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ALTAI SADIQZADEH Born Baku, 1951 Lives and works Baku

Altai Sadiqzadeh studied at the Azimzadeh State Art College in Baku. He continued his education at the Faculty of Painting at the Surikov State Academic Art Institute in Moscow in 1971–77. The scope of Sadiqzadeh’s artistic practice includes pictorial and graphic work, sculpture and installation, and his work has been featured in  many exhibitions since the 1970s. He has been a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR since 1979 and a member of Baku Arts Centre since 1988. His works are held in national and private collections in Azerbaijan, Belgium, France, Germany, Iran, Israel, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the USA. During 2008–09, he was the designer, with the French architect Jean Nouvel, of the Museum of Modern Art in Baku.

Solo exhibitions and projects

Group exhibitions

2011 ‘22HX’, Modern Art Museum, Baku 2007 Launch of the book ‘Painting and Sketch’ by A. Sadiqzadeh, Librairie Flammarion Centre, Centre Pompidou, Paris ‘Bindalli Sanat Evi’, Huma Kabakchi Collection, Istanbul 2005 Q Gallery, Baku 2003 Spiller Vincenty Gallery, Jacksonville, FL, USA 2002 Gallery of International Art, Beijing 2001 Q Gallery, Baku 2000 Humay Gallery, London 1999 Pedestrian Gallery of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL, USA State Museum of Fine Arts, Baku Van Droff Gallery, Jacksonville, FL, USA 1995 Baku Arts Centre, Baku 1994 Le Palais des Papes, Avignon, France Baku Arts Centre, Baku L’Orangerie Gallery, Saint Paul de Vence, France 1993 Les Palais des Papes, Aviqnon, France Sattar Bahlulzade Central Exhibition Hall, Baku 1992 Galerie L’Orangerie, Saint Paul de Vence, France 1988 Baku Arts Centre, Baku 1981 International symposium, Pochitel, Yugoslavia

2011 ‘Contemporary works of Azerbaijan, the Land of Fire’, Hôtel d’Evreux, Paris Palazzo Benzon, 54th Venice Biennale, Venice 2010 ‘Observer of the Fly’, curator and participant, Modern Art Museum, Baku 2004 ‘Istanbul Art’, International Contemporary Art Exposition, Istanbul 2003 ‘Grands et Jeunes d’aujourd’hui’, 43ème salon, Espace Auteuil, Paris 1999 Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, FL, USA 1990 Galerie L’Orangerie, Saint Paul de Vence, France 1977 All-Union exhibition, The Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow

Altai Sadiqzadeh was responsible for the concept behind the

constructions entitled The Mechanics of Space. This artist creates

architectural design of the Museum of Modern Art in Baku. The

his sculptures as if they were multi-dimensional paintings. His work

interior space, with its sloping walls and without doors or corners,

exemplifies a new discovery of the world through its colourful,

was designed especially with avant-garde art in mind, allowing the art

self-constructing text, teeming with ‘apparatuses’, hieroglyphs,

and the building containing it to enjoy a symbiosis. His sculptural

esoteric epistles, palm trees, anthropomorphic machines, extra-

metal constructions, installations and painted canvases are

terrestrial ‘guardians’, star observers and people.

incorporated into the museum. He has also been instrumental in selecting the museum’s collection and curating its exhibitions.

At the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011, Sadiqzadeh exhibited his monumental ‘cosmic’ canvases and sculptures at the Azerbaijan

Sadiqzadeh is primarily known as a painter, who also engages

Pavilion. Looking at them, one sees humanity through the eyes

in graphic work and stage design. In recent years, his flexible and

of other worlds and it becomes evident that the possibilities

visual imagination has led him to explore his ideas in monumental

of individual freedom and creative art forms are endless and cannot

three-dimensional art objects – the series of welded metal

be limited by anything.

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Fly to Baku - Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan  

Exhibition January 17-29, 2012 Location Phillips de Pury & Company Howick Place, London SW1P 1BB