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1050. Patek Philippe A highly attractive and possibly unique skeletonized yellow gold, pearl, diamond and ruby-set openface pocket watch 百達翡麗,型號912,瑰麗華美及可能獨一無二,18K黃金鏤空懷錶,鑲珍珠﹑ 鑽石和紅寶石, 1981年製。附後補證書

Manufacturer Year

Patek Philippe 1981

Reference No. Movement No. Case No. Material

912 937’024 2'789'966 18K yellow gold, diamonds, rubies and pearls Manual, cal. 17-170 SQU, jeweled 48mm Diameter Movement signed

Calibre Dimensions Signed


HKD 390,000-780,000 USD50,000-100,000

that continues into the front and back of the case, including the bow. The case of the watch is set further set with diamonds on its front and back bezels, as well as the bow. A dozen rubies sit around the front bezel as hour markers, accentuated by a large ruby cabochon inlaid into the crown. Most unusually, the case band set with an uninterrupted procession of pearls. Two crucial details set this particular watch apart from others like it, rendering it most probably a unique creation: Firstly, this

Accessories Accompanied by a Patek Philippe Extract from the Archives confrming the production date in 1980, date of sale on December 10, 1980 and that the watch is ftted with 177 diamonds (1.71 ct.), 12 rubies (0.15 ct.) and pearls

example is ftted with has crimson hands that match the rubies perfectly, in contrast to the usual black hands ftted on other examples. The red hands are exactly the size, shape, length, and profle as the black hands found on the standard models, and are likely a custom order.

A masterwork of watchmaking, skeletonisation, and jewellery, this watch is an impressive 48mm in diameter but incredibly thin, with its elegant profle matched only by the barely-there movement. Despite having been open-worked to an astonishing degree, the calibre 17’’’170 inside has been richly handengraved with an elaborate motif

The other unique characteristic of the watch is the diamond setting. A similar example that sold at auction in 2006, with a movement number just one digit away, was set with 244 diamonds totalling 1.87 carats. This watch, in contrast, is set with 177 diamonds of 1.71 carats, signifying that the stones on this watch are likely larger in size.

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Phillips presents THE HONG KONG WATCH AUCTION: EIGHT on 28 May 2019.


Phillips presents THE HONG KONG WATCH AUCTION: EIGHT on 28 May 2019.