



EVEN THE RAIN|B+ Set against the backdrop of the anti-water-privatization protests that took place in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in 2000, Icíar Bollaín’s sharp satire casts Gael García Bernal as a filmmaker whose critical portrait of Columbus’ Caribbean voyage is beset by external strife and internal contradictions. Budgetary imperatives are provided by producer Luis Tosar, a crass moneyman who, on a phone call to a foreign backer, brags about putting one over on the locals, never imagining that the one standing a few feet away speaks English. In broad terms, there’s a facile irony to the juxtaposition between the production’s ends and its means, but Bollaín and screenwriter Paul Laverty, a frequent Ken Loach collaborator, don’t hang their fellow cineastes out to dry. There’s a rueful, knowing quality to the moments when Bernal’s character puts the film above all else, blinded to the fact that his pursuit jeopardizes the ideals he means to enshrine. As the strife between the Bolivian government and city’s poorest citizens worsens, the actor Bernal has chosen to incarnate the leader of a native revolt (Juan Carlos Aduviri) takes on an identical role in real life, jeopardizing his safety and the filming of a critical scene. The filmmakers remain unswerving in their conviction that their enterprise is more important: The protests will be forgotten, but their film will last forever. With a decade’s worth of hindsight, it’s clear that the inverse is true, but it’s to the film’s credit that its inescapable conclusion seems in doubt until the very end. —Sam Adams (Ritz at the Bourse)

MARS NEEDS MOMS|BIt’s hard to be 9. For one thing, as Milo (Seth Green’s captured motion, Seth Dusky’s voice) has discovered, your mom (Joan Cusack) can ask too much. Not only must you take out trash, but you must also eat broccoli and miss your businessman dad (Tom Everett Scott). But things get tricky when you get a wish you’re not sure you wanted to make — that mom might disappear. And so, when Martians kidnap her, Milo stows aboard and partakes on a daring rescue to save his mom before the Martians suck out her brain. If only he hadn’t been such a good boy, he reasons, his mother wouldn’t have seemed an apt candidate for suckage. His task is aided by another boy whose mom was stolen, the now middle-aged but still childish Gribbble (Dan Fogler), and Ki (Elisabeth Harnois), a Martian who loves American ‘70s TV. She’s one of the army of girl Martians who have prodigiously wide hips and wasp waists, carrying the planet’s weapons while their male counterparts rummage in garbage heaps. Based on a book by Berkeley Breathed and animated using the same process as Avatar, the movie features a harrowing near-loss of mom, some dashing about by the heroes, and unnerving screeches by the Supervisor (Mindy Sterling), a caricature that could seem racist if you think she looks like those wizened Japanese generals in WWII movies. In the end, Milo learns to appreciate his mom, but you can’t help but leave wondering what other nasty fantasies boys have percolating, and whether moms need to prepare themselves. —Cindy Fuchs (UA Grant, UA Riverview) RED RIDING HOOD|D Despite her insistence that she wasn’t fired but opted out of helming the sequels, Catherine Hardwicke apparently hasn’t gotten Twilight out of her system. Red Riding Hood is a transparent attempt to transplant the tween-thrilling



The Farrelly brothers do pure stupidity very well (see: Dumb and Dumber), but what happens when they try to offer human heart in addition to empty head? In the case of Hall Pass, hearty laughs run neck-and-neck with serious groans. At the end of the day, there just wasn’t enough going on to make this a truly memorable film. —Ryan Carey (UA Grant, UA Riverview, Pearl, Roxy)

INSIDE JOB|A Charles Ferguson’s doc provides a remarkably coherent, bracing and frequently galling analysis of the recent world financial crisis, one that focuses on the (current) lack of consequences for those who caused it. As interviewees respond to Ferguson’s queries, the drama comes in watching subjects think through their answers, using their expertise to explain or obfuscate — sometimes both at once. The film insists on the culpability of individuals: That they are not suffering consequences is a problem Ferguson refuses to let alone. —C.F. (Ritz at the Bourse)

The lioness who embodies the titular lament of Dereck Joubert’s latest documentary is surely courageous. But as she makes her way across the plains of Botswana, representing the decline in African lions’ numbers, she also must reflect the emotional nuances presumed for her by the film. Her losses are monumental, the violence she endures and inflicts is horrific, and the lesson for the rest of us is worthy. But as moving as her story is, its human presumptions are too often overbearing. —C.F. (Ritz Five)

POETRY|B+ In its bare outlines, Lee Chang-dong’s story about an old woman (Yun Jung-hee) whose working vocabulary is being eroded by Alzheimer’s enrolling in a poetry class sounds like a middlebrow feel-good special. But Lee takes potentially melodramatic material and makes it transformative, investing it with incandescent emotion. Poetry is guided by veteran actress Yun, who never telegraphs her internal struggles. Lee periodically fills the screen with the pages of her notebook, which remain stubbornly blank as she strives to write one true verse. She jokes at first that her family has always thought she might be a poet, because “I like flowers and say odd things.” But Lee’s poetry is less prosaic, and more terrible, than she can at first imagine. —S.A. (Ritz at the Bourse)

Shawn Edwards, FOX-TV





Greg Russell, WMYD-TV

RANGO|A+ Faced with a saloon full of suspicious townsfolk, Rango (Johnny Depp) does what any chameleon would do: He fits in. He slurps his gut-burning cactus juice, he makes up a story about killing seven brothers with one bullet. His listeners — a crowd of moles, rats, rabbits, toads and other Mojave desert denizens — are rapt: They’re desperate for a



In Mike Leigh’s dusky film, Tom (Jim Broadbent) and Gerri (Ruth Sheen) are a couple growing old with grace. Not so Gerri’s co-worker Mary (Lesley Manville), an emotional wreck who goes from optimistic delusion to hysterical despair over the course of the movie. As is Leigh’s habit, the roles were devel-




P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R | M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T |

THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU|C+ The latest plunge into author Philip K. Dick’s paranoid imaginings starts out promisingly, with senatorial hopeful David Norris’ (Matt Damon) life being manipulated by a shadowy cabal of fedora-clad functionaries. Their plans for David’s life go awry when he falls in love with Elise (Emily Blunt), a ballet dancer meant to reignite his political aspirations and then disappear. The love story is an audience-coddling addition to the original story, and writer-director George Nolfi allows it to consume the film. Soon enough, the speculations on fate and free will give way to extravagant outpourings of emotion and endless chase scenes in service of overripe melodrama. —S.B. (UA Grant, UA Riverview, Pearl)

BEASTLY|CSmug, entitled asshole Kyle (Alex Pettyfer) acts positively beastly to his high school peers. So Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen), a witch in Stevie Nicks clothing, transforms his hot ass into an uggo. He goes into hiding, starts calling himself Hunter, stops doing pushups in his undies and begins to care about others. Most audiences over 13 won’t buy this reworked Beauty and the Beast romance. The attractive leads have no chemistry, and there is very little magic — even when the characters read each other Frank O’Hara poetry. —Gary M. Kramer (UA Riverview)

JUST GO WITH IT|B To entice single ladies to sleep with him, plastic surgeon Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) wears a fake wedding ring. Fool-proof, right? But when Danny falls for a woman (Brooklyn Decker) who thinks he’s married, the Earth tilts off its axis. Instead of fessing up and shaving an hour and a half off the film, he enlists his assistant, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), to continue the lie. With the standard moral hole-digging and two-steps-forward, one-step-back formula, the plot line is anything but fresh. But with an irritatingly likable Aniston and a charmingly goofy Sander leading the way, Just Go With It is, somehow, cohesively funny. —Diana Palmieri (UA Riverview)


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Read Cindy Fuchs’ review on p. 19. (Ritz at the Bourse)

BARNEY’S VERSION|B C.S.I. vet Richard J. Lewis makes the jump to features with the sprawling story of Barney Panofsky (Paul Giamatti), a hack TV producer who’s a romantic on the side. Spanning several decades, the movie is pushed forward by his revolving-door marriages, first to a suicidal poet, then a high-maintenance socialite. Not until he meets wife No. 3 (Rosamund Pike) does Barney get his first taste of bona fide love. Barney’s Version isn’t a film so much as a series of episodes, but watching Giamatti and Pike chart their relationship is a worthwhile pursuit. —S.A. (Ritz Five)

[ movie shorts ]



oped by the actors from scratch, which results in uncommonly rich, layered characterizations. Another Year is one of his most openly philosophical movies, pondering the questions that come with advancing age and the far-reaching consequences of decisions made in even the most ordinary circumstances. —S.A. (Ritz Five)

the naked city | feature

series into a fairy tale milieu, with Amanda Seyfried’s grandma-visiting Valerie standing in for Kristen Stewart’s Bella. She even inherits her predecessor’s father, though Billy Burke’s flask-sampling Cesaire is no match for his well-intentioned but clueless mustachioed sheriff. She’s also the object of desire for two pouty young men, though they’re not endowed with dueling powers beyond the supernatural ability to gaze dewy-eyed into the souls of 13year-old audience members. There is a monster, though its identity is kept a secret until the climax; the small village in which the film is set is the hunting ground for a werewolf who suddenly breaks a decades-long truce and regains a taste for human flesh over the sacrificial pigs that usually greet the full moon. There’s never much doubt as to who will be revealed as the beast, which means the only real mystery is what exactly in this once-upon-a-time forest Shiloh Fernandez uses for hair gel to maintain his Pattinson-worthy bedhead. Gary Oldman shows up as an Inquisitionhappy avenging priest and plenty of bodies are torn in two, but the real villain here is the voracious libido that threatens to devour every pretty young thing insight. —Shaun Brady (UA Grant, UA Riverview, Pearl)

