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Marketing campaigns could be composed of a series of videos revolving around one product or one essential idea.


. A story-line would encourage the viewer to return each time to see what happens in the series.


. Younger consumers are tuning out traditional marketing messages and show a strong preference for short-form web content delivered in an authentic voice.

“Marketers can use video clips on the web to tell a story that has more than one chapter.” – Washington D.C.


Characters and story lines should be exciting enough to sustain audiences over time without becoming stale.


Heavy handed, over-the-top integration of brand messaging in a webisode runs the risk of being panned by audiences.

Leaving Bliss is an independent web series that follows the sometimes sad but frequently funny travails of Patience Owen, a Pollyannatype who flees her sparsely populated hometown in favor of Hollywood to pursue her dream of making it big on the “tinsel screen.” Four to six-minute episodes are released biweekly.


“Each video would be different but would share one main thesis. The episodes would be released at different times, giving viewers the opportunity to sign up for notifications before subsequent episodes launch. By doing this, companies will be able to gauge the success of their campaign in a whole new way.” – California

“Webisodes tied together under one theme – either in standalone format or progressive story-line – can really work to the benefit of marketers when the concept is right and has been created specifically to reinforce and extend the brand messaging.” – Texas


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