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The YouTube Republican debate on CNN should of been named the Romney show. About midway point I got frustrated with all the questions going to Mitt so at 9:05 I took out my pen and kept tracked of how many questions were asked each candidate. I may of missed a few tallies but this is real close to accurate. The tally is: Romney 13 Giuliani 9 McCain 7 Thomas and Huckabee 6 Paul 5 Hunter and Tancredo 3 Do we see a slight slant here???? It was probably even more slanted as I didn't keep track 'till midway. Now - the winners, hard to choose. But the losers were Mitt and Rudy. Mitt stuttered. It was sad to see him do a Hillary, though not as good. The Clinton's are still the gods of sidestepping. He stuttered about homosexuals in the military, about the Bible and on a few other questions. The best question asked to Mitt was what should be done about Black on Black crime. His answer was a good one. We need more Moms and Dads, he said that twice. Is this the same guy that said he would do more for homosexuals than Teddy Kennedy? Doesn't he come from a state that allows same sex marriage? Now you know why he stuttered, can you say contradiction? In the opening round Mitt & Rudy eliminated each other with friendly fire. After taking turns hitting each other over illegal aliens while the others watched till they wore themselves out, the real debate started. Mitt and Ruddy would of been better off on a playground on a teeter totter, up and down, up and down..... Another time Romney fumbled the ball was when the question was raised about the Confederate flag. Is it racist, symbol of the south, should be allowed or shouldn't. Mitt didn't think the question really merited a response, I did. Some times you need to look deeper than face value at a question. The reason it was important is because of personal freedom that seems to be constantly eroded by the government. Want to fly the flag, display a manger scene, go ahead, that's how it should of been answered. But I came away from this debate feeling good. The candidates answered the questions, and no mud was thrown at the Dem's besides a chuckle from Mike Huckabee. After watching this one and the Democrats debate these candidates are presidential. There was good answers and solutions unlike the Liberal Kucinich Party debates who spend more time bashing Bush, mud slinging at Republicans and social engineering then anything else. The one person who gets lost in the shuffle and has no exposure is Duncan Hunter. He has never once said anything I can disagree with. Every other candidate I find at least once thing I don't agree with. Duncan's campaign should be titled, COMMON SENSE, whether he speaks about building the fence to keep illegals out or our military, he shows a lot of it.

I was very disturbed by that so called Brigadier General Kerr. Who invited him? I immediately thought he has to be a plant. With so many critical issues facing America why do these homosexuals have to interrupt things just to get their immoral agenda in the forefront? Isn't concerns like national security for more important? Afterward on CNN as they we giving their take on who won, someone said exactly what I did and said Kerr had to be placed there from the Hillary camp. He was annoying, why they didn't cut his mic is beyond me. Wonder how the Democrats would feel if the Conservative Right placed a plant in their debate and spoke up about the right to pray or to protect unborn life? The Brigadiers question was about homosexuals in the military. Duncan Hunter spoke out loudly about it which he is against. Again common sense. The most memorable line of the night and almost Reaganesque was from Mike Huckabee. When asked about space exploration and going to Mars he answered with yes we need to keep the space programs going and the exploration to Mars, I think that the first rocket to Mars should have Hillary on it. You just got to love the man!! Morally, he's solid. The man is on the rise. I would love to see him square off against Clinton. But the question of the night was posed to Ron Paul. The guy who asked it said it almost sarcastically like Ron was a nut. Do you really believe in the North American Union theory? Ron Paul said YES! Europe already has the European Union. Land has already been taken by eminent domain to build a super highway that connects Mexico, America and Canada. He said the Trilateral Commission as well as the Council of Foreign Relations is real! It was one of the few times during the debate the place got quiet and NO ONE rebutted. That is scary and something you really need to heed and ask yourself who is the most dedicated to stopping this, ending NAFTA and dependence on China? To me this is even a bigger issues than Iraq, saving our sovereignty. In summary Thompson looked good, so did McCain. Tancredo makes sense. Republicans have nothing to worry about with this group. Compared to the Democrat offerings, come Nov '08 America and the GOP will be celebrating. Carey K. Masci

Mom would get so mad and reprimand me as a child when I would talk back to her. She would say.... you have all the answers. My reply.. of course I do otherwise you wouldn't ask. This has carried on in my adult life as I have an opinion about everything. At times I tend to miss the mark in trying to relay my thoughts verbally but in writing, which is a passion, I seldom miss the mark of what I am trying to convey. I write frequently for the Lake Gop,, I am also in the process of adding a blog to my website, which showcases my travels. I have contributed small articles to The Lake County News Herald. People have asked if I would write bio's for their on line sites. I have folders filled with short stories I have written that someday will be edited into book form.

The first step in expanding my horizons was attending a class held by Author Mark Barnes (The League and An Ordinary, Happy Man) who led me to this site. My style covers all areas, politics, human interest, sports, travel, to the absurd and funny.

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