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. User-generated content blurs the line between a real-life social experience and branded entertainment in a way that’s both positive and authentic. . UGC allows users to promote positive, interesting discussions about the brand in casual settings. . Social networks have turned the Internet into a domain of hyper-inuence. Some of its users are Super Inuencers who love your brand. . Because online consumers object to advertising by ignoring it or skipping past it, UGC is an attractive alternative.


“UGC is the real deal -- and unless it’s blatantly branded, it is far more persuasive than coming up with some viral video work the client loves but that nobody outside the company buys into because it was done in-house, by the book, and is irrelevant.” California

“Web users generally prefer a raw authenticity first and foremost, but their expectations for what web video should look like is evolving.” Florida

“With UGC you can receive hundreds or thousands of ideas without the high costs traditionally associated with video Texas production.” “There is huge potential for video in the UGC space. Many brands are leveraging open contests with or without agency assistance for winning campaign videos, creative ideas, and commercials, with a surprising number of submissions being high quality productions.”



“User-generated video shows consumers interacting with the brand from the consumer’s perspective, rather than from the ‘marketing voice.” California


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UGC requires an experienced social media guide. Don’t make the mistake of executing without well-heeled social media explorers. Tap your best customers and employees first. Many are brand Super Influencers. For your corporate site, procure user generated content, then do postproduction work and set the final video in a creative overlay. Outside of the corporate site, commission and encourage the production of UGC. Mine the results for valuable insights.

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