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of the total U.S. internet population watch online video



They are small applications or toolbars that embed video and other content on web pages, blogs, mobile-phone screens and desktops. Almost anyone can create a video widget and spread it virally across social networks. A wide variety of widgets can be found at http:// . The video content in video widgets can be updated frequently and the programs can also have interactive features such as polls, trivia, surveys, etc. The widgets can have diverse functionality and can be repackaged for various clients. . This tactic allows for the natural integration of various related goods and services.




Put a widget on your website

clicked it expands to " Once reveal video content


Continually refreshing content is an important facet of the internet as a medium but it is especially important when it comes to video widgets. Content distributed via widget can look stale after only a week.


Create a widget designed for current fans of your brand that brings them exclusive offers or value.


Create an incentive program to reward customers for hosting your widget on their social media page(s).

“Attracting consumers to our website and encouraging them to sign up for long-form content webcast subscriptions proved to be a challenge. We wasted a lot of time trying to circulate short-form “highlight reels” of our content on video sharing sites, blogs, etc. After creating a video widget that people could download to their social networking page, desktop, or mobile, we found consumers to be far more responsive and likely to share with their friends." – New York

“The end game is this: create a series of video widgets that end up being resident on a potential customer’s social networking profile or desktop. For example, say I really like rock group Coldplay. So I go to their fan site and download a widget that alerts me every time there is a band update (tour locations, concert ticket sales, CD releases, etc.). The widget also offers on-demand video of Coldplay’s latest performances as a bonus. For this feature consumers might actually consider paying some sort of micro-trans fee (e.g. $.99 per new concert).” – California



Widgetbox serves millions of widgets per day and helps widget owners reach tens of millions of people per month. Widgets help you reach new users, drive traffic back to your site, and extend the reach of your content and services on sites all across the web.

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