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New York Staff Art Show 9-17 August 2018

Richard Berardino Untitled 2018 2018 1) Oil, cold wax and charcoal on canvas; 2) Acrylic and oil on paper 1) 20” x 20” 2) 22” x 30”

Jean Bourbon Can’t get enough Knekkebrød 1998 organic ingredients 3 “x 3.5” At a young age, I was fascinated by photography and it’s ability to capture impressions of the past. Gathering inspiration from the diversity of the arts that surround our world, and motivated by my need to capture light in its purest beauty, my passion became my career. Combining my passion for art with the love for delicious foods, I have endeavored on a new journey together with my wife Hedvig. With Norwegian Baked we present to you the pleasure of artisanal crispbread, or as the Norwegian-folk call it: Knekkebrød, baked with a short yet clean and organic ingredient list. Bon Appetit! Jean Bourbon

Rich Brownbill Untitled Unknown Fine Arts Photography 1) Image 20” X 20”; 2) Image 20” X 20”; 3) Image 25” x 18”

Sean Cleary Grand Central 2018 Acrylic on canvas 50 x 66 in

Caroline Conegliano Hutchinson Island Surf 2015 photograph Image: 14” x 14”, white frame: 23” x 23”

Ross Ellis Volunteer Operator, Saks 2015-2018 2018 Audio New to the art world, Ross Ellis has been focusing on the exploration of human interaction with technology and has decided to make this ongoing project public for the first time.

Carolina Enriquez Swan Nom Nom Nom Nomi 2018 Gouache 9”x12” I have always worked with gouache because I love the transparency of the medium. It’s gives a painting more whimsy. This year I decided to continue painting portraits of some of my favorite characters and playing around with their name. My friend mentioned Klaus Nomi made a living as a pastry chef before he was a famous performer, I was hooked. This would be the first portrait I would do. I am a huge fan of sweets, German culture and music. I could imagine him decorating a Black Forest Cake while wearing full make up. This portrait came from that vision.

Ryan Falkowitz A Perfect Example 2018 D-FantiX Shengshou Mirror Cube, scented foam croissant, rubber, epoxy putty 7.5” x 3.5” x 11” Born 1976, New York

Caroline Frank 1) High Rise Kingdom; 2) Lunar; 3) This will never be finished 1) 2016; 2); 2016; 3) 2018 1) acrylic, linseed oil and resin on plywood ; 2) acrylic and sheet metal on wood; 3) Micron pen on paper in spiral notebook 1) 46 1/ 3” x 31”; 2) 20” and 7.5” in diameter; 3) 8 ½” x 11” Caroline Frank, born 1996, lives and works in Connecticut and New York.

Devin Fry 1) Arch type Voltaire (large yellow); 2) Zion handkerchief (beige red) 2013 Stretched canvas and acrylic paint 1) 6’ x 4’; 2) 3’ x 3’

Devin Fry is a contemporary artist from Detroit Michigan. He has been living and creating art in NYC for the last decade. To see more samples of his work check out password: Devin

Denis Gorobets The Yellow 2018 Photograph 40” X 30”

Bryce Janssens Original Photographer Unknown 1) Untitled Bio-Med Compilation; 2) Untitled Bio-Med Profile Original Year: Unknown between 1960 and 1970 Curation for presentation is ongoing 35mm Kodachrome / Digital Scan / LightJet 24”x36” Bryce Janssens is a multimedia artist originally from Saskatchewan, Canada. He primarily works in sound design and music composition. He has performed throughout North America and Europe as multi-instrumentalist in the improvising experimental duo Atlanteans. Janssens operates the record label Journey2Atlantis to disseminate sound and video works Atlanteans as well as his solo works. He has received funding for projects through the Canada Council for the Arts and the British Columbia Arts Council. He has an ongoing street photography project @ zonefocusnewyork. The work on display is from Janssens’ ongoing Kodachrome curation project entitled BioMed. Bryce is the sound technician for events and auctions at Phillips!

