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Case Study

Qatar Foundation Project

Client: The Edge Picture Company

We were approached to produce a hexagonal walled structure, made in polypropylene with each face being 4 metres high and 4 metres wide. The structure had to be shipped out to become a centrepiece for a Senior Convocation ceremony in Qatar in two weeks time. We developed a system whereby interlocking panels could be attached to a metal skeleton to form a brick wall. Each individual panel was to be printed to form a larger pattern. In this case, each wall represented a different university, where students could write their message of goodwill and gratitude for all to see. By choosing polypropylene material the overall cost was reduced, all the print options were flexible and the entire structure could be illuminated from the inside. Within two weeks, we had designed and tested the panel system, die-cut each section at our UK based factory and sent them off on their journey. They arrived on schedule in Qatar, ready to be assembled by the students. The final result was stunning and the client was extremely happy with the end product. The larger-than-life structure was a unique and eye-catching project and a key example of the innovative solutions Phillips Plastics can deliver. From large-scale projects like this to pocket sized innovations, we have the design experience and global production capabilities to fulfil even your most challenging requirements.

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Each wall measured 4m x 4m

The panels locked together to form a solid wall shape

Case Study - Qatar Foundation