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YALE Gilly Kid King OfDa Philly Exclusive Interview

Philly under ground

Chasing the dream The Long Run

DREAMING IN SOUND Picture yourself in front of a profes-

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The 360 Deal

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“ f you want to find out the future of 360° deals, look at Motown in the late 60s. Motown was the pioneer of a 360° deal ... They owned your likeness, your touring, publishing, record royalties, told you what to wear, told you how to walk … It made for great entertainment but if you look at every one of those artists, what happened? Sooner or later they said, ‘I’m not going to go on the road for 200 shows because you tell me so. I’m an artist! I’m a creative person!’ Eventually all these artists left ... There’s two things we know about creativity: you can’t force it and you can’t really control it.”

HollyWood True Bad Contracts Avoid at ALL Cost TLC Talks Getting Ripped Off By Pebbles On Their First Recording Contract, Pebbles Responds ‘I Am In Shock’

Just when you thought the skeletons of TLC’s past were buried in the back of the closet and there to stay, T-Boz and Chilli have dragged them out, just in time for the CrazySexyCool TLC biopic premiere next week. This morning, the duo visited The Breakfast Club in NYC to chat it up about their 20th anniversary album, which is in stores now, as well as the new biopic, but the conversation went a little left when everyone started talking about how LA

Reid and Pebbles, who signed

and created TLC, did

them dirty back in the day

with crooked contracts to

take all of their money.

DJ Envy started the

conversation by saying he

hated the formerly mar-

ried business partners because

he’s already seen the

VH1 movie and couldn’t get

over how greedy they were. T-Boz and Chilli said that what people will see went down just how they remembered it happening, and went into detail about how they sold over $10 million records but only ended up with $15,000 apiece. They even said they had to buy the name “TLC” from Pebbles at $1 million per letter. That’s $3 milli!



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Interview #3

Tone Trump This past week, Young Jeezy welcomed Philadelphia emcee Tone Trump to his Corporate Thugz Entertainment imprint. Now, in a recent interview with XXL, Trump talks signing with the Atlanta rapper’s label. Tone Trump explained that Jeezy actually announced that he had signed the rising Philly artist to his label to a crowd full of people in a Miami club. He said, though, that the celebration quickly turned into work, as the rest of the CTE team’s trip was spent working on music in the studio. “[Jeezy] bought $12,000 in [Moet] champagne, it was all rose except one bottle of Ace of Spades. He gave me the bottle of Spades. We did the toast, welcomed me to the family. Crowd went off,” he recalled. “It’s been whirlwind man...I’m the newest member of CTE. I was in Miami for four days I didn’t even see the beach. Big homie, his work ethic is crazy. When we didn’t have events to go to, from ten in the morning until seven in the morning turning up. We did a bunch of new records. I’d rather be working than partying.” He added, “You gonna see an instant immediate impact. We got tons of records and visuals. I’m focused. [Jeezy]’s behind me 2,000 percent. I want to make him look like a genius. How many artist get to sign with their favorite artist?”

Tone Trump was born in West Philadelphia and raised by a Muslim family, later changing his name to Abdul Sallam.His initial desire to be a professional basketball player ended after he was expelled from high school, so he focused his attention on his music. In 2007, Tone Trump teamed up with fellow Philadelphia-area rappers Jay Bezel and Hedonis da Amazon to produce an antiviolence single entitled “Every Day Is Crazy.”One of Tone Trump’s songs was chosen for the soundtrack for Close to Death, a documentary on urban gun violence by Philadelphia-based producers, getting him on the radar of a few major record labels.He also owns his own record label, Top Notch Entertainment. He was also signed to G-Unit Philly and also a member of The G-Unit Philly Group (with Mike Knox, Ive Vegas, Cotic) from 2009

he left the label due to a feud with co member Mike Knox . In January 2010, Tone Trump made a collaboration with Black Wall Street’s artist Nu Jerzey Devil called “What It Look Like.” He recently signed a deal with Young Jeezy’s CTE World label. Tone Trump has close affiliations with burgeoning entrepreneurs Hood Rellic, Chris Banks of clothing label Banks and Ross Collection, as well as significant collaborations with fellow rap artist and model agent Smutty Major Movez Numerous business owners support Tone Trump and his music. Tone Trump is the author of many catch phrases such as “Let’s Win” and “Hustle or Starve”. Tone Trump remains a popular trending subject on both Twitter and Instagram. Tone Trump recently won artist of the year at the Philly Hip Hop Awards in 2012. He currently has a new song Ghetto Boy featuring Freeway Ricky Ross Produced by Smitti Boi.
























