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Patek Philippe Ref 5002G Sky Moon Tourbillon

852. Panerai


A fne and rare limited edition bronze wristwatch with date, power reserve indicator, certifcate and presentation box, numbered 18 of a limited edition of 1,000 pieces

5002G Sky Moon Tourbillon

沛納海,型號PAM 507,限量版青銅自動上弦腕錶,配動力儲存和 日期顯示,限量發行1000枚,編號第18號,2013年製。附保證書和錶盒

Patek Philippe has had a long and illustrious history producing some of the most recognizable grand complication timepieces of the 20th and 21st centuries. Two of the most legendary watches today are the 1927 James Ward Packard open face pocket watch with ten complications including an equation of time calibrated to Packard’s hometown Warren Ohio along with a celestial chart with 500 stars representing the night view at his home. Not to be out-shone and to compete with his friend, Henry Grave’s requested and received from Patek Philippe what is today arguably the most important timepiece known. Grave’s super complication from 1933 was delivered with 24 complications including a celestial chart fashioned from the night sky at his home in New York City. Taking eight years to complete and comprising of 900 parts, this watch today stands alone from all others as an icon of horology.

Manufacturer Panerai While the Panerai Luminor series Year 2013 百達翡麗在2001年發布了極為重要的腕錶型號 「Skybeen Moon has always one of the most

Tourbillon」。這款現代傑作融合了品牌歷史和其創新成果, popular watch models, the Luminor Reference No. PAM 507 採用雙錶盤設計,並配有12項複雜功能。本拍件首次現身拍賣 Submersible 1950 Bronzo collection Movement No. 000’355 市場,且為第二枚出現在公開市場的18K白金型號5002G。 caused, yet again, a wave of hype Case No. BB 1’624’239 among the Paneristi community and Model Name Luminor Submersible 據學者研究顯示,型號5002G只會為百達翡麗最重要的客戶 collectors when it was released in 2013. 1950 Bronzo 製造,在所有金屬款式中以18K黃金和鉑金的錶款較多,18K Material Bronze Evolved from the brand’s legacy of Calibre Automatic, cal. P.9002, 玫瑰金和18K白金的數量較少,難能可貴,值得珍藏。 creating iconic underwater 29 jewels watches, the current model features Bracelet/Strap Leather 富藝斯很榮幸能夠提供這款極其重要的腕錶,它具有極佳 state-of-the-art horological Clasp/Buckle Titanium 的品相,並附有原裝證書和錶盒。對於收藏家而言,這是一個 technology with an unmissable twist Panerai buckle 非常難得的機會擁有一枚可以擁有並珍惜﹑令人讚佩不已 of nautical inspiration. Dimensions 47 mm diameter

的工藝傑作。 Case, movement and Signed dial signed Estimate

In 1989, Patek Philippe released the Caliber 89 as a celebration of their 150th anniversary. It was considered the most complicated mechanical watch ever made with 33 complications and was a monument to horological skill, tradition and haute horologie. Amongst the additions to complications found on the Packard and Graves watches, Patek Philippe included a split-chronograph, grand and petite sonnerie, second time zone and date calculation for Easter. Only four examples were made, one each in yellow, white and rose gold, as well as platinum, along with a prototype in the Patek Philippe Museum. In 2000 as a celebration for the new millennium, the Star Caliber 2000 was launched, featuring 21 complications, including playing the Westminster chimes in correct sequence as well as a perpetual calendar that synchronized with the equation of time. In 2001, Patek Philippe released its new millennium grand complication wristwatch the Sky Moon Tourbillon. This modern masterpiece incorporated innovations from their historic past and inspired by the Star Caliber 2000. Patek Philippe miniaturized the model in to a wristwatch that featured a double dial with cathedral gong minute repeating mechanism and tourbillon. The front facing side displayed the time along with the perpetual calendar with retrograde date hand and age of the moon. The reverse with celestial chart including horizon ellipse, meridian passage of Sirius, age and angular motion of the moon and sidereal time. A new addition was the cathedral minute repeating mechanism. Developed by Patek Philippe using a new steel alloy for extended gongs, the repeat was longer and more harmonious. Phillips in association with Bacs and Russo is honored to ofer this extremely important wristwatch and note that it is only the second in four years of watch auctions that we have ofered this rare reference. Fresh to the market and only the second known white gold version to appear in public it is in exceptional overall condition and ofered complete with original certifcate of origin and ftted presentation box. Manufactured for important clients, research indicates that more examples in yellow gold and platinum were made, with fewer in pink and white gold. This is a very rare opportunity for a collector to own and cherish a watch that comes from a long and established history.

HKD 80,000-120,000 USD 10,300-15,400 Accessories Accompanied with Panerai Certifcate signed by Ofcine Panerai Hong Kong verifying the piece is numbered 18 of a limited edition of 1,000 pieces, Panerai wooden ftted presentation box, addition leather strap, product literature and outer packaging.

Most evidently, the case is made of bronze – a material that immediately evokes feelings associated with seafaring. Vintage vessels and sailing yachts are ofen rich in items made of bronze, which ages with a characteristic patina that makes every single object distinctive. The pairing of a retro dark green dial and an atmospheric bronze case calls to mind some of the greatest maritime adventures in the twentieth century. Conveying a robust sense of boldness, the size of the case, 47-mm..

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Phillips presents THE HONG KONG WATCH AUCTION: EIGHT on 28 May 2019.


Phillips presents THE HONG KONG WATCH AUCTION: EIGHT on 28 May 2019.