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✚ ALSO PLAYING 127 HOURS | B+ Ritz at the Bourse BIG MOMMAS: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON UA Grant, UA Riverview, Pearl BIUTIFUL | BRitz Five BLACK SWAN | ARitz East




BLUE VALENTINE | B+ Ritz at the Bourse GNOMEO & JULIET | CUA Grant, UA Riverview, Pearl JUSTIN BIEBER: NEVER SAY NEVER | CUA Riverview I AM NUMBER FOUR | C+ UA Grant, UA Riverview, Pearl THE KING’S SPEECH | B+ Ritz Five, UA Grant THE ROOMMATE | FUA Riverview For full movie reviews and showtimes, go to

youth. In Take Me Home Tonight, the writers of That ’70s Show take their turn, borrowing equally from Dazed and Confused and Say Anything to tell the story of aimless post-college smartypants Matt Franklin (Topher Grace), who’s too chicken to ask out his high school crush. But why the ’80s backdrop? Perhaps it was the only way to maintain meta-cheesiness while remaining somewhat self-aware. Still, for as dumb as this movie is, it demonstrated wonderfully the comedic range of Dan Fogler (Balls of Fury), who’s funny enough to distract from an otherwise mediocre coming-of-age catharsis story. —R.C. (UA Riverview)

UNKNOWN|CWaking from a four-day coma after arriving in Berlin for a biotechnology conference, Liam Neeson finds himself replaced by an impostor and pursued by sinister killers. The intriguing premise sets up a mystery that is disappointingly solved not by revelation but by violent confrontations. It does at least throw Frank Langella and Bruno Ganz together for a single scene, which tilts the acting balance back from January Jones’ blank-eyed emptiness. —S.B. (UA Grant, UA Riverview, Pearl, Roxy)

[ movie shorts ]

ITVS COMMUNITY CINEMA AND WHYY Community College of Philadelphia, Bonnell Auditorium, 1700 Spring Garden St., 201-351-0511, whyy.convio. net/pushing. Pushing the Elephant (2010, U.S., 91 min.): A mother and daughter reunite after being separated by a war that demolished their lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Wed., March 16, 6:30 p.m., free.

DOCK STREET BREWERY & RESTAURANT 701 S. 50th St., 215-726-2337, Time Bandits (1981, U.S., 116 min.) A boy and a band of dwarves hop from century to century stealing awesome lost treasures. Tue., March 15, 8:30 p.m., free.

INTERNATIONAL HOUSE 3701 Chestnut St., 215-895-6535, Scarred Justice: The Orangeburg Massacre 1968

(2009, U.S., 57 min.) Filmmaker Judy Richardson presides over this showing of her film that chronicles a racially provoked massacre at South Carolina State College in 1968. Tue., March 15, 7 p.m., $10.

 REPERTORY FILM hero, water and faith. And this lizard is a great storyteller. —C.F. (UA Grant, UA Riverview, Pearl)





Center City 215-925-7900

Bala Cynwyd 888-CLVW TIX

King of Prussia 800-FANDANGO #644

Trenton 888-AMC-4FUN




Princeton 683-7595

Bensalem 888-AMC-4FUN

Warrington 800-FANDANGO #343

Voorhees 856-783-2726

Northfield 609-646-3147

32 | P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R |

M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T









Nostalgia-inducing, party-heavy coming-of-agers provide an easy vehicle for filmmakers in their prime to recall — or perhaps reinvent — their



Enter to win a pass for two to an advance screening!

AMBLER THEATER 108 E. Butler Ave., Ambler, The African Queen (1951, U.S., 105 min.): Katharine Hepburn plays a prim missionary who falls for a burly steamboat captain. Thu., March 10, 7:30 p.m., $8. The Karate Kid (1984, U.S., 126 min.): “No Sensei!” Sat., March 12, 11 a.m., $4.

More on: ✚ CHECK OUT MORE R E P E R T O R Y F I L M L I S T I N G S AT C I T Y PA P E R . N E T / R E P F I L M .


Text the word IRELAND and your ZIP CODE to 43549 Example text: IRELAND 19103

No purchase necessary. While supplies last. Deadline for entries is Thursday, March 10, 2011 at NOON ET. Texting services provided by 43KIX/43549 and are free. Standard text message rates from your wireless provider may apply. Check your plan. One entry per cell phone number. Late and/or duplicate entries will not be considered. Winners will be notified electronically. This film is not rated. Must be 17 years of age or older to enter. The screening will take place on Monday, March 14, 2011 at a Philadelphia area theatre. This screening will be overbooked. Seating is limited and not guaranteed. Except for members of the press, guests will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis. Sponsors are not responsible for lost or redirected entries, computer/phone failures, or tampering. Employees of Supervision Media, Philadelphia City Paper, 43KIX and its affiliates are not eligible. No phone calls please.






the agenda

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LONE WOLF: YelaWolf plays the First Unitarian Church tonight.

The Agenda is our selective guide to what’s going on in the city this week. For comprehensive event listings, visit IF YOU WANT TO BE LISTED:



—K. Ross Hoffman Thu., March 10, 9 p.m., $12-$14, with Cotton Jones, Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 877-435-9849,

[ rock/pop ]

✚ NICOLE ATKINS & THE BLACK SEA Nicole Atkins’ first record, 2007’s Neptune City, was a swoony, string-laden affair with echoes of Roy Orbison and Phil Spector. The consider-

[ hip-hop ]

✚ YELAWOLF Prodigal indie MC YelaWolf’s buzz has been growing recently, thanks to his well-received mixtapes and a deal with Eminem’s Shady Records. Round-

ing out the bill are Kanye’s newest protégé Cyhi Da Prince and Philly’s esteemed Reef The Lost Cauze. Strong bill, start to finish. —Justin Rizzio Thu., March 10, 8 p.m., $12-$14, with Cyhi Da Prince and Reef The Lost Cauze, First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut St., 215-563-3980,


3.11 [ visual art ]

✚ HELP! I’M A ROCK! In this whimsical NoLibs trunk show, nursery-friendly artwork and experimental jazz ramblings mix and mingle. Children’s book illustrator Zachariah OHora generally stays within the realm of cute and fuzzy for his acrylic paintings and knickknacks — but

add in a little Frank Zappa (he describes himself as an obsessive fan), and those smiley-face picture-book creatures freak out, channeling Zappa’s fondness for ugly chords and offkilter melodies. Basically it’s an ugly-cute kind of thing.

laugh-so-hard-you-fart funny. Plus, he hints that he has some special tricks up his sleeve for Philadelphia. “There will be a 30-minute dance tribute to Ben Franklin.” That’s so newmillennium. —Diana Palmieri

—Will Stone Opening reception Fri., March 11, 6-9 p.m., free, Arcadia Northern Liberties, 819 N. Second St., 215-667-8099,

Fri., March 11, 7 and 10 p.m. (early show is sold out), $15, Trocadero, 1003 Arch St., 215-922-6888, Read an interview with Black at

[ comedy ]

[ classical ]



Thanks to VH1, everyone knows what Michael Ian Black was up to in the ’80s. But on Friday, the comedian/poker star puts his Rubik’s Cube aside to record his Comedy Central standup special, Very Famous, live at the Troc. So what’s he dishing on nowadays? The funny man drew inspiration from personal experiences, creating material that’ll be both offensive and

—Peter Burwasser March 11, 8 p.m., Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill; March 12, 8 p.m., St. Mark’s Church, 1625 Locust St.; March 13, Episcopal Church of Sts. Andrew and Matthew, Wilmington, Del.; $15$40, 215-235-8469,

[ sex ed ]

✚ DANCING WITH MYSELF We learned it in high school, and the sentiments still hold blissfully true: The only sure way to avoid pregnancy and STDs is to masturbate. In celebration of our good friends Rosie Palmer and Franky Fingers, Screw Smart is throwing an adult-only soiree featuring vaudeville performances by Miss Mary Wanna, Chlamydia Dell’Arte and the Liberty City Kings. But stick around for the post-show dance party if you want to perform some sweaty theatrics of your own. “Last year it was very warm


How about a little avant-garde Italian music? Avant-garde circa mid-16th century, that is. Remarkably, this music can still sound fresh, even new, to our jaded ears, especially as rendered by Philly’s worldclass Renaissance ensemble Piffaro. They will play the madrigals, dances and fantasias of the city of Ferrara, which at the time ushered in a bright new style of music. The band will be joined by guests Ellen Hargis,

soprano, and the violin group The King’s Noyse.

P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R | M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T |

Submit information by mail (City Paper Listings, 123 Chestnut St., Third Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106) or e-mail (listings@ to Josh Middleton. Details of the event — date, time, address of venue, telephone number and admission price — should be included. Incomplete submissions will not be considered, and listings information will not be accepted over the phone.

ably grittier, noir-ish Mondo Amore (Razor & Tie) retains that distinct retro flair (and her penchant for big torchy ballads), but injects a dusty country-rock scrappiness into the mix along with some seriously fiery guitars. Regardless of the setting, Atkins’ voice is a force to be reckoned with — a lusty, languorous alto powerfully reminiscent of Neko Case, or perhaps a more muscular Jenny Lewis, but with a sophisticated quaver worthy of some bygone Grand Ole Opry diva.

a&e | feature | the naked city the agenda classifieds | food

and [the party] turned into a human sauna, and people were stripping down,” says coordinator Kira Manser. “It was so amazing.” —Kala Jamison Fri., March 11, 9 p.m.-1 a.m., $5$10, Danger Danger Gallery, 5013 Baltimore Ave., 903-345-5790, www.

