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Residential Design Projects The Berger Residence The Moritz Residence The Dennis Residence The Pizzuti Residence The Wise Residence The Denk Residence

The Berger Residence

Built on a wooded site that slopes to a nearby river, the guiding principles of design are derivative of traditional oriental residential architecture. The layered spatial sequences, exposed wood construction, and shoji screens are contemporary uses of time-honored elements.

The Moritz Residence

This residence is carefully placed in a mature woods along a deep ravine. Nature is the theme. Glass reveals trees and sky. The interior is replete with design elements that merge with the exterior. Seclusion and exposure are carefully balanced.

The Dennis Residence

The Dennis Residence challenged PMA to create a haven of calm in a hectic suburban context. By designing the home in ‘layers’, these issues were sidestepped: The entry is ‘in the ground’ and separates the residence from neighborhood noise. The living area and pool are ‘on the ground’ with views of nature. The family gathering spaces and tree house are ‘above the ground’ and provide panoramic views of the river.

The Pizzuti Residence

PMA designed an addition to a tutor house for the Pizzuti family. The addition is composed of two volumes: one double height great hall for the display of contemporary art, and a smaller glass block and limestone volume for the entertainment center and upstairs master bath.

The Wise Residence

The formality of this Jeffersonian Colonial home is an expression of the roots and tastes of its owners. Designed to take full advantage of a golf course setting, each room is carefully planned and detailed to accomodate function and the family’s many antique furnishings.

Denk Residence

Near a steeply sloped wooded site, this three story wood and stone residence is cut into the hillside close to a large river bank. Zoned in levels, the main level is for cars, family, and the master suite, the upper level for bedrooms, and a lower level for activities and outside living. A generous spiral stair connects an artist’s loft at the top to the rest of the home.

Kobacker Residence

The design of this house creates a new structure wtih the appearance of a found and remodeled farm building complex. The four bedroom house provides all usual living spaces as well as a series of garages, an office/library, and a music/recording space.

Residential Design Portfolio  

Residential design projects created by Phillip Markwood Architects

Residential Design Portfolio  

Residential design projects created by Phillip Markwood Architects