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Your best customers are already creating and distributing online videos about your products and services: start participating in that conversation.


Though consumers may be aware of your brand, they often refrain from making a purchase until hearing from people who have owned and used a product successfully.

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Keep testimonials brief - one to two minutes in length is optimal.


Connecting a viewer with a real person who delivers an honest and personal endorsement is a far more powerful way of ‘advertising’ customer satisfaction.

Avoid “infomercial”-style testimonials that are overwhelmingly and unbelievably positive: Opt instead for authentic reviews that seem balanced.


Prospects are more engaged when they “see” your product being demonstrated by a real customer as opposed to reading about it.

Provide viewers with multiple testimonial problem/solution scenarios.


Increase the potential that a consumer will connect with your message by creating multiple testimonials that represent culturally diverse perspectives.

“Consumer testimonials are an easy and effective way to establish credibility in trying to sell anything! Short video clips of real consumers describing how they have had a positive experience with a product or company are compelling. They could even be tied into a viral marketing campaign.” – Illinois

“With a reward as incentive, invite consumers to create videos of how they would use or improve the product/service. The company will learn how the consumer frames his/her interaction with the product and gain valuable insights that can drive product innovation.” – California

“Short tutorials can complement the product. Sales tutorials are not just testimonials, but ‘how-to’ testimonials!” – Washington



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