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Manage your businesses’ social media marketing with MavSocial. Intelligently and effortlessly manage your social media marketing with the MavSocial digital management system. This system with its many features will become a media asset in your daily global marketing routine by planning and executing campaigns to multiple social media platforms. MavSocial also provides you with integral market insight allowing your business to strengthen its online presence while exposing you to new clientele. “Social media software for businesses�

Take control of all of your businesses’ social media content in one place! Content Management: MavSocials impressive media management system is designed to securely find, store and leverage your content more intelligently. Take advantage of access to millions of images and enjoy a comprehensive editing feature to really make your content pop.


Cast your net wide... Become a content magnet! Use the integrated MavSocial RSS reader and you will have a powerful tool to organize and get timely updates of data feeds. By tagging key words and sites, you will instantaneously receive relevant content for your market. The silent reader constantly works in the background to keep your business ahead of the trends. Let the content comes to you

+17 million digital

images at your finger tips! Save your valuable time; gone are the days where you have to scour multiple image sites searching for an appropriate photo. MavSocial instantly gives you access to millions of royalty free images, illustrations and stock photography allowing you to find the perfect way to convey your campaign visually.

Take your image to the next level‌ Personalize your image to fit your audience with the MavSocial image-editing feature. Enjoy the benefits of the stunning filters and frames, creative stickers, touch up tools and more, giving you the freedom to construct a powerful visual message for maximum impact. Capture your markets attention!

Create once and save time! Engagement: MavSocials impressive media management system is designed to engage global audiences in both output and input of content. Maximize your potential by scheduling posts to suit your content; time zones are no restriction therefore no country is unreachable.


Make global time zones work for you... Optimize your social media updates! With unlimited post scheduling you have complete control to make smart scheduling decisions for any global time zone. MavSocial allows you to post for any date, time or geographic region enabling you to reach all potential audiences across the platforms.

Schedule your posts for when your clients need to see them.

Plan your attack! Construct your strategies with MavSocials campaign planner to prepare and deploy targeted posts relevant to your audience each time. Campaign planning is the core of social media marketing and having a central view of your activities is critical to achieving your marketing goals. One click can reach multiple platforms allowing you to reach a wider audience faster. .

Multiple platforms, one inbox... With the ability to reach multiple social platforms, MavSocial efficiently streamlines responses to one easy access inbox. Receive feedback, notifications and alerts from all of your platforms; keeping the relationship between your audience and your business current while allowing you to oversee the effectiveness of your communication.

Get ready to take on the world! Content Management: MavSocials impressive media management system is designed to connect you with your audience at the right time and in the right manner. With MavSocial you can customize your message across the most popular platforms including major international networks from one easy to use interface.


Get your message out there... Once you have created your brilliant campaign, reach your audience by easily publishing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Tumblr. Save time by managing all platforms effectively via MavSocial.

Reach a world-wide audience... Tap into a new market! A benefit of MavSocial includes access to the wider world of networks where you are able to trial your company within markets that were

Fast, accurate social media intelligence ready for action Analytics & Reporting: MavSocials impressive media management system is designed to provide you with the means to understand your audience and where they are going next. Record your progress and learn how to target effectively.


The power house...

Let the numbers talk‌

Capture and display all your social media analytics data in one platform. The MavSocial analytics platform allows you to view and present analysis of data from your campaigns providing you with easily accessible information about your audience and project success.

Everything you need to know within the click of a mouse! Automatically gather and receive preconfigured reports on essential marketing and performance measures. Let MavSocial allow you to have valuable insight from your data in order to forecast solid future marketing campaigns to your audience.

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