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Chanel West Coast While at SXSW in Austin, Texas, Chanel West Coast announces to Bootleg Kev of Power 98.3 that she is the newest artist signed to Young Money Entertainment. She also mentions that she is managed by the same people that manage Lil Wayne – Cortez Bryant and Gee Roberson. During the interview, Chanel West Coast talks about her upcoming mixtape, working at the Fantasy Factory with Rob Dyrdek, rapping at 14-years-old, having male and female groupies, being a white female rapper, and more. The new Young Mula signee also speaks about her label-mate Lil Twist turning Justin Bieber into a different person and lets Bootleg Kev know that Young Money and Cash Money are two different labels with different artists

Were you rapping prior to your initial involvement

tape, Rich Skillz, it was meeting him, which helped

with MTV’s Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and

me get to the next level of my career- musically. Be-


cause I’ve worked with a lot of producers and every-

I’ve been rapping ever since I was 14 years old. I’ve

body would tell me “You have a dope voice and your

been pursuing music for a long time and that’s really

talented” , but it was Rich who kept it real with me,

my main focus in life. I was on these shows for the

and told me to step my game up a little more lyrically.

meantime, because I didn’t come from money. I was

So I took his advice, and I got in the zone and began

really broke around the time that the opportunity was

writing every single day until I got better lyrically.

offered to me and the show was a great opportunity

Through his positive influence I am where I am today-

to not only be in the spotlight but to make money-

signed to Young Money Entertainment.

which I really needed. So, yeah, I’ve been rapping

How did you feel when you officially signed to Young

way before I was on TV.

Money… Did it feel real?

Although you’ve been rapping since the age of 14, at

It’s so crazy, I’m a huge fan of Wayne‘s. Being a fan

what point did you decide that you wanted to make a

of his, when I caught the official news that I was going

career out of it?

to be on the label- it was the most exciting thing in my

I always knew that this is what I wanted to do. I always knew I wanted to do music, and be in the entertainment industry. As a child, I was always

life. I felt it was real because I’d been working so hard, I wasn’t to surprised, just really excited! What inspired the title of your mixtape “Now You Know”?

involved in the performing

The title is dedicated not only the haters,

arts such as hip-hop dances,

but to the people that doubted me be-

choirs, and drama. So pret-

cause a lot of people assume because

ty much I always knew that

I’m a happy and funny girl on TV,

I wanted to make a career out of music or something along those lines. Who would you consider as your career mentor? The producer who just did my mix-

that there is no way that I could be a rapper or there’s no way I’m “about that

life”. I call it “Now You Know” because once you

definitely think in the next 5 years I’ll have my own

hear it- it’s like you know! You can tell through my

fashion line because I’m very into fashion. Also,

music that I can rap, and just lyrically what I’m say-

I would like to get into the acting world a little bit

ing, you could tell the type of life I lived and who I

more too. I wanna do it all!

really am… and now THEY KNOW!

Is there anything else that you would like the world

Who are some of the major features on your mixtape?

to know about you that they don’t already know?

French Montana, Robin Thicke, Snoop Dog, Honey

I would like them to know that it wasn’t easy for me.

Cocaine, Evan Ross, and TY Dolla $ign… its kind of

I think that a lot of people have this misconception

crazy because I’m friends with all of them so it came

that being on MTV made it easy for me to break into


the music industry, when in reality it made it 10x

So working with them

harder. Because when

came easy because you

you come from being

guys were friends?

on a reality TV show,

Kinda of but kind of

people automatically

not. Snoop was one

label you as not hav-

of the harder features

ing any talent. This is

to get because he’s so

something I’ve been

busy but I knew I had

doing my whole life

to make that happen

and I worked really

because my name is

hard at it and it wasn’t

Chanel “West Coast” and I feel as though I couldn’t

easy. I don’t come from money or anything, it wasn’t

be Chanel “West Coast” without having a song with

like I had my dad making phone calls hooking me up

Snoop Dogg. He’s like the OG of the West Coast.

with studios or anything. I basically had to work my

What can fans expect from ‘Chanel West Coast’ 5

butt off since I was 14 years old. The biggest miscon-

years down the line… where do you see yourself as

ception that people make about me is that I’ve had

an artist?

everything handed to me when it was completely the

As an artist, in the next five years, I definitely wanna

opposite of that.

have several albums out. I want to be able to put a ton

My advice would be to stay persistent and be pre-

of music out for my fans and not keep them waiting. I

pared to work hard!




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