Ricardo Jean 1) The Perv Movie Ad; 2) Good Girls Movie Ad; 3) How to Never Really Get to Know Someone Movie Ad; 4) Boxes Movie Ad; 5) Lowbrow Movie Ad; 6) Let’s Talk About Sex Movie Ad; 7) Smoke Screen Movie Ad; 8) Insistence Persistence Movie Ad; 9) Own Your Greatness Movie Ad; 10) The 90’s Movie Ad 2018 1) Prismacolor Markers, Micron Pen, and Photoshop; 2) Prismacolor Markers & Pencils, Micron Pen, and Photoshop 3) Prismacolor Markers & Pencils, Micron Pen, and Photoshop; 4) Prismacolor Markers, Micron Pen, and Photoshop; 5) Prismacolor Markers & Pencils, Micron Pen, and Photoshop; 6) Prismacolor Markers, Micron Pen, and Photoshop; 7) Prismacolor Markers & Pencils, Micron Pen, and Photoshop; 8) Prismacolor Markers & Pencils, Micron Pen, and Photoshop; 9) Prismacolor Markers, Micron Pen, and Photoshop; 10) Prismacolor Markers, Micron Pen, and Photoshop 14” x 11” each

Stephanie Jin 1) Femme assise; 2) Magnolia 2018 Acrylic on canvas 1) 30” x 40”. (76.2 x 101.6 cm.); 2)30” x 40” (76.2 x 101.6 cm.)

James Jones 1) plants in pots; 2) you never know till you know 2015 acrylic on paper 1) 29” x 80”; 2) 4’ x 19”

Cary Leibowitz RESPECT FOR THE UNITED STATES CONSITUTION IS A TURN ON! 2017 Latex acrylic on wood 12” diameter

Liia Magi Stockholm Syndrome 2018 Pen and Ink with watercolor Born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia, Liia started drawing as soon as she could get her hands on a pencil. Her love of art took her across multiple countries and continents until she finally made New York City her home. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Design from Pratt Institute, and currently works as a digital designer at Phillips. She is also a cofounder and creative director at Conviction Comics, an independent publishing company based in Bronx, NY.

Chris Mahoney 1) Light Fixture, Warsaw, NY 2016; 2) Backyards, Ossining, NY 2014; 3) Driveway and Parking Lot, Ossining, NY 2014; 4) Garage, Ossining, NY 2014 1) 2016; 2) 2014; 3) 2014; 4) 2014 Photograph Image: 7 ½” by 9 ¾” Frame: 16” by 20”

Matt Miller Un-ion Onion 2018 Paint and Melted Polystyrene 15.5” x 10.75” x  3”

Annie James by Anne Mock 14 karat gold, diamonds, sapphires, aquamarine, and peridot After making a full recovery from thyroid cancer almost two years ago, I decided to launch Annie James, a line of fun, vibrant, and easy to wear jewelry designed and worn to promote thyroid cancer awareness. Women frequently compliment each other on their jewelry, so wearing an eye-catching jewel is a natural way to start a conversation about the importance of getting a neck check. Annie James has partnered with CancerCare, a leading national non-profit organization that provides financial assistance, counseling, support groups, and education services to cancer patients. Together, we have created a special Annie James fund that provides financial assistance to thyroid cancer patients. Twenty percent of the profits from each Annie James necklace sold will go directly to the fund, whose profits help qualified thyroid cancer patients manage the costs of their long-term medical treatment.

Garry Nichols Carmen 2015 Oil on wood 42 1/2” x  27 1/2” * Garry Nichols was born in Tasmania, Australia. Presently lives in New York.

*His work is included in collections in New York, Japan and Australia.

*Studied at the National Art School, East Sydney Tech and Alexander Mackie College, Sydney. Took classes with Alan Oldfield, Brian Dunlop, Ted May and Don Mitchell.

*Selected awards include the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Grant for Painting, New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Painting, Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Grant and the Marten Bequest Traveling Art Prize (Australia).

*Further studies at New York Studio School. Took classes with Nick Carone, Peter Agostini, Mercedes Matter, George McNeil, Sidney Geist, Ruth Miller, Chuck O’Conner and William Wright. *Exhibitions in Australia include Gallery A, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Macquarie Galleries and Stella Downer Fine Art. *Exhibitions in New York include the Leo Castelli Gallery, White Columns, Drawing Center, David Beitzel Gallery, Robert Steele Gallery, Artists Space, Marymount Manhattan College, Pierogi Gallery, Yes Gallery, Sideshow Gallery. Parallel Art Space and Factory Fresh.

*Lectured in Australia and New York on his own Painting: A Painters Journey. A 60 Year History of Australian Painting and Sculpture, and on the artist Robert Rauschenberg: Life and Art. *Taught painting and drawing in New York at the National Academy of Design-School of Fine Arts, Chautauqua Institution-School of Art and at Parsons School of Design, in New York.

