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February 22, 2013



Who Wore It Better? Dad Jeans, The 30-Year Old Classic These twins have more than just their parents’ genes in common, they’re wearing their dad’s JEANS. They brought this classic look to the red carpet, but who wore it best? Pitt Brad and his identical twin Mitt, on the right, wore the oversized dad jeans best, adding the classic Big Blue Varsity Jacket. Stunning.




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Nemo Finds Campus, Campus Finds Nemo (costume) At this year’s Grammy’s these two rising stars, Crash Fishberg (left) and Dori Waverly (right) had an awkward run-in in the bathroom in the same outfit. Naturally, they started a conversation about accessories, and even Dori was able to agree that Crash’s accessories were top shelf. Crash however only managed to win because of her jean shirt. What do you think?




13% Mugs: The Right Way These days it’s easy to be green when you’re coffee’s as hot as you! Opting for a greener blue, these two have both chosen to accessorize with the trendiest new accessory, the travel mug. Olivia Wilde (right) is obviously sporting this new fashion much better than Miss Olive Brad (left), as she is responsibly returning it to a collection bin found in many convenient places across campus!


The Ghost Costume, A Shocking Revelation This year, Halloween came a little late. These two broke out their ghost costumes on the now Blue Carpet, crushing the accessory scene as well. The Ghost on the right, however, wore it best. The left ghost showed entirely too much skin. And Bean Boots? It’s not even snowing.



[the] 1% The Classic Blue Suit, a New Twist This awards season, two blue men took the old notion of the masquerade ball to a whole new level. Word on the street is they are auditioning for Blue Man Group. Who wore it best? The blue man on the left. He added a modern twist to the old look by wearing a wristwatch and making it a tad less simplistic. Unfortunately, the blue men were unidentifiable.

Jeans on Jeans on Jeans Originally a hipster look, the jean jacket is dripping with social convention and conservative values after diving head first into the main stream. But regardless of the jean jackets themselves, these photos are telling of the subjects’ respective personalities. It’s no wonder Jacket Chan (right) won in a land slide. While Chan gallops along in a blissful wonderland of dreams, Amie Mailman (left) reads news. Put a shirt on.

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