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Are You Up All Night Worrying About Taxes?

Please read the powerful information that follows.

It will help you A LOT in your tax planning!! And read about Free Long-Term Care Coverage Benefits!!

The End of Taxes

They used to say only death & taxes were certain - now they need to find a new saying!

They used to say only death & taxes were certain - now they need to find a new saying!

One of our reps had a client who had just inherited an annuity he had sold to her father. The annuity had done great, almost doubling in value – tax deferred.

There was a big problem – and the daughter now owed 6 figures – that’s right 6 figures in income tax, from the deferred profit. “What can she do,” he asked? “How does she get out of the taxes?”

“She doesn’t,” Our CPA replied, and then the rep said, “We have sold hundreds of millions of dollars in annuities. Most people don’t use them for income – What happens when they die? Think of the taxes due by their spouses and heirs.”

Annuities are tax deferred like IRA’s. But unlike IRA’s, when someone inherits an annuity ordinary income tax is due, all of it, on the profit immediately. OUCH!

We related this issue to a friend of ours, Scott, who was a regional VicePresident of a highly rated insurance company at the time. He listened and then said “ I have the solution – now listen again." Scott was right – he had a magical new product.

This new product – I call it Tax-Free Wealth Transfer, has everything a retiree who wants to pass on money could want!

What is Tax-Free Wealth Transfer?

“Think of it as a tax free piggy bank”

Have you ever heard the saying, “the Devil you know is better than the Devil you don’t know?”

Tax-Free Wealth Transfer is the solution to the Devil you know.

Tax-Free Wealth Transfer is the Solution to:

Giving a spouse more money when you die – perhaps replacing a pension loss Replacing highly taxable annuities and IRA’s with tax-free money An alternative to low rate Certificates of Deposit

What is Tax-Free Wealth Transfer?

Is it life insurance? It isn’t life insurance It is a type of life insurance People hate life insurance – but with Tax-Free Wealth Transfer, you can love it – Why?

It’s EASY! NO Physical! NO Doctor’s Reports!

Just a few easy questions – and even if you think you won’t qualify


Questions you may have:

Am I too old? Tax-Free Wealth Transfer is issued up to age 85.

Do I get access to my money? Tax-Free Wealth Transfer can be 70% to 100% liquid without penalty right away. For real - your money is available to you!

I hate life insurance. Traditional life insurance is an expense – Tax-Free Wealth Transfer products are really just an asset transfer into a tax free wrapper with an increase in tax free death benefits – so your loved ones get their money tax free.

My annuities have surrender penalties. The increased tax free death benefit almost always covers any surrender penalties and more.

My advisor says my annuities are fine. Your annuities are fine but if you aren’t using them, your annuities are a huge tax trap – Your advisor probably doesn’t understand the tax implications – an expensive lack of knowledge that will hurt your spouse and heirs.

Who has my money? Highly Rated Top Quality Insurance Companies.

Will my money grow? Many Tax-Free Wealth Transfer products are indexed to the S&P 500 for growth opportunities.

The Huge Benefits of Tax-Free Wealth Transfer



Upon death your money may be subject to: The New Federal Estate Tax State Estate Taxes State Income Tax Federal Income Tax (especially unused annuities)

Here's what your peers have to say:

Jan & Bill V. – Phil showed us how to save our heirs $92,000 in taxes! Samuel & Beth C. – Phil helped us figure out how to have Beth replace my pension if I died – We had been so worried but are now happy and relieved.

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Phil Wasserman and the End of Taxes  
Phil Wasserman and the End of Taxes  

Phil Wasserman says the powerful information that follows will help you in your tax and retirement planning.