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982. Ludovic Ballouard A fne and rare platinum and diamond set wristwatch with unusual “upside down” dial, warranty and box Ludovic Ballouard, 「Upside Down」,精細及罕有,鉑金鑲鑽腕錶, 配獨特反轉數字顯示,約2015年製。附原裝錶盒和證書 Manufacturer Year

Ludovic Ballouard Circa 2015

Movement No. Case No. Model Name Material Calibre Bracelet/Strap Clasp/Buckle

02D 02D Upside Down Platinum Manual, B01, 51 jewels Leather Platinum and diamond set Ludovic Ballouard buckle 41mm D iameter Case, dial and movement signed

Dimensions Signed


HKD 156,000-312,000 USD 20,000-40,000 Accessories Further accompanied by original Ludovic Ballouard Guarantee Certifcate retailer stamped EKSO Watches Gallery Paris, ftted presentation box, pouch and cloth.

Famed for being the creator of the “Upside Down”, Ludovic Ballouard has gained some interest over the past few years since the initial launch of the limited edition series in 2015. The concept of the watch is based on a very unique mechanism that only displays time

with a single hand for the minute and the hour is determined by the only numeral that is “upright”. When the minute hand reaches the ffy-ninth second of the ffy-ninth minute of the hour, the past hour number instantaneously turns 180 degrees upside down. Simultaneously, the new hour turns right side up. The entire movement is exquisitely fnished, with a sunray brushed gilt brass movement with brushed steel Maltese crosses, each one positioned underneath its corresponding hour disk. Ballouard believed the owner would appreciate seeing the complexity of the complication and watching the discs rotate, so he placed the mechanism on the reverse, visible through the sapphire case back. The current example is an “Upside Down” in platinum with diamond setting on the case and ftted with an attractive matte grey dial. Ofered in excellent condition and further accompanied by the original certifcate and box.

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Phillips presents THE HONG KONG WATCH AUCTION: EIGHT on 28 May 2019.


Phillips presents THE HONG KONG WATCH AUCTION: EIGHT on 28 May 2019.