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. Service oriented marketing is rooted in the law of reciprocity: providing a no-strings attached service prior to purchase creates goodwill, demonstrates category expertise and often leads to a reciprocal transaction. . Consumers are more receptive to video content that strikes a balance between practical, entertaining information and a sales pitch. . Creative, informative video content will inspire people to share branded content via email, word-of-mouth or as links on social networking sites. . Create video content that leaves prospective and current customers longing for more information and/or the next installment.


of the total U.S. internet audience viewed online video in January 2009. The average online video viewer watched 356 minutes of video (approximately 6 hours), up 15 percent versus December 2008.


SURVEY QUOTABLES “Video allows consumers to learn more about the company, product, or service.” California

“Videos should focus on solving consumers’ problems Texas rather than selling.”

“Video is the new online currency. A few companies are starting to embrace the new paradigm. Home Depot has videos showing do-it-yourself homeowners how to tile a bathroom. Leapfrog has videos teaching new parents about the learning path of developing children. Nike has applications and content helping people workout and train more effectively. There are people developing businesses using marketing as a service. Gary Vaynerchuk ( has almost 500 videos reviewing wines. He's building a wine empire and is becoming a wine celebrity.” California




Provide consumers with helpful pre-purchase and post-purchase video content.


Use video as a visual aid to guide consumers through setup and other processes.


Provide video content that clearly addresses your customers’ need to be informed about your category. Be valuable to your customers and they will return the favor.

Online Video: Superpowered Ideas for Marketers  
Online Video: Superpowered Ideas for Marketers  

Respondents forecast new ways marketers can use web video to reach the millions of people who are joining the video snacking and social medi...