[ visual art ]

✚ PENDULUM Umberto Eco and Edgar Allan Poe were certainly inspired by the hypnotic swing of the pendulum, but South Philly’s Midwives Collective look at it and see a more urgent

34 | P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R |

M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T

metaphor. “We as Americans are continually oscillating between fear and bravery, candor and deception, discrimination and embrace,” reads the

mission statement for their new “Pendulum” exhibit. Ten artists — including Michael Ajero, Marjorie Grigonis and Sally Eckhoff — use selfportraits, black-and-white as well as color photography and even paper cutouts of animals to explore the United States, a country that is politically, socially and economically always in flux. —Kala Jamison

[ the agenda ]

the output is smoothed and less constrained, which shows how dynamic Creepoid’s songs can be when not washed in static. Anna Troxell’s fever dream poet jam “Spirit Birds” recalls Patti Smith; the mournful duet “Stranger” tips its hat to Beck’s Sea Change.And the epic, in-

Opening reception Fri., March 11, 6-10 p.m., runs through April 2, Midwives Collective & Gallery, 1241 Carpenter St., second floor,

[ rock/pop ]

✚ CREEPOID How far they’ve come in a year. Last winter, Philly slowpunk four-piece Creepoid had a fuzzy, blissed-out, home-recorded 7-inch called Yellow Life Giver and a sweet first show opening for Best Coast at a sold-out Barbary. On Horse Heaven — their full-length debut released in January on local imprint Ian Records — the band feeds its languid folk tones through a roaring ’90s Big Muff pedal, just like Yellow Life Giver, but

tense “Enabler” rips down walls on par with The Melvins. Tomorrow’s gig at Johnny Brenda’s is the band’s big bon voyage before they lead a caravan of Philly acts down to Austin for South By Southwest. —John Vettese Fri., March 11, 9 p.m., $12, with Telekinesis and The Love Language, Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 215-739-9684,



Open everyday 5p-2a Kitchen Open All Night Happy Hour Everyday 5p-7p





Wired 96.5 on the Main Floor House Music on The Roof Thursday Birthday - bottle of champagne and cake on the house!


50â&#x20AC;&#x2122;S/60â&#x20AC;&#x2122;S DANCE PARTY DJ SNACKPACK & FRIENDS. $5

Hip Hop on the Main Floor House Music on The Roof



SAT The Original Indie Brit Pop Dance Party

Mike Z, Dave Pak, Jeff C



House Music on the Main Floor Hip Hop on The Roof


House Music on the Main Floor Q102 on The Roof



Latin Night/Free Lessons On the Main Floor Mixed Music on The Roof







Hip Hop on the Main Floor w/Strength Dance Competition/ Pole Dancing Oldies Music on The Roof


Continuation of Center City Sips 5p-7p Hip Hop on the Roof & Main Floor



116 S.18 th Street 215-568-1020

Splintered Sunlight


(Grateful Dead Tribute) w/ Close to Good 9 pm $7 3/18:




EP release

(23-piece Brazilian/Samba Band) 9 pm $12 adv/ $15 D.O.S. 3/19:

Official Furthur After-Party

feat. Splintered Sunlight, Sonni Shine, Carnival Parade, & Late-night Buffet $7 ($5 w/ Furthur stub) 21+ 3/20:

Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m on a drug. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s called 12 Steps Down.

Invisible Allies

feat. Bluetech & Kilowatts 8 pm. $7 adv/ $10 D.O.S. All Ages

3/23: Perpetual


w/ Psychedelphia & Zoogma

9 pm $12 adv/ $15 D.O.S. All Ages 3/26: WXPN

Welcomes Jeffrey Gaines

& Tommy Conwell

8 pm $15 adv/ $18 D.O.S.







27 31



By Matt Jones



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22 26

40 | P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R |

M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T

✚ ACROSS 1 Graffiti artist who didn’t win a 2011 Oscar (which made the identity-reveal speculation a non-event) 7 “I Can Haz Cheezburger?” critter 13 Treat as the same 14 Person forced out of a country 16 Marathon participant 17 Nickname for a standoffish woman 18 His job is stealth 19 Bartlett’s attrib. 20 Suffix for sex or absurd 21 2007 coin with a peregrine falcon on it 25 Yukon XL manufacturer 28 ___ Kippur 29 Seasoned guy 30 Shape of some baking pans 32 Little refresher 34 Frappuccino flavor 38 It’s hidden (but suggested) in job interviews 42 Foundation 43 They’re parked in parks 44 Laurel of Laurel & Hardy 45 “The Legend of Zelda” console, for short 47 Abu Dhabi’s country, for short 49 Prefix with skeleton 50 Clarity measured in digital photos 56 Money source for the disabled: abbr. 57 Forearm bone 58 Designation of some meat markets

62 65 66 67 68 69

“How nice and peaceful!” ___ oil Packet near a soup bowl Historical records Turns back to 00000 One of Mars’s moons

✚ DOWN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 19 22 23 24 25 26 27 31 33 35

Swiss capital Here in Mexico Former senator Sam Pictogram system in Japanese writing Stable “___ darn tootin’!” ___ Sportif Become less reserved Latin abbr. meaning “he/she speaks” Hero of the 1986 BMX movie “Rad” Bit the dust Actress/burlesque artist Dita von ___ Wilma and Pebbles’ pet ___’acte Sportscaster Rashad Top of the line Gives guns to LeVar Burton miniseries Silver-tongued NYC art center Sign of shouting? Side adventure O followers Use as a reference

✚ ©2011 Jonesin’ Crosswords (

36 37 39 40 41 46 48 50 51 52 53 54 55 59 60 61 63 64 65

Spam content, often The A of A.D. “Gotcha” Body part that dangles Morales of “NYPD Blue” Narrow in the light Natural gas component Egyptian fertility goddess Red astronomical body Frozen food or cereal, e.g. “___ Gold” (1997 Peter Fonda film) Insects that can become “zombies” via different fungi One-named Greek Rich soil French greeting Scottish girl Gal. divisions 180, casually Knave



portioncontrol By Drew Lazor



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YAMAKI SUSHI | 209 S. 20th St., 215-545-2388.

Open Mon.-Thu., 11:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m.; Fri., 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m.; Sat., 4:40 p.m.-10 p.m.; closed Sun. Appetizers, soups and salads, $1.50-$8.50; sushi and sashimi, $2.95-$10.95; specialty rolls, $4.95$12.95. BYOB. ³ HOLDING DOWN A nondescript box of a

BLOODY GOOD: One of Dandelion chef Robert Aikens’ best dishes is scallops served atop patties of black pudding, or blood sausage. JESSICA KOURKOUNIS

[ review ]

THIS OLD HOUSE Stephen Starr puts some English on it at the wacky, winding Dandelion. By Adam Erace THE DANDELION | 124 S. 18th St., 215-558-2500,

Lunch Mon.-Fri., 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m.; tea daily, 3-5 p.m.; dinner Mon.-Thu., 511 p.m.; Fri.-Sat., 5 p.m.-mid; Sun., 5-10 p.m.; brunch Sat.-Sun., 11:30 a.m.3 p.m. Appetizers and snacks, $4-$21; entrées, $10-$28; desserts, $7-$18.


ight this way.” The nymph-like hostess smiled a pretty smile and started up the flowered-carpet cascade to the second-story dining room of The Dandelion. Rambling across twin 18th Street properties, this is Stephen Starr’s most elaborate stage yet, a clever, kitschy British More on: pub where taxidermed warthog heads snarl from the walls, and fireplaces spout sayings straight out of Chicken Soup for the Anglophile Soul. “Fear knocked at the door,” reads the adage emblazoned on the main-floor mantle. “Faith Answered. No one was there.” We passed that quotable cherrywood on the path to my table upstairs. Was it a long walk? Or did it just feel that way, as I ambled through The Dandelion’s paisley-print alcoves, caninethemed salons, wide stairwells and narrow switchbacks? It was dark and late, and the paned windows looked blacked out between their lacy curtains, but the restaurant was bumping.

