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80% “Our brand can repurpose content made by online users”

77% “Video clips on our website can increase sales”

71% “With the right kind of video, we can turn YouTube into an effective sales channel”

84% “2009 is the year for online video”

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19,000 US marketers were polled in December 2008 and January 2009 to gain insights on the drivers of video content consumption from the brand marketer’s perspective. Given the current economic climate, we framed attitudinal and intent questions in terms of online video’s ability to (1) attract prospects and (2) increase revenue on corporate and thirdparty websites. Questionnaire participants were randomly selected from a nationwide database of 19,000 marketing professional and generated a 1.2% response rate.

Online Video: Superpowered Ideas for Marketers  

Respondents forecast new ways marketers can use web video to reach the millions of people who are joining the video snacking and social medi...