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ENVER ASKEROV Born Baku, 1940 Lives and works Baku

In 1963, Enver Askerov graduated from Azimzadeh State Art College in Baku and in 1968 from the Mukhin High Art and Industrial Academy in St Petersburg, where he studied in the faculty of Artistic Treatment of Metal. In 1969, he received third prize at the Moscow All-Union Youth Exhibition for Pipe and third prize at the Moscow All-Union ‘Earth and People’ exhibition for Organ of Absheron in 1979. In 1993, Askerov was awarded the prestigious Sultan Muhammad award by the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan.

Solo exhibitions 2003 V. Samedova Exhibition Hall, Union of Artists of Azerbaijan, Baku 1995 S. Bahlulzade Exhibition Hall, Baku

Selected group exhibitions 2009 1998 1994 1985

‘BakUnlimited, Cultural Days of Azerbaijan’, Voltahalle, Basel, Switzerland ‘Contemporary Artists from Azerbaijan’, The World Bank, Washington, D.C. International Symposium on the painting of the Black Sea, Istanbul All-Union Exhibition of the 40th anniversary of Victory over Nazi Germany

Representing the older generation of Azerbaijani artists, the

– yellow, red and green. Black is often introduced, adding

famous painter Enver Askerov was accepted in the Union of Artists

sometimes confidence and at other times a rebellious restlessness

of Azerbaijan in 1968 as well as the Union of Artists of the USSR.

to the compositions. Geometrism and monumentalism, like an echo

His works have been shown many times both in Azerbaijan and

of past artistic passions, make an appearance here and there.

abroad, in the USA, Switzerland, Russia and in other countries.

Op-art canvases alternate with landscapes, in which realism and

This artist’s works have been purchased by numerous national and

mysticism are tightly interwoven. Besides canvases, in the past

private collections.

decade Askerov has ventured into producing screens. Like most of his paintings these are often influenced by Op-art.

Since 1967, when Askerov first exhibited his works in a public forum with an industrial landscape, Pipes, his work has undergone several

The two works illustrated here reflect one of the current directions

major permutations. Early in his career he preferred industrial

of his work. The mild irony of his world view lets one see an allegory

monumentalism, which was soon to be replaced by his period

of the human soul in compositions that show the face of a container.

of geometric still lifes, and later still he embraced Op-art. At this

“Handle with care!” they proclaim, issuing is a warning about the

stage of his career, his palette is firmly rooted in nature’s colours

vulnerability of an individual, especially that of an artistic one.

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Fly to Baku - Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan  

Exhibition January 17-29, 2012 Location Phillips de Pury & Company Howick Place, London SW1P 1BB

Fly to Baku - Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan  

Exhibition January 17-29, 2012 Location Phillips de Pury & Company Howick Place, London SW1P 1BB