Atmosphere playing as large a role as food is a Starr constant, and for The Dandelion, designer Shawn Hausman has wrought an aura more freewheeling than his Parc — but no less finely tuned. There’s a certain magic inhabiting these old buildings, residing under the creaky floorboards and behind the faded wallpaper. The rose-scented Scotch Honeysuckle and the Beer Flip, an eyebrow-raising elixir of rum, stout, raw egg, orange marmalade and grated nutmeg (“Better than it sounds,” the waitress assuaged), were rather slow to arrive. At least she was right about the Beer Flip: Served in a half-pint, it was like a gentlemanly float, with a subtle chocolate/orange flavor. The food came quickly, though, the Berkshire pork pâté acting as a fine introduction to chef Robert Aikens, a 40-year-old Englishman with offal abilities out the bum. The pâté provided a fruitful journey, pig being a perfect backdrop to lashings of brandy, port, bay, thyme, onion and shallot, while MORE FOOD AND puréed chicken livers folded into it hit the DRINK COVERAGE right chord of funk. AT C I T Y P A P E R . N E T / Foie gras fared even better. It came as a M E A LT I C K E T. generous pad seared and served with crisp bacon, balsamic-shallot jus and a sunny-side-up duck egg basted in foie fat — something Aikens used to do at his twin brother Tom’s Michelin-starred restaurant in London. He’s convinced me ham hocks are a good idea for ultra-rich mac and cheese, and he’s gotten Rittenhouse princesses to try black pudding when they’d likelier go for the ladylike (and flavorful!) butter lettuce salad dappled with honey vinaigrette. Aikens imports his blood sausage, but I’d only want it housemade if he could replicate this version’s haunting clove >>> continued on page 42

P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R | M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T |

space on the near-silent strip of 20th Street between Walnut and Locust, Yamaki Sushi epitomizes the humble-budget sushi spot: minimal décor, a kitchen cordoned off by a bit of curtain, a searing neon “OPEN” sign outside and a minuscule dining room with an operational M3 Turbo Air Freezer tucked into one corner. Low prices mean pleasing the thrifty maki eater is job one at Patrick Yuen and Erwin Wu’s BYO — but it’s true that you get what you pay for. Take the 16-piece “Sashimi Regular” spread, done up with red snapper, salmon and two kinds of tuna (the buttery half-moons of white tuna being the best). At $18, it’s a steal; down the street, a competitor charges nearly 10 bucks more for two fewer cuts of fish. But it doesn’t really matter how plentiful your bites are when there’s such inconsistency — some sashimi pieces arrived glistening and bright, while others (mostly notably the all-too-common bluefin) were flaccid and dull. When we tacked octopus and squid sashimi onto a takeout order on another night, the octo came out nice, while his cephalopod brethren tasted bland and rubber-tough. There are hits and misses among Yamaki’s roll selection, too. One night’s mango-wrapped eat-in special, with shrimp tempura, avocado and fragile, candy-like coconut chips, was a pleasantly sweet distraction; another night’s “Crazy Horse” roll, a fat dude-friendly deep-fried situation that promised to contain elements like egg and roe within its battered armor, instead featured a confusingly random mix of various cooked fish. (Eel certainly wasn’t listed on the menu, but it was definitely all up in there — and it was pretty tasty, for what it’s worth.) Yamaki’s grinningly named “Spicy Girl” roll won us over with its steady sriracha-esque chili heat, while a “Fuji Roll,” twisted up with crisp salmon skin and crispier lettuce along kani and avocado, dominated the crunch department. But this sushi stand’s strangest specialty roll is also the one I’m most conflicted over: Listed under the “Cheese Steak” section of the menu, Yamaki’s “Black Pepper NY Steak” combines cheesesteak meat, plus squiggly opaque cheese, inside a vinegared-rice shell. It feels and tastes so very wrong — yet the $6.95 price tag feels so very right. (


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1SZSP`ObSAb>Ob`WQYÃ&#x201A;a2Og Ob;Q5WZZW\Ã&#x201A;a >VWZORSZ^VWOÃ&#x201A;a=ZRSabO\R ;]ab/cbVS\bWQ7`WaV>cP


;O`QV Ab>Ob`WQYÃ&#x201A;aEO`[C^1WbgeWRS0O`1`OeZ ;O`QV!Ab>Ob`WQYÃ&#x201A;a2Og>O`ORS ;O`QV%Ab>Ob`WQYÃ&#x201A;a2Og2]]`a=^S\Ob/;

Sushi & Grill

$13 Only For Choice of 3 Rolls & 1 Appetizer



Sushi, Sashimi, Soup, Salad and 1 Appetizer, ONLY $45 Exp: 3/31/11

522 South 5th St. Philadelphia, PA 19147 . WWW.MOMIJIUS.COM

T. (215) 574-1557 . (215) 629-5555 F. (215) 629-5555


Closed Mondays . Check Out Our Menu For Amazing Prices

P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R | M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T |


An Argentinian Italian BYO 4UI4USFFU1IJMBEFMQIJB 1"


Do You Like It Raw? .YY f\b PN[ RNa `b`UV RcR_f :\[QNf [VTUa


:\[AUb_` ' NZ]Z 3_V@Na ' NZ]Z @b[ &' ]Z  # @]_bPR @a_RRa  " "!#% ;\_aURN`a Y\PNaV\[' $ ! <eS\_Q .cR " $%% :RQS\_Q ;7 P\ZV[T `\\[





I can’t get you out of my head. Everytime I see you at work, I get so excited. I am hoping that you will ask me out for a few drinks after work or maybe a ride home from work sometime. I had an unbeliveable dream about you the other night. Maybe on a ride home I could tell you about it:-)

Pants- you’re the best friend that I have ever had- no wonder I married you.... I agree, it totally sucks when we fight, but wouldn’t you rather have

NUMMY BUNNY I know you don’t want to hear this, but I still love you so much. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do. You want me to stop acting like a clingy puppy? I can do that. You want me to not get so upset when we part ways, and I go back to CR after a visit? I can do that. I would have done whatever it takes to win you back. I miss you so very much. Please be the Amy to my Kiff again -Mubi

PICK UP YOUR SHIT! First off, I would like to preface that I am a dog

DUM-DUM’S I love south philly but there are a few things I despise; all the old people I constantly see stuffing trash bags and garbage down the storm drains in the street. What the fuck is wrong with you? Where do you think that shits going? Yelling at you is a lot of fun but you old dudes need to check yourself. You are not in the sopranos and the next time you pull that phony mafia bullshit, I’m gonna smack the aqua velva right off your face! And 9th street is the Latin Market from now on. Get with it.


WHAT THE FUCK! the highs & lows than a full marriage that is about trying to get time apart (like friends, who just seek to escape their partner), and is dull grey besides that? You make me insane, after nearly a decade, and I know that you will continue to do so until the zombies eat us both. I know that you’re not spineless. That’s why I picked you cause you won’t just “yes ma’am” me. Thank you for taking care of me & Charlie. We love you!


PIECE OF SHIT! How dare you do something like that and tell me that you are just telling one person about something I said. How fucking dare you! I think that

I really can’t believe that I believe that you snuck into my house and took something! Now I really believe that you did the shit because I haven’t heard from you and it makes me sick that you are just doing what you want to do and it is fucking killing me! I hate when you stay away from me but now it is making me fucking suspicious that you are doing something and I become more and more pissed off! I wonder now! Do you really enjoy having keys to my house. Are you standing over me while I sleep, watching my every move! ✚ To place your FREE ad (100 word limit), go to and follow the prompts. ADS ALSO APPEAR AT CITYPAPER.NET/lovehate. City Paper has the right to re-publish “I Love You, I Hate You”™ ads at the publisher’s discretion. This includes re-purposing the ads for online publication, or for any other ancillary publishing projects.


Parents, please stop leaving your children at the city hall trolley station! Somehow i have become the alcoholic babysitter/ patron saint to unclaimed trolley-babies. Not once. Not twice. Three times now. Please, just let me be hungover in peace.

owner. If I wasn’t I would be even more pissed off. Please tell me why people feel they don’t have to pick up their dog shit? This isn’t fucking Paris assholes. It is everywhere in this city. On my block of Pine Street every tree bed has at least two piles of shit in it. Stop being lazy fucks and pick it up. If I ever catch anybody leaving shit on the ground, be ready to be called out, and I’m a total bitch so I’ll embarrass the shit out you, literally. I encourage anyone that is sick of this shit to do the same. Pick it up bitches!

P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R | M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T |

You make me so fucking sick, when I hear you slamming the door, I want to go over there and take the door off the fucking hinges! It makes me sick that you keep slamming the door knowing that other people live around you, how inconsiderate of you to do something like that! Why the fuck did you move next to me in the fucking first place? I hope you understood what the fuck a row-home meant because that means dumb bitch that your home is next to someone and they can basically hear everything that you do in the house. Why not be courteous and not slam the door. I wish I could throw a brick in your face to see how you like that shit. and understand that shit hurts, and you slamming that door hurts, because I get startled thinking someone is coming in my house. Get some fucking manners!


You are making me start to hate you more and more and sometimes I just don’t know what to do with myself. I think about how you used me over and over and I allowed you to do so like a fool. I

You call my job and leave fucking messages on my machine like an asshole. If this shit is so fucking private why are you leaving me a voicemail on my work phone? You have my fucking cell phone. I think you are a lazy pig not to leave it on my cell. They say you are what you eat so this means you are a lazy pig! I am tired of your pretend concern and everything else that you play that you are involved in with many men. You say that every man comes in your path is winking his eye at you, who the fuck winks their eye anymore? You can’t answer that because you are a fucking liar! I hate ever hearing your fucking voice! Please don’t call me this week. I need a break from the bullshit every once in awhile!

As soon as we locked eyes a year ago, we knew we wanted to be together. I knew you were special, and wanted you to be mine. Ever since we sat in the car and told each other how we felt, it’s been wonderful. Who knew that riding bikes through the gayborhood at midnight meowing at people would be so fun? You’ve made me a better cook, better lover, and better person. Here’s to the next year. Your boo.

So, from half way around the world I can still feel you. We will always have a connection you and I . I know that. That doesn’t mean we’re meant to be together.I read your post and I hear your words, but it doesn’t change anything. People DO change! I have! Yes there are remnants of your old girlfriend floating around... your “posa” your “bunnie” but now I’m a better version of myself . Life has given me a second chance at LOVE, and it’s sad to say but it’s not with you. 2 years ago I thought my world was over when split. I was sure after that heartache I would NEVER love again. It’s funny how a heart can change and grow, and then you find someone else so unexpectedly to make you whole again. I love you. I ALWAYS will but I am no longer in love with you. As hard as that was to come by, I’m ok with it and some day you will be too. I really do hope you find someone who makes you feel whole again too. We deserve to be happy. You on your side of the world and me on mine.





