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RASHAD ALAKBAROV Born Baku, 1979 Lives and works Baku

Rashad Alakbarov graduated from the Faculty of Decorative Arts at Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art in Baku in 2001. He works with different media, including painting, sculpture, theatre decorations, video art and architectural design. The use of shadows in his installation became the main direction in the artist’s conceptual work. The first public showing of this type of work was at the ‘Wings of Time’ exhibition in Baku in 2000. Alakbarov’s work is held in private collections in Azerbaijan, Italy, Turkey and Russia.

Selected group exhibitions 2011 ‘On Soz’, Alternative Art Place, Baku ‘The Journey to the East’, Contemporary Art Museum, Bialystok, Poland ‘Fabulous Four’, Kichik QalArt, Baku ‘City’, Central House of the Artist, Moscow ‘Big Caucasus’, PERMM Gallery, Perm, Russia 2010 ‘Azerbaijan Contemporary Art’, Aidan Gallery, Moscow 2009 ‘BakUnlimited’, ‘Cultural Days of Azerbaijan’, Voltahalle, Basel, Switzerland 2008 ‘Art is not only ugly’, Atrium of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin ‘Steps of Time: Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan’, Residenzschloss, Dresden, Germany ‘Wage Floor’, Contemporary Art Centre, Baku 2007 ‘Aluminium 3’, International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Baku ‘East & West’, Museum of Art, Die, France ‘OMNIA MEA’, 52nd Venice Biennale, Venice 2006 ‘Caucasus’, NCAC, Moscow ‘TRANSFUSION’, Contemporary Art Centre, Liestal, Switzerland 2005 ‘Aluminium 2’, International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Baku 2003 ‘Aluminium: Art + New Technologies’, Shirvanshah’s Palace, Baku ‘7+7. More Transparent’, The Museum Centre, Baku 2000 ‘Wings of Time’, Khagani Trading Centre, Baku

Sometimes it is useful to look at things and people with fresh eyes.

associated with the world of anime serials, filled with ideas

The art of Rashad Alakbarov, who could be called ‘the master

of looming world catastrophes after man has unleashed the

of shadows’, gives the viewer just such an opportunity. A graduate

genie of high technology.

of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art in Baku, he has participated in contemporary art exhibitions in Baku as well

Another thematic line of Alakbarov’s work is the art and culture

as abroad, and represented Azerbaijan at the 52nd Venice Biennale.

of Azerbaijan. Ornament explores this theme – a relatively simple structure of wooden slats is reflected upon the wall

Alakbarov’s works comprise massive installations, but not the typical

forming a wonderfully whimsical depiction of an ornament of the

kind which are geared for direct sensory perception – they contain

traditional sash. In his work Fly to Baku, colourful model

a secret. Objects, either diverse or homogenous, are arranged in such

aeroplanes are yearning, tensing toward the projected image

a manner that shadows cast on the wall under proper lighting have

of Baku bay on the wall. They can also be interpreted as an

little to do with the image of the initial installation. In this duality lies

allegory of the heartfelt impulses of his compatriots who

the magic of Alakbarov’s works. Thematically many of his works are

live abroad.

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Fly to Baku - Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan  

Exhibition January 17-29, 2012 Location Phillips de Pury & Company Howick Place, London SW1P 1BB

Fly to Baku - Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan  

Exhibition January 17-29, 2012 Location Phillips de Pury & Company Howick Place, London SW1P 1BB