Jason Osborne 1) A Shim for the Stars; 2) Excuse Me You Dropped Your Frown; 3) Second to Last Fuck You; 4) Study, for the Whittler’s Piles 1) 2017; 2) 2018; 3) 2018; 4) 2017 1) Acrylic, Sandpaper, Shim, Construction Paper, Rose Petals on Wood Panel; 2) Acrylic, Rose Petals, Shim, Construction Paper on Wood Panel; 3) Acrylic, Graphite, Balloon, Shim on Wood Panel; 4) Acrylic, Construction Paper, Rose Petals, Graphite, on Stonehenge paper 1) 10”x10”; 2) 18”x14”; 3) 12”x9”; 4) 10 ½” x 11”

These works are all part of series of paintings and prints I’ve been working on called ‘The Whittler’s Piles’, which are loosely based on Claude Monet’s Haystack paintings which he completed between 1890-91.

Rachel Peart 1) Dairy Barn 1; 2) Dairy Barn 2 2015 Chromogenic print 8” x 8” each

James Reeder 1) s-l1600-3; 2) s-l1600-1; 3) s-l1600-19 2017 Inkjet print 10” x 14”

Ryan Russo Untitled 2017 Acrylic on masonite 11 x 16.5 in.

Alexis Sabater 1) Holiday stickball; 2) Coquito Christmas 2017 1) Wood, foam, metal, chalk; 2) Coconuts, cinnamon, plastic, ribbon, metal 1) 25”x 28”; 2) 24” x 24”

Pablo Serrano-Otero Playuela (Homenaje a Ana Mendieta) 2018 Archival pigment print 11� x 31�

Rose Siersdale 1) Nothing Until Everything; 2) Re-Write; 3) Two Years in New York 1) 2018; 2) 2018; 3) 2016-2018 Oil on canvas 1) 24” x 19” x 1.5”; 2) 18” x 18” x 1.5”; 3) 30” x 24” x 1.5”

Rose Siersdale draws influence from the mark-making techniques of Abstract Expressionists, the subject of Contemporary painters, and the colors of high fashion. Her work is honest and direct as she continuously creates and destroys the image through layers of paint. This process opens up the possibility to develop a fresh and unanticipated new work of art. Rose Siersdale 1989

Kimberly Sørensen Many Moons 2018 Cotton, linen, and alpaca, hand-dyed with indigo 50” x 14” Kimberly Sørensen is a self-taught weaver and hand-dyer.

Jon Thies 1) To Jon; 2) Cold Beer; 3) Every Apartment I Have Ever Lived In 2018 1) Cotton, Acrylic Ink; 2) Acrylic on canvas; 3)Keys with keyrings 1) 30” x 20”; 2) 36” x 36”; 3) 3” x 6”

Michael Tracy You Won’t See My Face in the Window 2018 Oil on Canvas 9”x12”

Jeff Velazquez 1) Untitled; 2) Untitled II; 3) Wolfie (Acid Flashback); 4) © Mr. Sad and Lonely and his pals; 5) Moonlight Mile; 6) Andar ìslenskrar náttúru 1-5) 2018; 6) 2017 1) Oil enamel on wood in artist’s frame; 2) Oil enamel and spray paint on wood, in two parts, in artist’s frame; 3) Oil enamel and spray paint on wood in artist’s frame; 4) Embroidery and found objects; 5) China Marker on paper; 6) China Marker on paper 1) 13.25” x 16.875” in artist’s frame 15.125” x 18.5” fully framed; 2) 21.625” x 16.75” in artist’s frame 23” x 18.5” fully framed; 3) 14.125” x 26.125” in artist’s frame 16” x 28” fully framed; 4) © Mr. Sad and Lonely: 34.25” x 44” framed Butterfly pals: Each 9” x 6” x 1”; 5) 22.5” x 29.5” sheet 31.5” x 39” framed; 6) 29.5” x 22” sheet 40.5” x 32.5” framed 5) Initialed ‘J.V. 9.9.17’ lower right 6) Initialed ‘J.V. 2.24.18’ lower left

This year’s theme is full circle and includes four long-term pieces highlighted by © Mr. Sad and Lonely and his pals. It was an epic effort and is one of my greatest works that I had very little to do with, other than the original drawing and yarn color selections. The white-framed paintings are works that I’ve had for years and only feel complete now. The drawings were quick, recent and are the best representation of my current work. Andar ìslenskrar náttúru was inspired by a recent trip to Iceland. Moonlight Mile was therapeutic drawing of a familiar motif that I used to recover from a wretched cold, in the depths of winter.







Miko Veldkamp The dirty water in Chinatown 2016 oil on linen 16�x12�

Alexander Weinstock Untitled (the curtains) 2018 Inkjet Print 16” x 20” (20” x 24” framed)

Samantha Wood Thoughtless/Repair 2018 Sumi ink, pen, gold leaf, phototex paper 3’ x 1.75’

Profile for PHILLIPS


Phillips presents our annual staff show this August 2018 in New York.


Phillips presents our annual staff show this August 2018 in New York.

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