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. Emerging digital platforms - each a valid video distribution channel - reach out to a potential consumer base in airports, on airplanes, shopping carts, parking garages, taxis, and beyond.


. Retail environments outtted with multiple LCD displays and point-of-purchase screens are ideal for delivering catchy video clips.


. Video content that goes beyond the three screens paradigm will reach consumers who put their guards up in the traditional spaces.

! More than 80 percent of Americans now have a computer in their homes, and of those, almost 92 percent have internet access

! Internet access is positively

correlated with the respondent’s or Head of Household’s education level as well the home’s combined annual income. As they increase, so does the likelihood of internet access. Homes with a lower educated householder and lower household incomes are least likely to have internet access.

! Only 3% of households with incomes over $125K do not have home internet access.


Create a cross-digital platform content strategy.


Version content for unique digital audience consumption.


Start experimenting now with content for Apple TV and mobile smartphones.


Understand that consumers are in the driver’s seat so content needs to have strong entertainment value.




Apple TV

Taxi TV

“Recently, I was stuck in an airport, watching the airport broadcast loop through for the zillionth time. I thought, you know, my fellow flyers and I are basically a captive audience, why not put some branded entertainment vignettes out here? Consumers resent advertising when they feel it’s being pushed at them and is interrupting something else they’re doing, but marketing that offers a little entertainment value along with information and new ideas is a godsend when they’re stuck waiting for time to pass.” – Washington D.C.

“Audiences continue to shift and find new ways to consume web video.” – California


“As consumers become increasingly aware of advertising on the internet, web videos will need to move beyond the computer screen. How about watching videos on your luggage cart while waiting to check in your baggage for a flight or while waiting in line to pay for parking?” – Florida



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