I recently was at this well-known bar at 4th and whatever the other day. It’s been around for 30 years and I can’t understand why. This place sucks. The food is so over priced and the creepy manager followed me around stalking me for my number. The bathroom was small as hell and wait staff was trashy and nasty people. I just want to tell everyone who works there to go fuck yourselves. Your all assholes who should just kill yourselves. I hate this place and its staff. I cant believe they dare to call someone who cooks chicken wings and mac and cheese a “Chef”. I saw mice just running around and everyone acted like it was normal. I hope your restaurant closes down for good.

you are a piece of stinking shit! You know that you are a piece of shit you just need someone to point it out, at least once in awhile! I hate the fact that you are on the management team, but you still suck! Before I felt sorry for you but now I don’t I think that you get everything that you deserve.


Dear Asshole- I hate you for 2 years of your inconsistent, mean-spirited, unfair, inconsiderate tutelage. I find you to be incompetent and unfit for the position you currently fill. I count the days until I never have to see your disheveled, bad-joke making, misogynist, insensitive face again.

thought I was in love with you but I am not! I am tired of the whole fucking thing! And when you need money again ask one of those bitches that you are fucking to give you some money because I am through. My money is my money, if you can’t pay your fucking rent you need to move back in with your fucking mom! I am tired of the whole thing and it is old! Did I say it is fucking old!

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merchandise market

Phila: Estate Sale, Sat. 3/5, 9-3pm, furn, appliances etc. 4548 Shelmire Ave, 19136

Coins, MACHINIST TOOLS, Militaria, Swords, Watches, Jewelry 215-742-6438 33 & 45 Records Absolute Higher $

Lost Badge for School Police Hat #543. (267)588-2046

* * * 215-200-0902 * * *

33&45 Records Higher $ Really Paid

Cyclotronic Electric Machinery, project in $6 million, (215)335-1745 Spring Garden Indoor Antique & Vintage Flea Market Sat, March 5th & April 2nd, Indoors At 9th & Spring Garden St’s, Center City Phila, 8am-4pm. Featuring Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Furniture, Jewelry, Clothing, Glassware, Primitives, Pottery, Mid-Century, Retro & Much More! Free Parking, Free Admission, ATM, Food Court, Handicap Accessible! More Info: 215-625-FLEA(3532) For Our Entire Spring/Summer Schedule visit Use 820 Spring Garden St, 19123 for GPS directions.

54 | P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R |

M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T

Desktops/Laptops & Repairs/ Upgrades net ready. Incl MS Ofc,$175 (215)292.4145

BRAZILIAN FLOORING 3/4", beautiful, $2.25 sf (215)365-5826 CABINETS Glazed maple, brand new, never installed, solid wood/dovetail. Crown molding. Can add or subtract to fit kit. Cost $6400 Sell $1595 610-952-0033 POOL TABLE Gorgeous 8’ solid wood 1" slate, lthr pckts, dec legs & access/ Nvr used, $4500, Sell $1495. 610-476-8889 VENDING MACHINES, Cold Drink/Snack combo, well established maunfacturer, new in box bargain, (610)322-2712

3 pc. reclining sectional, w/ queen slpr, like new, $1000/obo. 7 pc. oak kitchen set, fair, $500/obo, & more, 215.820.2230 BD MATTRESS Luxury Firm w/box sprIng Brand New Queen cost $1400, sell $299; King cost $1700 sell $399. 610-952-0033 BDRM SET: Solid Cherry Sleigh Bed, Dresser, Mirror, Chest, & 2 Nite Stands. High Quality. One month old, Must sell. Cost $6000 ask. $1500. 610-952-0033 BED A brand new Queen pillow top mattress set w/warr. $249; Full $229; King $349. Memory Foam $295. 215-752-0911

BED: Brand New Queen Pillowtop Mattress Set w/warr, In plastic. $175; Twin $140; 3 pc King $265; Full set $155. Memory foams avl. Del. avl 215-355-3878 Bedroom 6pc Queen Cherry or Oak $425. 5pc Sleigh $950. 215-752-0911 Bedroom Set brand new queen 5 pc esp. brown $489. Del Avail 215-355-3878 NEW Mattress Sets $125, Twin Full or Queen, Delivery Available 215-307-1950 Sectional ’L’ shaped with matching ottomon. 6 color avl $599. 215-752-0911

Moving Sale: Sun 3/6, 12-5. 5524 Indian Ridge, Doylestown. Furn,toys,sports equip

Hot Tub Brand new 7’ Never hooked up! Fully loaded w/factory warr. & cover Cost $4000. Ask $1950. 610-952-0033


CALL 215-669-1924K Eagles SBL’s for Sale, lower level, Sec. 127, Row 2, $14,000 610-357-2500 WANTED: EAGLES SBL’S true Eagles fan, Call 610-586-6981

* * Bob 610-532-9408 *

Antique & Collectable Buyer, Coins, Gold, Costume Jewelry, Military, Toy Cars, Dolls, Trains, Barbie Cleanouts Will Travel

Ronnie, 267.825.8525

Books -Trains -Magazines -Toys Dolls - Model Kits 610-689-8476 Cameras, Clocks, Toys, Radios, Dolls, Porcelain, Magazines, Military I Buy Anything Old..Except People! Call Al 215-698-0787

Diabetic Test Strips! $$ Cash Paid $$ Most types, Up to $10/box. Local pickup, Call Martin: 856-882-9015 Diabetic Test Strips Unused. I beat all competition’s prices.I pickup215.525.5022 $$$ Cash Paid Now $$$ JUNK CARS WANTED Up to $250 for Junk Cars 215-888-8662 Lionel/Am Flyer/Trains/Hot Whls $$$$ Aurora TJet/AFX Toy Cars 215-396-1903 SAXOPHONES & WWII Uniforms, Swords & related items 609.581.8290

Fur Coat, 3/4 L, silver Fox & Raccoon, mint cond, $500/obo. 215.468.3430

Big news. Monster has acquired HotJobs.

Coins, Currency, Gold, Toys,

Now there will be more jobs, more candidates and the same precision matching technology to bring the two together. We’ve taken something great and made it even better.

Dr. Sonnheim, 856-981-3397

Continue to visit to find your next job or hire.

Trains, Hummels, Sports Cards. Call the Local Higher Buyer, 7 Dys/Wk

everything pets pets/livestock Please be aware Possession of exotic/wild animals may be restricted in some areas.

Akita pups, 3M, 3F, AKC, shots, wormed, $490. farm raised, (717)442-5261 Alaskan Malamute pups, AKC, Giant, $800+ (908)797.8200 American Pit Bull Xtra Lg Pups & Adults UKC, Champ bloodline, Call Mike 215-407-9458; Australian Shepherd Pups: AKC Reg. Smart, outgoing, hlth cleared, CH parents $1000 215-482-6553, 570-788-1044. Belgian Malinois, AKC, M & F, Born 11/14/11, shots, wormed (856)869-0047 BULL MASTIFF PUPPIES - Must go. Beautiful AKC. 5 mo, fawn, black mask, shots/wormed $400-$600 267.888.1796 BULL MASTIFF PUPS - AKC Reg., 8 wks, S/W, vet chkd, $900 obo, 570-765-4307 Cavalier King Charles pups, ACA, vet checked, family owned litter, $575. For pics or info call (717)824-2089 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Puppies, Retired Adults & Rescues $600-$1800, 215-538-2179 CAVALIER PUPPIES, ACA, shots, wormed, ready, No Sunday Calls. (717)949-2849 Chesapeake Bay Retriever Pups, AKC, $500, champ, fam raised, (410)482-7376 English Bulldog Pups, M&F, shots, brindles & whites, starting $1,000. 215-254-0562 ENGLISH BULLDOGS - Parents on premises, $1200 & up, Call 267-981-0136

German Shepherd Puppies Mom and Dad on premises. (215)989-3712 German Shepherd pups, AKC, F, parents Hip certified, $1000. (856)299-3809 German Shepherd pups AKC, health guar, family raised, $500, 610-593-7482 German Shepherd Pups AKC s/w vet chk fam raised,ready now $600, 717.687.7218

GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS - Black/Silver/ Tan, S/W, $500. ready now 717.285.7445 German Shepherd Pups, blk/tan & white AKC, lg boned, champ ped.,609-351-3205 German Shep. Pups, AKC, Euro, vet chk s/w, pictures avail, $500 (717)529-2457 German Shorthaired Pointer 484-576-3931 GOLDENDOODLE Miniature - 2 Females, 3 months, vet checked, shots & wormed, Redish color. $700. 610-857-0108 Golden Doodle Pups, home raised by exp. breeder, 610.322.0576, 610.544.2719 Goldendoodles Paper trained, home raised, great with kids, shots. Vet recommended. 610-799-0612 Golden Retriever pups, AKC, vet chkd, shots wormed, $650 (610)273.2430 ext 3 JACK RUSSELL TERRIER Pups, shorties, M/F, ready to go $275. 215-529-5989 LAB PUPPIES - ACA, black, ready now, Also, 2 white male, Shichons, call for more info, 717-933-8323

