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. Specic objects and/or people in a video can be converted into clickable objects. This easily provides users with links to information, advertisements, store listings, or points-of-purchase. For example, see: . Interactive technology offers marketers the ability to seamlessly integrate product inside the video after the video has already been produced (instead of traditional product placement where advertisers must sign on to a show before production begins). . Additional benets include being able to update product packaging on the y (in the video) or integrate products that may only be in development when the video was actually created.

RECOMMENDATIONS “It’s vital to figure out what technologies will enable marketers to reach consumers with the most interactive and effective ad campaigns. Interactive digital advertising opens up the advertisers’ range of influence including in-page rich media, In-Stream, In-Game, HD interactive video, IPTV, interactive kiosks and mobile advertising platforms.” – California

“Interactive video offers the promise of, not only an enhanced viewing experience for the consumer, but an endless number of merchandising opportunities for advertisers and marketers. It will enable marketers to see direct conversion metrics from product placements. Most importantly though, interactive video offers a richer, more dimensional experience for audiences.” – New York




YouTube added a “speechbubble” annotation feature to their videos last June. If you haven’t taken advantage of the feature, the time has come.


Creative possibilities abound: From an in-video scavenger hunt to click-to-win contests, marketers are restricted only by the limits of their imagination.


With the advent of digital television and YouTube on TiVo, Vudu and other services, interactive video will quickly migrate from desktop to TV to smart mobile device. Smart marketers will be ready for this shift in consumer behavior and will be ready with content options.

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