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A MATTER OF FACT ! More than 100 million US

consumers - 42% of mobile subscribers - have videocapable cell phones.

! 65% of mobile video viewers


! 32% of mobile video viewers


are under the age of 35 compared to 35% for total mobile subscribers are between 25-34 years old

! Over half of teens (54%)

report watching video on their cell phones in bed that’s 1.5x more likely than average viewers we




. The strong demand for how-to videos has given rise to sites like Howcast, Expert Village and similar instructional web portals that are dedicated to this genre of content. . Marketers realize the importance of delivering ondemand information and service in today’s wireless, ultra-mobile economy. Top brands are catering to consumer preference for short video content that demonstrates how to compare, purchase, use, optimize and properly dispose of their products and/or services. . How-to videos reduce costs across all customer service and support channels. The reason is simple: video is a superior demonstration vehicle compared to static text and graphics.


Provide videos made by experts as well as videos made by users. The former guarantees reliability and the latter ensures authenticity.


Make sure that you avoid technical jargon and that you are using ‘the language of the consumer’ in your videos.


Infotainment: consumers will gravitate towards videos that present information in an entertaining way.


Creating support videos and writing support manuals are very, very different jobs.


"Digital marketers should cater to the needs of visual learners by creating instructional video clips for the web. This is not necessarily a platform to launch a product or service but a means to show the consumer that it is really fun and easy to use. With video explanations on how to use the product or service, consumers may be more inclined to become a user if some of their concerns are addressed.”- New York

“In the world of instant media, consumers today have little time and may be a bit lazy in the reading department. They want to 'get it' in 30 seconds. They'd much rather see how a product works, than have to read how to figure it out. And they're much more likely to purchase when they can see how cool the product is.” - Illinois


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