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Kemper Scholars (1972)

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Established by English instructor Alan R. Blackmer to offer adults in the local e SSAT • A Bcommunity the opportunity to study at PA


Hosted initial gathering of independent schools to explore helping minority students gain better access to education; played major role in founding ABC

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Andover Evening Study Program (1935)

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Played integral part in creation of advanced courses to meet college requirements and their AP examinations at the original initiation of Headmaster John Kemper

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d n sio Ses Study Program • Summer

Addison Gallery of American Art (1931)

S dU Gift of Thomas Cochran, Class Ta un o rge B of 1890, “to enrich permanently t La ard the lives of the students…by ngua utw O ge Teach helping • d ing Methoto cultivate and foster in them a love for the beautiful…”

Andover | Winter 2010

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AP )•

A Better Chance (ABC) (1963)

Advanced Placement (AP) (1954)

Created as an emergency measure in response to the need for educated soldiers to fight in WWII; the oldest secondary school summer academic program

First high school servicelearning experiment in the greater community; originally founded as the Missionary Fraternity

(IR e T) • ad International Ac

An original program that brings recent college graduates to PA to teach, coach, and board while being mentored by experienced teachers

Summer Session (1942)

Community Service Program (1908)


Andover Teaching Fellowship Program (1956)


Founded by Robert S. Peabody, Class of 1857; for the study of archaeology; first museum of its kind located on a high school campus



Active use of foreign language immersion or target language teaching of Romance languages in classrooms pioneered by James Grew, instructor in French

Addison G alle ry

Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology (1901)

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The outdoor experiential learning and adventure program based on the ideas of Kurt Hahn at Gordonstoun and further developed by Headmaster John Kemper and Joshua Miner, dean of admission he eac itment of T

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Search & Rescue (1964) ecr u

Archaeology • Commu

Established on campus by science instructor and future dean of admission Joshua Miner, based on ideas developed by German educator Kurt Hahn at Gordonstoun School in Scotland h e A nd o •T ver tion a i Re c o v s s

e stitut bin In -Har over A nd )2 • MS •(


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Originally founded as Schoolboys Abroad by Wilbraham Academy teacher Clark Vaughn, who persuaded PA to launch the program


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Outward Bound USA (1954)

Target Language Teaching Method (1943-1944)

School Year Abroad (SYA) (1964)

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e Center for Gender S Brac tud ie

rning Labortor y • Niswarth e Lea Four to six highly qualified uag European g n students given the La opportunity to study one year s • at PA after their own graduations abroad

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A Hothouse of Educational Innovation

th Urb tit an M SSAT Ins ath Te(1957) achers A leading contributor among prep schools in the effort to develop this test, used as a standardized means of comparing applicants

Andover The Magaizine - Winter 2010  

The Winter 2010 edition of Andover, the magazine of Phillips Academy

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