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AIDA MAHMUDOVA Born Baku, 1982 Lives and works Baku and London

Aida Mahmudova graduated from the American Intercontinental University with a BA Degree in Fashion Marketing in 2009. In 2006 she graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London with a BA Degree in Fine Art. Mahmudova works within a number of genres including painting, photography and installation art. She is the organiser and leader of the non-governmental organisation The Space of Contemporary Art ‘YARAT’, which aims to support and develop contemporary Azerbaijani art in its home country and abroad.

Solo exhibitions 2006 Solo exhibition, in collaboration with pianist Murad Adygezalzade, devoted to the 120th jubilee of Uzeir Hajibekov, Azerbaijan State Filarmonia, Baku 2002 Q Gallery, Baku

Selected group exhibitions 2011 ‘On Soz’, Alternative Art Space, Baku ‘Contemporary works of Azerbaijan, the Land of Fire’, Hotel d’Evreux, Paris Participation in the 1st International Festival of Arts, ‘Maiden Tower’, Baku

A meditative contemplation on life’s flow … fragmentary

aestheticized morsels of existence. Our everyday rhythm of life in the

impressions … impulsive thoughts … reality perceived figuratively,

world of consumerism and mass culture, oppresses us by imposing its

associatively … life that meanders on and passes by …

own rules, taking away our most precious trait – our individuality.

Plug in your imagination and pretend you are aboard a Being 787

Delving into the inner-self, we begin to realize the true value of life

equipped to break through all boundaries – both in space and time,

and acquire the ability to see. The unconscious and the rational, the

travelling into the universe of our subconscious. Shielded from the

spiritual and the material – this dualism of our existence can only

entire world this capsule depicts onto the screens of our memory,

be experienced in the state of equilibrium. Each person must define

a retrospective of events and experiences. They manifest themselves in

their own boundary. She approaches an artistic path by discovering

our consciousness as brief flashes or more lengthy episodes. The usual

herself through interpretations of the interaction between herself and

picture frames suddenly begin to transform the mundane, turning it into

the environment.

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Fly to Baku - Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan  
Fly to Baku - Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan  

Exhibition January 17-29, 2012 Location Phillips de Pury & Company Howick Place, London SW1P 1BB