LAB PUPS, ACA, fam rsd, blk, ready 3/21, $450, take your pick early, 717-442-5026 Lab Pups yellow AKC Beautiful Litter,vet chkd,s/w, hlth cert $400. 717-471-4261 Labrador Retriever $800 for more info

jobs NANNY WANTED Full Time live-in, in Collegeville area. Experience with babies & toddlers. Call 267-231-9805

HOME HEALTHCARE AID, day or evening, CC area, gd refs, 20 yrs exp 267.444.4523 Nurse Aid seeks work in home, nanny also, references, background, 267-593-4906

apartment marketplace 3xx N. Front St. 1BR bi-level $1150 1400 sq ft, w/d, hdwd flrs, 215-879-5300

Labrador Retriever Pups: AKC Chocolate 717-445-8168 LAB RETRIEVERS, AKC champ lines, parents on site, 3 black M, 2 F, $800, vet chkd, wormed, 1st shots. 610-721-9545

Min Pin, 11 mo, black & tan, house broken, shots, tail dopped, $300. 215-254-0562

apartment marketplace 1501 Belmont 1br+den $725+elec newly renovated, w/LR, hdwd flrs, yard, close to transportation, 215-459-9035. 4917 Kershaw 1 BR $475 $1200 move in, clean and comfortable, no drugs, Call 267-259-0430 503 N. 52nd St. Effic w/ kit $525/mo 2 mo sec + 1 mon rent. (215)582-8068 52nd & Chestnut 2br $700 1st, last & security. (610)352-1830 52xx Walnut St Effic $525 1 mo sec + 1st mo rent. Call(610)505-1637 57th & Market St Efficiency $395+ gas/elec, 1st flr, near trans, 215.472.2717 59xx Walnut St lg 1 BR $675+ elec $2025 mvn,2 BR also avail. 267-972-9693 60xx Washington Ave 1 BR $625+util modern,near trans,Sec 8 ok, 215.868.0481

Cobbs Creek Vic 1br (3 rms) $595+utils newly remodeled, Lrg BR, Lrg LR & Lrg EIK, close to public trans 215-880-0612 W. Phila 2, 4 & 5 br apts Avail Now 1st Mo. Rent Special 215.386.4791 or 4792

Ave of The Arts Studio Condo $885 incls util/cable, renov, avail 4/1. (267)918.7786

53xx Spruce St. 1BR $600 included water. Spacious. 215-668-4531 Powelton Village Effic. $520; 1br $640 GRAD HOSP great 2br+den twhm $1575+ + util, 1st flr, gd trnsp, 3 mo adv, gd credit, exposd brick,patio,all amens 610.581.7769 negot. No Drugs/Smoking 215-222-6060 Broad St/Ave of the Arts 4br/2ba $1500 LR, kitch, students apt 215-465-5449

Pappillon pups, AKC, born 12/6/10, ready now, (856)461-1389 Pit Bull Pups Blues, Razors Edge UKC reg 2 M, 2 F. $1000. Anthony 215-910-6935 POODLE: 3 years old, male, white, large miniature, $350, 215-537-8755 Poodle Pups: Standard, AKC, champ, black, blue, silver, Call 609-298-0089 Poodle Pups - Standard, AKC, very loving & affectionate, ready for good loving home, par. on prem, $750, 610-381-2955

Shar Pei, AKC, 10 wks, 1 M: lilac, $600, 1 M:choc (rare), $1000, Eric, 609.351.6671 SHELTIE PUPS - AKC, nicely marked, 1 male, 1 female, $300, 717-394-1004 SHIH-TZU - ACA, 3 Female 1 Male. $500. 1 miniature $1600. 215-226-2474 SHIH-TZU: M, ACA, shots . Ready & playful, 215-601-8202

Independence Place 3br/2ba Condo $3200+util available as of mid May, high floor, facing river, all modern convenien ces incl a/c, all appl’s, w/d 267.250.6827 Queens Village 1 BR/1 BA $1050 util inc big LR & kitchen, 2 BR, $1100. no pets, credit check, Must See! 215-869-6359

10xx S. 52nd St. 3BR Sect 8 OK Laundry Room on premises, 215-727-0431 54xx Woodland Newly Renovated.

1 BR $600+ 610-717-2450

56th & Chester 2 BR $650 big kitchen, move-in ready, 267.918.2684

T-Cup Yorkies: very small, house raised, parents 3.25 lbs, 1 M & 2 F, 717-278-0932 YORKIE, Adorable puppies, 2M, AKC reg, $800. Call Kathi 856-305-7732 Yorkie mix pups, 5M, 2F, $250-$350. Call 215-355-5123 YORKIES, SHIH-TZU’s or MIX PUPS, M/F, $400/+ rdy now, 4 info call 484.467.1753

GUINEA Pigs, FREE to good home, blk brown, Male & Female (610)940-3789

20xx N. 62nd lg 1 BR/1 BA $650+ elec 3rd flr,nice blk,1st,last & sec,215.878.5056 219 N. 63rd St 1 BR $550+ utils 3rd flr, $25 application fee 215-906-5654 7212 Haverford Ave 1br $750 2br $850 free heat & h/w, w/d, a/c 215-740-4900 Overbrook Park Lrg 2Br $675 liv. room, din room, spacious kitchen, walk-in pantry, A/C, hot water included, no smoking, 215-878-3084

Balwynne Park 2BR $840+ W/D, C/A, W/W, Garage. 484-351-8633 Balwynne Pk 2 BR $795+ 2nd flr duplex, w/d, garage 610-649-3836 Daphne Rd nr City Line 2br $800+utils large LR, kitch & Dining area, newer appl’s, laundry room, garage w/automatic door, credit check required 610-659-7222

60xx Larchwood 1 BR $600 heat & hot wtr incl, hdwd flr,cpt 215.747.9429 63xx Wheeler 2br duplex $650 2nd flr, renovated, garage 215-548-9666 65xx Gesner 2 BR $625+ utils cozy, w/w, avail immed, 610-580-4255 66xx Woodland 2br $600+utils lrg 2nd flr apt, renovated, 856-629-9529

19xx Judson St 2 BR $650 1st flr, w/opt. 3rd rm, renov. 215.768.8410 19xx N 33rd St. 2.5br/1ba $825+utils newly renov, all new appl’s, w/d, right on public trans, 1st, last & sec. 267.495.6698 33rd Street 2 BR $650 & up newly renov, near Univ 215.227.0700, 9-5

apartment marketplace Wadsworth & Cheltenham area 1br/1ba LR, kitch, 1st flr, Call 215-233-1410 36xx Old York Rd. Effic $475+ utils 3rd flr, lg BR/LR, kit, BA, 215-477-8769 7th & Rockland 1Br $700+utils handicap accessible. Call 215-472-2717 Strawberry Mansion 1BR newly renovated, home: 215-430-0737 or cell: 267-210-2891

1, 2, 3, 4 Bedroom FURNISHED APTS LAUNDRY - PARKING 215-223-7000

60th & Race, 13th & York, 15th & Clearfield, 63rd & Market 215-726-1811

SW Phila furnished rooms, use of kitchen, shared BA, 267-285-3929 SW Phila, Skip the rest,come to the best! Clean, well maintained rooms w/cable, Start $350/mo. Please Call 215-626-6213 SW & W Phila: $100-$150/wk, priv BA, priv entry,single occy.267-597-1536 TIOGA - Vic of Broad & Erie. Rooms for rent, Seniors OK. 215-226-0321 W Phila, Furn Rms, starting $110, util inc, shared kit & ba,clean,SSI ok 215.888.3050

423 W Ruscomb 1BR $600/mo water included, back yard & basement, newly renovated, (215)206-3478 57xx N Park Ave 2br $750/mo. incl gas w/w, deck, renov, 3rd flr 267-977-5194 5851 N. Camac 1 BR $650+ utils new renov, 267.271.6601 or 215.416.2757 The Julien Apts- 5600 Ogontz Ave Studio, 1Br& 2Br-Bright & Spacious Apts. 1st Month Free to Qualified Applicants Students,Senior Citizens&Sec 8 Welcome! Call or Come In M-F 9-5pm 215.276.5600

4642 PENN ST. 1 & 2 BR $600 & up w/w, close to transp. 267-235-5952 4645 Penn St. Effic. $550 newly renov. Gas and water inc. 215-781-8072 5002 Griscom st 1BR APT $550 All Utili ties are included in rent. Asking $1100 to move in. 267-539-8058 if interested. 7333 Sackett St. 1br $625+utils remodeled, 1st flr, 215-259-8666 Orthodox & Leiper 1 BR $580 nice & clean, no pets, 215-289-2973

19xx Haworth St 3BR Sec 8 ok newly remodeled duplex, (215)205-9910

36xx N 19th 1 br & 2br $545-$564+utils 1mo rent,1mo sec, nw renov 610.675.7586

1BR & 2BR Apts $690-$815 spacious, great loc., upgraded, heat incl, PHA vouchers accepted 215-966-9371 236 W WALNUT LN effic/1br fr $540 SPECIAL-$99 Sec Deposit! HISTORIC Apts. Close to transp 215-849-7260

DOMINO LN 1 & 2 BR $745-$875 Renov, prkng, DW, near shopping & dining, mve-in special, 1st mo free. 215.500.7808

Grant & Academy 2br/1ba $725+utils 2nd flr, w/d, off st. prkg (267)688-5252 Paul St. Studio, $480 & up 1 BR: $580 next to transp & shools. 215-255-5676 Tacony: Vic I95 & Cottman 1 BR $625+ nice, newly renovated, spacious w/ deck, near everything, 215-624-8701

