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IRINA ELDAROVA Born Moscow, Russia, 1955 Lives and works Baku

Irina Eldarova attended the Repin State Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture in St Petersburg in 1975–79 and the Surikov State Academic Art Institute in Moscow in 1980–82 where she was a student of Boris Dexterev. Eldarova worked as a book illustrator straight after completing her studies. Her active artistic carrier not only includes painting – she also works on developing artistic concepts for major publishing projects in Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. In 2007, Eldarova was awarded the prize of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan for the best Media Project published by Kazakhstan State Book. She developed a design project that included monumental marble reliefs for the underground station Halglar Dostlugu in Baku. Eldarova also works with photography, video art, journalism and teaches photo design at Western University in Baku.

Solo exhibitions 2010 ‘Hello! This is me’, Museum Centre, Baku 2007 ‘Fire Worshippers’, Baku Centre of Arts, Baku 1998 ‘Aggressive Still-Life’, Humay Gallery, London

Selected group exhibitions 2010 ‘Philosophy of Spring’, Museum Centre, Baku ‘Summer Vernissage’, Museum Centre, Baku ‘Azerbaijani Art on the Cusp of the Centuries’, Museum Centre, Baku 2009 ‘Black and White’, Museum Centre, Baku ‘To be a Woman’, International Exhibition-Forum, Contemporary Art Centre, Baku 2007 ‘Craft as Art and Art as Craft’, XII International Art Symposium, Shaki, Azerbaijan ‘Aluminium 3’, International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Baku 2006 ‘Visual Arts’, First Ganja International Festival, Khan’s Garden, Ganja, Azerbaijan 2001 Humay Gallery, London [the first exhibition of Azerbaijani and Kazakhstani artists in London]

Irina Eldarova began her artistic career as an illustrator at the

monumental scale. A particular and unique area of her work

Children’s Literature Publishing House. She participated in many

is dedicated to the symbiosis of the miniature and the monumental,

exhibitions in the former Soviet Union and abroad. Her works are part

such as can be found in her large composition consisting of small

of the Tretyakov Gallery collection in Moscow, the Russian Academy

square canvases of less than half a metre each.

of Fine Arts, the Museum of Modern Art in Baku, the Mustafayev Museum of Arts, the Baku Arts Centre and various private

A number of works by Eldarova are unabashedly objectivist. Sometimes

collections. The artist has participated in many famous domestic art

these even become a series (for example the series dedicated to great

forums and symposiums. She has also collaborated with a number

men in history, depicting Churchill, Khrushchev, Kennedy and Sarkozy).

of international media outlets and is currently the art director for

Nevertheless, many of her works are, as a rule, thematically

Caspian Publishing House. Since 1996, Eldarova has been a member

independent paintings of which the Emotional Splash series is a good

of the British Association of Journalists.

example. The lack of objects in these compositions does not preclude them from having a mantra-like effect on the viewer – the interplay

She works in various media, including watercolours, but most of her

among localized patches of colour and separate lines mesmerizes the

works are executed in mixed media on a large, sometimes

viewer and submerges him into a parallel world.

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Fly to Baku - Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan  

Exhibition January 17-29, 2012 Location Phillips de Pury & Company Howick Place, London SW1P 1BB

Fly to Baku - Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan  

Exhibition January 17-29, 2012 Location Phillips de Pury & Company Howick Place, London SW1P 1BB