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. Revolutionary forms of advertising pique consumer curiosity and interest. Unexpected content is addictive and promotes dialogue. . Most effective when integrated as part of a social media campaign, the efciency of guerilla video is reliant on the strength of creative concept underpinning the video and a timely execution and distribution. . Originally characterized by low-budget, quick-response videos, the category has been stretched to include big-budget agency-produced look-alikes. Often, this genre of video is described as “viral.” . Some of the best executions are Parodies, Caught on Video and Faux clips.



The social network and blogging audience is becoming more diverse in terms of age: the biggest increase in visitors during 2008 to “Member Community” Web sites globally came from the 35-49 year old age group (+11.3 million).


“Create an experience where the viewer isn’t sure if they are supposed to, or allowed to, see what they are seeing. This can be presented as an incidental recording that some paparazzi-type posted anonymously. Entice the user to take action. This will promote viral distribution.” – New York

EHARMONY PARODY “The ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ campaign did an excellent job of guerilla marketing, creating billboards, blogs, videos, and sites that initially didn’t indicate that they were created for a film. A lot of people talked about it because it seemed like it could be a real guy going through a breakup. For ‘True Blood,’ HBO posted ads for a synthetic blood drink. This was confusing and exciting to people and was discussed extensively on the internet.” – California




Create a faux video clip that appears to capture an argument between employees and vendors with a hidden camera brought in by an employee.


Parodies and self-depreciating humor tend to go over well with audiences because they show that you don’t take yourself too seriously.


Producing Guerilla videos inhouse has led to some notable disasters: Know your limits. Hiring an outside agency to produce guerilla video adds a layer of insulation and security between the brand and the campaign.

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