Glenolden lg 1 BR $675 includes heat & cold water, 2nd floor, off St. parking, EIK, Must See! 610-636-4808

Wallingford Luxury 1br+den $849+utils Crum Creek Valley condo, a/c, w/d, pool, tennis, no pets, sec. sys. (267)253-6739

Cheltenham 1br $749 includes h/w, Beautiful apt, great schools & close to pub trans (215)395-6607

11xx N 55th St AMERICAN RM RENTALS We have single rooms $400, rooms w/ private bath & kitch $60 0 . West, SW, & Frankford (267)707-6129 1529 Bristol St Furn Room $125/wk. $375/to move in SSI OK 215-989-0554 22nd & Hunting Park, renov, lrg rm, furn $85-$95 wk 2nd week free! 215.960.1600 2423 N 10th-Furnished $300 to move in $100/wk SSI, Disability ok 215-668-3990 28xx N 27th St.: Furnished room, utils included, $100/wk, SSI ok, 267-819-5683 29xx N. 23rd St., nice room, quiet block, shared kit/ba, $100/wk. 267-259-4477

Germantown Area - Nice Cozy Rooms Private entry, no drugs. (215)548-6083 Germantown furnished rooms w/ cable, everything incl. $420/mo 267-467-4595 Germantown/Lehigh, room for rent, $125/wk, pvt entr, BA & kit, 267.939.2351 Hunting Pk Fully Furnished Luxury Rms. Free utils & cable. Avail now 267.331.5382 KENSINGTON, Clean Furnished Rms, No drugs $300-$400, Call (856) 465-6807. Lansdowne $125/wk utils & cable incl, use of house, no smoking 484-469-0753 LaSalle Univ area $125/week Renov furn rooms 215-843-4481 Logan, private home, updated, kitch priv, no pets, starting$425 (267)414.5948 Manayunk: 2 rooms avail. No pets or smoking,$417/mo incl ’net, 484.477.2508 North Phila, West Phila & Logan- Private entr, $70-$125/wk + APT, 609-877-0375 N. Phila, 18xx W. Berks St., Furn Rooms, privte entry, $75-$85 wk. 2 weeks rent + 2 weeks sec. $300 or $340 to move in. No cooking. Call John (215)236-8518 N Phila Furn, Priv Ent $80 & up, SSI & Vets ok, nr trans. Avl Immed. 215-763-5565 N Phila Sr. citizen, single occ. $125 wk util inc, no smoking/drinking267.385.5932 Oaklane, furnished rooms, $100-$125/wk,use of house 215.280.4675 Olney 5972 N Norwood renov, furn, cptd nr trans,kit,w/d, DISH $90 516.527.0186 Olney: Furnished room for rent, use of house,near trans, $115/wk, 267.257.5454 Philadelphia: 4700 N 13th St. 7 rooms available, $75-$125 per week Call 215-324-1655 S.Phila-26th/Oakford $100/wk-Renov pvt ent, shared bath/kitcH 215.787.7995 S. Phila Furn Rms SS & vets welcome. No drugs, $125 & up, 267-586-6502 S. Phila & Hunting Park - near CC. Lowest Rates. SSI ok. 215-668-4812 STRAWBERRY MANSION: $100/week, 3 rooms. Freshly painted. 267-259-8595 SW, N, W Move-in Special! $60-$115/wk room sharing avail, SSI ok (215)220-8877

4760 Marple St. 3 BR row $900 basement, Section 8 ok, 917-667-4101

Knorr St. 4 BR/1.5 BA $980 Large EIK, big back yard. 917-379-7302 Torresdale & Bridge 2 BR Call 917-939-6669

29th Street 3Br/3Ba $2,400 new, luxury, 2 car parking. 267-318-2764

$200 & Up For Junk Cars. Call 215-722-2111

$650 Chrysler Town Country 2006 $9250 insp,fully loaded, 70K miles 215.400.1568

Brookhaven 2BR/1.5BA $1200 Cambridge Square Twnhse 215.353.1919 Upper Darby 3br/1ba $1000 fin. bsmt, garage, Sec. 8 OK 267.918.2684 UPPER DARY 3br/1.5ba $1020+ new crpt & paint, Sec 8 OK. 610.789.0217

11th & Christian Lg 4BR/2BA $2,400+ lovely w/ hardwood floors & carpet, completely modern, deck, yard, 610.304.0087 22xx S Mildred 2 BR $850 newly renov, Sec 8 ok, 267-467-0140

Avalon XL 2002 $10,000 50k miles, excellent cond., power, leather sunroof, new insp., silver. 610-687-1540

7900 Old York Rd. 1 Br/1Ba $975/mo office, EIK, pool, doorman. 215-262-3100.

A1 PRICES FOR JUNK CARS FREE TOW ING , Call (215) 726-9053

FORD Expedition 2003 $11,595 Eddie Bauer+ xtras, very cln, 215.805.5261

Blue Bell PA 2br/2ba twnhse $1245+util large, w/d, bsmt, fireplace (714)434-1009 19xx S. Redfield St. 3br $695+utils basement, bkyrd, porch (215)783-1433 25xx S Bonaffon St. 3 BR $900+util modern,near trans,Sec 8 ok, 215.868.0481 52xx Penpridge 3BR/1.5BA $800+utils remodeled, recessed lighting, ceiling fans, hdwd flrs, W/D, frige. 215-778-2140 60xx Reinhard St. 3 BR frnt prch & bk yd, Sec 8 ok. 215.356.2434

64th & Elmwood 2BR $750+ Sec 8 ok Granite kitchen, jacuzzi tub 215.463.6366 64xx Garman St 3br/1ba Section 8 OK Newly renov, D/W, W/D (215)668-9954

55xx Pemberton 3 BR/1 BA $1100 newly rebuilt, fully equipped, Section 8 ok, Call 267-467-0140 58xx Norfolk 3br/1ba $880+ utils w/w crpt, security sys., walk in closets, nwly renov, $1760 move in 267.210.3899 8xx Brooklyn 2Br/1Ba $700 mo newly renov, yd, hdwd flrs, recessed light ing, 1st & last, 1mo sec 267-977-0947 West Phila 3 BR $750-$925 1st & last mo rent, 1 mo sec 215.878.2857

7xx S. 51st 3BR/1.5BA $1150 new remod., c/a, 1 car gar. 215-601-5182

resorts/rent N. Wildwood 327 E 11th Ave. 1 BR apt, 2 blocks to beach, long season, 5/21-9/25, $6000, 215-271-8620; 609-407-0434 OCEAN CITY 3 BR Half or Full Season Near beach, ocean view, furnished, 2nd floor, A/C, w/d, d/w, tv, 215.317.6379

VENTOR, NJ 2BR/1BA $7,000/Season 2 blocks from beach & boardwalk, view of bay, modern furnishings, very clean, close to Mentos, Wawa and Sacos, liv rm, din rm, storage area, newer kitchen & refrigerator, A/C, all utilities included. If interested Call (609)822-2484 or email:

Brigantine beautiful 2nd flr, 1blk to bch, c/a, w/d, yard, prking, clean, 5.29 to 8.28, $15,500. 856-217-0025 Longport 1BR/1BA $15K for season Longport Seaview Condominiums Oceanfront. Totally remodeled. MUST SEE!! Bldg has pool, cafe & parking. Call 215-6205649 to view this Sunday 3/6/2011

1808 N. 77th Street 3Br new renovated, Must See! 215-885-1700 73xx Brookhaven Rd. 3 BR garage, finished basement, 856.304.7947

N. Wildwood Condo 3br Open House Sun 3/6 by appt., pool, deck (856)905-2512

45xx Tampa St. 2br/1ba $750+utils LR DR bsmt, 1mo rent & dep 267.632.4587

Brier Crest: 5 BR, sleeps 12, lake view. Saw Creek, Stream Front, 3br/2ba slps 8, ctrl a/c, lots amens, Weekends & Wks, 4/24, 5/30, 6/12 (Race), 609-587-9493

58xx N 7th 3 BR Nicely updated. 267-307-6964


Wildwood 1br Efficiency season $4000 +sec. 1 & 1/2 Blks to Beach 609-707-1990


20xx W. Spencer 3br/1ba newly renov, sec 8 ok (610)834.9978

Near Cheltenham Mall 3br/1ba $1300+ utils, newly remod, garage, 267-218-1543

18xx Waterloo 1 BR+den $575+ utils yard, wall to wall, 215-836-1960 20xx Boston St. 2br $675 newly renov, credit check, 215-327-2292

Integra 2000 $5,500 low mileage, 53K, auto, loaded, small dent passenger door, clean title. 215-284-2340

530I 2004 $11,000 98K, blu/brwn int,mint cond 215.878.6773 BMW 323i 2000 $5895 leather, sunroof, gorgeous. 610-524-8835

Ford ’00,Lux 4 dr w/ext body,mag whls, chrome bumper, new body style, really exceptional, well maint, meticulous ownr, distress sale TODAY, $6985 215.629.0630

low cost cars & trucks Buick Riviera 2 dr coupe ’95 $2975 Classic, superb cond, regularly serviced, meticulous owner,215-468-2900 12-4pm CADILLAC SEVILLE 459 1993 $800 obo reblt trans,frnt end damage 267.815.8243 Chevy Astro Van AWD 2001 $2750 obo CD, a/c,157k,ins,dependable 215.301.6187 Chevy Malibu 2000 $2,699 clean in/out, runs gd, insp 215-852-8394 CHRYS PT Cruiser 2001 $2950 obo 4cyl,auto,Ltd Edt, nds TLC 267.825.2315 Dodge Spirit 1994 $2250 60k orig, inspected, 215-920-0929 Dodge Stratus 2006 $4500 68K mi, 4 cyl, PW, PL, CD, 215-850-5702 Ford 1998 Luxury High Top Conversion Van (new body style), orig. mi., garage kept, mint cond, Senior citizen must sacrfice, $4950 Fran, 215-928-9632 FORD Crown Vic. 2006 $4500 police car, 123k, runs good, 609.347.8888 Ford Crown Victoria 2000 $4950 Luxury 4 dr, vinyl roof, top of the line, special sound system + custom wheels, owner sacrifice, quick sale. 215-922-2165 Ford Escort Wagon 1995 $1699 cln, 1 owner, low miles, a/c 215-852-8394 MAZDA Pickup 4x4 1998 $2950 obo V6,5 spd,nds brakes, 112K, 267-825-2315 NISSAN ALTIMA 1999 $2500 auto, all pwr, lthr, sun roof, 267.432.6364 Nissan Maxima GLE 1999 $3450 183k, lthr, sunrf, exc cond 215-715-5496 Pontiac Bonneville 1997 $2750 loaded, sunrf, warr. avail. 267.784.9284 PONTIAC SAFARI 1989 BEST OFFER CLASSIC, 4 DOOR, 9 PASSENGER STATION WAGON with SIMULATED WOOD PANELING, MINT, DISTRESS SALE, 215-922-5342 RECESSION SPECIALS!!! Chry Town & Country ’97 insp, CD $1799 Cad DeVille ’99 lthr, Floats, Pretty $2222 Ford Taurus ’01 tint,129k,rns %100$1999 Chev Impala LS ’03loaded, S/R, CD$3500 PT Cruiser ’03 79k, US #1 gas savr $4444 All below KBB, wont last (215)520-7890 VW Cabrio Convertible 2002 $2450 auto, looks & runs great (609)221-7427 Yamaha RT180 Dirt Bike 1999 $1750 freshly tuned, Pirelli tires, looks/runs great, never raced. Call 215-601-6665


63xx Germantown Ave 2br $675/mo Lrg, low utils, w/w cpt, yrd, 215-681-3896 66xx Blakemore 1 BR $600+ utils newly renov, 1 block to public trans, quiet street, 1st/last & sec, 267-456-8068 81xx Woolston 2br $750+utils Lrg 1st flr, w/bay window 609.788.8886 8347 Forrest Ave 1br $700+utils 1st flr apt, jacuzzi, laundry, 215-317-3785 Mt. Airy Ave. 1BR $725+ utils beautiful duplex apartment, 215-572-5189 Mt. Pleasant 1br $700+utils 1 mo sec + 1 mo rent (215)472-6147

ABBY ROAD Spacious 2BR $850 + utils Dishwasher, refrig, w/d included walk in closet in master bedroom. Ceiling fans. Plenty of Storage in apt and basement closet, New paint & carpets. Close to SEPTA & Franklin Mills Mall, Credit check required. 215-756-1676.

44xx Hurley St. 3BR Newly renov. Sect 8 OK. (267)255-6286

TownCar Presidential ’04 deluxe special edition Luxury 4 door, looks as if never driven, positively impacable, quick private sale, $7950. Lynn 215-928-9632

P H I L A D E L P H I A C I T Y PA P E R | M A R C H 1 0 - M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 | C I T Y PA P E R . N E T |

5220 Wayne Ave. Studio & 1br newly renov 267.767.6959 Lic# 507568 52xx Germantown Ave sm effic. $390+ 2nd flr, nice sm efficiency. 215-783-4736 52xx Laurens St. modern 2Br $800 newly renovated, 1st floor, near shopping and transp. Call for appt. 215-758-5435 631 W Park Lane 2BR $1K util Newly Renovated, Carpet, Ceramic Kit/Bath. Stainless Steel Appliances, AC, W/D, Garage and street parking. Near shopping, public transportation, golf course, park, walk/bike trails. Contact 267-228-5022 GREENE & HARVEY-WINTER SPECIAL! Lux. 1BR’S Newly dec, w/w, g/d, a/c cable ready, Laundry/Beauty parlor/off strt prkg 215-233-3322, 215-275-1457 Philadelphia Areas 1,2,3 BR Apt. Rent to own homes also. 215-626-5427 W. Seymour St. nice 2 BR $750+ utils 1 mo rent + 1 mo sec. 215-548-2259

3303 Hess St 2br $830 2nd flr, lndry rm, 1 car gar, 215-300-9844 3408 Rhawn St. 2BR/1BA $815 267-322-6311 54xx Torresdale 1 BR $585+ utils newly renov, tile BA, LR, kit. 215.425.0164

A1 Quality well maintained Rooms Univ City, N & W Phila $125/wk 610.667.0101 Brewerytown: Move in Special luxury rms, $400 mo SSI welcome 267.632.3286 Broad & Olney deluxe furn rms priv ent. $110 & $145/wk Sec $200. 215-572-8833 BROAD St: Move in Special $190, Large cln furnished rms,w/w crpt,215-681-3896 Broad & Wyoming Area/West Phila, $110/week, fully furnished, private entrance, $200 sec., SSI OK. 267-784-9284 C.B. Moore & 24th clean, single occpant, income verif $450/mo RJ 215-730-1613 Church & Frankford, furn rm, $100/wk, $400 mv in,SSI & Vets welc,610.291.4448 Delaware Co. Newly renov, close to trans. $100/wk 1st wk FREE 267.628.7454 Frankford area $95/wk and up newly renov. Sec dep req. 215-432-5637 Frankford, furn, no drugs, near El, room in apt, $85/wk+ $250 sec. 215-526-1455 Frankford Rooms for Rent: shared kitchen & bath, single occupant, $450/mo, includes all utils, mini fridge, 215-259-8666 GERMANTOWN $170/wk, 1st flr, furn, private bath & kitchen. 215-783-4736

42XX Loring St. 3BR $985 & utilities FULLY RENOVATED STUNNING in Northeast Mayfair/Holmesburg. 718-288-5454

Bridesburg: Milnor St. 4br/2ba $1000 newly renov, w/d room, bsmt, front & bk yd, 1st, last & sec. Stephen 267-266-2514

homes for rent

35xx Kensington Ave 1br $500 incl heat large, newly painted, clean 215-327-2292 48xx N 11 St. 2 BR $675+ utils 1 BR, $650, newly renov, 267-602-6739

Bridge St. 3 BR/2 BA $1050 w/d,fridge, w/w, yd,Sec8 ok 215.632.5763

Jaguar Luxury S Type 3.0 2001 Best Offer 4 door, sunroof, 59k original, Mint, Senior Citizen 215-922-6113


33xx N. 15th ST 3br 1ba/ 3br 2ba Shared. $1350 Call (267)226-2097 33xx N Park Ave Studio Apt $500/mo. water & heat included, 610-277-9191

1520 Champlost 2br/1ba $475+utils LR & kitchen, 215-779-6914 68xx N. Broad 1 BR $675+ utils 1st floor, spacious, hardwood floors, new kitchen. MUST SEE! Call 215-549-1454 East Oaklane 4 BR/2 BA $900+ utils & security, Call 215-224-6566 RENOVATED Apts in WEST OAK LANE Clean, Quiet, Upgraded 267-888-8030 Stenton & Wyncotte 1 BR $595+ utils 1st fl, 3 mo mv-in, refs 215-888-3658

38XX Cambridge Large rooms for rent $350 mth/$400 move in/utils incl/proof of inc req SSI ok! 267-584-2054 4521 N. Broad - large room, $450/mo & up, $200 security dep, 267-595-5089 45xx Frankford Ave. From $400$450/month, (267)670-6689 53xx N Broad, furnished room & furnished 1br apt. (267)496-6448 55th/Thompson furn rm $110 wk deluxe, priv ent. $200 sec. 215-572-8833 56th & Locust: lrg clean rooms, kitchen privelages, $125/wk, (484)231-1509

8xx E. Willard St. 3BR/1BA $685/mo newly renovated, Sec 8 OK 609-871-2866

the naked city | feature | a&e | the agenda | food

6xx E Thayer St 1br & 2br Section 8 Ok 215-839-9211 or 732-267-2190


17 Rotating Drafts Close to 200 Bottles

happy hour 5-7pm nightly [ Items priced from $2 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; $6 ea. ]

220 S. 17th Street (215) 790-1799


7&3:(00% â&#x20AC;&#x153;..#&&3-*45)"4(308/ 50&1*$1301035*0/4 ,*5$)&/)"4"%%&% "/&953"#&-- 8*5)1&3)"145)& $*5:Âľ4#&45'3*5&4  40.&45&--"3#&&3 #"55&3&%'*4)"/% 7&3:(00%.644&-4Âł Craig LeBan, Philadelphia Inquirer, Revisited April 2007

(*'5$&35*'*$"5&4 "7"*-"#-&

#%(5:7EF@GFEF  B:;>367>B:;3$#' &#% #+#* D7E7DH3F;A@E3F,

iii Wg^aYkTSd Ua_

Philadelphia City Paper, March 10th, 2011  

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